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Not EWS, how to sync to other systems Calendar Exchange?

Exchange 2007 and later provides the EWS, tantamount to provide a interface to use for other applications, and our 2003 version of Exchange is not EWS, seemingly can not be easily synchronized to other systems to Exchange ... Calendar Some people say

Not EWS, how to sync to other systems Calendar Exchange? (2)

import* def username = 'username', password = 'password' def http = new HTTPBuilder( '' ) path: '/exchweb/bin/auth/owaauth.dll', body: [destination:'', flags:'0

java http, https

httpclient EntityEnclosingMethod httpMethod = new PostMethod (url); / / Here the use of connection pool technology. MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager manager = new MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager (); / / Set parameters: the maximum number of conn ...

cas simplified to https

1, CAS client HTTPS change HTTP method 1. Casclient.jar modify all the items used to package in the jar files (need to decompile java class files into a ""), will be below code for http ...

J2ME using the Socket access security through HTTPS access points cmwap

The problem is in my J2ME version of XHTML browser upgrade when they were introduced, I have tried many ways, made a lot of posts and asked a lot of people do not find a viable solution. Finally, I connected the PC on a general-purpose use of OTA int ...

tomcat to use https

This article is reproduced, if offended, you can notice I deleted. The outset, this article can be found in GOOGLE on this, so is the original, but not first. In this record, only memo. Has done an experiment to enable HTTPS in Tomcat 5.5 connections. Wer

Request https error: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

When the java client requests https protocol implementation services, abnormal: 'unable to find valid certification path to requested target' Is because the service side's certificate has not been certified, we need to do is to import the serv

How to EAI and BPM integration of DBS Bank Business Transformation Project

DBS is Asia's largest financial services groups. In addition to the two major markets, Singapore and Hong Kong, but also, through its in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and China operations for enterprises, institutions and retail customers ...

tomcat6 configure https

tomcat6 configure two-way authentication 1, generate a server-side certificates 2, generate a client certificate Client's CN can be any value. 3, because it is a two-way SSL authentication, the server must be trusted client certificates, so add t ...

Explore the integration of RFID Web Services SOA in EAI Application

In this article, I will first discuss the two kinds of RFID applications development methods: traditional methods and RFIDWeb services. Then I will discuss the RFIDWeb services into multiple SOA in EAI application how to improve RFID-tagged items, bo ...

Https Secure Communication Theory

1. Https What is this? Https is based on security purposes, Http channel, its security infrastructure by the SSL layer to be guaranteed. Originally developed by netscape R & D, which offers the communications of both authentication and encryption comm

https and http differences

Today, when Yahoo was doing and found that less than a third-party tool to intercept client and server communications, previously have come to never come across such a situation, carefully looked at, and its https based on the url request, gg next fo ...

the difference between https and http

HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a secure communication channel, which is based on HTTP developed for the client to exchange information between computers and servers. It uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ...

HTTP Session on the AJP HTTPS switching mechanism is not working

Basics: Cookie has three forms: 1.https only: when the server redirect to http from https protocol agreement, this cookie will expire. 2.http only: when the server redirect to https from http protocol agreement, this cookie will expire. 3.http and https:

HttpCliet 4.0 applications-post get https login

1. Fist of the Get / Post A heavy fist is the most basic and most important, like martial arts person must be rolling steady gait. java code HttpClient httpclient = new HttpClient ();// create a client-side, similar to open a browser GetMethod getMethod =

The SOAP interface to access https

jar list: 1.axis-1.3.2.jar 2.commons-discovery-0.2.jar 3.commons-logging-1.0.4.jar 4.jaxen-1.1.jar 5.jbossall-client-4.0.5.jar 6.jstl-1.1.2.jar package com .*. webservice.service.impl; import javax.xml.namespace.QName; import org.apache.axis.client.C ...

JSSE to access a HTTPS certificate is not verified

Abstract JSSE is the SSL and TLS a pure Java implementation, through the JSSE can be easily programmed to the HTTPS site visit. However, if the site's certificate without the authority of the validation, JSSE will refuse to trust the certificate ...

HTTPS two notes under the agreement

1, on the response.sendRedrect method. Under the HTTPS protocol, IE seems to be when dealing with sendRedrect problem. When a redirect, IE HTTPS will become the original HTTP, detected only after the normal return back HTTPS protocol. Under normal ci ...

URLConnection with https certificate error reporting solution

Import Certificate In the DOS window, cut into the implementation of certification path: keytool-import-keystore "% JAVA_HOME% / jre / lib / security / cacerts"-storepass changeit-keypass changeit-alias bocommca-file test_root.cer "Tes ...

BlazeDS switch from the http https Notes

This time to launch its product preview version of the user to deploy there. Received a call yesterday, said in https environment, just click on to and Flex related stuff on the old error, and then disappear authority may re-login. After learning of ...

https Conversion http

https can be interpreted as http security protocols, often through the http protocol that we can get a lot of useful information, such as submitting a form, we can crawl into the http protocol tcp packets. For example, the following is commview 6.0 to cra

php judge http.https visit

<?php echo (isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) && $_SERVER['HTTPS'] != 'off') ? 'https://' : 'http://';

Tomcat https (SSL) certificate configuration simple

Reference # RunningJIRAoverSSLorHTTPS-ImportCertificateIntoTheTruststore , this is with jira, but almost. CA as a formal application to fill in something, even money, a lot o ...

HTTPS implementation of its principles

In a previous project, you need to be encrypted SSL link to visit, so do a little homework on the HTTP. Today, these knowledge points, to be a summary and description. 1.https realization principle (Results here refer to Miami students Bowen) There are tw

J2ME cmwap access point by using the Socket Access Security HTTPS

The problem is in my J2ME version of XHTML browser upgrade when they were introduced, I tried many ways, made a lot of posts and asked a lot of people do not find a viable solution. Finally, I connected the PC on the general OTA use WireShark intercept pa

Very good over the wall site: https: / /

Very good over the wall site: https: / /

HTTPS environment based on the webservice build step by step

Exposure time ago webservice, the webservice ssl based need to ensure security and to provide digital support. Not previously been engaged on this part, after groping least some harvest. Now to share some of my experience about. A digital certificate rele

TOMCAT. JBOSS HTTPS application configuration (change)

Production of non-issuance of certificate keytool keytool-genkey-alias tomcat-keyalg RSA-keystore d: \ tomcat.keystore In this command, keytool generated certificate is the JDK comes with a tool. The RSA algorithm as the main security algorithm, which gua

Https configure Tomcat to achieve

Configuring the environment: XP, Tomcat 5.5, jdk1.5.0_09, IE6.0 HTTPS It is developed and built its Netscape browser, for data compression and decompression operations, and returns the results back to the network upload. Netscape HTTPS actually appli ...

Search using google https

recent introduction of ssl encryption when google search. But I try to use locally https: / / time will always jump to Later discovered that as long as the first jump to the English google search page, and then ...

Google opened up HTTPS connectivity to the real world

Google this week opened https search service, we can finally seized and "learning" related articles, but the domestic users will be forced directly add https 302 to, so to The first point was to use HTTPS ...

The difference between HTTPS and HTTP transfer

HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a secure communication channel, which is based on HTTP developed for the client to exchange information between computers and servers. It uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ...

Fast Implementation of tomcat https access (Linux)

This article is for developers to quickly realize https access, if it is also requested details about the deployment of product knowledge. Test environment: Ubuntu Server 10.04 JDK: 1.6.20 openssl-1.0.0a tomcat6.0.26 tomcat5.5.29 Click here for the s

Https sites created in SharePoint

First install the Microsoft Tools iis60rkt.exe 1. Sharepoint in the usual way to create web application 2. In the IIS Manager Web Sites view in selecting the site you just created Identifier No. 3. In the command line execution selfssl.EXE / S: 18830

the difference between https and http and ssl understanding

What is a HTTPS: HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a secure communication channel, which is based on HTTP developed for the client to exchange information between computers and servers. It uses the Secur

ae RAM preview needs 2 or more playback solution framework

After Effects error: RAM preview needs 2 or more frames to playback Interpreted as: "RAM Preview needs 2 or more frame on playback" or "explanation is not enough memory" There is also a small find, AE in press "0" key to

Use Keepalived + nginx for load balancing over HTTPS proxy

LVS lvs project website: lvs linux operating system is based on the virtual server to achieve load balancing between the service node. It is based on linux kernel implementation, 2.6.X kernel modules by default inte

Httpclient connection using https from the signature can

Applied for a ssl certificate, finally put up a https, but the problem came again, android and java do not even recognize this certificate, you must use the custom mode. Big problem The android's httpclient version should be 4.0, very few spoke of alm

How to use QQ mailbox https secure connection?

What is https secure connection? https, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer (http secure connection). As we all know, we surf the Internet, usually using http protocol (hypertext transfer protocol), by default, data is transmitted cle

http and https and use the difference between

URL http prefix in front of the surface is to use SSL encryption. Between your computer and the server send and receive the information transmission will be more secure. SSL enabled Web server needs to obtain a server certificate and the certificate

tomcat realize https login, remove the port number

Recently the project team to give customers in Japan to be a product, I have to upgrade by upgrading the server. To test, you want to take their computer servers. Server requires the https login, and do not show port number. It took some effort, read

Https for full points with nginx

If a site has more than n applications and domain names, to full realization https, then need to modify a lot of code (all http requests all the resources into https) is very time-consuming. If the proxy by nginx, then you can do in the nginx proxy,

Apache2.2.15 configure http and https

Apache2.2.15 + svn1.6.3 configure http and https Details see Annex

https web service (change)

A recent project, the interface contains a web service interface, consider a very simple (did not have any use ssl, ssl did not expect to encounter some trouble), is to call someone else's web service, started the xfire to do, through the wsdl is quic

ava call uses SSL / HTTPS protocol (transfer)

Third, use SSL / HTTPS protocol to transfer Web service can also use SSL as the transport protocol. Although JAX-RPC does not use the SSL protocol is mandatory, but tomcat HTTPS protocol to use. 1, using the JDK comes with tools to create key bank an

crossdomain how to implement http visit https resources

<?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE cross-domain-policy SYSTEM ""> <cross-domain-policy> <site-control permitted-cross-domain-policies="all"/> <allow-access-from domain="*" s

Using HttpClient to access https Android, the handling of security certificates

Android includes a subproject under the Apache Jakarta Common HttpClient class package a subset. Therefore, in most cases you can use in a manner in accordance with JVM HttpClient, but in some cases, as Android SDK does not contain some of the classe

Not keytool, tomcat open https

Most articles are online with the keytool generated self-signed root certificate, the root certificate configured in the server.xml of tomcat. I do not like to use keytool, reasons: 1. We may change provider, the provider will be different in differe

iPhone https connection Memo

The first time on the http connection with the use and api are not familiar with a lot of code is written down in books or online, and to use https connection is used a proprietary API [NSURLRequest setAllowsAnyHTTPSCertificate: forHost:], the result

Cross-domain shared session (http Jump https achieve shared session)

Internet is a lot, finally figured it out, also line is not the best way, but really the method used. One of the most important thing is to set the session id to the local cookies which, using the following method: $currentSessionID = session_id(); A
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