installing repo in cygwin

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Installing Windows using Cygwin in HBase

1. Introduction HBase is the official Hadoop subproject, it is a distributed database for the column, it is not in the store relational data structure, but loose distributed, persistent multidimensional sorted and indexed according to the map type, the so

Made using Cygwin on Windows, Android source code

1. Install cygwin, because the installation time special for a long time, so to choose the local download (supports breakpoints, that is, reinstall). So downloaded and then run setup.exe, select the local installation. About 5hour + 2.cygwin gain root pri

Using Cygwin on Windows, to obtain the source code for Android

Using Cygwin on Windows, to obtain the source code for Android 1 in preparation for Cygwin environment, which should curl, wget, python and other basic tools. 2, ready to store source code directory (eg: c: \ myeclair), into the Cygwin Shell environment,

Linux + Win Shell Cygwin · Cygwin User Guide Source: Internet · Cygwin installation Source: Internet · Cygwin description Source: Internet · Cygwin, linux program to develop in the win Source: CSDN · to use Cygwin source: Internet http://www.c ...

Made using Cygwin in Windows, Android source code

Made using Cygwin in Windows, Android source code 1, ready to Cygwin environment, which should curl, wget, python and other basic tools. 2, ready source storage directory (eg: c: \ myeclair), into the Cygwin Shell environment, execute the following c ...

How to download sourcecode of android with cygwin

cygwin is a linux running on windows platform simulation environment, the working mechanism will not go into here, I do not care about this issue. 1.cygwin the download and installation (1) Download and click setup.exe t

In the win under Cygwin source code download android

First download cygwin, cygwin is a linux platform for a class. Environment that is simulated in the windows linux terminal. Compared to the virtual machine to run linux, is a lightweight solution. In addition to this source code to download android,

Git and Repo literacy - how to get Android source code (change)

<! - @ Page (margin: 2cm) P (margin-bottom: 0.21cm) A: link (so-language: zxx) -> Git is Linux Torvalds to help manage Linux kernel development and the development of an open source distributed version control software , which is different from

[Change] Cygwin full download guide

Download Cygwin completely turn】 【Guide Original Address: Normal download articles I have to learn standard C + +, even chosen now

By installing the CD-ROM, your source build yum

For starters, if the Linux system did not choose to install all development tools, build environment To install a software compiling your own is difficult, do not be afraid, for the release is a RedHat user, There yum command can be used, but the problem

Cygwin internal mirror

When using the Internet before installing Cygwin are Taiwan or Japan, with the source, the average rate of 30k / s or so, and today stumbled upon a 163 source, the speed reached 100k / s ~ 200k / s, the preferred installation is really, ah, installat

Download and install Cygwin

We can go to the official website to download Cygwin Cygwin installation program, the address is: Or directly using the download link to download the installer, download link is: Download is comp

Cygwin installation - Nutch search engine environment

Nutcj want to learn before a search engine, always been how to install Cygwin simulation tool to engage any longer; Is finally determined to hard installed Cygwin tools: the wish to study in the future be helpful in their work. First: There are sever

Android developers must develop tools Git and Repo

Downloads and Resources Git Download : Android The Git resources : Development structure Git --- The stupid content tracker, stupid content tracker. Git is Linux Torvalds developed to help man

android with Cygwin under windows source code download

If the / home directory is not created, you can do the following: 1. In D: \ cygwin installation directory under the new directory: home, 2. An increase in the advanced properties windows HOME variable, HOME = D: \ cygwin \ home, 3. Copy of the document,

Installing MongoDB 1.8.1 on Ubuntu 10.10 & 11.04 and running with an 'init' scri

Installing MongoDB 1.8.1, in my case as a developer database, is easy. This blog post just itemises all the steps so that you can pretty much blindly follow along. I'll probably use these steps myself as I seem to be doing this regurlarly Download the

cygwin install openssh

After installing cygwin, openssh is not installed by default. Need to point setup.exe, and then search to find something in openssh, the parent node into uninstall, that node into the openssh install, installation can be. Open ssh server command: ssh

Cygwin mirror site at home and abroad

Reference: Cygwin image abroad; United States; Virginia; Europe; UK

Installing ImageMagick and jmagick

cd / tmp tar xvzf ImageMagick-6.4.0-0.tar.gz cd ImageMagick-6.4.0 . / Configure - prefix = / usr/local/ImageMagick-6.4.0 - enable-share - enable-static make make install Configuration before installing JMagick environment variables (/ etc / profile),

Mirroring a national source of useful Cygwin (full iso pack)

Before installing Cygwin using the Internet are in Taiwan or Japan, with the source, the average speed of 30k / s or so, and today stumbled upon a 163 source, speed of 100k / s ~ 200k / s, the preferred installation is really, ah, installation method

hadoop learning experience of the installation 01 cygwin installation

hadoop is based on unix, so I want to install cygwin is Windows7 Before installing jdk 1.6 has been installed to ensure that more than Before you install Cygwin, you must first download the Cygwin setup program setup.exe. find the l

Oracle instant clent for ruby / rails on cygwin

Environment: XP: oracle full client, ruby, rails, gem cygwin: ruby rails, gem (the version with the XP version) Needs: for cygwin is installed under the rails platform support oci Steps: <1> download oracle instant client ( Instant Client Pa

cygwin under windows installation and configuration

For the use of Windows operating system as a development platform at the same time, like a friend type unix environment (Windows is not the most convenient development environment), this is installed in the Cygwin environment steps Rails Cygwin installati

In Windows, use Cygwin installation HBase

1. Introduction HBase is the official Hadoop subproject, which is a distributed database for the column, it is not stored on the relational data structure, but rather loose distributed, persistent multidimensional sorted and indexed according to the map t

Installing and Configuring GlassFish HTTP Load Balancer

GlassFish V2, the latest Java EE 5 Application Server from GlassFish provides high availability features which include Load Balancing and Clustering. GlassFish V2 provides HTTP Load Balancer which is not bundled as part of the it's download. One can h

Installing m2eclipse Core

Installing m2eclipse Core To install m2eclipse, use the following Eclipse update site to install the core of the m2eclipse plugin. This Core update site contains a single component: "Maven Integration for Eclipse (Required)". When you insta ...

E Editor in the Cygwin environment, the early experience of Zen coding

Zen coding I believe we have heard, for the regular preparation of HTML, CSS sort of Web developers in particular need. About Zen Coding related articles you can go to Google, JE also had a similar article. I would like to say is based on the e-texte ...

Installing ruby-oci8 on Ubuntu

osted by 2muchtea under LD_LIBRARY_PATH, Oracle, Ubuntu, instantclient, oci, ruby, ruby-oci8, sqlplus | Tags: build-essential, instantclient, ldd, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, libaio,, mkmf, mkmf.log, oci, ORA- 12154, Oracle, ruby, ruby-oci8, sqlplus, s

very good simulation of the terminal under cygwin

Finally can not refuse cmd a, cygwin comes with mintty is so.

After installing 360 anti-virus installed sql server 2000 report pending error

When you install sqlserver2000 reported a pending issue, depressed for a long time. To solve the problem now to share, we want a little help After installing 360 anti-virus in the registry will have the following items + HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ Curr

Notes on installing Oracle

Installing a oracle10g are so entangled, after the get attention: 1, the installation directory with spaces and not Chinese, or died a sad death 2, the password can not be set to digital, installed a wrong time to be reported, although there is not m ...

Rails on ruby under Cygwin play some experience

Learning Resources See: After asking many feel is the relatively good, although in English, but basically can read it. Said that the attention of several learning points: 1.The bundled mysql.rb driver has been removed f ...

Getting Started with Linux - installing software

1, uninstall the software installation, sub-situations: A: RPM package, this package like the windows of the EXE installation file, as all documents have been compiled and patched, which documents the folder into which all the designated well, instal ...

cygwin shell syntax error near unexpected token

cygwin shell syntax error near unexpected token This is a common error and the reason is your are using Windows to create the file. Thus the line break is \ r \ n rather than \ n. All you need to do is change the format using a system command: dos2un ...

c / cpp programming @ Cygwin

to programming @ Cygwin 1. To install Cygwin - To select the mirror websit: - To select the following component: binutils gcc gcc-mingw gdb make 2. To verify Cygwin installation is OK? By "Helloworld" - To release sourc

How to fix the brolem of installing apache2 in ubuntu

How to fix the brolem of installing apache2 in ubuntu when I was install apache2, I found this: You want to continue it? [Y / n] y Selected previously deselected package apache2-mpm-worker. (Reading database ... system is currently being installed a total

Installing apache2 and subversion in ubuntu

Installing apache2 and subversion in ubuntu Installing apache2 $ Sudo apt-get install apache2 Installing subversion $ Sudo apt-get install subversion Installing libapache2-svn $ Sudo apt-get install libapache2-svn Creating SVN directory $ Sudo mkdir ...

Installing maven2 in ubuntu

Installing maven2 in ubuntu download apache-maven-2.2.1-bin.tar.gz from uppack to / usr / local / apache-maven / sudo gedit / etc / profile add this: export M2_HOME = / usr/local/apache-maven/apache-maven-2.2.1 e ...

When installing SQL Server 2005, there "Edition Change Check" warning solution

After installing VS2008, then install SQL Server 2005, the emergence of "Edition Change Check" warning ("version change warning"). The following are useful solution: Into the command line; Enter C: \ Documents and Settings \ Admin ...

Cygwin mirror sites quickly

Cygwin installation is the most trouble to download the file from the mirror, te ~ slow, and sometimes one night enough to get it working; Find a new mirror site (163), may in fact have a good long that I do not know; speed is very good Select Instal ...

Windows 2003 Server error when installing Oracle solution

When installing oracle 10g, when carried to the Configuration Assistants Oracle Net configuration Assistant Can not continue, error OUI-25031: some of the configuration assistants failed.It is strongly recommended that you retry the configuration ass ...

ESXi on the problems encountered when installing XP

ISO image installation package with the installation guide, tips can not find the disk. But the mirror partition software that comes with it can identify the virtual disks and partitions. Later, at the following link to find a solution: ...

When installing VMWare Failed to create requested registry key solution

Before installing, examine the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ VMware, Inc. If so then manually delete the items with the same name can create a

Installing / Configuring APEX

Apex 3.1 works with all versions above 9203, (including Oracle 11g). In this article the steps are defined for Installing apex_3.1 on 10gR2 ( Step 1: Download 10gR2 software (

When installing centos5.1 as a server of some Notes

1. First of all, when installing the necessary packages to install on the way, or install the software after a very troublesome time

Cygwin installation texlive2009

In the Cygwin platform installation Texlive time, if it is initialized in a clean install Cygwin environment, the general report / usr/local/texlive/2009/texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf not found: No such file or directory at . / install-tl line 861, <STDIN

cygwin install mysql

Although the use of the cygwin path specified in the windows of the next mysql / bin can, under the access to the mysql command under cygwin. Install python-mysql, but always put something, so the source code compiled under the mysql installation of

let cygwin work with vsvars32.bat

occasionally, we need cl csc support at cygwin environment, the simpliest way is putting following sentence at the first line of cygwin.bat: call "vsvars32.bat"> NUL

eclipse + cdt + cygwin configuration c / c + + development environment

1. Download cygwin, by default Cygwin did not choose C + + development packages required, during installation you need to check: [to skip into keep] gcc, gcc-core, gcc-g + +, gcc-mingw-core, gcc-mingw-g + +, make, gdb, binutils 2. Installed, need to

Win install Cygwin in the SSH service

windows and linux have their advantages, can be installed on the same computer, but the switch to restart. Also has two computers, one installed win, a loaded linux, of course, is good, but not many have this condition. This article describes the cyg
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