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Router of

MAC MAC (Media Access Control, Medium Access Control ) MAC address is burning in the Network Interface Card (NIC, NIC) inside. MAC address, also known as the hardware address is 48 bits long (6 bytes), 16 hex .0-23 bit numbers assigned by the manufacturer

mysql odbc does not recognize

Today, the reverse with the power designer mysql database and found that actually can not establish mysql odbc data source, reports: Connection Fialed: [HY000] [MySQL] [ODBC 5.1 Driver] Access denied for user 'xxx' @ '192 .168. 19

Authorized to resolve Host '192 .168.1.180 'is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

Authorized to resolve Host '192 .168.1.180 'is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'root'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY' mypassword 'WITH GRANT OPTION

RROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root' @ '192 .168.2.12 (using password:

This is a mysql permissions not reported on a solution: 1, landing mysql, mysql-uroot-hlocalhost-p 2, use mysql (must be the library system) 3, update user set host = '%' where user = 'root'; (can be anonymous and no password will be able

monitorServer IBM Tivoli Enterprise Monitor Server

Related to network management and backup software brand Symantec (Symantec) Network Microsoft (Microsoft) Network Network management and backup software Acronis Hewlett-Packard (HP) network management and backup software Poly Health Network Management (Ne

Sharing a linux traffic monitoring tool!!! (3)

This configuration file monitored vsftpd, sshd, mysql, apache, postfix service, set up web monitoring port is 2812, set will receive a warning message. Check the information to configure apache mkdir / var / www / monit echo "hell ...

View the status of the late submission of documents SVN

Use SVNKit.jar provided API, we can easily see not submitted a Working Copy of the SVN status of the file, the main approach is to use SVNClientManager instance getStatusClient (). DoStatus () method to call a custom ISVNStatusHandler of handleStatus (SVN

CentOS5.5 build Eucalyptus1.6.2 under the cloud platform environment

CentOS5.5 build Eucalyptus1.6.2 under the cloud platform environment Eucalyptus support Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, openSUSE four platform to elaborate on CentOS platform as an example the process of complete structures. 1. Install CentOS operating system Fir

Common SQL injection code

/ / To see what rights and 1 = (Select IS_MEMBER ('db_owner')) And char (124)% 2BCast (IS_MEMBER ('db_owner') as varchar (1))% 2Bchar (124) = 1; - / / Test whether the permission to read a database and 1 = (Select HAS_DBACCESS ('m

"reproduced" "thank> Servlet path problem

Your application to access address is "" One of the "/ app" is the contextPath, from request.getContextPath () to be The concept of an absolute path and relative path "/ view / login.jsp" is the ab ...

wip330 upgrade, the sound of small problems to solve 1) upgrade to support MSN and skype version, and will support activesync, voice can also be increased Open a browser, enter the http:/ ...

MYSQL master-slave server configuration

windows under the master-slave configuration Achieve functional: A main server, B is from the server, the initial state, A and B in the same data, when A in the data is changed, B followed by corresponding changes also make the data A and B Information Sy

svn server address change

1. Into the working copy #> cd ~ / test2. View Warehouse address (URL) #> Svn info Path:. Address (URL): Repository UUID: a81f9bed-3506-0410-b369-e50476f75162 Revision: 44 Node Kind: directory operation: normal La ...

SVN Windows, server and client installation

Svn server installation configuration 1. Download svn virtual server, address: 2. Install VisualSVN-Server-2.1.1.msi locally, and then start the service in the bin directory. 3 .. Open the server management i ...

linux open the telnet service

================================================== 1. Detection Telnet service pack is installed # Rpm-qa | grep telnet If telnet-xx-x telnet-server-xx-x That has been installed, including telnet-xx-x is a command line telnet client, telnet-server-xx ...

apache 2.x SSL / SSL Proxy Configuration

# # This is the Apache server configuration file providing SSL support. # It contains the configuration directives to instruct the server how to # serve pages over an https connection. For detailing information about these # directives see <URL:http://

Build web projects to deploy weblogic development environment.

Take projects from SVN, take the environment to continue to develop 1. URL path https: / / / svn/svn_bjyd_kpi4/kpiDataService/kpiDataSerivceServer/dataservice 2. Open eclipes -> import -> SVN -> enter the URL access Projec

Linux, the Apache reverse proxy ProxyPass IIS Web site summary

Linux, Apache reverse proxy ProxyPass IIS Web site summary of the collection in the write down this conclusion, I would like to say a few words: Do not mix work and love together, anxious edge distressed ah! In order to complete a seemingly simple past an

MySQL database two-way synchronization

1. The relationship between master and slave synchronization master side slave side Modify the master side of the / etc / my.cnf file [Mysqld]: log-bin server-id = 1 Access mysql Create a database to be synchronized abc creat

cakephp of oracle <excerpt>

Environment: XP System + apache2.2 + php5.3 (5.2) + oracle10g (9i, two libraries are) + oracle client 10g Problem-solving process: Days of the tangle. . . Requirements for the project to replace cakePHP database connection to oracle, query a database tabl

Daquan svn command under Linux

Reproduced at: 1, checkout the file to a local directory svn checkout path (path is the directory on the server) For example: svn checkout svn: / / svn co https: / /

UNIX systems commonly used commands

[Size = small] [/ size] UNIX systems commonly used commands log in and out chap 1 Log in Step 1 Step 2 new terminal telnet Login Step 3 Step 4 the user login name password password user login successfully. At this time, the screen will show s

Apache_httpd + jk combined with the installation of tomcat and JBoss

Reference Site: Software list: Apache: httpd-2.2.15-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.8m-r2.msi Jk: JBoss4.3.X (1 unit) Tomcat6.0.18 (2 set

svn centralized storage

Installation # Git-svn sudo apt-get install git-svn Get source from svn # Zbs renamed the original directory zbs-git cd ~/Documents mv zbs zbs-git git-svn clone Development Library / 1.4 System zbs # Do not be pro

SevureCRT access ubuntu 10 server

sudo apt-get install openssh-server Ubuntu The default install openssh-client, so there is not installed , If your system is not installed, then apt-get Can be installed . Then it started to confirm sshserver : ps -e |grep ssh If only that ssh-agent

SVN under Windows server and client installation

Svn server installation and configuration 1 download svn virtual server, the address: 2 Installing VisualSVN-Server-2.1.1.msi locally, then in the bin directory to start the service. 3 .. Open the server mana

Linux diskless workstation (non-original)

Suppose you have a server with Debian GNU / Linux, there are two network cards. NIC eth0 (outside) IP netmask gateway NIC eth1 (internal) IP netmask Network structure is as follows: LAN IP cl

Maven best practices: version control

What is the version management First, the version here that the management (version management) do not mean version control (version control), but this article assumes you have basic knowledge of version control, to understand the basic usage of subv

Two-way synchronization MySQL database

1 master-slave relationship between the synchronization master side slave side Modify the master side of the / etc / my.cnf file [Mysqld]: log-bin server-id = 1 Access mysql Create a database to be synchronized abc create dat

Enterprise Manager can not connect to the database instance

After landing https://localhost:1158/em, see the database instance is shut down. Not start in the Internet to find a solution, write it down. Into the dos (1) View the status dbconsole: emctl status dbconsole Display: Environment variable ORACLE_SID

oracle database performance bottlenecks in the positioning and handling

During high concurrency, large amounts of data when writing to the database Found that many time-consuming database writes into Management Console Into the Performance tab, as shown in Figure oracle1.jpg, was found more

HttpCliet 4.0 applications-post get https login

1. Fist of the Get / Post A heavy fist is the most basic and most important, like martial arts person must be rolling steady gait. java code HttpClient httpclient = new HttpClient ();// create a client-side, similar to open a browser GetMethod getMethod =

prepared to support tomcat https

AC-WEB login using HTTPS 1, generate the server certificate file You can use Windows system or Linux system (1) Windows Environment Conditions: have installed JDK Steps: l into the% JAVA_HOME% / bin directory l execute the command keytool-genkey-alia

Detailed web.config file

A, Web.Config XML file specification is stored, the configuration file is divided into the following format 1. Configuration section handler declaration Features: Located in the top of the configuration file, included in the <configSections> lo

CAS practice of Without The Login Screen

1. <br /> Motivated people know that used CAS CAS-Server-side deployment alone, as a pure certification center. Each time a user logs in, you need to enter the CAS-Server login page fill in the user name and password, but if there are multiple sub-a

ASP.NET session state services and solutions to problems losing Summary

The notes are reproduced in CNBLOG, the original address: ASP.NET2.0 system, made in the program to delete or create file operation occurs when session lost problem. Using the following method

Linux (Centos) configure OpenSSH without password to login

Recently set up Hadoop environment needs to set up password-landing, so no password is actually landing the way through the landing certificate authentication, use is called a "public and private key" approach to authentication ssh login.

windows on the use of procedures using putty ssh automatic login linux (ubuntu)

Note: The following file name authorized_keys is not changed by other names! Method 1: Use puttygen.exe The first step: generating key run puttygen.exe, select the key type and length, use the default SSH2 (RSA), length of 1024 on it. passphrase can ... technology ------ session cookie cache

Introduction Session Model Session what is it? It simply means the server to the client a number. When a WWW server is running, there may be several users are browsing this server is being transported on the site. When each user the first time that Taiwan

Asp.Net access to Oracle database implementation of SQL statements and stored procedure calls

Asp.Net simple example to access Oracle 1. Is a flexible set, will be connected characters written in the web.config file <appSettings> <add key="oracleconn" value="User"/> <add key="oracleconn" value="User (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST=

Asp.Net access Oracle database implementation of SQL statements and stored procedure calls

Asp.Net simple example to access Oracle 1. Is a flexible set, will be connected characters written in the web.config file 2. For the Web application, add reference to System.Data.OracleClient assembly 3. The following are testing procedures aspx file ...

Sqlplus login command and related operations

1. A direct hit and a carriage return is the start sqlplus SQL * PLUS, enter user and password will allow users to login to the default database. Please enter a user name: 2.sqlplus user / password @ SERVICE_NAME will connect to the specified databas

Use Keepalived + nginx for load balancing over HTTPS proxy

LVS lvs project website: lvs linux operating system is based on the virtual server to achieve load balancing between the service node. It is based on linux kernel implementation, 2.6.X kernel modules by default inte

How to remote login computer

1: First make your home machine (assuming your machine is your home from the school dormitory access, if the contrary, it was against the well) to add a user, but also to set the login password. Like just start the machine, go the login screen stopped, wa

SSH automatic login, expect packages to be installed

================================ #! / Usr / bin / expect set timeout 30 spawn ssh-l root expect "password:" send "nopasswd \ r" interact ================================ set timeout 30 Sets the timeout, the time unit

Several methods of automatic ssh login

1. Automatic ssh / scp method == A local host (that is used to control the other host machines); B for the remote host (that is, the control of the machine Server), if ip is; A and B are the Linux system A run in the command: # Ssh-key

Able on the Web, QQ can not login

Can be found on the web today, QQ can not login, suggesting that the network did not remember the specific error 0x00000001, Then I run cmd, type ipconfig at the command line view ip discovery and not the same as before I am the host file in the syst

Linux way through the SSH login without a password method of SSH without password

Suppose there are two Linux servers A, B. A visit from the way B is connected via SSH. A server's console interface in the following a @ A: ssh-keygen-t rsa a @ A: ssh-copy-id-d ~ / .ssh / id_rsa.pud b@ b: B server for the login accoun

windos putty remote login under linux

Linux host windows remote landing a way putty-detailed installation procedure Of: gliethttp If you plan to access other windows with a Linux-machine, it is recommended to use putty SSH provides two levels of security validation: First, the security o

Enter the password to login expect script help

Copyright : Reprinted form of a hyperlink when you identify the original source and author information in the article and the statement Automatic login using expect script, online a lot, but no one understood th
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