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The Oracle table partitions (DML) to maintain the index after the analysis of the impact

Today, the digital television system De large table of some partition maintenance, summarized the following lessons would in future also to better coming to safeguard the partition table. Several of the index were to sum up the situation: 1, If you remove

(R) in-depth study B-tree index (b)

2. B -tree index of the internal structure We can use the B-tree index follows the dump into the form of tree structure presented: alter session set events 'immediate trace name treedump level INDEX_OBJECT_ID' For example, for the example above, we c

Oracle introduced an index

Index is based on the table one or more columns of the auxiliary objects, the purpose is to accelerate access to data in the table (to speed up query); Index from the root node, branch nodes and leaf nodes, the higher the index the lower the index bl

(R) in-depth study of B-tree index (II)

2. B -tree index of the internal structure We can use the following way B-tree index structure in the form of a tree dump and presented: alter session set events 'immediate trace name treedump level INDEX_OBJECT_ID' For example, for the above example

Oracle Index and create a way to introduce various types of index [turn]

Overview of the index in a variety of relational database systems are an important part of its search for improving the speed of data play a vital role. In Oracle, the index base is divided into the following categories: B * Tree index, inverted index, de

Writing with HAML rails in the default index.html

When we rails at a project at the public folder has the following months index.html page. I used to rewrite a index.haml HAML First of all, I put the javascript and css inside separate out, on javascripts / haml.js and stylesheets / haml.css Medium HAML t

Javafx search based on the development of the client list of available serial port Recently, I came across a lot of articles about javafx, javafx that previously developed for the inconvenience to the client that there are some procedures improve, so also try to develop a sm

Javafx developed based on the client to find a list of available serial port Recently, I came across an article about javafx, javafx that previously developed for the inconvenience to the client that there are some procedures to increase, so also try to develop a small

Nutch1.0 in the process of Index

Index stage a Map / Reduce task, its role is mainly responsible for the import of all of the segment to build the index, look at what its main function is called Indexer.index () function. Code: public void index (Path luceneDir, Path crawlDb, Path linkDb

db2 Index Optimization

In the database application development period, developers tend to define a large number of indexes on the table to ensure that each query can be well implemented. When the complete application development and database into a production environment, ...

Oracle segment type available

Oracle segment type available Segment type Name index partition Sections index table partition Table Sections table Table section cluster Cluster Section index Section index rollback Rollback segment deferred rollback Rollback segment delay undo Remo ...

Oracle Index (index) brief

1. Index Category a) unique index, the role is data bound to ensure that data only, there is the data index to improve query efficiency b) the general index, only the data on the role of the index, 2. The only index to establish create unique index i ...

How to find the need or deserve Oracle index rebuilding

This script determines whether an index is a good candidate for a rebuild or for a bitmap index. All indexes for a given schema or for a subset of schema's are analyzed (except indexes under SYS and SYSTEM) Product Name, Product Version Oracle Server,

Oracle index usage rules

Logic: Single column single index Concatenated multi-line index Unique unique index NonUnique non-unique index Function-based index function Domain Domain Index Physics: Partitioned index partition NonPartitioned non-partition index B-tree: Normal Normal

Adobe AIR 2 official version of SDK now available for download

Adobe AIR 2 official version of SDK now available for download, check it out! link: Document:

Index-organized table

Index-organized table (index organized table, IOT) is stored in an index structure of the table. Stored in the heap table is unstructured (that is, as long as space is available, data can be placed anywhere), IOT according to the primary key in the d

The working principle of the index

SQL when a new table is created when, the system will be allocated in a Yi 8K disk unit of the continuous space, when the field value from memory is written to disk, in this very established space Suiji preserved when an 8K with the When finished, SQLS 8K

MySQL Index Analysis and Optimization (change)

mysql create multi-column indexes and optimization on the one / Next 2007-12-04 09:51:01 / Personal Category: mysql create multi-column index MySQL Index Analysis and Optimization (change) What is indexing? Index to quickly find those records with sp

oracle11g index cluster table experiment

Have the system privileges: create any cluster 1. Create an index cluster table CREATE CLUSTER emp_dept_cluster (deptno NUMBER (2)) SIZE 1024 TABLESPACE crm; parameters affect the size of a block of data on the number of cluster key. also affect clus

Awareness and create an index

Another version of the on-line today, we have a lot of time on-line script to be executed before, and today one in which a script is changed into a unique index general index. DBA execution time of about 22:00 or so, the results table is locked, the produ

mysql index [change]

Appropriate index can speed up queries can be divided into four types: primary key, unique indexes, full-text index, general index. Primary Key: Unique and not null values. create table pk_test (f1 int not null, primary key (f1)); alter table customer mod

When Oracle creates an index to choose options

Some novice in Oracle databases are often not used when creating the index options. In fact, sometimes the right occasion to use some options that can enhance the creation of the index rate. In order to import data such as volume, we would cancel the

Analysis of the index

First, the concept of indexing is to speed up the index keys in the data. Database index is similar to the index of books. In the book, the index allows the user need not read an entire book to quickly find the information they need. In the database, the

Oracle creates an index factor

After reading this benefit In the Oracle database, create the index is a relatively simple. But to a reasonable index of the more difficult to create. I believe that when you create an index appropriate to do three, namely, in the appropriate table, the a

Baidu input, measured in available for download

About Baidu Baidu input method for different input method platform provides tools, including the windows platform, the Pinyin input method, Japanese input method, mobile phone input method platform, and online input method to enhance the user experience.

LoadRunner performance index

1, CPU utilization (% Processor Time) Index Description:% Processor Time refers to the processor execution time, the percentage of non-idle threads. This counter is designed to be used as a primary indicator of processor activity. It does this by mea

LoadRunner performance index (translation)

LoadRunner performance index (translation) Default Category 2009-07-24 14:28:09 Read 33 Comments 0 Font Size: Large Medium Small Subscribe LoadRunner performance index Object Counters Descrīption Reference value Memory Available Mbytes The number of avail

Index used to collect

1. Role in the index column index, in addition to the above-mentioned order to find outside of the database using a variety of quick positioning technology, can greatly improve query efficiency. Especially when very large amount of data, queries involving

Oracle Index Detailed

What is the index of the index is built on a table on one or more columns supporting object, the goal is to speed up access to data in the table; Oracle stores the index data structure is B * tree, bitmap index, too, only the number of leaf nodes of diffe

(R) in-depth study B-tree index (c. D)

3. B -tree index access We already know that the B-tree index architecture, then when the oracle needs to access the index when an index entry, oracle how to find Where the index entry to the data block it? When the oracle process needs to access dat

(R) in-depth study B-tree index (d) continued

4.2 B -tree index of the deleted (DELETE) the management of Described above on the index when inserting key management mechanism, then remove the key values for what will happen? Introducing a mechanism to delete the index key value before introduction an

(R) in-depth study B-tree index (e)

5. Rebuilding B-tree index 5.1 How to rebuild the B-tree index Rebuild the index in two ways: one is the most simple, delete the original index, and reconstruction; the second is to use the ALTER INDEX ... REBUILD Command of the index reconstruction. The

Oracle Index and create various types of indexing described method [transfer]

Overview of the index in a variety of relational database systems are important part of its search for improving the speed of data play a vital role. In Oracle, the index base is divided into the following: B * Tree index, inverted index, descending index

How to accelerate the speed of Oracle index

How to accelerate the speed of indexing: Summarize: 1. Using the parallel argument, 8 CPU, you can use the parallel 6, takes up to 6 CPU, no problem under normal circumstances (provided that no other applications accounted for more than 2 CPU resourc

HTTP Status 404 (The requested resource is not available)

HTTP Status 404 - / / type Status report message / / description The requested resource (/ /) is not available. Apache Tomcat/6.0.18 In the Baidu search, and got tips: Reasons: servlet is not configured correctly, see web.xml sure correct and right path o

The basic concept of performance index

Universal about some basic knowledge of performance testing, and he is to learn about it. Throughput / capacity known <br /> processing throughput, referring to the processing unit time the number of client requests. Typically, the throughput with t

The charm of the index

Available today to test mssql2005 an aggregate query in the cable, index, no indexing and query speed in case of IO and table structure is as follows, a total of 222,994 records. CREATE TABLE [dbo]. [TaoBaoTrade_0001] ( [Nick] [nvarchar] (100) NOT NU

(Rpm) Baidu Index and Google Trends comparison Today, the time to write the way a log saw the following product comparison Baidu and GOOGLE, I found a product - Baidu Index and GOOGLE trend there are many similar places, so he wanted to

Transfer [Tiger. Unknown] to build network monitoring system (index) of the three ways, + categories, four four small

[Tiger. Nameless] 20090415 today to find a java version of the OpenNMS ( ), and snmp4j is part of the project. However, when found in large download (standalone-opennms-installer-1.7.2.jar has 99M, source code opennms-source-1.7.2-

Can not rebuild the index using the Maven plugin (Rebuild Full Index) the problem

Problems resulting from the following: Because the units use the filters, access Internet, the contents of more than 10M rejected. Because the initial maven plugin, you need to download the Maven's index file, the files are large, with 38M more,

Using Struts2 spring hibernate framework development project --------- verify that the user name is available

Using Struts2 spring hibernate framework development project --------- verify that the user name is available Framework with three major development projects, when we registered users, it often requires the database user name is unique, so we need the use

DB2 V9.7 new features partitioned index

In this article, describes the new features in DB2 V9.7 - partitioned index, index of how to use and manage partitions, and partitions the index on how to improve performance of large databases. Introduction Partitioned indexes (partitioned index) is the

Why Oracle will sometimes use the index to find data? - Force Oracle to use the best "implementation plan"

[Abstract] you use SQL, a query to the database when you release, Oracle will be generated with an "implementation plan" that is, what kind of data that the statement will search through the implementation of the program. Search for program sele

(Index) Oracle operating system in the Index

When accessing data from a form, Oracle provides two ways a. full table scan (reading each row from the table); b. a read line by ROWID; Improved performance of the index depends in part on the degree of selectivity and the data blocks in the table b

Apache + Mysql + PHP (never available) windows configure the PHP environment, pro-test!!!

In an article in the online help, I soon had successfully installed PHP5. Here I will detail the installation process I described it. In this case, download the installation file apache2.2.4 MySQL5.0.37 php5.2.1 (zip) Apache Installation 1 Click apahce in

Sysinternals Utilities Index (r)

Original link Sysinternals Utilities Index Sysinternals Suite Sysinternals utility package to download. AccessChk v4.24 (2010 Years 1 11 January) This update fixes a Bug, the Bug can sometimes

Index commonly used Linux commands

Index commonly used Linux commands man Description: The information on the various commands to use; Syntax: man [<section>] <name> Description: One section refers to the manual of the Division. Eight section: 1. User commands 2. System ca

HTTP Status 404 (The requested resource is not available) of several solutions

Reason: servlet is not configured correctly, check to confirm the correct web.xml, and their request path is correct In IE prompt "404" error in the following three conditions 1. Not to deploy Web applications 2. URL input error troubleshoo

Index data block space field meaning pctfree

pctfree: BLOCK is used to specify the minimum space required in the ratio of reserves. pctused: as a percentage of the value, when the BLOCK has been reduced to using the space below the value of the BLOCK is available to achieve or exceed the value

How to store the index solr

I found that has been misunderstood, I always thought the distributed indexing and distributed search are two different things, in fact, is the same. The index is distributed across multiple computers, not that just a distributed search? Since the in
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