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Java Remoting: Protocol Benchmarks

With the original address: I've been analyzing Java remoting protocols at work over the past couple of days, and thought I'd share some of the results here. Specifically, I

Based on the Zigbee wireless protocol of the OSGi home gateway design

1 Introduction With the popularity of internet and digital home hearts deep person. Consumer electronics, computer, communications integration, the trend is increasingly clear 3c, home networking has become the trend of modern home. Home network can ...

File Protocol

English original meaning: File Protocol English Interpretation: Local File Transfer Protocol Note: File protocol is mainly used to access the local computer files, just like in Windows Explorer, open the document. Applications: To use the File protoc ...

java Socket dialysis http protocol

WWW is based on Internet as the transmission medium of an application system, WWW-line transmission of the basic unit is the Web page. WWW's work is based on client / server computing model, from the Web browser (client) and Web server (server) c ...

MMS Protocol Study Notes

MMS Protocol Study Notes What is the MMS MMS is the Multimedia Messaging Service (Multimedia Messaging Service) is an abbreviation, the Chinese translated as "MMS", can be used to send text, pictures, animation, audio and video multimedia i ...

China Mobile Internet SMS Gateway Interface Protocol (CMPP3.0) Download

Click to download: China Mobile Internet SMS Gateway Interface Protocol (CMPP3.0) Download method: Open the page, wait 10 seconds, click Free Download

In-depth study of SSL [Chapter II part-1]-SSL handshake protocol for

First chapter. For SSL, the basic concept and framework of the introduction of Chapter II. For SSL handshake protocol of the study (part-1) Chapter III. Pairs of SSL handshake protocol of the study (part-2) Chapter IV. For details of the SSL handshake pro

MSN Messenger protocol analysis - MSN Messenger Protocol Overview (change)

From: 1. What is the MSNP (MSN Messenger Protocol)? MSN message protocol consists of a series in between the client and server commands sent the compos ...

In-depth study of SSL [Chapter II part-2]-SSL handshake protocol for

First chapter. For SSL, the basic concept and framework for introducing the second chapter. For SSL handshake protocol of the study (part-1) Chapter III. Pairs of SSL handshake protocol of the study (part-2) Chapter IV. For details of the SSL handshake pr

xmpp protocol downloads

Annex 1: xmpp protocol downloads

Rtmp protocol based on using java nio to write a small summary of a game server

Not long ago, into a company, did not think the game is done, work content is written based on the rtmp protocol java socket server, though that was, but the bottom is also used in many others, but wins in my application above, using the selector, to a ce

[Change] Java programming in the UDP protocol

1. UDP protocol definition The full name of the UDP protocol is user datagram in the network with the TCP protocol as it is used to process packets. In the OSI model, in the fourth floor - the transport layer, the upper layer in the IP protocol. There doe

Three Words Of Google Wave: WebApp Platform Protocol

December 10, 2009 While many people run out of Wave taste fresh, and feel that their baffles, and then on the "shelf." The bounds of reason. Today, these three words bored under expansion. 1. Product Google will be a start as a Google Wave Like

Rtmp protocol based on using java nio to write a summary of a small game server 2

Rtmp today tell us about the learning process, first of all, baidu and google search on, the result is a lot, but all and red5, of which introduced the rtmp protocol that better point is that the two web sites (because I have to learn when can only see th

Google launch Web to accelerate our plans for improving the TCP / IP and HTTP protocol

June 23 Google launched a plan emphasized the importance of the need for cooperation as Web acceleration. And through this program to improve the TCP / IP and HTTP protocol, the existing TCP / IP and HTTP protocol or the Internet to establish the beginnin

GTalk protocol followed --- XMPP

Google has released a few days ago called Google Talk instant messaging software, this software is one of the selling points, selling point XMPP. Well, what is it XMPP? Extensible Communications and Presence Protocol (XMPP) service class can be used ...

[IM technical studies] [IM protocol of]

Present study three types of IM software: QQ, MSN, GTalk. qq protocol is binary, not open source, not open. third-party clients are open source software LumaQQ (java), etc. msn protocol is text, not open source, early versions of open, msn8 later on close

IP Protocol Learning Link

IP Learning Resources IP Address Subnetting Tutorial [url] [/ url] Internet Protocol Course - Outline [url] [/ url]

Rtmp protocol based on using java nio to write a summary of three small game server

In the flex to connect using the rtmp protocol when there handshake process, the details of what baidu or google, or refer to " attachments," introduced in front of them, others to provide The source and demo o

FIX Protocol Study Notes

Fix an agreement can be divided into two parts, the session layer protocol and business layer protocol. Session Layer defines the data communication protocol related to the business layer defines the financial activities related to the business data struc

HTTP protocol message format

HTTP protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol - Hypertext Transfer Protocol), browser (client) to access the page to the WEB server process and the HTTP protocol packet format. HTTP-based client access, including four process, namely the establishment of TCP

html protocol to respond to the first packet-meta

meta is used in the HTML document to simulate HTTP protocol response header packet. meta tags for web pages <head> and </ head> in, meta tags use a lot. There are two meta attributes: name and http-equiv. name attribute is used to describ ...

Simple Object Access Protocol SOAP Learning Guide

SOAP is a simple XML-based protocol, which allows applications to exchange information via HTTP. In our SOAP study manual, you will learn what is SOAP, and how it to exchange information between applications. Now, most of the Web services platform pr ...

[] HTTP protocol Xiangjie

Original Source: A very detailed description of the HTTP protocol to explain. Author: Jeffrey Introduction HTTP is a part of object-oriented application layer protocol, because of its simple, qui

WWW's core - HTTP protocol

As we all know, Internet's basic protocol is TCP / IP protocol is widely used FTP, Archie Gopher, etc. is based on TCP / IP protocol on top of the application layer protocol, different protocols correspond to different applications. WWW server of ...

oSIP protocol stack (and eXoSIP, Ortp, etc.) Getting Started (change)

No detailed studies have been empty oSIP, recently has come to see its version of the 3.x version, see the online help instruction manuals are too many old, and many suspected of document content a bit fraught ~ ~ Linux, compile oSIP use should be very si

OSIP Stack Getting Started (continued from: pure logic of the protocol stack) (change)

Before long, simply looked rough under Osip, eXosip, ortp other and quickly "package" under a Windows MFC-based SIP soft VC6 the phone (all source code and the Lib library VC6 project files can be shared in this Blog folder found), due to t ...

Classification and Description of existing p2p protocol

(A) the agreement of a common p2p, napster: the world's first application of large-scale p2p networks; central centralized, closed down. napster, this is a fire at that time sharing service, mainly used for search mp3, it has a server to store mp ...

SKYPE protocol analysis

1 Overview Skype was invented in 2003 by the Kazaa P2P technology-based VoIP client, Skype users via the Internet through voice and text transmission. Skype's protocol is not open, and communication content is increased over a dense, Columbia Uni ...

RDP protocol detailed analysis (1)

RDP protocol detailed analysis 1 Introduction 2 Overview Three of a Kind Contact level 4 shows the connection module 5 shows the functional modules 6 rdpwin structure, data flow description 7 Summary I. Introduction windows started to provide termina ...

RDP protocol detailed analysis (2)

Fourth, the connection module Description: 1 ISO connection modules: The client and server network socket established, the need to establish the underlying RDP protocol to connect, get connected to the normal communication confirmation. Realization a ...

RDP protocol detailed analysis (3)

Initial Connection Module 4: When the channel after the passage of the various parts of applications to start the system log of the initial connection. Data packets from the beginning, so the virtual channel layer over the network data needs encrypti ...

RDP protocol detailed analysis (4)

6 printer mapping connection modules: RDP 5 protocol mapping the current provision of equipment, in our process does not distinguish between crack out their differences, in this as a single treatment. Connect the printer to complete the system regist ...

RDP protocol detailed analysis (5)

Five functional modules Description: Mission marks Note: applies to all non-graphics-channel data. 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 03 00 00 00 00,000,300 Transmission Transfer start End of Transmission Transmission control Transmission Feedback 1 ...

mstsc VS vnc: Remote Desktop RDP protocol because the fastest

After some discussion, they would understand why the windows built-in Remote Desktop mstsc faster than Ultr *** NC. Agreement or agreements. Control commands from the start, send GDI command parameters, not the screen values. Completed by the Client- ...

MIME protocol analysis (change)

Chapter 1. MIME Overview MIME, all known as the "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions", more accurately the Chinese name "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions." It is a widely used e-mail the current technical specifications, th ...

Internet HTTP protocol network layer of the two

Transfer from Special thanks zsxxsz 1, TCP / IP protocol description In introducing the HTTP protocol before briefly about TCP / IP protocol related content. TCP / IP protocol is layered, from the bottom to the a ...

mysql4.1 above link when Client does not support authentication protocol solutions to the problems

shell> mysql Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client The official argument is that MySQL 4.1 and up uses an authentication protocol based on a password hashing algorithm that is incompat ...

Internet TCP protocol handshake negotiation communication Xiangjie

Transfer from Thanks dolphin_ygj 1, a connection protocol (three-way handshake) (1) client sends a SYN flag in TCP with a packet to the server. This is a three-way handshake process packets 1. (2) server-side res

TCP three-way handshake protocol process

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) Transmission Control Protocol TCP is the host of the host layer of the Transmission Control Protocol, provides reliable connection service, confirmed by three-way handshake to establish a connection: Tcp flag bit code t

Reload about tcp / ip protocol approach

In the default installation of Windows XP in a TCP / IP. However, if a network problem to uninstall and reinstall TCP / IP is not easy: in the "local connection" properties displayed in the This connection uses the following items list, click In

XP under Virtualbox Virtual Ubuntu shared folder set (mounting failed with the error: Protocol error)

Environment: the host operating system is Windows XP , the virtual machine is Ubuntu 9.10, the virtual machine is VirtualBox 3.08. 1. Installing Enhanced Feature Pack (Guest Additions) Installed Ubuntu 9.10, run Ubuntu and login. VirtualBox's menu and

Android transmission through the http protocol POST

Android transmission through http POST protocol as follows: One way: HttpPost (import org.apache.http.client.methods.HttpPost) Code: private Button button1, button2, button3; private TextView textView1; button1.setOnClickListener (new Button.OnClickListen

C # WebClient to achieve http protocol communications

using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using System.Net; using System.Net.Sockets; using System.Collections; using System.IO; using System.Text.RegularExpressions; using RE = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex; using System.S

Analysis on the RDP protocol RDP protocol attached to the preliminary analysis. Pdf file

On the RDP protocol analysis and research -------------- Leadgenius Write the first easy to learn and play with friends who discuss, there are some I'm not certain, but I understand people want to see this article for correction, and thank you letter

ORA-12560: TNS: protocol adapter error

Causing ORA-12560: TNS: protocol adapter error problem for three reasons: 1. Monitor service is not starting up. windows platform, one-the following: start --- programs --- --- Service management tools, open the Services panel, start oraclehome92TNSl ...

SOAP Protocol Specification

SOAP Protocol Specification 1. Introduction SOAP to XML format provides a simple, lightweight decentralized or distributed environment is used for exchanging structured and type information mechanism. SOAP itself does not define any application semantics,

Routers and routing protocol theory

Routers and routing protocol theory This paper explains the TCP / IP network, the router's basic working principle of the IP router several major functions, given the static and dynamic routing protocols routing protocols, and internal gateway pr ...

Oracle11g Windows version of the installation of TNS protocol adapter error occurred

Quote Today, the Windows version to install Oracle11g occurred "TNS protocol adapter error", I enter the Windows System Services Manager starts "OracleOraDb11g_home1TNSListener" when it occurred "error 3 system can not find t ...

Oracle11g for Windows version installed, the occurrence of "TNS protocol adapter error"

Quote Today, the Windows version to install Oracle11g occurred "TNS protocol adapter error", I enter the Windows System Services Manager starts "OracleOraDb11g_home1TNSListener" when it occurred "error 3 system can not find the sp
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