javascript word.application saveas html

Word.Application Application

js export to word document template (2010-04-06 13:27:48) Reprinted Tags: it 1. Save the html page to the word <HTML> <HEAD> <title> </ Title> </ HEAD> <body> <form> <table id = "PrintA" width=

Script ActiveX FileSystemObject Excel.Application Word.Application instance

<script type="text/javascript" > var fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") fso.CreateFolder ("C:\\Bonus");// In the C drive, create a folder fso.DeleteFolder ("C:\\Bonus");// Delete the folder you created fso.CopyFile("c:\\temp\\11.b

2010.03.01 - html export to word excel documents

2010.03.01 - html export to word excel documents html js

2010.03.03 - html export to word document, add form

2010.03.03 - html export to word document, add a form I found that method, seems to have put everything on the page inside the word, and if I modeled writing a word on the page table, it will page All elements are placed inside the word, for example, inpu

perl-operation ole, such as word operation

use warnings; use strict; use Win32:: OLE; my $ word = CreateObject Win32:: OLE 'Word.Application' or die $!; $ Word-> ('Visible') = 1; my $ document = $ word-> Documents-> Add; my $ selection = $ word-> Selection; $ Selection

javascript action word document

Reprinted: 1, to write the content word First, set a bookmark in the word, such as the bookmark named bookmark, javascript can be like this var word; word = new ActiveXObject ("Word.Application"); var range = word.Range; word.Visible = true ...

Use Word to print report

(1) will display order information of the form of id is set to order, because to print the table data. The key code is as follows: <table width="100%" height="48" border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0&qu

In the use of JavaScript ActiveXObject

JavaScript is enabled in the ActiveXObject object and returns the Automation object. Usage: newObj = new ActiveXObject (servername.typename [, location]) ActiveXObject object syntax has these parts: one newObj is Required. To assign a variable name f ...

Control the use of JavaScript in ActiveXObject method of Excel

Fill in the ActiveXObject using JavaScript and set the Excel format 1. To create an instance and create a working table var XLObj = new ActiveXObject ("Excel.Application ");// Create Excel instance var xlBook = XLObj.Workbooks.Add; / / Add a wor

Javascript object-oriented features

JavaScript supports object-oriented ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Few object-oriented features of JavaScript for system analysis. I hope that the next words you understand that the language at least well known of the side. 1. JavaScript types in the -------- While J

js file operation. txt. doc. xls

<script type="text/javascript"> var fso = new ActiveXObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject") fso.CreateFolder ("C: \ \ Bonus ");// in the C drive create a folder fso.DeleteFolder ("C: \ \ Bonus ");// delete the

js in the usage of excel

Reprinted from: Also: Check out this resource is not bad ----------------------------- my addition: 1, set the date date oSheet.Cells (x, y) ...

jspsmart to Upload Files to download and jspSmartUpload.jar Download

Before use to download jspSmartUpload.jar needs its own bag Find a pro-Chinese jar package, download the following address: Inside the jar to archive copies to the project's lib the followin

js operation on excel

Fill in the ActiveXObject using JavaScript and set the Excel format var XLObj = new ActiveXObject ("Excel.Application"); var xlBook = XLObj.Workbooks.Add; / / Add a workbook var ExcelSheet = xlBook.Worksheets (1); / / Create a worksheet 2.
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