http: www.localhost:8080

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11http: / / localhost: 8080/work_OPSsimulator/rest/application.wadl

eclipse3.6_jee start tomcat can not access the http://localhost:8080/ solution

Introduced in front of the eclipse in how to modify the web project's webroot directory Wen Ti, projects to address the, but the eclipse to start tomcat When After , browsing device in the device Shuru http://localhost:8080/, Unable to open our Shuxi

eclipse configuration tomcat, access http://localhost:8080 404 errors

Problem: to start tomcat through eclipse will encounter "Access http://localhost:8080 404 error" this problem, you need to set up a series of eclipse in Caixing. Solution: Open the eclipse of the server view, double-click that you configure

tomcat under linux to access this function, the external solution can not access the http://localhost:8080/

In general, the reason is the firewall, open port 8080 on the line, you can use the following command: # Service iptables stop <ENTER> Of course this is only a temporary solution, the server is started on the failure. Can use the following meth localhost and can not flex in the mix

Use the button to respond to http://localhost:8080/, in the browser not able to respond to the request. . . . Reason is valid and is looking for

eclipse internal start tomcat, eclipse external start tomcat, remove the access port 8080

1: eclipse web project, the external start tomcat configuration: 1) Eclipse Review: Just to web project java Build Path output path set to / src / main / webapp / WEB-INF / classes 2) Tomcat modify: Modify tomcat / conf / server.xml file by adding

Learn Java flow

Related Articles: J2EE without EJB Introducing to Spring Framework (English revised edition) J2EE without EJB caused consider Recommend circles: reading space More related recommend Java Learning Path (1), tools, articles First, JDK (Java Development Kit)

jBPM Development Getting Started Guide

Although the workflow is still immature stage of development, not even a recognized standard. But its application has already been launched in the Express, indicating the market's demand for job-flow framework are urgent and enormous. Backgrounds of o

Maven 2.0: Compile. Test. Deployment. Run

<url> </ url> <dependencies> <dependency> <groupId> junit </ groupId> <artifactId> junit </ artifactId> <version> 3.8.1 </ version> <scope> test </ scope> <

Built environment using appfuse2.0 Express (myeclipse) Usually we use APPFUSE2.0 project into eclipse, the compiler can not be normal, can only use maven I feel very uncomfortable, after exploring and found that after such a configuration, it will make

Struts + Spring + Hibernate practice

Tools: Eclipse3.1, MyEclipse4.03, Tomcat5.5.9, Properties Editor plug-ins, MySql4.1.13 New construction: the name for the login Create Struts framework Create index.jsp, add a link to login.jsp Press Ctrl + N, to create login.jsp, LoginAction, the use of


Jdk1.6 + Tomcat6 + Apache2 + MySql5 installed (Windows version) Keywords: Jdk1.6 Tomcat6 Apache2 Mysql5 Jdk1.6 + Tomcat6 + Apache2 + MySql5 installed (Windows version) Software download: 1, j2se jdk1.6

Groovy on Grails implementation using Ruby on Rails15 minutes to create the Blog

In advance, I have only a superficial Ruby. And Rails do not come into contact with. After watching the video, or can read, and perhaps what kind of grammar can guess the meaning. Now studying Grails, by Grails so want to see implementation. First analysi

At ajax use url rewriting them to avoid exposure url

I remember the first interview, questions have to do together Noodles: jsp page using ajax which required the implementation, when necessary java call the url; at this time the problem is that if users view the page source you can see is the url, how to a

web developed by a number of issues (java directions)

Internship soon, and the company give me a number of questions, let me seriously think about. I encountered some problems, some not, I check the information from the Internet, and finally put together some answers to questions, I hope that users be able t

JSF Richfaces

Ajax4jsf components already available, so developers can immediately use this time-saving tool has advanced features to create provides a faster and more reliable user experience of Web programs. Chapter 2. Start using Ajax4jsf Table of Contents Environme

H2 Database Engine

H2 Database Engine A small database, can then run your project, do not install a bunch of databases. Use these steps: 1. JAR file: c: \ Program Files \ H2 \ bin \ h2.jar 2. Web.xml settings: In web.xml add the ...

Efficient Java RMI Hessian

New Protocol Offers Simple, Efficient Java RMI Burlap / Hessian is an alternative remote object invocation and Web services protocol that's available as an open source Java framework. Learn how it enables simpler, more efficient Java RMI. by Edmon Beg

DWR 2.0M3 Study Notes

<Convert match = "" converter = "bean" /> / / This conversion is for Remoted.setPerson (Person) convert the type used. Is the mass parameter from javascript to java conversion when necessary ...

Friday. DWR unusual deal with cross-domain access

Sixth DWR abnormal stresses to deal with cross-domain access Abnormal converter Writing in our server-side business logic, when, usually will make use of try () catch () catch the exception, but now call the Front Desk Backgrounds for business logic, if w

java remote communication technologies and easy implementation

public String sayHelloToSomeBody (String someBodyName) throws RemoteException; ) 2) remote object implementation 3) RMI server 4) RMI client Summary: From the above process, RMI on the server's IP address and port to rely on very close, but at de ...

Tomcat Configuration Guide (reprint)

Tomcat Configuration Guide (reprint) 1, is actually very cute kitten TOMCAT By the end of 2003, for my company, but also for the WEBAPP, TOMCAT appear in front of me (before the use of weblogic), I am somewhat at a loss, free of the good things you really

Servlet / JSP Detailed configuration (basic article)

Beginners question such as: "How to configure the environment variable" "How to run Servlet" ah? This question too much, now I Started Writing a must-read for beginners in order to have beginners guide! First, download tools: I suggest

Project management and defect tracking system software installation and use of MANTIS

At present, popular defect tracking systems Introduction For project management, defect tracking is a very important aspect, it can be apart from the completion of the demand for control, but also the quality of the software itself is controlled in order

DWR Introduction

DWR (Direct Web Remoting) is an open source class library that can help developers includes AJAX web technology. It can permit in the browser's code to use at WEB server running on the JAVA function, just like it in the browser in the same browser. It

Eclipse + axis2 + tomcat5.5 development webservice

Originality for this article Drinking java For reprint please specify the source of First, the environment preparation 1.1 software download ready Tomcat 5.5 download address: # 5.5.20 Axis

Use maven2 configuration organize a team of ...

For the team, the establishment of a unified development environment is a necessity maven well assist the establishment of a unified environment. Here's how to introduce more effective unified configuration. Preparation work: Download the necessary so


Contents Introduction Introduce Maven Maven Resources The difference between Maven and Ant The basic function of Maven Maven use Maven installation and configuration Maven's basic use of Java project implementation to create Maven project run the Mave

AXIS Project

apache soap is the first implementation of the soap norms, it was originally developed by IBM (later called soap4j, was later handed over to the apache, it is a very outdated SOAP implementation. it places great emphasis on WSDL, it supports rpc / en ...

Pomer (Flex + BlazeDS + Hibernate + spring) framework

Pomer download and install Pomer Development Environment MyEclipse6.5 plug-in version flex3.0 JDK1.6.0_05 Mysql5.0 Tomcat 6.0 Pomer in Syria on environmental development, and test passed, but does not explain the above version of the environment is necess

Cactus containers used to carry out testing (integration testing jetty)

Jetty site first go download jetty5.1.12 the jar package, jetty server like tomcat server, and the whole to come myeclipse. jetty of the start-up mode: 1, at myeclipse clicking Start on the line 2, using code start Start jetty code: The following is ...

[Cactus entry] eclipse environment, integration with Cactus and Jetty to test Servlet

1) download Cactus-1.8.1 Download commons-codec-1.3 2) decompression Cactus, put under lib add the following jar to the eclipse's classpath: cactus.core.framework.uberjar.javaEE.14-1.8.1.jar commons-httpclient-3.1.jar commons-logging-1.1.jar aspe ...

Struts 2 and AJAX

In today's - Web 2.0 concept of overwhelming Internet environment, easy AJAX integration for a successful WEB framework is indispensable. Therefore, Struts 2 one of the essential functions of a (Feature) is the "First-class AJAX support - Add int

dwr parameters

DWR is easy to use AJAX and JAVA to connect JS of a framework put server-side Java objects to JavaScript code publicly. If the jar is dwr2.0 package, but also need to import log4j.jar and commons-loggin.jar, do not forget!! dwr.xml on web.xml and WEB ...

Depth and comprehensive interpretation of all aspects of Struts 2

"In layman's language and Struts 2" First, Struts Overview Struts are used to develop a Model 2 framework applications. This framework can improve the speed of development as it provides the following features to solve the Web application de

Portlet development based on Tomcat

1. Document explains Portlet Based on the Tomcat development LifeRay official based in part on the Quick Start document "Writing a simple JSP Portlet" to streamline sections of the test made in accordance with the document version is RC1, the da

SSH latest development environment and project examples of structures, recommend blood, told me to do step by step

See the online article has a lot of ssh configuration, but there is a lot of the tune does not make sense, there are versions, not exactly the same configuration, the following is my configuration to do the ssh tutorial development for reference; This art

dwr configuration file dwr.xml

I dwr Chinese document on a collation do dwr.xml purely jobs they take, there are useful do not forget to top friend you, leave a contact with the exchange of learning! Welcome to my site to exchange technical dwr.xml is the DWR configurat

Struts2 and Ajax - use Dojo and Div

Struts and Struts2 compared to a major improvement is support for Ajax. In this paper, look at the Div in Struts2 is how Ajax used to output the results, the main use of the Dojo. First of all, we first create a simple use case, in this use case will be d

JBoss directory structure that

jboss-as directory structure (Directory Structure) Directory Description bin Contains startup, shutdown and other system-specific scripts. Basically all the entry point JARs and start scripts included with the JBoss distribution are located in the bin dir

eclipse development process combined with appfuse

Appfuse lies in the application of the ant build task xdoclet flexible applications and use the template changes. Important tool is provided appgen, through the ant build tasks and modify templates appgen xdocet will appfuse project with its own integrati

[GAE development of the use of] Google App Engine

This chapter provides a number of Google App Engine concept. We will look at the development of Google App Engine, as well as how the Google App Engine and run through the development of services to achieve the concept of cloud computing. What is Goo ...

DWR Chinese document. Rar

DWR Chinese document v0.9 DWR 2.0 Edited by Wei Flocity Part original / part of finishing / partial translation Copyright Notices The book version of the current distribution network only, completely free of charge, please specify author information repro

webservice study II (2) axis2 client to develop summary (annex containing the item)

A, first of all create a webservice client projects webservice_client 1, Contents 2, will be required to include the jar to the lib directory under the project lib Second, the development of client-side webservice 1, the development of client-side co ...

Flex development Introduction to Flex development Document options Print this page Send as an e-mail this page Level: Junior Liu ( ), A software engineer, IBM Software Development Center January 7, 2

Struts2 with Ajax

Struts and Struts2 compared to a major improvement is support for Ajax. In this paper, look at the Div in Struts2 is how Ajax used to output the results, the main use of the Dojo. First of all, we first create a simple use case, in this use case will be d

javascript cross-domain access to explore the

In my recent web projects as a bookmark in order to achieve cross-domain javascript function encountered the problem of access. At first, found in google a lot of solutions does not apply to my situation, only in an article referred to a remote load javas

flex and java IDE (based on eclipse)

A development environment: eclipse3.3 + myeclipse6 + FB3_WWEJ_Plugin (eclipse plugin flex the) + lcds (LiveCycle Data Service) + tomcat6 Second, the project process: 1, a new project FlexLCDS a, pop-up window Create a Flex Project. Project name: Enter the

Struts2 + JSON to achieve the return of objects and a list of AJAX

JSON is a plug-in, it allows us to call in the asynchronous JavaScript in Action, it provides a return json result type (ResultType), as long as the specified type for Action return json result type, then the outcome of this response does not need to retu

Examples of entry-dwr

1. To create web project 2. Dwr.jar packages web projects Add / WEB-INF/lib directory 3. Web.xml add the following code 4. the creation of categories, as follows 5. Dwr.xml Add to add the web project / WEB-INF directory Reads as follows ...
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