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Sakai in the iframe will replace jQuery request

Sakai's portal / portlets model, portlets do show is iframe. But I do not like the iframe, so for an asynchronous request for the jQuery. So .... 1, portlets rendering in which module? In the sakai-portal-render-pack \ WEB-INF \ componets.xml in ...

26 JQuery use of small tips (jQuery tips, tricks & solutions)

The use of the jQuery Library is growing and growing (just released jQuery 1.4), more and more people are using this useful JavaScript Library. This means that more and more useful jQuery Tips, tricks and Solutions are coming available. That's why i C

jquery in html, text and the difference between the three val

In jquery the val, text, html can get to the value, or add a parameter to the assignment, then what difference between them? Let's illustrate: First of all, html attributes there are two ways a reference, a non-participating 1. Without reference html

jQuery source Study Notes 4

<p> this section highlight some of jQuery on the style, although in IE also has a style, currentStyle and runtimeStyle, but no one can get <a href = "https: / / developer.mozilla.org / en / CSS / computed_value" > used value </ a

Simple way to achieve a high degree of adaptive iframe

Page is divided into several columns, a number of lines, have been used to achieve adaptive frameset height, width is very simple (our boss here is the need to quickly control what you achieve). Later, due to certain reasons the use div + iframe. Bef

Automatic Contour plug-in JQuery

Code is very simple: <!-- 一个jQuery库文件 --> <script src="jquery-1.3.2.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <!-- 一个jQuery.equalHeights插件(后面会给出)--> <script type="text/javascript" src="jQuery.equalHeights.js"></script

jquery determine the date format

Help Need to use the jQuery library (currently version 1.3) and jQuery Datepicker library file (version 3.5.1 currently) To install jquery.datepick-zh-CN.js support the Chinese language pack Material prepared Date picker custom CSS style to control j

Iframe height issue on Adaptive

Wrote, / * * For example there are two pages a.html and b.html * We need to do is inside the iframe inside the a.html introduction b.html, b.html the actual content inside the high number, a.html inside the iframe's height there are that many, *

Records - Note-jquery-jquery in the event -1

<% @ Page contentType = "text / html; charset = utf-8" language = "java" pageEncoding = "utf-8"%> <! DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "- / / W3C / / DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional / / EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xht

jQuery plug-in development - is actually very simple

[Introduction] jQuery has been widely used, with its simple API, the manipulation of the DOM of a powerful, easy to expand more and more web Development staff of the favorite, I also released in the community Henduo the jQuery plug-in and many people aske

jQuery functions commonly used method of summing up

jQuery, provides us with many useful methods and attributes, their summary of some commonly used functions, methods. Personally think that the development would be more commonly used, only for them to learn from and reference. Event handling ready (fn) Co

JQuery source code analysis-each transfer function

/ *! * JQuery source code analysis-each function * JQuery version: 1.4.2 * * ------------------------------------------------- --------- * Function description * * Each function by jQuery.extend function attached to the jQuery object: * JQuery.extend (( *

jQuery - DOM operations

- DOM operations Property we <img scr="5.jpg"/> example, in the original javascript which can be var o = document.getElementById ('a') to take the id as a node object to the use o.src obtain or modify the node scr attribute in the

Changes made on jQuery

basic library jQuery really gives us a lot of convenience, but because of the expansion of its way fn the project is the lack of flexibility; The widget model may have a certain amount of flexibility, but still have a certain lack of Here is my jQuer

JQuery tutorial --- DOM operations (2)

JQuery教程---DOM操作(二) 1. Clone () Copy of a jQuery object Example: <p>after</p><a href="http://p5s8.ddvip.com/index.php#">jQuery</a> jQuery code and functions: function jq(){   $("#test").clone().appendTo($("a")); } Copy $ (

jQuery end () method to explain

The end () method, jQuery documentation is so explained: jQuery back to the most recent "destructive" operation Before. That is, to match the list of elements into a previous state. But that example was not very obvious, I believe many peop

jQuery Ajax methods of

The jQuery jQuery Ajax methods to help the Ajax request (a) jQuery.ajax (options) 2. JQuery to help the Ajax request (b) jQuery.get (url, [data], [callback] 3. JQuery to help the Ajax request (c) jQuery.getJSON 4. JQuery to help the Ajax request (d) jQuer

jQuery summary of commonly used functions

jQuery provides us a lot of useful methods and properties, their summary of some commonly used functions and methods. Personally think that would be more in the development of common, only for study and reference. Event handling ready (fn) Code: $ (Docume

Iframe framework to achieve a high degree of adaptive

Iframe highly adaptive framework to solve the problem page, the code below, reference should be noted that the framework must set the name properties page, otherwise it will not take effect Option One: <iframe src="test.asp" width="

JQuery Plugin Development Getting Started (b)

】 【Practice jQuery development or use, more inspiration came from practice, not copy | | paste (the students can pursue ism left). So here I will use a simple example to illustrate the jQuery plug-in development process, can learn by analogy to see Tell m

JQuery in each () instructions to use

JQuery 1.3.2 in each function in the official documentation described below, each is more practical under jquery traversal function. - - JQuery 1.3.2 in each function in the official document is described as follows: each (callback) Each element as the co

jQuery to achieve the principle of - the implementation of a debug class

Js code debugging often need to use alert (), each time heard harsh 'when ...', then write a brief on their own debug information output function debug. Recently, the jQuery framework, so he modeled his writing style improved a bit. Here I put som

jQuery Methods commonly used functions

Event handling ready (fn) Code: $ (Document). Ready (function () { / / Your code here ... }); Role: it can greatly improve the response speed of web applications. By using this method, you can DOM ready to be read and manipulated, immediately call your bo

Some common methods jQuery (Reprinted)

Reprinted http://www.cnblogs.com/zyh-nhy/archive/2009/11/06/1597582.html Style of operating elements include the following ways: $ ("# Msg"). Css ("background"); / / returns the background color of the element $ ("# Msg"

jQuery html text val method

In jquery the val, text, html can get to the value, or adding a parameter to the assignment, then what difference between them? Below we illustrate: First of all, html attributes there are two methods, a reference, a no-argument 1. Without reference html

Div tag on the problem of covering select

<! DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "- / / W3C / / DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional / / EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd"> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8

(Rpm) using the query translation manual sorting of jQuery

JQuery using the query translation manual finishing published: admin Read: 835 times Keywords: Font: [medium and small] Translation order: Young.J Official Website: http://jquery.com jQuery is a development with the prototype js library classes as excelle

jQuery function method commonly used summary

Event handling ready (fn) Code: $ (Document). Ready (function () { / / Your code here ... }); Role: it can greatly improve the response speed of web applications. By using this method, the DOM ready to be read and manipulated, immediately call your bound

jquery1.4 Chinese Document

jquery1.4 Chinese Document Original: http://api.jquery.com/category/version/1.4/ By convention, we provide two copies of jQuery, one is minimized ( We are now using Google Closure as the default compression tool ), One is uncompressed ( For error correcti

[Pseudo-Ajax] no principle refresh Upload

<div> <form action="upload.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" target="upload_target" onsubmit="startUpload();"> <p> Loading ... <br/> <img src="loader.gif

Write a popup plugin

1. Plug-js var itemId = ""; var showDivId = ""; / / Control layer that is centered function center (id) ( var o = document.getElementById (id); o.style.display = 'block'; var s = ( position: 'absolute', top: '5

jqGrid of use --- subGird

Directly on the code, and other interactions with the background and the general Grid is no different: html code: <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> </ table> <div> </ div> js code: jQuery ("# kpi

Website compatible with all browsers grayed out

<script src="grayscale.js" type="text/javascript"> </ script> <script type="text/javascript"> window.onload = function () (/ / page grayed out grayscale (document.body); ) </ Script> grayscale.js Downl

Examples of local refresh

Some people want to achieve online often do not refresh the data from the server needs to take. I understand that the local refresh or hidden refresh. A bit like "sly" to get the data from the server without the user find the meaning. I wan

JAVA knowledge points in the file upload and download order

Let's look at some of the file upload, first introduced to my first upload the file to be achieved, for the requirements pages, in fact it is a form to be adding some attributes. <h2> View file upload request body </h2> <form method="PO

JS variable to achieve transparency in the background, text, the effect of opacity

http://www.exp2up.com/2010/01/11/js% E5% AE% 9E% E7% 8E% B0% E8% 83% 8C% E6% 99% AF% E9% 80% 8F% E6% 98% 8E% E5% BA% A6% E5% 8F% AF% E5% 8F% 98% EF% BC% 8C% E6% 96% 87% E5% AD% 97% E4% B8% 8D% E9% 80% 8F% E6% 98% 8E% E7% 9A% 84% E6% 95% 88% E6% 9E% 9C / R

Got from people on the Internet can not see the code names and comments excellent

. Effect: Js and css to get today made a left-hand navigation, abcd's name and not a comment, very read, it is very depressing to consider the use of this thing is very good and decided to look into From two aspects: First, from the naming point of vi

Js popup (supports drag and drop, multiple pop automatically switch level)

Js popup Usage: 1, first import the css and js <script type="text/javascript" src="js/PopUpManager-compressed.js" ></script> <link href="css/PopUpLayer.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"/> 2. Alert.show(el,modal,dragTitle); Alert.clos

Tencent microblogging upload pictures directly copy and paste the realization of

JS address http://mat1.gtimg.com/www/mb/js/mi.Capture_110307.js MI.Capture = {}; (function (f, g) { var h = navigator, i = h.userAgent.toLowerCase(), q = /(windows|win32)/.test(i), l = i.indexOf("opera") > -1, p = i.indexOf("compatible") > -1 &

JQuery to access the page with JS or inside the iframe, compatible with IE / FF

JQuery to access the page with JS or inside the iframe, compatible with js, or jQuery to access the page that is in the framework of the iframe. Note: The page can not be within the framework of cross-domain! Suppose there are two pages under the sam ...

jquery tab highly adaptive embedded iframe

The js into jqurey tab <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<c:url value="/resource/css/jquery/ui/theme/smoothness/jquery-ui-1.8.2.custom.css" />"/> <script type="text/javascript" src="<c:url value="/resource/js/jquery/core/

Literacy: select the drop-down box to cover the div-layer solution (using iframe to solve)

select the drop-down box to cover the div-layer solution (using iframe to solve) Put in a layer higher than the level select can be an iframe

Adding jquery canceled and the contents of the div to replace demo

Recent projects often applied to the jQuery, with the specific cases a brief introduction to jQuery's div contents to add, cancel and replace the relevant content such as application skills. Case: Add institution information, and at the same time ...

My first jQuery plugin - rounded DIV

Effect: Reference: http://www.javaeye.com/topic/610962 round.css: round.js: html: Details see Annex! Relatively simple, do not laughed ah!

JQuery div fade effects to achieve

Oh, finally is the first study JQuery, JQuery reference on a greater understanding. Here, let me know the JQuery code is written in what place.

jquery animate the div

QQ subscription box, in the health news Forum, a feature is that when click on the title will display dynamic news content, click again to put away when the contents show only a brief introduction. Mimic the function of practice today and the next jq

jquery iframe control static pages <a> property ..

Following the last word to html using jcob after resolution, there can not set the page size of the problem, and finally fixed the page with the iframe display size, taking into account security issues, iframe's src value of the dynamic page load

jQuery hover Div background transformation (color slide)

<html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=gb2312" /> <title> jQuery hover Div background transformation </ title> <style type="text/css"> . Divbox ( hei

Original: Div + CSS + JS dialog box (using JQuery)

CSS section /*-------- Div dialog -----------*/ # Dialog ( background-color: # 89A6CA; height: 180px; width: 300px; border: 1px solid # 999; position: absolute; z-index: 9999; ) # Dialog # title ( background-image: url (images / pupop_bg.png); background-

Use jQuery to automatically load the iframe

Is mainly used inside jQuery $ ('# XXX'). Attr ("src", "urlstr"); method to assign the operation of the specified urlstr element src attribute <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8" pageEncoding="UTF
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