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On the different browser URL encoded Analysis

Let's look at three url: url1. love of Yan Bao url2. E7% 88% B1% E5% AE% 9D% E7% 9A% 84% E5% A6% 8D (UTF-8 encoding) url3. B0% AE% B1% A6% B5% C4% E5% FB (GBK encoding) Three url point t

Use Extjs appear in the IE "Access Denied"

IE on the use of Extjs an "Access Denied" problem: IE security level is too high Tools - internet Options - Security - Custom Level - Other - Access data sources across domains is set to be used can be a

Using Extjs in IE "Access Denied"

Using Extjs on IE "Access Denied" problem: IE security level is too high Tools - internet Options - Security - Custom Level - Other - access to the data source through the field is set to be used on it

ExtJS support in TextField or TextArea conditions of key events

Original Source: Study: Jet Mah from Java together Disclaimer: can non-commercial willfully, reproduced, please be sure to hyperlink to the original source form of the article indicated, author info

Limit input length of textarea using JavaScript (For: IE.Firefox ...)

<!doctype html public "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns="" lang="gb2312"> <head> <head> <title> Code: Restrictions on u

extjs reported in the IE Object does not support this property or method

ExtJS which appear normal in Firefox, but when using IE open error: Object does not support this property or method / object doesn't support this property or method On the Internet for a moment, This is an issue in IE where the first element of the bo

About EXTJS 2.2.1 version of the IE environment Grid component header drop-down menu icon dislocation solution to the problem

EXT development process currently in use, I found a problem: in the 2.2.1 version, in the IE environment, Grid component header to sort the drop-down menu AZ (ZA) icon and positive sequence (reverse) text overlap; in Firefox environment, the display ...

About EXTJS 2.2.1 version of IE environment Grid component header drop-down menu icon dislocation solution to the problem

EXT development process currently in use, we found a problem: in the 2.2.1 version, the IE environment, Grid component header drop-down sort menu AZ (ZA) icon and the positive sequence (reverse) text overlap; in Firefox environment, appear normal. CS ...

Extjs disable the IE context menu

Add the following code in Ext.onReady () in can be resolved: Ext.getDoc().on("contextmenu", function(e){ e.stopEvent(); }); As a result, this page contextmenu event is disabled by default. Page if needed to respond to individual ExtJS controls contextmenu

How you learn faster extjs, (including 1.0,2.0,3.0.3 version)

Chapter 1 flashing it! Look at those beautiful example extjs 1.1. All release packages start from extjs very fortunate that we can download free of charge to ext release package, inside the source code, api documentation, examples ranging. But i

Support multi-browser textarea text box to enter the number of words to determine js

javascript file: (limitWord.js) / / Here are the common functions of Devil ... var / / Access element $ = Function (element) ( return (typeof (element) == 'object'? element: document.getElementById (element)); ), / / Determine the browser brower =

Hibernate + Spring + Struts2 + ExtJS development of CRUD functions

Favorites Hibernate + Spring + Struts2 + ExtJS development of CRUD functions 1, Getting Started: Various open-source framework for the environment and to download: Hibernate: 3.x need to package hibernate core and annotations. Sp

[Tomcat Version] help extjs Jian Jianfei

In fact, no real weight loss, but only with the gizp help transmit compressed, but the effect was very good Open the tomcat / conf of the server.xml file, in the corresponding port of the Connector element add the following: compression = "on" c

ExtJS2.0 Practical simple tutorial "of the ExtJS components

Ext2.0 right framework for the reconstruction of very large, the most important thing is to form a layered structure and component systems, these components from the Ext form controls, Ext components from the Component class definition, each of a componen

JS in the difference between IE and FireFox summary

JS in the difference between IE and FireFox summary 2009-06-04 11:31 by HeroBeast, 182 visits, net pick, collection, editing 1.event.srcElement 1: / / srcElement only target is to use IE to use FireFox, here is the compatibility written 2: var obj = ...

Imitation firebug console output, compatible with IE

I can not do without firefox, mostly can not do without firebug, using firebug to debug css, js is too convenient. I believe that many people and, like me, in firefox often used under the console.log () outputs a number of objects or variable values, ...

ExtJs difficult cases of GridPanel cell replication problem can not be selected

Today, grid replication problems encountered in the web to find a solution, just change under the CSS and JS, for everyone to share with you: This article comes from CSDN blog, reproduced please indicate source:

IE, Fireox, Chrome different part of the extract

Doing web development of the most painful thing was to make our css and js is compatible with every browser. The mainstream browsers use different kernel (rendering engine or the layout engine) put us into a painful abyss. Gecko such as the use of Fi ...

focus after selection - ie the difference between and Firefox

Fckeditor is used today to make a variable into the function, that is, click the button after the fckeditor insert the appropriate value. Of course, this code is inserted into the textarea or textfield's; function insertNotifyArgments (t) ( [code =

ExtJS 2.2 Timing tasks

ExtJS 2.2 Timing tasks Time task is the need to manually call the function or code of their implementation in the specified time automatically. JavaScript provides the setTimeout and setInterval. clearInterval clearTimeout two pairs of functions and tasks

Js control textarea using the maxLength

<! DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "- / / W3C / / DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional / / EN" " "> <Html xmlns = " "> <head> <meta http-equi

IE on CSS rendering engine hasLayout

haslayout Windows Internet Explorer rendering engine is an internal component. In InternetExplorer, an element of its content or their own calculations on the size and organization, or dependent on the parent element to calculate the size and organization

document.getElementsByName will go wrong under the ie

Name attribute in IE to support and can getElementsByName to obtain the label: A, APPLET, BUTTON, FORM, FRAME, IFRAME, IMG, INPUT, OBJECT, MAP, META, PARAM, TEXTAREA, SELECT Signed with the table name if the property can not getElementsByName, can gi ...

IE CSS bugs collection

IE CSS bugs collection Outline IE browser does not support a large number of css properties known, but also support the css property of their There are a lot bug. This page lists some of the problems under IE, an instance of known samples, and some o ...

ExtJs xtype and component class in the corresponding table

Original Address: Core Tip: We create a component using ExtJs most easily understood, of course, with new Ext.form.TextField ((fieldLabel: 'Name', id: 'name', width: 120)); we can use xt

ajax normal in Firefox, but IE is not a normal issue.

Since reinstalling the server has been moved to a site from apache to nginx, on the issue for this Ajax tossing a few days, and now finally solved the problem. IE is really powerful browser from a recent Ajax applications are running under IE each ti ...

XSL will be packaged with a label ExtJS

More than a year ago to write a will ExtJS (at that time 2.x) package into a JSF component library ExtFaces, spent about two months before and after, the company has now developed into two small projects in the application of good results. ExtJS 3 an ...

Extjs study notes the basis of inheritance and events

Extjs events are well-packaged, for the handling of the incident by Ext.uitl.Observable class provides the interface. Observable interface means here actually played the role of an abstract class, Extjs in a large number of components are inherited from t

extjs component of the three ways to add event listener

extjs component added to the monitoring of three ways In the definition of component configuration settings If the code shown: On methods of component variables set by Suppose there is a variable of type GridPanel gridPanel, the method set by on-line ...

rails + extjs in excel export

The grid line with extjs direct export excel control, but does not meet the demand, because generally paging grid, and definitely excel export all the data when Export excel input is out of this process configuration information (column header, the field

extjs Skills Notes (rpm)

extjs Skills Notes (change) Js code (grid.getView (). GetRow (0)). SlideIn ('t'); / / Select the first insertion of a top-down effect (grid.getView (). GetRow (0)). Frame ('# cadaf9',

excel export of rails + extjs

The grid line with extjs direct export excel control, but does not meet the demand, because generally paging grid, and definitely excel export all the data when Export excel input is out of this process configuration information (column header, the field

TextArea in the carriage return

IE and Opera above, textarea above return is \ r \ n The chrome firefox and safari still above return is \ n

ExtJs checkbox radiobox issue summary

This post I use ExtJs major record some of the problems encountered. 1, checkbox and radiobox vertical display in IE tends to add the following css to solve the problem: .x-form-check-wrap,.x-form-radio-wrap{padding:3px 0 0 0;line-height:15px;width:150px;

IE hasLayout achieve understanding

IE's haslayout is a very tangled things, have to master CSS master it. Beginners take a lot of detours when the CSS, the following articles in my study played an important role, I hope that everybody will benefit. Has a layout overview Internet E

Extjs teach you how to write plug-ins

In project development, will inevitably use Extjs write plug-ins to achieve demand, There are some features to write plug-in can handle that, and do not need to repackage a Lei. The following plug-ins written by a former to explain. Plug-in Function:

extjs submit Jump Record

Hand cheap, like landing in extjs successful jump to another page Submitted directly to the submit event success: function () () which increases window.location.href = 'xxxx' Firefox normal jump, ie reported a syntax error. Compiled ideas for the

JavaScript input textarea length limit

<! Doctype html public "- / / W3C / / DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional / / EN" ""> <html xmlns="" lang="gb2312"> <head

The upload ExtJS example [struts2 way]

Today, suddenly thought of uploading the previous article on the EXT is not posted, the code is now posted here var uploadForm= new Ext.FormPanel({ id: 'form-panel', fileUpload: true, width: 500, frame: true, //title: ' Process File Upload ', collapsible:

DOM2 and IE event dissemination mechanism (capture, sparkling)

When the incident took place in a document node (ie the event target), target the event handler will be triggered. In addition, each target ancestor node will have the opportunity to handle the event. DOM Level 2 event propagation consists of three phases

input / textarea text of choice and access

//获取input/textarea中选择的文本 function getSelectedText(textbox){ if (document.selection){//IE return document.selection.createRange().text; } else { return textbox.value.substring(textbox.selectionStart, textbox.selectionEnd); } } //设置input/textarea中选中的文本

Javascript set and get methods Textarea cursor position

<html><head> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" /> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=gb2312" /> <title>JS设置及获取Textarea的光标位置</title> <script> var isIE = !(!doc

ExtJs xtype and component class in the corresponding table and vtype

Write ExtJs related code will be more experience with xtype, here ExtJs components in the xtype and the corresponding component class table. Does not include Ext.ux namespace extension component. In fact, Ext API documentation in this list, in the Compone

Extjs + Grails Tutorial Series 2 (Extjs components general description)

Tutorial 1 added: If you follow the tutorial one done, you will definitely both excited and puzzled, inside page script in the end mean? For example Ext.onReady (function (){...}); This Ext.onReady () means that only full loads in the Ext framework After

Extended learning ExtJS components list box Ext.ux.Multiselect

An extension to use ExtJS: Ext.ux.Multiselect, that is, the list box component. Correlation processing of the components and data binding, dynamic setting Summarize the method of dealing with small : One. Data Binding // Create a record type person var pe

Difference between FireFox and IE setAttribute

1. ChildNodes in ff and ie in the difference. ff the node (nodeType = 1) are used textNode (nodeType = 3) separate, but ie / op is not the case. <div> <span> content </ span> </ div> Under the ff, box1 the childNodes to 3, ie under

ExtJS study notes style layout of the nine kinds of style summary

extjs container components can set its display style, it's valid values are absolute, accordion, anchor, border, card, column, fit, form and table. a total of 9. Summarize, to help memory. absolute definition, inside the container, according to the sp

[ExtJS3.2 source one hour a day] ExtJS in BLANK_IMAGE_URL the origin (m)

In the use of ExtJS, we often need to use such a sentence by adding: Ext.BLANK_IMAGE_URL = "....." s.gif part of which is omitted in the extjs package path. So why ExtJS to set such a variable? If we do not, what are the consequences? First of a

Difference between MySQL character set GBK.GB2312.UTF8 MYSQL Chinese garbage problem solving

MySQL character sets involved in several character-set-server/default-character-set: server character set, used by default. character-set-database: the database character set. character-set-table: database table character set. Increase in priority order.

download java file ie the file name in performance below inconsistencies and firefox

First, the file name is utf-8 encoding is stored in the database, the file name is tentatively scheduled for 1_ Chinese documents 123.txt, and then be handled as follows to download response.setContentType ("application / octet-stream; charset = UTF-
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