joomla email problem

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How To Send Email from Your Joomla Extension

Because of it ubiquitous nature, automatic emailing is something that many clients expect. People want to be notified immediately of changes on their sites - when a new article has been submitted, or a blog comment has been posted. Joomla! Already provide

JavaMail.Commons Email Send e-mail the results to a file there is a solution to the problem Base64

Spent the day today, have a business need to write a simple mail, but tested. Made from the Apache Commons Email example, a slightly modified: public class SendMail { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { HtmlEmail email = new Htm

Joomla e-mail problem

The original can not send mail, because I did not configure the mail server of the machine. Briefly, in the original php mail () function to send mail through sendmail program, which sendmail-t-i usually linux / unix system, own program, but windows ...

The first experience with joomla made site

Made their first website is the first time using joomla. Website is site now in promotion among the open now while referring to the next site design and development of their own have learned the way to be a record. First-time

Ext common problem of summing up

scripts / ext / resources / css / ext-all.css / / EXT generic CSS, contains all the style (must) scripts / ext / resources / css / icon.css / / custom menu item or other storage page icon scripts / utils / HiTRUST-CMS.css / / old version of the payment sy

Collection strategy Hibernate load problem

At a recent Flex project, the background spring + hibernate + blazeDS, because blazeDS does not support lazy loading, forcing me to have to turn off lazy loading, because my notes are used to configure, I will direct at the EJB3 annotation @ ManyToMany Ri

Modify Joomla! 1.5 of the HTML output instead of moving the core document (attached api document)

Time has come to Joomla! 1.5 platform, in front of this method not work. However, Joomla! Development team has long been given a better program, summed up is a three letters: MVC. MVC in php Programming MVC, and several other concepts MVC is a Model- ...

ruby cookbook - Validating an Email Address

Recipe 1.19. Validating an Email Address === Discussion Most email address validation is done with naive regular expressions like the ones given above. Unfortunately, these regular expressions are usually written too strictly, and reject many email addres

Why do I have so many Agile projects the problem?

OK, Minjie Ha. Not argue what is agile. We look at some of the phenomenon, and then you tell me, do you have encountered these problems. No one mentioned the true Feedback After the end of each iteration, I will make Showcase. However, collected from the

oracle 10g installation part of the problem-solving

First, start listening when the TNS-12546 error Symptoms: $ Lsnrctl start LSNRCTL for Solaris: Version - Production on 19-APR-2007 16:38:17 Copyright (c) 1991, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved. Starting / opt/oracle/oracle10/app/oracle10/produ

Database index Oracle 10g SQL Performance Tuning - use the function index to address the role of general index of problem does not occur

Transfer from: As the Oracle 10g SQL Performance Tuning - use the index to improve the performance of the database select statement as an example, for the test app_user table, 3 million records, the select * from scott

displaytag paging method of the database and export data deal with the problem

displaytag Database Paging method and deal with the problem of data derived Articles Category: Java Programming Recently with the use of springside struts2 + spring2.5 + hibernate3 a project, in order not to reinvent the wheel (in fact, lazy, and the proj

Joomla 1.5 modified 3306 port

In the libraries \ joomla \ database \ database \ mysql.php in Article 72 was modified / / Connect to the server $ HostPort = $ host. ': 4406'; if (! ($ this-> _resource = @ mysql_connect ($ hostPort, $ user, $ password, true))) ( $ This-> _

Chinese garbled mysql database problem

MYSQL database coding problems exist, the main character will be reflected in the database, garbled, WEB page display unusual character. Summed up as only one reason: there will be places where there coding coding inconsistencies. WEB Development: MY ...

Joomla source code analysis (6) major categories of several commonly used methods

In the google search will find my site, because no attention to meta and title to all of the open source projects related to the same page title and meta, very user friendly, simply can not distinguish what that link is that, then here need to solve ...

joomla source code of continued (26) JUser objects and user rights to judge

Joomla site for each user to access this JUser corresponding object, $ user = & JFactory:: getUser () to get the object reference and access to the object member functions and attributes. The following code is to display the user's name, e-ma ...

Joomla plug-in development guidelines

Overview: JPlugin Joomla 1.5 new features In order to meet the object-oriented framework of Joomla introduced JPlugin. Plugins are attached to the global distribution system event viewer class. This means that both the Joomla core, or third-party com ...

Microsoft signed an agreement Joomla Contributor

Microsoft has signed the JCA (Joomla! Contributor Agreement), on behalf of some of Joomla can use Microsoft's code, and Microsoft's legal department GPL accepted norms. According to the official Joomla blog that Microsoft has signed the JCA ( ...

How to write compatible with all major mailbox HTML email

Recently encountered a demand function to send mail and found a message where a lot of css is limited, through the summary before the Honourable Daren learning, solves this problem, are reproduced below. Almost every membership site needs to send a messag

TIME_WAIT problem Notes (change)

Transfer from 1. Connections in TIME_WAIT State After running your HTTP application, you use the netstat command and detect a lot of connections in state TIME_WAIT. Now you

Mysql database encoding problem

Coding problem: First of all consider their own application process, encoding the entire web line The following summary from different aspects of the problem set code: Set the servlet code String shuoming = new String (addrecordForm.getShuoming (). GetByt

How to Create a Joomla Sitemap using Joomap

Joomap is a Sitemap component for CMS Joomla version 1.5.x. Joomap offers a Wide range of Configuration Options and can also generate a Google Sitemaps's listing of your website structure. Joomap also very Simple plugin-Implements a mechanism to ...

(Transfer) nginx + resin session problem-solving

A few days ago to see have nginx_upstream_jvm_route project, read the introduction, very excited, because it is written by a Chinese patch to address the session of sync problem, but he is not shared, nor is it synchronization, but

JSP Servlet parameters of your email program to receive a solution

Environment: jdk1.6.0_16 WindosXP Simplified Chinese Netbeans6.8 Objectives: To solve JSP Servlet receives the parameters passed your email program, garbled in Servlet side. JSP pass parameters to the Serlvet There are two me

xt in the combobox in the grid display problem

xt in the combobox in the grid display problem Problem Description: I am embedded in the edit grid in a combox, combox drop down text alone, but when presented with a digital code, said. But my grid show only numeric code, do not display the corresponding

Successfully solved the problem Mysql garbled again

Reprinted: mysql-h ip-P port-u user-p password Successfully solved the problem Mysql garbled again (MYSQL, questions, MYSQL database, garbled) Previously made in my blog I have met over the article summed up

Make a backup email outlook Foxmail

Outlook backup problem recently encountered particularly described as follows Outlook version from low to high descending order WindowsXP system, outlook Express version that comes with outlook 6.0 (also common to the general user version) message st

E-commerce website design common problem 8

This carried over: B2C e-commerce platform currently self more and more businesses, but I found a lot of businesses have their own mind how to build your own website no more off the mark. Are generally in reference

bbs-forum database design chart, the problem

This article is reproduced from the Internet, and then come in! Please pay attention to see what A simple forum system to a database storing the following data: User name, email, homepage, telephone, address, post title, post content, respond to the title

joomla in IIS7 setting errors in the pseudo-static

Joomla morning to do the pseudo-static setting, there was always a 404 error, then after careful search, found the error is the source of space systems business is the WIN system, but their use has been a change. Access paper approach, naturally solve the

joomla in the IIS7 configuration errors in the pseudo-static

Joomla morning to do the pseudo-static setting, there was always a 404 error, then after careful search, found the error is the source of space system is WIN's business systems, while he has been using the change. Access the practice files, can not so

[Transferred] to collect Joomla! Resources

Reference from: Joomla Resources Please find in the various sections below some of the Joomla Resources that we are certain will also prove helpful to you. Offical Joomla Sites www.joomla.or

Hibernate one-to-many mapping should pay attention to the problem and detailed examples

Use the occasion: table1 table2 in the primary key id to be referenced as a foreign key, a record of table1 table2 may be a number of corresponding records. Perform delete operations on the page, table1 id value of the spread of the java program, del

Email achieve successful examples of java

java examples of success achieved Email: Send Email solution to the problem encountered: A, jar jar package issue recommended package 1, using mail.jar 2, the use of javamail.jar 2, using mail.jar and javamail.jar These three ways can be successful, but r

Solr1.4.0 source of (a) solution DataImportHandler large amounts of data from the database into the memory overflow problem (transfer) Solr has a very convenient processor called DataImportHandler, can be configured to configure the db-data-config.xml to configure various data sources and then import the data from the index, it is convenient to us

JOOMLA migration issues to be aware

Recent data by joomlapack migration into the leased space, the results are found, the home page links to CSS so normal, but after clicking the other link pointing to the wrong menu, and later found that this is a joomla problem, we should set in search en

apache commons-email email feature

Discussion try apache commons-email.jar mail function, the code being recorded in this, the code has not collated, but get a few method to test a bit. Package and documentation can be found Figure as follows: [img] [/

Want to be 0x10 embedded programmer should know basic problem (switch) (b)

8. What is the meaning of volatile keyword? And give three different examples. A volatile variable is defined as that this variable may change unexpectedly, so the compiler will not assume that the value of the variable. Precisely, the optimizer must be i

PHP finally get using smtp send Email

Some time ago of a while the mail program PHP, PHP native mail () function does not work in many space, so I opted to use e-mail provider's smtp mail. This article on the network plenty of money, but many are not used, not modify the php.ini is to ins

Preview HTML format Struts2 integration JasperReport solution to the problem does not show pictures (turn)

Everywhere on the Internet examples of how integrated, apache also has more detailed examples, I refer to this article me use his HTML preview the source code or can not display properly, ima

QT transplantation floating-point problem

Floating-point origin of the problem Inter Xscale The new high-performance, low power micro-architecture arm v5 te isa compatible instruction set, but does not support floating-point instruction set. This is to save the processor chip size and lower opera

Summary of php configuration problem

In the use of php + Apache + myslq programming, it often has a more vexing problem is to configure the php.ini file. Question 1: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect () in ... First use <? Php phpinfo ();?> print out the inform

Notes --- Android android automatically determine the input is a telephone, website, or Email ways - Linkify application

This section want to say is that when we enter the phone or in a EditText URL or Email, let Android automatically determine when we enter the phone, we will call the call click the input process, when we enter a site visit to Open the browser program. And

actionmailer solve the problem of failure to send e-mail records

Our company's WLAN network using ruby ​​on rails framework, through actionmailer send it automatically. Jilin Telecom recently encountered a point problem, resulting in mail does not go out, sum up the case mainly on two issues. The first question is:

Rational view of the overtime problem!

As the time to write blog articles on the mood a bit emotional, made a little grumbling, hope you forgive me! I think we need to address the overtime, the overtime to have a correct understanding that no matter what industry you are in overtime, overtime

Less than ten points SME Email Marketing

With the development of small and medium enterprises network marketing network marketing gradually into the army to go, but for now there are very few companies can really do a good job of marketing the network. Currently small and medium enterprises

jmail set problem, the server component is installed jmail, but can not send mail

After installation jmail to register what components Regsvr32 / uc: \ winnt \ system32 \ jmail.dll -> cancel jmail.dll components Regsvr32 c: \ winnt \ system32 \ jmail.dll -> Registration jmail.dll components 1, the general installation jmail

emctl start dbconsole start problem

emctl start dbconsole start problem C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator> emctl status dbconsole Environment variable ORACLE_SID not defined. Please define it. C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator> set oracle_sid = testdb Microsof

java garbage problem

Garbage problem is very common in Java, a variety of reasons, to make a summary here, do not purport to be comprehensive, accurate, please correct me if wrong. 1 result of garbled code file page. Each file (java, js, jsp, html, etc.) has its own coding fo

the problem can not create a stored procedure mysql ERROR 1307 (HY000)

Reference: Today, due to the volume generated some games account, it intends to use stored procedures to implement, so the speed is much faster. Result is a lot of time, mainly because there is some mysql ser
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