image as view background in XCode

[Cocos2d game development of the seven] add / remove system components, and solve the View setting in the View transparency will affect the other components of the problem!

Time seems to have not been updated in the main project more anxious, but now all won cocos2d basically be, was progressing well, so here mainly to introduce the next number of Himi problems; This chapter describes two knowledge points: 1 Adding syst

Embrace the iPhone, to embrace the future of software development

■ publish time :2009-Jiang Feng-03-11 19:21:17 Chinese reading report IPhone programmers Houses gold of Ethan Nicholas IShoot popular App Store Games Over the last six months to know what the hottest software development technology ? ? Instead of Java,. N

common method for iphone

1 In Xcode, click Run, "" the console to see NSLog NSLog (@ "log:% @", myString); NSLog (@ "log:% f", myFloat); NSLog (@ "log:% i", myInt); 2: displayed on the screen anywhere in the image, do not use interface buil

How Cocos2d to develop a simple game tutorial IPhone

Access to Cocos2D development this week, in its official website to see Ray Wenderlic write an article on the cocos2d development, very good feeling to write the translation for a moment. Original link address you can see above the author's more The i

Layer Programming with Quartz Core

"Reproduced" 2009/6/25 I come from a dinosaur egg Abbreviations: dinosaur egg or konglongdan. Please keep my screen name, is also positive thing in my work. Thank you, hope this help you. Chapter 5.Layer Programming with Quartz Core Quartz Core

From the "Hello World" application to see the life cycle of iOS The first thing to do is first of all iPhone developers have to know the life cycle of iPhone programs, say that the white point is that when click the program icon to start the program began to exit the program runs

IPhone game development framework using Cocos2d method

Mobile devices are changing the way we work and interactive relationship with others. A new round of revolution is happening to us, people began to consume more mobile devices through the data content. iPhone App Store to become successful and popular mob

Reproduced - Linux development environment tools

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