Asterisk manager API (AMI) document (Chinese Version)

Reprinted from: Asterisk Control Interface (AMI) allows management of a client program to connect to the asterisk and can be an instance of TCP / IP stream to send commands or read event. Aster

apache configure a virtual machine applications

apache can configure their own virtual machines to achieve load balancing. Can be applied to a machine configured with two network cards, or multiple domain names can be used APACHE's own virtual machine implementation. First configure the httpd.

In RedHat5 platform installation oracle10g

oracle installation of platform above the RedHat5 oracle installation on windows platform above is relatively simple, but in the linux platform above it is rather cumbersome, see steps: (A) check the linux version of the information, #> Uname-m If

Flex3 + Red5 2 voice and video chat program

Flex3 part <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?> <MX: WindowedApplication xmlns: MX = " "layout =" Absolute "> <mx:Script> <! [CDATA [ import

I used Linux command of the tzselect - Select Time Zone

I used Linux command of the tzselect - Select Time Zone This link: (Reprinted please specify link) Use Description tzselect command is used to select the time zone. Note that tzselect only help us to select t

Remote desktop connection linux (Xmanager)

There are three good first post Wrote Xmanager remote access using Linux operating system is a very good tool with a graphical interface. Be configured before use linux, related to operations are as follows: Server: Red hat Enterprise Linux 5 Terminal: Xm

Slow Windows XP startup problems

Today, open the computer actually slow to die. The main phenomenon is that after booting into the desktop, the desktop does not fully show that the local connection, the input method that did not boot up. In general, the computer system services a slow st

Detailed collection of HTTP protocol

Detailed collection of HTTP protocol Introduction HTTP is an object-oriented application layer protocol, because of its simple, quick way to apply to distributed hypermedia information system. It was proposed in 1990, after years of use and development, h

proxool spring connection pool configuration, use an external file proxool.driver = oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver proxool.username = username proxool.password = userpwd proxool.url = jdbc: oracle: thin: @ orcl proxool.alias = Database ----- connection pool alias proxool.protot

windows command Daquan

windows command Daquan Check the Windows version of wmimgmt.msc winver Open Windows Management Architecture (wmi) wupdmgr Windows Update Windows Script Host script to set w write WordPad winmsd system information wiaacmgr Scanner and Camera Wizard comes w

CentOS 5.5 setup log - (6) vsftpd and virtual users

General configuration can be used psftp small file to upload, and virtual hosts file, and a large quantity, with psftp obviously inconvenient. Here we configure vsftp as an FTP server, and set to a virtual user logs in, also set a user for a particul

Modify etop solve System NOT running to use fully qualified hostnames problem

Modify etop solve System NOT running to use fully qualified hostnames problem This is a problem in a long time ago #! / Bin / sh NAME = "" echo erl-sname $ NAME-hidden-s etop-s erlang halt-output text $ @ erl-name

db migrate to the data guard

The original DB is Linux Heartbeat of HA systems. Business is 7 * 24. Therefore migration issues to be considered downtime. I thought of the first DG to build a good environment. This migration process downtime to 2 part-time. First exp / imp the time. An

Get a database connection (in the normal way and the way the data source)

Step One: Create a JavaWeb works, called DBConnPrjTest (this project name is variable) Step Two: In DBConnPrjTest \ WebRoot \ WEB-INF \ lib, add the following package and loaded into the project: commons-logging-1.1.1.jar ojdbc14.jar: oracle database jdbc

oracle database backup and restore (local and remote operation)

oracle database backup and restore (local and remote operation) Execution environment: Can SQLPLUS.EXE or DOS (command line) in the implementation, DOS can be executed in the oracle 8i in the installation directory \ ora81 \ BIN is set to the global

websphere and weblogic cluster environment to build the next Session persistence

Recently familiar with websphere and weblogic cluster environment Session persistence, recording what note, no organized: Webphere Network deployment V6.1 Session persistence database mode set up a test environment: 1. To create a database session storage

[Transfer] Linux basic commands introduced

Linux basic commands turn】 【Introduction Explain, although basically a graphical interface for Linux now has support for the use of quite good, but the setting for some of the more subtle aspects, after all, is not as traditional text interface to the eff

dos additional services under the sc

SC (server control) command is as a command tool Detailed, SC.exe can be used to test your own system, you can set a batch file to call SC.exe different parameters used to control the service. This is useful if you want to see your services continue

Asterisk manager API (AMI) document (Chinese Edition

Asterisk Control Interface (AMI) allows management of a client program to connect to the asterisk and can be an instance of TCP / IP stream to send commands or read event. Asterisk in trying to track this state or client state in which the phone is useful

CentOS-FTP Installation and Configuration

Transfer: 1. Install vsftpd yum install vsftpd 2. Start / restart / shut down vsftpd server [Root @ localhost ftp] # / sbin / service vsftpd restart Shutting down vsftpd: [OK] Starting vsftpd for vsftpd: [OK] OK

Apache 2.2 + Tomcat 7.0 + jdk-6u23 + MySQL 5.1 + mod_jk + php 5.2.6

Apache 2.2 + Tomcat 7.0 + jdk-6u23 + MySQL 5.1 + mod_jk + php 5.2.6 1. 【If the original server has JDK, you want to uninstall】 Find old jdk command: rpm-qa | grep gcj Executive rpm-e - nodeps java-1.4.2-gcj-compat- And enter the java, if

Web-based reverse proxy cache acceleration

Abstract: For a day visit the site reached one million, the rate quickly became a bottleneck. In addition to optimizing the application of content publishing system itself, if it can not updated in real time the output of dynamic pages into static pages t

FMS3 series (c): Creating FMS streaming media player to see the cottage cottage to help the legendary [transfer]

This paper describes how to create streaming media player based on FMS program, Flash client through the network loading on the FMS server, video streaming file (. Flv,. Mp4, etc.) for video stream playback. To achieve media stream file playback is v

Vsftp anonymous users can not download cause analysis and solution

Vsftp anonymous users can not download cause analysis and solution Recently in the group, jars, including the time to do the exercises themselves have experienced the above problems, the search network also did not find a more exact answer; then see

java database connection pool configured in several ways

Java database connection pool configuration on several ways to meet today on the data source connection pool configuration questions, find there are many ways to configure, are summarized as follows, (has Mysql database as an example) A, Tomcat configurat

linux shell command Daquan (c)

3, bzip2 radical command Function: bzip2 compression format command, Note: The generated files will overwrite the source file bzip2 <filename> bunzip2 <filename> For example: # Bzip2 # Ll -Rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 85 12 Month 18 21:08 a

Windows7 under the binding and unbinding arp command netsh

1, first run CMD as administrator open a command line program (Start - Programs - Accessories - Command Prompt Right click select "Run as administrator") 2, run netsh i i show in Display: (the number of different computer network card, netw

Detailed command Tracert (trace route)

Detailed TRACERT command 1. Specific functions RACERT diagnostic utility sent by computer to the purpose of survival time with a different ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) response packet to determine the route to the destination. In other words,

TNS-12518: TNS: listener could not hand off client connection

Stress tests to make a background that the following questions: Database using c3p0, reported the following exception: [2010/12/31 00:00:02] [WARN] ( 1841) - com.mchange.v2.resourcepool.BasicResourcePool $ AcquireTask @ 12a10be

20 commonly used tools for Linux

To monitor the operational status of the server? Try some built-in command-line tool with a small amount of external it. Many Linux distributions have a number of pre-monitoring tool. These tools provide quantifiable information system activity measured.

apache mod_bw speed limit application module

Also wanted to try Windows on the ability to do a couple of days to spend time conducted a thorough investigation, and eventually found my friends ~ Find later that there is a site inside the module to find a Bandwidth Modul

JAVA for local, remote macAddress

Get Local macAddress import; import; public class LocalMacAddr { public String getMACAddr() { String mac = ""; try { Process process = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("ipconfig /all"); InputStreamReader ir

linux network card is not compatible with the next issue redhatlinux

Today are installed with linux in a virtual machine network card can not be activated encountered the problem of the Internet to find the reason, now Zhuantie as follows: VMware4.5 Redhat 9 or more above and between the network card driver is not com

Linux interview questions (to)

Original link: 41. Shut down linux system (not restart) can use the command B. A Ctrl + Alt + Del B halt C shutdown-r now D reboot 42. IP address from a MAC address to Ethernet conversion command: C. A ping B

vsftpd Configuration Manual (rpm)

Original link: 1, vsftpd configuration parameters detailed finishing # Disallow anonymous users anonymous_enable = YES # Anonymous user login without asking password no_anon_password = YES # Anonymous user

How to solve the MySQL's master-slave mode, the use of ReplicationDriver

Introduction: Posted before a downpour ( discussed how to use mysql in java the master-slave mode (master-slave mode of presentation, see this posted Qieqie: http://, which greatly that we

iptables firewall configuration

iptables command syntax: iptables [-t table] command [match] [-j target / jump] -T parameter to specify the rules table, the table has three built-in rules, namely: nat, mangle and filter, if not specified, the rules table, it will be seen as a filter. Th

Using MySQL as a NoSQL - A story for exceeding 750,000 qps on a commodity server

Transfer: Most of high scale web applications use MySQL + memcached. Many of them use also NoSQL like TokyoCabinet / Tyrant. In some cases people have dropped MySQL and have shifted to NoSQL. One of the biggest reas

samba mount the file

[oracle@centos223 samba]$ cat smb.conf # This is the main Samba configuration file. You should read the # smb.conf(5) manual page in order to understand the options listed # here. Samba has a huge number of configurable options (perhaps too # many!) most

About Apache (httpd) server, the use of anti-DDOS module mod_evasive Help Tests show that: When mod_evasive time in the normal sealing of an ip, apache logs will still have access to records; mod_evasive's official address: http://www.zdziarski.

Knowledge of HTTP Headers

This system of HTTP Headers for a succinct and clear exposition, I just make some notes. What is HTTP Headers HTTP is a "Hypertext Transfer Protocol" of the written, the entire World Wide Web are using this protocol, almost you see in the browse

Switch: ping command Detailed

Transfer from: Ping command for Windows, I believe we have been familiar, but can ping function to the greatest number of people are not, of course, to maximize the power I can not say that I can ping to, I just

Test with telnet memcached

Test with telnet memcached telnet 11211 Trying ... Connected to zou.yunhao ( Escape character is'^]'. set key 0 10 6 / / 10 said the expiration time of 10 seconds, the 6 data bytes that will have to deposit 6 (here r

redHat linux install hadoop 0.20.2, under the remote connection in the windows of this hadoop, developing and debugging

The premise of this article is: hadoop know what, know what a distributed system, understanding hdfs and mapreduce the concepts and principles. This is just the author in the process of learning hadoop some experience and to share their views. This articl

Linux system administrators should be aware of system monitoring tools 20 Original: Translation: Allen ( ) Copyright, respect for others the fruits of labor, reprodu

NFS Network File System Defective. Such as server-side, then reboot, client-side but also to re-mount, and speed not up to much can be done client-side without the need to re-mount Mounted disconnect between the words of general and rela

[Transfer] [save Zhao] safety program Activity Links: The drawbacks of the original structure: 1, the load balancer single point of failure 2, the lack of intrusion detection system 3, the lack of user reco

apache james email server connects to the database

1, Find <users-store> Label The bottom of this form of file storage comments <repository name="LocalUsers"> <destination URL="file://var/users/"/> </repository> Database storage of comment below opens or added <repository n

Linux system performance analysis tool As a linux system administrator, the most important job is to optimize the system configuration, the application of the best in the state of the system to run, but due to hardware problems, software problems

Tomcat application deployment under linux

One. Required software Software: jdk6.bin, apache-tomcat-6.0.18.tar Package: customer.war, customerService.war, FrontProject.war, expressBackUser.war, expressAccount, expressPlatform.war, OrderDispose.war, OrderDisposeTest.war II. Installing jdk 1).
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