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And installation of JBOSS Cluster

JBOSS Cluster 1. Preface In 2006, Jboss Was Redhat Acquired. This is a direct result of structural adjustment Jboss products and Jboss AS charges before the document be changed free of charge. jijian91 The cluster is based on the initial test of the resul

linux how to set up RTSP streaming media server

Quote from: Linux, set up streaming media server using gnump3d Library files are installed to: / usr/lib/perl5/5.8.6/gnump3 ...

mysql drbd heartbeat high availability (turn)

1 What is DRBD DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device), DRBD called a "network RAID", open source software, developed by the LINBIT. 2, DRBD primary function of DRBD is actually a piece of equipment to achieve, primarily used for Linux platfo

Linux, C gsoap client access java webservice server

1 Download gsoap_2.7.15.tar.gz 2 tar-zxvf gsoap_2.7.15.tar.gz 3. / Configure (by default installed in / usr / local / share / gsoap directory, you can use. / Configure - prefix = / usr / local / gsoap specify the installatio

FastDFS installation combat II (Configuration chapter)

FastDFS installation combat II (Configuration chapter) Keywords: FastDFS, distributed file systems, Ubuntu Author: soartju Reprinted please reference: FastDFS profile in% FastDFS% / conf directory, which include

resion 2.x Configuration

resion 2.x Configuration 1. <http Host='localhost' port='8888'/> parameter specifies the server host, port http port is specified, the default is localhost and 8080. 2. <srun Host='localhost' port='6802'/> This

Development platform to build voice

Setting up the Updated Local VG Environment This page will go over the steps of setting up a local Voice Genie Voice Environment for testing new / existing Voice Applications. 1. Download the Voice Genie Development Tools 2. Installing SJ Phone 3. Install

Hadoop Learning Summary: Hadoop running traces

Original Address: One study concluded Hadoop: HDFS Introduction The second study concluded Hadoop: HDFS read and write process analysis The third study concluded Hadoop: Map-Reduce Starter The fou

Set up on ubuntu operating system application and maintenance

unbuntu more friends and members of popular children's shoes are a favorite, here are some tips as to introduce specific reference E6% 8A% 80% E5% B7 % A7 1, update the system first needs to update the source address

FastDFS installation combat two (Configuration chapter)

FastDFS installation combat two (Configuration chapter) Keywords: FastDFS, distributed file systems, Ubuntu Author: soartju Reproduced, please indicate the source: FastDFS configuration file% FastDFS% / conf direc

Network administrator Diary (8) also complementary: Linux tools under the back door and log

Scored Linux system, many intruders often carried away began. Another reason which is also technically more demanding. Here, we look at some commonly used classical tools. (Without permission, declined reproduced!) 1, extends from here: the back door and

Fastdfs with http and the client's environment to build <1> clear

Environment RHEL5.3 Software FastDFS_v1.28.tar.gz libevent-1.4.9-stable.tar.gz php php-devel # Test the destination open to receive you from running to provide http download Preparation: Tracker tracker; memory storage; client client Tracker installa

Explanation to do NAT on linux

I do NAT on the linux interpretation of a computer with linux8.0 configure two network cards on the machine, First one is eth1, IP address, used to connect outside the network. The second block is eth0, IP address is, to conn

Taobao spike C # source code

Help, online transfer of. This spike is really Taobao fire, take a few anecdotes of treasures arranged with low ceiling to promotion, was that some guy 0 sec spike device orders, and is also looking at is no less than by the poured last, but also to write
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