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Router of

MAC MAC (Media Access Control, Medium Access Control ) MAC address is burning in the Network Interface Card (NIC, NIC) inside. MAC address, also known as the hardware address is 48 bits long (6 bytes), 16 hex .0-23 bit numbers assigned by the manufacturer

mysql odbc does not recognize

Today, the reverse with the power designer mysql database and found that actually can not establish mysql odbc data source, reports: Connection Fialed: [HY000] [MySQL] [ODBC 5.1 Driver] Access denied for user 'xxx' @ '192 .168. 19

Authorized to resolve Host '192 .168.1.180 'is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

Authorized to resolve Host '192 .168.1.180 'is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'root'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY' mypassword 'WITH GRANT OPTION

Notes on 'Expert Oracle' - No.11.1: Index - Index Category

1. B * tree - an index of the most common 2. BitMap Index - mainly for a high degree of duplication of data, not for OLTP system 3. BitMap Join Index - table set up in the field for the index of another table 4. Function-based Index - can be the name ...

Notes on 'Expert Oracle' - No.11.2: Index - B * Index

1. Structure a. similar to the binary tree b. a high degree of balance: all leaf nodes have the same level in the tree c. In general height is 2 or 3 (need 2 to 3 times I / O) 2.When B *? a. If the query with the index returned only a few rows, you c ...

Notes on 'Expert Oracle' - No.11.3: Index - BitMap Index

BitMap Index 1. Basically, for OLAP, OLTP environment generally does not apply to 2. Structure BitMap Index: an index entry corresponding to multiple lines B * Index: an index entry corresponding to a line only 3. An entry corresponding to multi-line ...

Notes on 'Expert Oracle' - No.11.4: Index - Tips

1.B * null value of the index will not index the entire entry so select * from T where x is null will not use the index (if the index built on the x field) However, if the following two conditions, the index will be used a. index built in (x, y) on b ...

RROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root' @ '192 .168.2.12 (using password:

This is a mysql permissions not reported on a solution: 1, landing mysql, mysql-uroot-hlocalhost-p 2, use mysql (must be the library system) 3, update user set host = '%' where user = 'root'; (can be anonymous and no password will be able

office server installation Notes - AMP installation chapter

1, Apache server installation 1, download the latest version of apache source code cd / opt / src wget 2, extract the downloaded source package tar zxvf httpd * 3, the configuration file Make

Apache's Application examples and analysis of several common

Default case, you need in your user home directory create a directory public_Html, then all of your web files in the directory can break into the http://servername/ ~ username access, but please pay attention to the following points: 1. Log in as roo

Some common examples Apache Application and Analysis

Default case, you need in your user home directory create a directory public_Html, then all of your web files in the directory can break into the http://servername/ ~ username access, but please pay attention to the following points: 1. Log in as roo

In Glassfish, my place where the xml file?

In my application, I want to change some common settings into a xml file, and then, when the application starts to read these settings. If it is a desktop application, put xml in the same directory on the jar. However, if a web project? My Settings f

apache2.2.12 + tomcat6.0.20 integration Xiangjie

<! - [If gte mso 9]> <xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View> Normal </ w: View> <w:Zoom> 0 </ w: Zoom> <w:TrackMoves/> < w: TrackFormatting /> <w:PunctuationKerning/> <w:DrawingGridVerticalSpacing>

Linux, the Apache reverse proxy ProxyPass IIS Web site summary

Linux, Apache reverse proxy ProxyPass IIS Web site summary of the collection in the write down this conclusion, I would like to say a few words: Do not mix work and love together, anxious edge distressed ah! In order to complete a seemingly simple past an

In the HP-UX install wget

The past few days have applied, have to run the HP-UX servers, one of the functions need to use wget refresh a page, not the operating system to install, then went to the official website download wget-1.12-hppa-11.31.depot.gz And reached the server,

RedHat Linux AS 5 installation and under Nginx Nginx + Tomcat load balancing configuration

First, the software is ready zlib-1.2.5.tar.gz [support gzip], Download Address: pcre-8.10.tar.gz [support rewrite module], download address: openssl-1.0.0a.tar.tar [support ssl], downl

JDBC Test With Oracle

JDBC Test With Oracle

eclipse, when the establishment of sqlServer2005

Today found a problem in eclipse when the database connection established under Driver template when the option to select Microsoft SQL Server 2005 when the Connection URL option corresponds to the following url template: jdbc: sqlserver: / / <ser ...

Apache rewrite rules for common applications (rewrite)

This article comes from: of: Miss A Pavilion Jephe wu (2001-09-05 08:00:00) This paper provides how to use Apache rewrite rules to address some common methods of URL rewriting problem to the user through a common example of ...

ubuntu set up cvs server

Change the storage directory is not always connect, make you correct! 1, install cvs $ Sudo apt-get install cvs 2, the installation cvsd $ Sudo apt-get install cvsd 3, change the directory cvsd The default installation root directory cvsd in / var / ...

andLinux manually repair the system after reinstalling

Saying "there is an old house, where a treasure", and have on hand a linux, can also be elevated to such a height (of course, the ingredients too many hobbies), so you can hand touched the linux on the lot, such as home servers, the company ...

Add iptables / netfilter extensions module test

As the iptables / netfilter in the expansion module string, mport, comment, connlimit, psd, time is still in the testing phase, until now the various Linux distributions in the cores of these modules are not included into the past, these modules feat ...

DB2 common operation command

View the list of databases db2 list db directory Create Database db2 CREATE DATABASE SKMS1V2 USING CODESET GBK TERRITORY CN Establishing a database connection db2 connect to SKMS1V2 user db2inst1 using db2inst1 Setting mode db2 set current schema SKM ...

Howto: change andLinux network configuration

Contents [ Hide ] 1 Abstract 2 What needs to be changed? 3 Step-by-step 3.1 andLinux eth1 ip address configuration 3.2 andLinux / etc / hosts file 3.3 andLinux / etc / profile configuration 3.4 TAP-Colinux ip address configuration 3.5 andLinux launch ...

ubuntu database - MySQL Posts

Uninstall MySQL: sudo aptitude purge mysql-server mysql-server-5.0 Installation: A. Install MySQL: sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client 1. Installation password if not set the password sudo mysqladmin-u root password newpassword 2. Query mo ...

ApplicationContext-independent components of the environment up and down the container file management class

Upcoming bbossgroups-1.0RC version Added the following features: ApplicationContext-independent upper and lower components of the environment file container management class, where the first introduction. bbossgroups-1.0 and earlier versions of all d ...

Notes from office server installation - installation configuration chapter

Host Configuration: Single Intel Xeon E5405 2.0G Quad-Core CPU, 4 A 500G Seagate SATA II hard disk server, 4G memory. OS: CentOS 5.3 Installation: CentOS 5.3 raid5 array + LVM logical volume of soft First, install the operating system Install the operatin

samba file server to access and cross-subnet configuration disk quota

1, showing samba's smb.conf configuration parameters # Grep-v '#' / etc / samba / smb.conf | grep-v ';' 2, cross-subnet parameter configuration (/ etc / samba / smb.conf) [Global] # ----------------------- Network Related Options ...

MySQL Export and Import SQL scripts

Reprinted from: First of all, the premise of using the mysqldump command is entered in the Cmd mysql installation directory in the bin directory under before they can use the command. Mysql installed in my E: ...

Centos yum nginx php mysql installation

System Centos 5.0 + First, update PHP, MYSQL source # Rpm-import # Vi / etc / yum .repos.d / utterramblings.repo [Utterramblings] name = Jason's Utter Ramblings Repo baseurl = http://www.jasonlit ...

(Transfer) nginx + resin session problem-solving

A few days ago to see have nginx_upstream_jvm_route project, read the introduction, very excited, because it is written by a Chinese patch to address the session of sync problem, but he is not shared, nor is it synchronization, but

mysql import and export

First, use the mysqldump command on the premise that access to mysql in Cmd in the bin directory under the installation directory under can use the command. Such as: E: \ Program Files \ MySQL \ MySQL Server 5.0 \ bin> Then, you can use this comma

Introduce a good web testing tool webbench

In addition to the AB APACHE tools, found a tool webbench under linux is also very good, legend can simulate 30,000 concurrent access. Here Install 1 tar zxvf webbench.tar.gz 2 make Will appear cc-Wall-ggdb-W-O-c-o webbench.o webbench.c webbench.c: 7

H3C 2126 Configuration Notes

1, enter the privileged mode sys 2, back factory configuration restore default 3, restart reboot 4, configure the machine name sysname h3c 5, configuration, telnet password user-interface vty 0 set authentication password ***** 6, to create vlan vlan

Configuring DNS in Solaris

In general, when you install should have everything related to the nameserver configured. But when I installed with wrong. . . This is the simplest static DNS IP configuration method of the specified purpose is to "ping" this

JAVA remote debugging methods (copy copying and transcribing his watch)

Original Address: First of all, JAVA own support debugging, and provides a simple debugging tool - JDB, similar to the powerful GDB, JDB is a character interface, debugging environment, and suppor

linux install mysql database

1, linux install mysql method: 1. Online installation: sudo apt-get install mysql-server Note: Recommended / etc / apt / source.list cn change in us, the United States of servers much faster than China. Bahrain has automatically configured the environment

[ZT] use Nginx instead of proxy_cache Squid caching

[Author of the article: Zhang Yan This version: v1.2 Last modified: 2009.01.12 reproduced please specify text links:] Nginx 0.7.48 version from the start, to support a similar function Squid cache. This cache is the

redhat install mysql database

1, linux install mysql method: 1. Binary packages to install: installation has automatically configured the environment variables, you can directly use the mysql command. 2. Offline Installation: To mysql-5.0.45-linux-i686-icc-glibc23.tar.gz example.

Asterisk radio and intercom functions to achieve

; Intercom, automatic response exten => * 999, n, SIPAddHeader (Call-Info: <sip:> \; answer-after = 0) ; Broadcast (by radio people, only listen to can not say) exten => * 999, n, Page (SIP / 1 & SIP/100 & SIP/102)

Asterisk implementation of radio and intercom function

; Intercom, auto-answer exten => * 999, n, SIPAddHeader (Call-Info: <sip:> \; answer-after = 0) ; Broadcasting (who is broadcasting can only listen to can not say) exten => * 999, n, Page (SIP / 1 & SIP/100 & SIP/102

linux learning experience

One: root : Directory information store manager home : List of common user information stored bin : Directory store frequently used commands EG: ls,cp,mv... sbin : Directory store must have a certain permission to use the command mnt : Mount the floppy dr

Git commonly used commands

The first step: install the software on this machine ----------------------------------- (1) sudo apt-get install git-core curl The second step, identify themselves to the git -------------------------- $ Git config - global "Your Name

JAVA ARP spoofing packet modification (transfer)

ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) address both the interpretation of agreements, the main purpose is used for IP and MAC address of interpretation. IP is a network layer protocol, while the MAC is the data link layer. Network, two nodes to communicate, th

Load balancing using mod_cluster initial pre-research

1.mod_cluster Introduction mod_cluster and mod_jk, mod_proxy similar to a httpd-based load balancing item to proxy requests to Tomcat web server cluster based on (support any independent Tomcat, JBoss Web, or a separate JBoss AS Embedded JBoss Web). mod_c

So windows can access the service andlinux

've Always liked LINUX, but there is no way to UBUNTU had spent a year in exchange for WINDOWS, but miss ah, so down a ANDLINUX, to relieve the pain of Acacia, there is something XP is too slow on the test run APACHE , so to try it next with NGIN

RedHat Linux AS 5 installation under the memcached

RedHat Linux AS 5 installation under the memcached First, the software is ready memcached-1 [1] .4.5. tar.gz, download address: libevent-1.4.5-stable.tar.gz, Download Address: ~ provos / libevent / Second,

IP address mapping causes ORA-12170: Connection timed out

Tell us about the environment before it, the database server real IP as, mapping out the address of, the client ip is, the database server environment win2003 + oracle10g. Local plsql server is connected, mainly to de

Apache + JK Tomcat load balancing cluster

Cluster is different from the distributed solution, which is used in each server running the same strategy applied by the streaming server is responsible for balance, which complicated the whole system to improve capacity and throughput is a more effectiv

MySQL's Grant command

This instance, running on MySQL 5.0 and above. MySQL permissions to give users a simple command format can be summarized as: grant permissions on database objects to users A, grant general data users, query, insert, update, delete data in all tables
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