insert background music in flash as3.0

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Flash AS3.0 array of applications

Array has two forms: The first: an array of digital form: var myNumber: Array = new Array (1,2,3,4,5); The second: an array of text: var myString: Array = ["Zhang Zhichen", "Wang Sheng Jun," "Song Guangjia"] In other wor

Flash AS3.0 tutorial: Learn to use the frame cycle

In this case, Flash AS3.0 tutorial series rookie learning to fly, in the last lecture we learned with multiple classes AS3 class file is written, in this lecture we will learn the use of the frame cycle, hoping to give beginners Flash AS Programming's

flash AS3 function closure code

Closure can contain free (unbound) variable block; these variables are not in this block of code, or any definition of the global context, but the definition of the code block in the definition of the environment. "Closure" is derived from ...

flash as3 call camera

Call camera with as3, code as follows: package ( import flash.display.Sprite; import flash.text .*; import; import; import; import; public class CameraEx extends ...

Remote access using Flash AS3 PHP instance of the data

1, AS3 part of the [ download ] Implementation steps are as follows: First, get a URLRequest object instance Second, the methods to achieve the specified request object, such as GET Third, get a URLLoader object instance 4, set the loader object's dat

flash as3 GUID UUID generated class (transfer)

In a foreign forum to see the flash as3 generated GUID (UUID) of the method. I have been in use, posted everyone to use. Very good! The editor did not find the code as code, I would pick any of the c # code, we know that on the line. Ha ha package {

FLASH AS3, Loader, UILoader, URLLoader difference

About FLASH AS3 in, Loader, UILoader, URLLoader difference: Loader: loading swf or pictures devoted to such display objects. URLLoader: dedicated to load the xml or txt and other text files, you can also use it to load the image, but can not display. UILo

Flash as3 copy objects in depth research methods

Lie on the flash as3 Huowangjiaocheng copies of objects in depth, I think we have met, as to how this really is a problem, and I was half-bottle of vinegar, the original really is not used, after they concluded today under google, easy to reference.

Procedures to improve the efficiency of flash (as3) 1 Flash program to improve efficiency, where the first give an example of dealing with the string, followed by the optimization reproduced the experience of other developers are welcome to add! -----

Detailed Flash AS3 garbage collection

Part1: Currently I do the research ActionScript3.0, its ability to make me very excited. It brought a lot of native execution speed possible (the original sentence The raw execution speed by itself provides so many possibilities. Raw meant raw, original,

Protect your flash (as3) program ---- transmitted swf file based on socket A while ago someone mentioned that the flashseer: swf transmitted through the socket file so that users can not access the file ... swf was also not a as3 to decompile, it is not concerned about the protection o ...

Summary FLASH AS3 buttons plus + scripts written hyperlink

Today a friend asked why the group realized there can not add a hyperlink button, including some of my friends mentioned solutions, ordered to do sum up the problem AS3 add hyperlinks. AS3 will open a page with navigateToURL way to achieve unity of a

flash as3 load animation

I only know how scratched the surface of the flash, let alone write AS, not to mention the use of or AS3, indeed tortured death of me. However, after 2 days in torment, and finally to load animation well, though, when making a pain, but to do after c

Flash as3 embedded in Chinese characters means

As recently done a project involving the importation of text, Flash input text by default can only display fonts. Even within the system can not set the font must be embedded in order to enter. as2, one can load the font library used to solve, Adobe

Flash AS3 Mouse Events using the Detailed

Mouse events (MouseEvent) and the mouse position (AS3 mouse coordinates summary) is the most important RIA interactive way. Recently shown to be a dynamic system ProdutShow product when it found itself on the knowledge of how mouse events superficial. Pro

Flash AS3 programming some of the summary-Flash tutorial

Recently written a number of projects with AS3 in the programming process, encountered many problems, but there are some achievements and experience. Now posted in the AS3 programming we want to have some help. If you find it is wrong place, you can point

Flash AS3 Loader some summary

Recently written a number of projects with AS3 in the programming process, encountered many problems, but there are some achievements and experience. Now posted in the AS3 programming we want to have some help. If you find it is wrong place, you can

Hundred Days Society FLASH AS3.0-- Mathematical Functions

Math.abs () calculate the absolute value. Math.acos () computes the inverse cosine. Math.asin () calculated radians. Math.atan () calculation of arctangent. Math.atan2 () calculated from the x axis the point of view. Math.ceil () to figure rounded up

Flash AS3.0 Metadata

ArrayElementType: This is the definition of the specified array of elements in their type, should be similar to java in the generic, with not much (at least I have not used, the way to find the time to find information), the similar code as follows: [Arra

Flash AS3 using the Clipboard class implements the js copy connectivity

We all know that JS (clipboardData.setData) to achieve the clipboard copy function, in the IE browser will pop up a dialog box asking whether to allow access to, and firefox is simply not allowed to automatically copied to the user manual to complete, it

flash as3 GUID UUID generated classes

package { import flash.display.Sprite; import flash.system.Capabilities; public class GUID extends Sprite { private static var counter:Number = 0; function GUID(){ } public static function create():String { var dt:Date = new Date(); var id1:Number =

FLASH AS3 function fan painting

/* *Create by Geordi 14th Feb 2008 *function DrawSector is drawing a sector in the flash by actionscript 3 */ import flash.display.MovieClip; import flash.display.Sprite; var stag:Sprite=new Sprite(); addChild(stag); var moviec:MovieClip=new MovieCli

Simple flash AS3 RegExp function usage (transfer)

Talk about regular expressions, AS3.0 in the introduction of regular expressions. Regular expressions are used to verify whether the text value of the particular model. There are four parts of regular expressions. 1 Motoko character. 2 yuan sequence. 3 si

flash as3 read xml [transfer]

This article comes from CSDN blog: In as inside, I think the most important and most commonly used content than to read xml data, and this is the most commonly used as data exchange and c

FLASH AS3 site resolution adaptive

As long as the first frame with a: stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE stage amplification device can not deformed. stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT to align the top left corner of the stage

Flash AS3.0 actionscript code for full screen

my_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, fs); / / listen for events function fs (evt: MouseEvent): void { switch (stage.displayState) { case "normal": stage.displayState = "fullScreen"; break; case "fullScreen": defaul

as3 volume control, Flash ActionScript Sound 3D1% 26amp% 3Borderby% 3Ddateline% 26amp% 3Bfilter% 3D2592000 News Type: Translation Source page: Informa

as3 backing development of related

Two days ago an article in the mxna see that (unfortunately turned 20 today, could not find the article, and halo, mxna article do not know how the arrangements) as3 has reached the capacity of language as a web background , as3 and php also compared ...

as3 using the sound class (translation) - Get file size

[1b] issue 6 [/ 1b] We want to create a sound file loaded situation in the progress bar, which requires us to obtain the file size, and how many have downloaded a. [1b] solution [/ 1b] Access to sound objects bytesTotal and bytesLoaded property. [1b] spec

Loading external images as background tile, MC methods play

FLASH AS3 loading external image as a background tile, MC play approach. import flash.display.StageAlign; import flash.display.StageScaleMode; import; import flash.display.Loader; import; import flash.display.S

Loading external image as a background tile, MC play method

FLASH AS3 loading external image as a background tile, MC play approach. import flash.display.StageAlign; import flash.display.StageScaleMode; import; import flash.display.Loader; import; import flash.display.S

swfobject + swffit achieve adaptive size of the flash embedded in Web pages

swfobject + swffit achieve adaptive size of the flash embedded in web pages Posted: 2010.06.18 log Source: Zhou Jianxiang Blog Management System Views: 45 swfobject + swffit achieve adaptive size of the flash embedded in Web pages swfobject http://code.go

AS3 with javascript interaction

Also diverted to the HA, the longer the front of the shop more, hoping to calm down and put points trenches deepened. At AS2, the access to external variables passed to the flash can be accessed only through _root.value that simultaneously simply thr ...

flash open source project to collect

flash open source project to collect The following is a very useful class library APIs, Libs, Components 1, as3ebaylib 2, as3youtubelib 3, as3flickrlib

Flash Builder4 to work with Flash cs4

As we all know, Flash builder4 (Flex builder3) ease of programming can be much better than Flash cs4, but Flash cs4 design to facilitate Fb off than many of strong, so we can cs4 in interface design, carried out in the fb code writing: - Flash cs par ...

Flash.Flex large collection of resources (Complete)

Intermittent collection of Flash, Flex-related resources, it has a lot of deposit with no view, coupled with his order not too good, but can not find the time to looking. This to be a "Shiquandabu" to a Beat Festival, the one convenience, and se

rookie learning flash: Loading library movie clip

The patient was a Flash AS3.0 rookie learning to fly series of tutorials, in this Flash AS3.0 tutorial we will learn a brief example of how the eagle flew load library movie clip will be made into animation, I hope to give my friends be helpful ~ ~ Off th

AS3 turn off the sound when the volume until the disappearance of the effect of decreasing

We open the QQ space, take note that when closed QQ space in the music player is not suddenly disappear, but the music gradually becomes smaller, I feel this is very human. So it was a code. In fact, to achieve this effect there are many ways, here a ...

as3.0 change in control of light to create music

This example shows that a sphere, on it by many small triangles, these triangles can be small changes with the music and then change color. Here is the example source code. import flash.display .*; import .*; import; import

AS3 difficult to check the strength of the error source of reference at work

In the January 24, 2010 held in Shanghai exchange in the Flash developer, I spoke at the venue Tween, URLLoader, and the like, will use weak references as a result of the error listener, why go wrong? The following is wrong about the root causes can be co

as3 Development of doom

Friends abroad with a flex (as3) (author is complete open source development environment) the development of doom: Efficiency is very good, although not to the extent of actual use, but obvi ...

as3 using the sound class (translation) - Pause and continue to play a sound

[1b] issue 10 [/ 1b] How to pause the sound, how to pause to play a sound place. [1b] solution [/ 1b] Sound by recording the current property value SoundChannel of position, continue to broadcast the value of recovery time by just clicking. [1b] spec ...

[As3] ActionScript 3.0 experience try instruction video tutorial

Very good video tutorials Original Address: Full Screen View Address: [Url =] Video 1 Address [/ Url] [Ur

as3.0 playing game developed balloon Series (1)

Long time no write serious articles, this time to write a dozen balloons article, divided into several parts to write, actually wanted to write fine points, many of which method will be extended to lecture. Specific outline for the following: 1 Sight ...

I as3 sound framework for understanding

Has been the voice of the architecture as3 confused, as3 why should it play and stop methods of separation? Why not replace the load with a voice of Sound? Specialized specializes in these days a bit empty. The original design of the sound as3 is con ...

as3 game play developed balloon Series (2)

HI, after the bombing yesterday, crazy theories, his head still fresh not? In fact, the content of yesterday is very important, as long as two to understand it thoroughly yesterday, making the game later that some algorithmic problems, in fact, the g ...

As3 component of the internal structure

Component of the internal structure As3 component only in the Adobe Flash Player version and later versions to support, these components only in flash cs3 or higher-level platform to use. As3 Component appearance (UI) based on the FLA files ...

as3 using the sound class (translation) - Play the progress (Article)

[1b] Nine [/ 1b] We want to know the current song has been played by a few (free translation) [1b] solution [/ 1b] Access to sound files with Sound.length length for the currently playing with SoundChannel.position number. [1b] specific discussion [/ ...

as3 using the sound class (translation) - sound playback end of the message

[1b] issue eight [/ 1b] When we play music then, would like to know when to play the end of the sound. (Shing Yip Note: When we finished playing a song to play automatically after the switch to the next, then the need to end music news) [1b] solution ...

as3 using the sound class (translation) - read the audio information

[1b] problem 7 [/ 1b] We now want to get the MP3 file is playing some of the relevant information, such as: artist, album, style, and so on. [1b] solution [/ 1b] Sound object's id3 property to read [1b] specific discussion [/ 1b] Original and rep ...
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