jqgrid show column rownum

jqGrid Beginners Notes

Recently from the ExtJS to JQuery, most of the time for me to write back to this person who has always been not very simple matter. But read several JQuery book, Internet Google a lot of plug-in, really did regret that the election should not be rigi ...

jqGrid the use of summary

1. How to obtain the grid selected row ID? 2. How to dynamically add a line in the table data? 3. How to dynamically modify the contents of a row of data, such as a couple of lists of values? 4. Jqgrid the common attributes? 5. Access to a row data o ...

jqGrid rowData colModel different types of notes for different query fields

my code <table></table> $("#users").jqGrid({ url:'search', datatype: "json", colNames:[ ........ } ondblClickRow: function(id){ var row=$("#users").getRowData(id); // According to the ID to the row's data $("#Select").val(row.rowName); $.fn.co

JQuery Form plug-in package jqGrid, control of jqGrid

The end result map (click to enlarge): Features: sorting, drag the column width, automatic line numbers, add, edit, delete, query, etc. As long as the introduction of the page: jquery.js and <AllenJqGrid:JqGrid Runat="server" TableName="

jqgrid Collection Summary

Transfer from: http://alfoo.javaeye.com/blog/628528 When using jqgrid spreadsheet controls to do, If it is not data, there is no prompt. Now we have a demand that if there is no search when the data meet the conditions required in the interface promp

Learning jQuery: jqGrid Form plug-in - parameter configuration (change)

As jqGrid powerful, more complex configuration, in the first case, the configuration parameters for jqGrid no explanation. From now on, will gradually introduce jqGrid parameters. A detailed description of these parameters, please see the official documen

jqGrid Form plug-in source code overview

As jQuery form plugin, jqGrid I think is the best, the article has some good reading foundation jqGrid For everyone reading this article one, two notes for themselves, if error, please let us know! Open jqGrid the src folder following Css is the style she

JQuery UI --- good choice!

Recently he was doing a project name: TShark V0.6, UI using JQuery UI to achieve some of the major. Key: JDK + Spring + Hibernate + JQuery + JQuery UI + JqGrid + FusionCharts By the way: some of the background using the SpringSide ORM some code (thanks cl
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