Installing MySQL under the free version of Linux installation and configuration records

First, the preparations Note: Because it is in a present and can be installed on the server multi-use, you need to make sure under the station is installed on the server Mysql 1, groupadd mysql mysql prompt already exists, useradd-g mysql mysql promp

Installing oracle based

1, the installation database services, to create a database. Oracle10g does not automatically create a listener, you can manually create: Start ---> Oracle-OraDb10g_home1 ---> Configuration and Migration Tools ---> Net Configuration Assistan

Free installation of Oracle client software - using the pl / sql login configuration

PL / SQL I first use of June first, nothing will. Of people would not even have to use and configure the blind chaos. Now the PL / SQL Configuration Summary down: 1. Download the Oracle Client Package. From

Understanding and Installing VMware Tools (translation to understand and install Vmware Tools)

VMware server virtualization solutions is different from other key areas of its ability to install a special tool (known VMware Tools) to the guest operating system. VMware Tools for Windows, Linux, FressBSD, NetWare and other guest operating systems, it

PL / SQL configuration

Transfer PL / SQL configuration: Note: Please download the latest oracle instant client .. some pl / sql Developer does not support the old version of .. There is the original case had installed oracle client .. then

Installing Oracle XE on Linux

1 Download Oracle Database 10g Release 2 Express Edition for Linux x86 Website: Download oracle-xe-univ- 2. Downloaded directly run rpm-ivh d

How to connect oracle plsql

1 in the Oracle download a software called Instant Client Package, no install, unzip to a directory can be, for example, extracted locally to the E: \ OracleClient below, in fact, the Oracle client path is E: \ OracleClient \ instantclient_10_2 (2) c

vmware ubuntu vmware-tools installation problem

I leave novice to install vmware on record today to install ubuntu system, install vmware-tools, the first problem is extracting installation package VMwareTools tar-vzxf / cdrom/VMwareTools-6.5.0-118166.tar.gz The last tip error is as follows: tar: Erro

(Assignment) Linux word wonderful Q & A

Q & A on Linux wonderful word: Xu Chen / Wei Qiong from: linux treasure ( Contact: Editor's note: Given the current development status of Linux in China, 90% of the questions can be answered in one sent

ExtMail Solution HOWTO for Linux amendment and installation notes

Recently set up a Linux host. The operating system is CentOS 4.4. Looking for a complete mail solution, so I suffered for a long time. I asked to support POP3, SMTP, SSL, WEBMAIL and multi domain settings. Finally, I found ExtMail Solution, a perfect real

About ORA-12154: TNS: could not resolve the connect identifier specified problems

Using oracle and pl / sql in the input the correct login name and password and that there ORA-12154: TNS: could not resolve the connect identifier specified in the error because before installing oracle client installed twice, first with no uninstall

ubuntu10.04 use notes

1. Activate root user: lh @ lh-desktop: ~ $ sudo passwd [Sudo] password for lh: Enter new UNIX password: Re-enter new UNIX password: passwd: password updated successfully lh @ lh-desktop: ~ $ 2. When using the virtual machine when the installation wi

SOLARIS 20% of knowledge to solve the problem 80%

Ps-ef command under Solaris echo CMD column length of 80 characters limit / Usr / ucb / ps-auxww pargs-l 1314 20% 80% SOLARIS knowledge to solve problems Germany, Sun Microsystems Inc. Version History Version Date Description May 25, 2002 the first Englis

Virtual machine installation and Oracle10.2.0 RedHatEenterpriseLinux5 install Notes Collection

Here is my test environment set up some recording time. Related to how to upload linux in VMware and installed Vmare tools, how to install linux on oracle 10g, how to access linux in windows on the oracle, and operate basic linux commands. Hardware config

How to check Oracle tablespace and data file information

Oracle database table space is the logical unit with the largest unit of storage space, the database system table space for database objects through the allocation of space. Table space is physically embodied in the disk data file, each table space by one

(Transfer) Openbravo ERP Introduction (1)

In the site top ranking next to the open source ERP category, it should be a real money - are not only beautiful appearance, should have a stable kernel. After some time my experimental test, really deserved reputation. This article from t

SUSE11 mysql installation configuration under

SUSE SLES11 install and configure mysql on the notes, share and notes. (1) Download the official website to download from mysql to the latest release version of 5.1.45, simplicity, direct download SLES11 the RPM version: MySQL-server-community-5.1.45

Ubuntu 10.10 Development Environment configuration (b) Install Ubuntu

1. Install Virtual Machine 1.1 through vmware VMware Infrastructure Web Access Login 1.2 Select Virtual Machines -> Create Virtual Machine. 1.2.1 to the virtual machine a name, select the virtual machine file storage location 1.2.2 Next select the

VMWare virtual machine to install RedHat Linux D4% DA% CB% FB% CF% E7/blog/item/8eb2020232384eda267fb516.html LINUX is a good thing, but if a novice. But also to the coexistence of multiple systems, then it will be hard to install. I was dizzy for a few days as the installati

ubuntu on the build postfix + extmail (actual notes)

sudo aptitube install postfix-mysql courier-authlib-mysql courier-pop libsasl2-modules-sql maildrop apache2-suexec-custom libunix-syslog-perl rsync mailgraph ntpdate apache2 libapache2-mod-fcgid sasl2-bin libsasl2-2 libsasl2-modules postfix Uploaded

Reprinted - Linux development environment tools

Blog page up and exchange proposed adding Links recommended list of complaints Search: Help Snake dance snake Millennium, the Millennium cultivation; snake dance, air swallowing the sky. * Management blog * Published an article * Message

Ubuntu Linux virtual machine driver installation problems. Txt

Ubuntu Linux running in a virtual machine, install the driver of the problem. This problem has troubled me for a long time, providing me with this problem the following method: Method One: Virtual Machine Virtual Machine 6.5 version of the following,

frequently used commands sqlplus

show and the set command is used to maintain the two SQL * Plus system variable order SQL> show all - View all 68 values of system variables SQL> show user - Display the current connected users SQL> show error - error SQL> set heading off - di

Oracle installation completely Raiders

[To oracle10g, for example, where not specified, are oracle10g] 1, the operating system and Oracle version: Operating system, you need to install different versions of the database software to support the operating system, may cause unpredictable err

Thorough understanding of the virtual machine to install VMware tools

Virtual machine, VMware, tools Do not know how to install VMware tools in a virtual machine must have been just playing the system in a virtual machine for beginners, no doubt our understanding of the virtual machine is not deep, making it could be e

Ubuntu install MySQL 5.5 binary

Download Quote Downloaded in accordance with the INSTALL-BINARY installed all over the error. Execution to scripts/mysql_install_db Appear FATAL ERROR: Could not find mysq

FreeBSD8_mysql5_php_nginx Installation

1.freebsd minimum installation sysinstall install the port # Sysinstall Custum ports installation options selected Configure-> Distributions-> DVD / CD 2. Install axel (multi-threaded downloading tool to accelerate downloads) cd / usr / ports / ftp

Teach you how to better use ubuntu

One. Install Chinese language pack, which I do not say who will be installed. In the "Language support" on the line selected Chinese Or: apt-get install language-support-zh II. Set the update source, update the system. sudo apt-get update sudo a

VMware Server on CentOS installation and configuration under

Quote Under VMware Server on CentOS installation and configuration of 2011-02-28 14:27 Reprinted from xc_hai final edit produced xc_haiVMware Server is a VMware software, free to use (registration required for License), it can run on Windows platforms, Ma

Notes linux experience

yum For example: for example downloads a package is not signed, it can be installed 1. Yum - nogpgcheck install package name Copy code I generally used the first su to root, then yum. Many Internet users under the direct re-use of common usage of yum, thi

oracle linux build problems under

Environmental redhat5.4 oracle10g The previous environment is redhat9 oracle9i <!--[ If! SupportLists] -> 1, <!--[ endif] -> database can not be exported, the original installed on my computer corresponding to the 10g client is a client,

VMWare virtual machine installed RedHat Linux D4% DA% CB% FB% CF% E7/blog/item/8eb2020232384eda267fb516.html LINUX is a good thing, but if a novice. But also to multi-system co-exist, then installation will be hard. I was dizzy for a few days as the installation is successfu

Reproduced - Linux development environment tools

Blog home register and exchange proposed adding Links recommended list of complaints Search: Help Snake dance snake Millennium, Millennium cultivation; snake dancing, air swallowing the sky. * Management blog * Posts * Message * Favorite

windowsXP download virtual machine

How to use the windows XP operating system installed Vmware After extracting the prompts to download the VMWare install VMWare to the hard drive is in touch (1) create a virtual machine A. Double-click the desktop with the mouse left to build the "VM

VMware workstation 6.5 installed Red Hat Linux 9 (transfer)

Virtual machine using VMware Workstation 6.5.1 (recommended to download the full version, or may lack the VMware Tools installation files), install Red Hat Linux 9. VMware Workstation can not reboot using the same computer several OS. I provided the

svn + trac + apache (centos5.4)

Svn + trac + apache installation configuration SVN + Trac + Apache Raiders complete installation, but the original is lacking in the SVN user and privilege management interfaces, also by Trac to get the plug-in, best of both worlds. Familiar with SVN, but

Linux Administrator Diary (1) - Linux server installation complete fool Manual

Introduction From the desktop to the server from the operating system to embedded systems, from the scattered applied to the entire industry began to take shape, Linux has emerged as a booming trend. Set up the topic by using virtual machine network

Bugzilla installation and introduction

1 What is Bugzilla Bugzilla defect tracking software for network applications, developed by the Mozilla project and application. In 1998, Netscape opened its source code, after the Mozilla Public License agreement authorization. Many organizations use it

Do not press ctrl + alt, move the mouse can also be true of virtual machines and to switch the system

Transfer: I personally installed a ubuntu, red is that I did not pay attention when installing, and blue is their own different operations. Virtual Machine version is VMware 7.0.1, VMw

Sendmail + Openwebmail quickly set up to streamline

Introduction * Although there are now a variety of linux mail server, sendmail performance than a lot of good, but when we only need a simple e-mail and fast build time, sendmail is a good choice. First, the environment, build version is as follows:

experience with linux notes

yum For example: for example downloads a package is not signed, it can be installed 1. Yum - nogpgcheck install package name Copy code I generally used the first su to root, then yum. Many Internet users under the direct re-use yum normal usage, this exam

Q reproduced wonderful word linux

Reproduced: Was wonderful, Mo Kanwan, backup collection - Network independent papers -------------------------- 1001 to modify the hostname (Chen Xu) vi / etc / sysconfig / network, modify the HOSTNAME an a

Oracle10g on AIX 5.3 installation and uninstall and install of SSH on AIX

Install Oracle on AIX 5.3 1, check the hardware and software requirements # Oslevel-r 5300-06 Oracle 10gR2 on AIX system requirements: AIX 5L version 5.2, Maintenance Level 04 or later AIX 5L version 5.3, Maintenance Level 02 or later - ML to 06,

MySQL 5.5 binary install Ubuntu

Download Quote Downloaded according to INSTALL-BINARY installed over the error. Execution to scripts/mysql_install_db Appear FATAL ERROR: Could not find mysqld The fo

Common command sqlplus

show and set commands are used to maintain two SQL * Plus system variables in order SQL> show all - see the value of all system variables 68 SQL> show user - displays the currently connected users SQL> show error - error SQL> set heading off -

orcale backup and restore database

cmd command line under the operation (table space is already well-established, the database operation) Tools: pl / sql Developer, sqlplus I. Create a user, and specify the table space, and authorization. 1.sqlplus / nolog (after installing sqlplus sy

win7 install oracle10g need attention

The machine installed oracle version has been oracle10g Express version of win7 system with no problem, some time ago to the data file. Dmp files Into the machine. Has been an error, the latter will not only think the problem is the oracle version, t

[11gR2] Enterprise Linux Release 5 Update 4 installed 64-bit Oracle 11gR2

Oracle 11g Release 2 version of since August 2009 has now been launched for some time, for the truth to get her now, then this informative book to record the record. For information and experience. 1 operating system and Oracle installation media dow

oracle learning system architecture (1) - Listener

After installing the database in addition to manually add LISTENER using Net Manager, you can do: First, the listener file path: ORAHOME/ora92/network/admin/listener.ora Another listener log file path is: ORAHOME/ora92/network/log/listener.log Second

RedHat Linux common log files and common commands

Successful management of any system of one of the keys is to know what is happening in the system. Linux provides an exception in the log and the log details are configurable. Linux logs are stored in clear text, so users do not need a special tool y
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