jre1.7.0_51-c.msi is corrupt

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Remember a large storage block corrupt database recovery led to

A few days ago in vmware installed a Oracle 10g + rac + asm, see http://itspace.javaeye.com/blog/631585. Stop mcrac1 node vip, note marked red font will also mcrac1 node asm instance stopped. Quote [Oracle @ mcrac1 dbs] $ crs_stop ora.mcrac1.vip-f Attempt

ORA-19599 When backing up an archivelog that is corrupt [ID 461239.1]

Applies to: Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition - Version: This problem can occur on any platform. Symptoms Getting error when backing up archivelogs: RMAN-03015: error occurred in stored script backup_al_all_tape_dwdb2 RMAN-03009: failure ...

Install "Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 SDK.msi" or "Microsoft SMARTPHONE 2003 SDK.msi" encountered "wsc

In the installed evc (Embedded Visual C + +, embedded development software), press the order of installation: -> MicrosoftActiveSync_setup_cn-4.1.exe -> EVC4.exe -> Evc4sp4.exe -> Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 SDK.msi -> Microsoft SMARTPHON

get File (): bad file number value (corrupt db?): run repair

Good Dragon Boat Festival, watching to see in pitch darkness, betting is the occasion of joy, the engine room to a phone call to inform, to open the space trip, and our half-rack Xiecai, and there is also the power cord sets r710 burned. Checked and,

XP below. Msi installation package deny access

Problem description: Today, in the SVN client TortoiseSVN installed, I simply double-click TortoiseSVN- installation file, the results suggest "Access denied": The same administrator user to find such a mist

VS2005 is not installed ASPAJAXExtSetup.msi ajax web development and publishing

<! - Begin -> Source of the problem: asp.net ajax atlas renamed before installing the development kit can BIN directory of the Web site generate the atlas of the dll files so that when it is published together with all the dll component will be


mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx4.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx4.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx4.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx4.zip


mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx5.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx5.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx5.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx5.zip


mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx6.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx6.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx6.zip


mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx7.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx7.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx7.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx7.zip


mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx8.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx8.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx8.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx8.zip


mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx9.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx9.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx9.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx9.zip


mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx10.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx10.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx10.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx10.zip


mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx11.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx11.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx11.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx11.zip


mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx12.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx12.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx12.zip


mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx13.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx13.zip mysql5.5-mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi.hx13.zip

Times uninstall msi file to resolve the error

Can be installed using the command: msiexec /I E:\Example.msi Description: msiexec / i {Package | ProductCode} / I: installation or configuration of the product

hadoop corrupt processes

Datanode block corrupt process description 1, Datanode there is a thread DataBlockScanner Datanode above block of data validation, in which the most important class is verifyBlock (Block block), in verifyBlock (Block block) methods use BlockSender, t

Try to read or write protected memory, which is usually an indication that other memory is corrupt.

Sister was angry, really. This is what drops. . SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services tries to read or write protected memory. This is usually an indication that other memory is corrupt. (Msmgdsrv) Because Msmgdsrv.dll install a newer version of the file

How to download Chrome offline installer MSI installation package system-level

Installed chrome friends all know, from the official download and install Google chrome, will first download a small installation management program, and then again when you install the google download from the installation files. Suman or if you nee

Can not uninstall Office2003, not able to find a solution Pro11.msi file

Solution: 1, from http://download.microsoft.com/download/E/9/D/E9D80355-7AB4-45B8-80E8-983A48D5E1BD/msicuu2.exe download msicuu2.exe, such as can not download, try a few more people like him , you can download it! 2, follow the prompts to install. 3,

I want you to uninstall 2009, I was there can not be installed next to uninstall the original to QQ2009 Preview.msi

Download Microsoft's Windows Installer Cleanup Utility: http://download.microsoft.com/download/e/9/d/e9d80355-7ab4-45b8-80e8-983a48d5e1bd/msicuu2.exe (the official explanation http://support. microsoft.com/kb/290301 ) Installed in C: \ Program Fi ...

php-5.2.13-Win32.zip apache_2.2.8-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi integration

1 find the php directory of the file php.ini-dist or php.ini.recommended, rename php.ini And copied to the system tray of the windows directory (in c: \ windows for example). 2. Open the c: \ windows \ php.ini file (related to mysql) Extension path e ...

sql server 2008 configuration (jre1.6 and later)

Use sqljdbc4.jar Hibernate.cfg.xml properties first configured <property name="hibernate.connection.url"> jdbc: sqlserver: / / localhost: 1433; DatabaseName = hibernate </ Property> <property name="hibernate.connection.d

Obtained administrator privileges through the cmd file to install msi

Open cmd, type the following command: msiexec / i 'file path' Command msiexec can be used for software and patch installation, unloading.

Cmd obtain administrator privileges by installing msi file

Open cmd, type the following command: msiexec / i 'file path' Command msiexec can be used for software and patch installation, unloading.

ubuntu startup initialization information

If you want to know how Linux is loaded at startup hardware, then go and see with dmesg, from the following code you can clearly see the ubuntu initialization information, learn many things. [ 0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset [ 0.000000] Initia

[Portal] with Ruby call ICE interface

Ice is not introduced, http://www.zeroc.com/ Ruby is not introduced. I try ah, the steps I will be clearly recorded, One to definitely not let the people Society, Second, I am afraid I have forgotten the past two days, brain hypoxia, only three days to re

ROR troubled long Axis2 web service calls to be initially resolved

Problem: ROR how Axis2 call the web service Currently experiencing this problem, Google and Baidu found at numerous times, both at home and abroad have seen virtually no valuable information, the only help is a call ROR about. Net Services article (http:

Gem install will_paginate using methods

rails plugin will_paginate paging installation method My system is ubuntu. Steps are as follows: Set up at # will_pagiante on GitHub now add to my GitHub resources gem gem sources-a http://gems.github.com # Through the installation of a mislav-will_pagina

What is Agile Software Development

Interaction between people are complex, and its effect has always been unpredictable, but it is the work of the most important aspects. - Tom DeMacro and Timothy Lister Agile Software Development Declaration: n individual and interactive process and ...

Tomcat Configuration Guide (reprint)

Tomcat Configuration Guide (reprint) 1, is actually very cute kitten TOMCAT By the end of 2003, for my company, but also for the WEBAPP, TOMCAT appear in front of me (before the use of weblogic), I am somewhat at a loss, free of the good things you really

Hibernate configuration parameters

At J2ee applications, if the Hibernate framework, can be automatically set up the database entities and the Java entity class mapping relations procedures greatly facilitate Java Persistence object access and operation, thereby significantly improve the e

Portlet development based on Tomcat

1. Document explains Portlet Based on the Tomcat development LifeRay official based in part on the Quick Start document "Writing a simple JSP Portlet" to streamline sections of the test made in accordance with the document version is RC1, the da

Javascript Debug Toolkit s0.5 issued free of charge. Open. Green. Cross-platform. Cross-browser

Javascript Debug Toolkit (JSDT) is a free green free javascript debugging tools installed, JSDT support in any browser on ajax debug javascript, such as: IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox1.5, Firefox2, Firefox3, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and a number of mobile browser.

MyEclipse shortcut keys and plug-ins Guinness

Related Articles: Eclipse summary of commonly used classification of shortcut keys Let us work together more efficient use of Eclipse Is that we usually use eclipse shortcut bar Recommended circle: IntelliJ IDEA More Recommended <script type="text

Agile Development Literacy

Agile software development since the last century 90's to Extreme Programming Kent Beck] [XP at the beginning of the rise of this programming method with a set of values, principles and practice of planning, coding, design and testing software; f ...

So that the output SQL statements Hibernate configuration parameters

In J2ee applications, if the Hibernate framework, you can automatically create a database with Java entity class entity mapping relationship between the procedure would greatly facilitate persistent Java object access and operation, thereby significantly

WebService using C # to achieve the client software upgrade

Due to the reasons for the project, to implement customers too far from the author, considering the provision of online software upgrade capability. How do we achieve it! To talk about the next idea. Ideas: WEB client to achieve the development, the main

attribute table hibernate

Property name Use hibernate.dialect Class name of a Hibernate Dialect allows Hibernate-specific relational database optimized to generate SQL. Value full.classname.of.Dialect hibernate.show_sql eg. true | false hibernate.format_sql In the log and the cons

Software engineering ideas

Note: 1) Dr. Lin Rui Zheda the "software engineering thinking" book full chapter 8. This is Mr enough in their own operating company after the success of a profound summary, it is the recommendation of another of his article entitled "Unive

hibernate configuration Xiangjie

1, hibernate.cfg.xml configuration Xiangjie Hibernate can be a description of the file properties properties file, it can be a xml file. Here to talk about the Hibernate.cfg.xml configuration. Configure the following format: 1. Configure Data Source Hiber

In the SSH jdk6.0 Tomcat6.0 environment using CXF to run the following error jaxb-impl Times

In the SSH jdk6.0 Tomcat6.0 environment using CXF error running times are as follows Caused by: org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'org.apache.cxf.wsdl.WSDLManager' defined in URL [jar: file ...

Restlet 2.0 - start

Contents <br /> This article will lead you to spend 10 minutes to enjoy a simple Restlet framework to build the process, it will show you a classic "hello, world" resources. Prerequisite "hello, world" application In the Servlet

eclipse.ini configuration instructions

This is two days using the Eclipse always appear OutOfMemoryException, said permSpace question I have been depriving the restart Eclipse, had had enough, Google a bit, the original need to re-configure eclipse.ini, this reason that even the eclipse.i ...

In the Windows 2003 install iTunes9 - Tunes Install on Windows 2003

My operating system is windows 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2, download iTunes9 found did not support win2003. After searching, finally found a solution. Original in http://www.webkeydesign.com/260/itunes-install-on-windows-2003/ Seemingly blocked, plea ...

Android Testing Tools

This is a Sample of this book Unlocking Android code. Direct Code Manifest.xml remember to add Permission Read Phone State

zeroc ice Helloworld small example of

ice official small example, specifically what is Internet presentation Tingduo of ice. Download the package to use to download http://www.zeroc.com/download.html Ice-3.3.1-VC80.msi Ice-3.3.1-ThirdParty-VC80.msi Documentation Ice-3.3.1.pdf Installation Ice

JDK.JRE.JVM the relationship between the

JDK is the Java Development Kit. Simply put, for the JDK is used by developers SDK, which provides a Java development environment and runtime environment. SDK is a Software Development Kit generally refers to software development kit can include libr ...

Flex Error List

The following run-time errors may occur. In ActionScript 3.0, both in the strict mode or warning mode, compile, will be run-time type checking. Code Message Description 1000 system memory. The system memory available to compile the code does not meet the
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