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Answer: After 2.2 upgrade mysql question-driven

windows installed after the mysql gem error, error is approximately: ArgumentError (NULL pointer given): (eval): 3: in `each_hash ' (eval): 3: in `all_hashes' This is feeling under the windows of the question if the mysql gem version libmysql ...

jdbc even ORACLE, SQLServer2000, mysql ways

According to other people say can make a ride to one of the clear step by step, not as easy to write your own ideas! 1. Even the oracle The direct use of the oracle are provided give a jar package jdbc: oracle alone is installed, and 10g of oracle on ...

About rails install mysql driver error problem

My local wamp server using one of the key package, only used mysql functions, today in the use of rake db: migrate when First reported a month can not be implemented, the next inquiry and found no mysql installed a gem, to install gem install mysql i ...

Java, JDBC and MySQL Types - MySql databases

MySQL Connector / J in the deal with MySQL data types and Java data type conversion processing is very flexible. Although there may be rounding, overflow or loss of accuracy, when in normal circumstances, can any MySQL data type is converted to java.lang.


Jdk1.6 + Tomcat6 + Apache2 + MySql5 installed (Windows version) Keywords: Jdk1.6 Tomcat6 Apache2 Mysql5 jk_mod.so Jdk1.6 + Tomcat6 + Apache2 + MySql5 installed (Windows version) Software download: 1, j2se jdk1.6 http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.

Couchdb Vs MySQL insert performance test data of the speed test

Couchdb: Quote Apache CouchDB is a distributed, fault-tolerant and schema-free document-oriented database accessible via a RESTful HTTP / JSON API. Among other features, it provides robust, incremental replication with bi-directional conflict detection an

Learn Ruby-2.0 Record - (create mysql works)

1, set up the project: rails bookstore-d mysql Add "-d mysql" database are changed to mysql; then want to modify \ bookstore \ config / following database.yml, Such as my changes are as follows development: adapter: mysql encoding: utf8 database

Rails2.2.2 on the adapter to install mysql

Gem install mysql on Rails2.2.2 Environment: WindowsXP RadRails ruby1.8.2 rails2.2.2 mysql5.1.30 click google and found Rails2.2.2 database does not include the mysql adapter, needs its own installation. The first attempt to directly run gem install mysql

ruby Mqsql drive and test Mysql script

http://rubyforge.org/projects/mysql-win, download mysql-2.7.3-mswin32.gem, This is mysql_Ruby drivers. Command line, enter the file directory, run gem install mysql-2.7.3-mswin32.gem, can be installed successfully. You can also download at the offici ...

Access transferred to Mysql, plenty .. Our own hands - pure JS code

The company's Web site to do the same, but did not find the test data, really depressed, they think of the Access database Roth. But the machine load is WPS, are not equipped with Access. But too many things inside the Roth text, it is difficult ...

linux under java tomcat mysql eclipse installation

Liux under the latest tomcat5.5.25 + mysql5.0.45 + jdk1.0.5.13 + eclipse3.3.1 + myeclipse6.0 one configuration, install the required packages: 1.JDK 5.0 Update 13 (jdk-1_5_0_13-linux-i586-rpm.bin) Download Address: http://sdlc-esd.sun.com/ESD36/JSCDL/jdk/

jBPM (eight): also said jBPM + Tomcat + MySQL

After several days of combing the Aggregate, now jBPM series in a landmark one of: at jBPM (seven): how to bring their own examples of jBPM to run on the specified database foundation, put jBPM's own example webSale deployed to Tomcat Medium. It shoul

jBPM (eight): Say it jBPM + Tomcat + MySQL

After several days of combing summary, jBPM is now a landmark series in a sense: in jBPM (7): examples of how to run jBPM own based on the specified database, and built-in jBPM examples webSale deployed to Tomcat Medium. It should be noted that since the

hibernate (three) connection pool configuration mysql

I spent three nights of the time, the hibernate connection pool with the three commonly used configuration of the study, in the hope that everyone has to help. The following are three types of connections to connect MySQl as an example. <!-- JDBC Drive

Mysql 5.0 hibernate data query 5000000

(support.XmlWebApplicationContext 412) Refreshing org.springframework.web.context.support.XmlWebApplicationContext @ 1581593: display name [Root WebApplicationContext]; startup date [Tue Mar 27 01:33:55 CST 2007]; root of context hierarchy (xml.XmlBeanDef

Gem install mysql under Ubuntu solution error

when gem install mysql error: checking for mysql_query () in-lmysqlclient ... no checking for main () in-lm ... yes checking for mysql_query () in-lmysqlclient ... no checking for main () in-lz ... yes checking for mysql_query () in-lmysqlclient ... no ch

Ripping ActiveRecord - stripping mysql-adapter.rb

[b] mysql_adapter [/ b]

Hibernate type mapping mapping types hibernate mysql

Hibernate mapping type of standard Java types and SQL types of the size range of integer or int int or java.lang.Integer INTEGER 4 bytes long long Long BIGINT 8 bytes short short Short SMALLINT 2 byte byte byte Byte TINYINT 1 byte float float Float F ...

WLMP [windows + lighttpd + mysql + php (fastcgi)] set up the environment

PHP is not my favorite, but java is more tired, ruby, python is a very beautiful beautiful, but for the present work Hard , PHP is simple, and PHP + Flex to do something really out of Cool, it was decided after the main PHP + Flex. Said the following ...

windows configure Ruby on Rails and mysql driver

This Window users only. Today naughty for a long time, managed to ROR environment and Ruby -Mysql Drive buttoned. Finishing this article, dedicated to a novice user like me, want to help you configure a good early breakfast embark on Ruby Ruby related env

JSP free space, support struts, hibernate framework, such as commonly used. Free Mysql databases, FTP support

JSP is a free online space too small, there is also a regular service or a variety of constraints. Prefer to use JAVA in order to carry out the development of WEB friends, the Internet can have a free exchange for learning in cyberspace, I hosted a s ...

The design of efficient and reasonable query on MySQL

The design of efficient and reasonable query on MySQL Release Time: 2006.11.23 04:36 Source: Microsoft technical communities Author: yuanye Database system is the core of management information systems, database-based online transaction processing (OLTP)

install mysql and cgywin Notes RubyOnRails

XP running linux following the RubyOnRails The following is a simple process of record 1. Cygwin installation I used this cygwin-release-20061108.iso There 1.29G, the benefits of the network is not installed, from under the Thunderbolt Run the Cygwin setu

Jboss Seam, mysql Chinese garbled summary of 4 steps

Jboss Seam, mysql Chinese garbled summary of 4 steps Keywords: seam hbm2ddl Chinese garbled mysql In fact, the following summary is suitable for any situation hibernate + mysql; Step 1: In the Create Database Schema Please specify code when, for example,

mysql spring blob

In the use of struts + spring + hibernate of development, sometimes the user will be the demand for database files stored in the database would generally be applied Blob or Clob fields binary field to store pictures, streaming media or documents. Now will

Java problems in Chinese mysql, oracle, servlet, jsp

[url] http://blog.csdn.net/arielxp/archive/2004/06/23/23874.aspx [/ url] Java problems in Chinese mysql, oracle, servlet, jsp Copyright: CSDN is Blog hosting service provider. In this paper, such as copyright issues involved, CSDN not bear the relevant re

Campfire chat device (Swing + hibernate + spring + mysql)

User Manual    Campfire Chat Window Directory 1 Introduction ... 2 1.1 The preparation of the purpose of ... 2 1.2 Background ... 2 Two purposes ... 2 2.1 Function ... 2 2.1.1 Time Performance ... 3 2.2 All confidential ... 3 3 runtime environment ... 3 4

Summary of JDBC to connect MySQL in the process of

First, the preparatory work 1. Download and install MySQL and MySQL basic operation of Download address: http://www.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/ Installation Method: http://www.jz123.cn/text/2719438.html Use Tutorial: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5. ...

java backup mysql [change]

Transfer from: http://xp84012493.javaeye.com/blog/199290

java mysql database backup and restore

1. The underlying database operations package 2. Operation Business Class

Walk around turn mysql, sqlserver, oracle database, three kinds of large object access

Original mysql, sqlserver, oracle three kinds of database access to large objects collection mysql large object access: Type in general should be mediumblod, blob can only be kept two of the 16 th power one byte, mediumblod is 24-th power, Generally ...

Creating a MySQL data source using WebSphere Application Server

DATABASE CONNECTIVITY Recently, Senior Technical Editor Dan Velasco wrote an article on how to connect to the popular open source database MySQL from WebSphere Studio Application Developer (see http://www.webspherepower.com/issues/issue200310/00001111001.

Backup and restore MySQL database using java

When a recent graduate design need to use backup and restore MySQL database, go online to find a bit code is not a usable. Eventually even guess his last Jinong out with Mongolia, have been tested can use the! Code is as follows: import java.io. *; public

mysql paging class PageBreaker

A concise for the MySQL database paging class: import java.util.List; import java.util.Map; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest; import com.prj.db.DBManager; public class PageBreaker { int intOffset; int intTotal; int intMaxLine; List listResults

MySQL Database Connection Test

Although he knows how to use, but always remember how to write drivers, here to do a backup, in order to later investigations. Which, machine IP address, can also localhost, user for the MySQL database, a database, userinfo for a tabl ...

(Turn) ibatis to use mysql, database, time-out automatically closed solution to the problem

iBatis to bring their own, a simple database connection pool, the basic function of both. However, in dealing with part of the database (eg mysql) the connection idle for too long (mysql is 8 hours) when the automatic time-out, they compare as the c3 ...

Hibernate with mysql garbage problem

<? xml version = '1 .0 'encoding =' UTF-8 '?> <! DOCTYPE hibernate-configuration PUBLIC "- / / Hibernate / Hibernate Configuration DTD 3.0 / / EN" " http://hibernate.sourceforge.net/hibernate-configuration-3.0.dtd

mysql cluster configuration

The document aims to introduce how to install configure two servers based on the MySQL Cluster. And the realization of any server problems or is down MySQL still be able to continue to run. First, pay attention! Although this is based on two servers, ...

The establishment of "JSP + Mysql + Apache Tomcat" Environmental Gonglue

The establishment of "JSP + Mysql + Apache Tomcat" Environment Gong Lue: Pre-work that is completed first java environment, which means first installed "JDK" and the "JRE", and set a good environment variable. I am a separato

mysql + tomcat + c3po configuration

So, there are at least two drivers to choose from, one is provided by Microsoft, the other is jtds, much better than Microsoft's recommended to use 2. Configuration file, tomcat different versions of the configuration files is slightly different, ...

mysql authorization

Quote 1, mysql authorized GRANT statement syntax is as follows: GRANT privileges (columns) ON what TO user IDENTIFIEDBY "password" WITH GRANT OPTION 1.grant select, insert on *.* to test @ "local" Identified by "123"; ph ...

java + mysql stored images or other large objects to the database when the two issues

1, when the image file of more than 1M, when an error is as follows: JDBC Error: Packet for query is too large (1298910> 1048576). You can change this value on the server by setting the max_allowed_packet 'variable. This is because the default one

mysql basic grammar summary (reproduced)

SQL Category: DDL-Data Definition Language (CREATE, ALTER, DROP, DECLARE) DML-Data Manipulation Language (SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE, INSERT) DCL-DCL (GRANT, REVOKE, COMMIT, ROLLBACK) First, a brief presentation of basic statement: 1, Description: Create Data

Development of Eclipse + MySQL error records (1)

1, javax.servlet.ServletException: load database-driven system reportedly failed to see out of this error, I have no hesitation toward the WEB-INF directory under the lib directory, hey, drive a copy of the MySQL's JDBC driver files: mysql-connec ...

jdbc with mysql database

jdbc with mysql database

tomcat start mysql Bao Cuo: SQLNestedException: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory

tomcat start mysql Bao Cuo: SQLNestedException: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory Baocuo error message is: ...... 2010-02-24 15:50:40,843 ERROR [org.hibernate.util.JDBCExceptionReporter] - <Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (null, mess ...

Twitter users jumped 20-fold wish to abandon the MySQL database

Twitter's an engineer named Ryan King has revealed to the blog MyNoSQL, the company plans to migrate to Cassandra from the MySQL database, because the latter has a greater flexibility, scalability, and a lot of social networking open-source devel ...

How will the operation of mysql with the oracle operation is encapsulated in a transaction?

Distributed transaction processing: <bean init-method = "init" destroy-method = "close"> <property name = "uniqueResourceName" value = "$ (mysql.uniqueResourceName)" /> <property name = "xaD ...

JDBC to connect MySQL

JDBC to connect MySQL JDBC driver loaded and registered Class.forName ( "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"); Class.forName ( "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"). NewInstance (); JDBC URL defined driver and data source connection between the standard sy ...

CMSJ 3.1 bate 1 UTF8 For Mysql JAVA CMS has finally released the first version of the

After N months of development, released the first version of the Web site: http://cmsjava.com System requirements: Servlet2.3 + jdk1.5 / over + mysql4 / or more Powerful, multi / sub-domain support CMSJ support multi-domain binding domain can bind to any
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