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Spring's JDBCTemplate

Hql query methods such as performance or flexibility can not meet the requirements, you must use SQL when you have three choices: First, the use of Hibernate in the sql query function, the query result objects into the object Entity. Second, the use of Hi

Connection pool configuration using the WebSphere, Spring way to use JNDI to get connection error using JdbcTemplate

Problem description: Websphere configuration database using the connection pool, in the spring the way for the use of jndi connection, the program operation using jdbcTemplate data, add or delete a data, for the first time added successfully, the sec

jdbcTemplate Use Summary 1

SqlRowSet rs = jdbcTemplate.queryForRowSet (sql, params); Tips1: jdbcTemplate have a lot of ORM-based operation will return the callback result to the list of objects, but often still need to return ResultSet, Spring has a similar ResultSet, the realizati

The level Hibernate cache

Hibernate cache level: (1) a cache is very short and the session life cycle consistent, also known as session-level cache-level cache or transaction-level cache (2) Ways of Supporting level cache: get (); load (); iterator (); only entity object cach ...

Hibernate secondary cache

Hibernate cache: 2-bit cache, also known as process-level cache or SessionFactory level cache, secondary cache can be shared by all of the session Cache configuration and the use of: Will echcache.xml (the document code in hibernate package directory ...

Study Notes Hibernate three (cache)

Divided into two levels: session level (level cache), sessionFactory secondary cache session cache, we must at the same session, if the session closed, the cache is lost. Cache level for relatively short periods. save, update, saveOrUpdate, load, get, lis

Hibernate's cache management

Carried ] [http ://www.cnblogs.com/eflylab/archive/2007/01/11/617276.html Cache is the cache, it is often to improve system performance are the most important means to serve as a reservoir of data and the role of a buffer. Cache for the substantial r ...

hibernate query cache

hibernate query cache Query cache is cached result set of common property On the entity object cache only the result set id Query cache life cycle, when the associated table happened to amend, then the query cache of the life cycle of The End Query cache

rails 2.2.2 FileStore cache a Bug

I use rails 2.2.2 (ruby 1.8.7) to develop a small site, found FileStore own cache model should not work correctly. Log has been reported that cann't create cache file directory. After tracking errors are found at file_store.rb the read and write ...

Browser cache, homes or remain

Browser cache can reduce the server and client interaction, to reduce pressure on the server. But sometimes do not need to cache it? If I dynamically insert a script element to the request of webwork, through <script src=""/> server r ...

Could not instantiate cache implementation Exception Handling

Today encountered a very strange question, as usual, my increase in a set of new features, but everything is ready when debugging at this mistake Caused by: org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 's ...

hibernate cache level

hibernate cache level

About hibernate cache and CRUD

hibernate as a now relatively popular lightweight ORM framework, started in 2003 in the domestic epidemic, and to do at the moment still on Persistence Layer dominant. Although rich and flexible object-oriented HQL and Criteria of the query, the prog ...

hibernate second cache

hibernate cache Secondary cache, also known as process-level cache or SessionFactory-level cache, secondary cache can be shared by all of the session Secondary cache and the life cycle of the life cycle of SessionFactory consistent, SessionFactory to ...

Detailed hibernate cache

hibernate provides the level of the session cache, each session, the same id twice a load, does not send two sql to the database, but turn off session, when a cache on a failure. SessionFactory level 2 cache is global cache, it can be used under different

Through the secondary cache to speed up your hibernate application

Keywords: hibernate second cache Flanging edge because I also learn, there is nothing inevitable place undue Translations are welcome to U.S. criticism Original Title: Speed Up Your Hibernate Application with Second-Level Caching Original Source: http://w

Hibernate cache configuration

Hibernate automatically Session level apart from the affairs of a cache, the secondary cache are required org.hibernate.cache.CacheProvider interface implementation, Hibernate has a number of cache implementation, developers can configure the use of direc

Libmemcached to do with rails of the cache store client

libmemcached is a C library based on the memcache client, ruby has a package: http://github.com/fauna/memcached/tree/master Take advantage of the client comes with Rails 2.3.2 for performance comparison of the opportunity to make it a measure, compar ...

Hibernate + ehcache secondary cache

Hibernate + ehcache secondary cache 2006-09-02 05:00 Author: Source: csdn duty Edit: Ark 1, the first set EhCache, set up configuration files ehcache.xml, the default position at the class-path, you can put the src directory: < ?xml version="1.0" encoding

Libmemcached the rails to do with cache store client

libmemcached is a C library based on the memcache client, ruby has a package: http://github.com/fauna/memcached/tree/master Rails 2.3.2 to take advantage of the own client the opportunity to compare performance, but also a measure to do it, compared to it

Secondary cache using hibernate (not configured)

hibernate the use of the secondary cache must be a problem, see article has countless intended not to use the hibernate second cache, because according to him will be into some risks. If, however, do not use hibernate 2 cache, its performance is rela ...

How to use hibernate and the secondary cache line at a time when the need to clear the cache (the useful)

Introduction to the use of cache is very simple. 1 / in the classpath to build the next-gen ehcache.xml as follows: <ehcache> <diskStore path="java.io.tmpdir"/> <defaultCache maxElementsInMemory = "10000" eternal =

Rails week 1 (d): Browser Cache

Note that we have talked about was the browser cache. About Rails server-side cache, after the special opening title to talk about it anymore. HTTP protocol to support Cache All in all, cache mechanism in order to reduce the number of request to send ...

ruby page cache page cache

Format cache page: application.rb method Routing configuration

hibernate cache

hibernate The session provides a cache for each session, twice on the same id to load, does not send 2 sql to the database, but the session closed, a cache becomes ineffective. SessionFactory level 2 cache is a global cache, it can be used under different

Hibernate cache management

1. Cache Description: Cache (Cache) is the computer industry the concept is very common. Between its applications and permanent data storage source (such as hard disk file or database), with its direct application is to reduce the permanent data stor ...

Hibernate cache Raiders II

Many people are not very familiar with the secondary cache, or there is a wrong understanding, I have always wanted to write an article tell us about the hibernate second cache, and finally help it. Mainly from my experience hibernate2.1 version of t ...

With regard to the use of hibernate cache

To reprint http://blog.csdn.net/woshichenxu/archive/2006/01/22/586361.aspx 1. Hibernate on the issue of cache: 1.1.1. The basic principle of the cache Hibernate cache is divided into two, the first-class stored in the session referred to as a cache, and c

ajax request the issue of cache

ajax request with a url address, url address if the cache has not changed and there will be direct to the value, the server will then not be requested. This situation will be different in different machines of IE on different ways to resolve the request i

ajax request the cache issues

ajax request with a url address, url address if the cache has not changed and there will be direct to the value, the server will then not be requested. This situation will be different in different machines of IE on different ways to resolve the requ ...

JBoss EJB 3.0 Chapter EJB pool and cache

JBoss EJB3.0 RC6-PFD http://www.jboss.org/jbossejb3/docs/reference/build/reference/en/html/index.html 1. Session Bean and MDB 1.1 Pooling Stateless bean oil, and an example of MDB pool. Standard equipment inside the local thread pool to avoid synchro ...

The cache management hibernate

Hibernate to achieve a good Cache mechanism, can make use of Hibernate quickly Cache internal data to improve system performance read. Cache in Hibernate can be divided into two tiers: two-level Cache and Cache. 1 Cache: Session to achieve the first-class

MemCached cache system to optimize the process of client-side Java

MemCached cache system to optimize the process of client-side Java http://www.infoq.com/cn/articles/memcached-java What is Memcached? Memcached is a centralized Cache, support for distributed horizontal expansion. Need to explain to explain here, many dev

Hibernate cache study

Hibernate cache Raiders (2007-07-18 21:51:37) Tags: hibernate Category: Hibernate Many people are not very familiar with the secondary cache, or there is a wrong understanding, I have always wanted to write an article tell us about the hibernate second ca

Hibernate cache of learning

Hibernate for the ORM this type is concerned, the more important cache significantly, it is the persistence layer the key to performance. Simply put, Hibernate is packaged JDBC in order to achieve the management of internal state, OR mapping, such as rela

Hibernate use WebSphere Distributed Cache (DistributedMap) the realization of

Agreement In this paper, the realization of the environment is hibernate 3.3.1 WebSphere Other versions should be able to have the same or similar path and the realization of the way (specifically, please see its user manual) Concrete steps Login

Spring application of Hibernate second-level cache configuration

The first step: In the Spring configuration file by adding the following, with corresponding parameter changes, the red part is the statement using the Hibernate second-level cache, the first one to declare the use of Hibernate second-level cache, th ...

Various types of system, the basic data cache design

In did a lot of projects, there are many parameters of the class table, for example, system parameters table, basic tables and other related parameters configured in the system call table frequently, pairs of different systems of the operations in th ...

IBatis the caching mechanism of the Select Query Cache

IBatis the caching mechanism of the Select Query Cache Can press the following code in your SqlMap.xml where configuration is as follows: <cacheModel imlementation="LRU" readOnly="true" serialize="true"> <flushI ...

CAS to do with JBOSS CACHE clusters deployed in the weblogic problems

1, with the following command to verify that the communication jboss cache replication to normal, if not see all the nodes under the cluster. Need to set ClusterConfig the bind_addr property. java-cp .. / jboss-lib / jgroups.jar org.jgroups.tests.Pro ...

With regard to second-level cache

For the cache, the general reading and writing are designed to reduce the frequency of IO, which is the difference between its and the buffer. Secondary cache for hibernate concept, there had been a very clear definition of the concept, to write some ...

Hibernate cache problem

1. With regard to hibernate caching problems: 1.1.1. The basic theory of caching Hibernate cache is divided into two, the first-level store in the session, called a cache, the default and can not be unloaded with. The second level is controlled by the ses

JdbcTemplate query

Using the JdbcTemplate query, you can use queryForXXX () and other methods, such as using queryForInt () method returns the number of user data in tabular form: jdbcTemplate.quertForInt ( "select count (*) from user"); can also use queryForObjec

Hibernate cache discussion

There are three kinds of general system will bypass the hibernate implementation of database operations: 1, multiple applications simultaneous access to a database Such a situation would inevitably use the hibernate 2 cache of the cause data inconsistency

Hibernate + ehcache 2 Cache

1, first set EhCache, the establishment of the configuration file ehcache.XML, the default location of class-path, you can put your src directory: < ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"? > <ehcache> <diskStore path ="Java.io.tmpdir"/ > <defaultCache maxEle

oscache cache using the sum

In the current three popular open-source cache tool, OSCache the configuration and use should be addressed is the easiest, and it is mainly aimed at the page-level configuration, EHCache aimed at object-level caching, MemCached should be relatively comple

Cache object with OSCache

Cache object with OSCache 2008-01-03 11:25 1, OSCache What is this? OSCache tag library from OpenSymphony design, it is a pioneering caching program, which provides, within the existing JSP pages to achieve the memory cache. OSCache is a widely used ...

Open 2 cache hibernate loadAll

hibernate configuration file: hibernate Bean configuration file: Or, class inside with DaoImpl:

Statement caching, View the discussion level cache

Background: As the financial zone 2 of the Fund's data are updated once a day. And are non-operational data. Background data will be cached. Updated once a day. Last week's practice is to control the encoding of the added layer of caching ser ...

29. Hibernate configuration for the Spring-integrated second-level cache

In many projects, also used to the Hibernate second-level cache, which is now to learn about how to use the Hibernate second-level cache, first make the following configuration information added to the appropriate location inside beans.xml: hibernate.cach
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