html form submit stay on page

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JavaScript in form.submit () does not respond to questions submitted

<%@ page language="java" import="java.util.*" contentType="text/html;charset=gb2312"%> <%@ page language="java" import="com.fredck.FCKeditor.*" %> <%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/FCKeditor.tld" prefix="FCK" %> <jsp:useBean scope="page" />

Open a new page and the page in a new way to POST the form to send this page

Originally thought only to get (url) way to open a new page based on the fact that I am not strong, ignorant. . . <script> function openSpecfiyWindown( windowName ) {'about:blank',windowName,'width=700,height=400,menubar=no,scrollbars=n

form of the form submit () method does not call the onsubmit event, not check

<form name="form1" method="post" action="a.html" onsubmit="return check()"> ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... --------------------- <td colspan="3"> <input type="button"

form.submit purposes: to button submit laid off, replace the submit button action

form.submit purposes: to button submit laid off, replace the submit button action Under normal circumstances, submit the form to use the following code: <input name="submit" type="submit" value="k686绿色软件" /> If you want to customize this, how t

extjs form submit in two ways

extjs form submit in two ways: One is the AJAX submission, the other is the traditional filing. The default is the AJAX submission. If you want to submit the traditional way to conduct the following settings (note the red part) Ext.onReady (function () (

JavaScript and PHP to implement a form submit button way more than the source code

JavaScript and PHP to implement a form submit button way more than the source code Today, when doing the background to deal with a form, the form with two submit buttons, to achieve a different submit button when clicked, respectively, for two differ

javascript how to listen form.submit () event

Is well known, dynamic form submission (form.submit ()) can not trigger the onsubmit event. If you want to want to capture form.submit (), provides two solutions in this The first is: In form.submit () method to add form.fireEvent ("onsubmit");

javax.faces.FacesException: Nested form found on the page. The form action eleme

javax.faces.FacesException: Nested form found on the page. The form action element can not be nested at com.icesoft.faces.renderkit.dom_html_basic.FormRenderer.validateNestingForm ( 386) at com.icesoft.faces.renderkit.dom_html_basic

IE6 issue of non-submission of Form.submit

Today, faced a very interesting question. From the data submitted with the First, with the <input type="submit"/> button, one through the JavaScript script: formElement.submit (). No matter which approach is very simple. But today I w ...

js form submit verification

<%@ page language="java" import="java.util.*" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript" src="../../js/jquery-1.4.2.min.js"></script

IE6 form submit problem in many

A query of the form, put two submit button, click on a page with a table displaying data, click another download excel. <form> <input type="submit" name="query" value=" Query "> <input type="submit" n

Submit to another page with button

Path to complete submission of the page there are two: 1, if the page is in the same folder, the direct write *. html 2, the relative path: a.html in D: \ temp b.html in D: \ Which was in a super-trained to b: href ="../ b.html "

form.submit () can not submit form solution

Web development encounter, need to use js to submit form form. Found using document.form1.submit (); methods can not submit the form. Firefox prompted to submit is not a function. Finally find the solution. 1. The form can not have name = "submi

non-ajax form submit

Ext.onReady(function(){ var form = new Ext.form.FormPanel({ labelAlign: 'right', title: 'form', frame:true, url: '/extdo/', width: 280, items: [{ xtype: 'textfield', fieldLabel: '文本', name: 'text' },{ xtype: 'numberfield', fieldLabel

Achieved using Extjs form submit ajax form

A form on the page form, only a few words to complete the form below to ajax the submission form: Ext.Ajax.request({ form: 'uploadFileForm', params: _param }); Which form the form of the name, _param need additional parameters string

jquery form submit reset

$ ('# Myform'). Submit () form submission $ ('# Myform') [0]. Reset () form submission $ ('# Myform'). Reset () This is wrong, reset can not be achieved

Anti-ajax form submit duplicate

<% form_remote_tag :url => { :action => 'send_message', :method => :post }, :loading => "$('submit_button').value = '发送中...';$('submit_button').disable();" do %> <%= submit_tag '发 送', :id => 'submit_button', :onclick => 're

Button + js form submit example of achieving

<html> <form action= "a.jsp "method= "post" name= "loginform "> <INPUT Name= "B2 "TYPE= "button" value= " To submit " "document.loginform.submit(); "> </ Form

js form submit to a different control action (original)

js method: function doUrl (actionUrl) { form1.action = actionUrl; form1.submit (); } form: <form name="form1" method="post" action=""> </ form> The button to call the js method: onclick = doUrl ("<%=

Tips to prevent the form submit ajax form

When submitting a form when the form, if it is to use asynchronous ajax submit, you can specify directly in the form false to prevent form submission by default the form below: <form action="" onsubmit="return false;"> </

jquery iframe form submit control

<script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $('#Iframe1').submit(function(){ //alert('$(#Iframe1).submit!'); return ture; }); $('#btnSave').click(function(){ //alert($('#frm').submit); document.frames("Iframe1").document.getEl

extjs form submit success did not respond because

There are many reasons the main reason I say that the next, we may upload a file back to the success: true, but is damn useless, right? Depend, to find a long last to set the return header information for the text / html, and then on it. I faint

pop-up form page to submit the form style. the size of the control

If you want to use document.form.action = ""; document.form.submit (); After submitting this form to get the page to display the pop-up: document.form.action = ""; = "_blank"; document

Submit form using form

Today, faced an application, Windows needs to display a fixed data and the data is sent to Servlet handling the form through the form and forward (request, response) to another page to view a unified display .. Well, to express a little bit bad .. No ...

Submit form using the form

Today, an application met the need to display a fixed data in Windows, but the data is sent Servlet handling the form through the form and forward (request, response) to another view page to show unity Well .. well .. a little expression What is need ...

flash automatically submit the form to create

[1b] Method 1: [/ 1b] Untitled Document (1) to automatically submit the form: setTimeout ("document.form1.submit ()", 10000) Submitted after 10 seconds. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ ...

Programmed to automatically submit web form data

MSHTML is a Microsoft COM component, the component encapsulates all the HTML language elements and their attributes, provided by a standard interface, you can access all the elements specified page. MSHTML object model is composed of a number of obje

implementation to avoid duplication of struts2 submit form

A total of Step 2: First, in the form submitted to avoid duplication, add struts2 tag <s:token> phrase repeated as long as they are submitted to verify that when loaded into the page, <s:token /> tag will generate a CD One of the hidden f

Dynamically generated JavaScript to submit Form

Project, we usually write the hidden form tag, use <a href="#"/> to call js function, to form the content in the form to submit an assignment, then submit submit. If the page does not hide the form, we can dynamically generate JavaScr

Spring Annotations Learning Letters (c) the form processing page

Xiao Xie day yesterday, watching the two blog skyrocketing hits, very pleased. Today to look at the form page handling. Related reference: Spring Annotations Learning Letters (1) build a simple Web application Spring Annotations Learning Letters (2) contr

Press Enter to submit the form

Problem domain: In the production of web pages, sometimes need to enter something in the text box, press Enter to automatically submit the form, And sometimes do not want to press Enter to automatically submit a form, we encountered such a problem ho

ExtJs submit the simple Form

<% @ Page language = "java" pageEncoding = "gbk"%> <% String path = request.getContextPath (); String basePath = request.getScheme () + "://" + Request.getServerName () + ":" + request.getServerPort () + Pa

Embedded url's overlay support the ajax form to submit, free to general web pages, overlay effect

If you have a form page such as form.jsp by initHandler forward, do not change or little change in the premise of how to become a code overlay is the result? Specific results, please visit Reali

dwr form to submit the same name form

First note: in my own test results, the same name textbox can not all be "key - value" to the background to the author. If the number of the same name textbox (as the name = "text4"), only the first of the "key - value"

jQuery Form Plugin (a): Form to submit a form using AJAX

JQuery Form plug-in allows you to easily use AJAX to submit Form form, the main method and ajaxSubmit ajaxForm form elements responsible for the collection of information, management submitted to the process. Both are configurable, giving you ultimate con

ajax jquery submit form

Form plug-in support for Ajax, Ajax file upload support, powerful, and basically meet the daily application Plug-in Download: jquery.form.js 1, Form plug-in details and examples to use 2, form example: <! DOCTYPE html

Press Enter to submit the form on the issue

In the production of web pages, sometimes need to enter content in the text box, press Enter to automatically submit the form, and sometimes do not want to press Enter to automatically submit a form, how do we encounter such a problem to deal with it

Submit the form using JavaScript-compatible browser problem

Submit the form at the time, if the basic control, then submit the form, use (This assumes the form of name property for the form) at ie are supported, but in Firefox do not support, and resolve browser compatibility issues , the correct approach sho ...

Js timer control through multiple submit form

Form.Element.AfterActivity = function(element, callback, delay) { element = $(element); if (!delay) delay = 0.25; new Form.Element.Observer(element, delay, function(element, value) { if (element.activity_timer) clearTimeout(element.activity_timer); elemen

Image submit button and submit the form to repeat _jackey

Many cases, to beautify the form submit button will be changed to use a picture instead. But without attention to detail would lead to duplication of form submission, lead to some strange errors, such as duplicate records into the database like. We l ...

JQuery Enter to submit the form

Principle: Add keyup event for the body Without jquery by:

form's submit method and submit the event (onsubmit)

form's submit method and submit the event (onsubmit) When the form with the javascript method calls directly to the form when submit, submit events do not respond. Why? This article describes how to automatically submit a problem description When

Struts2 Repeat Anti-submit the form settings refresh

Settings are divided into two steps: 1. Modify Struts.xml configuration (to name searchAction example) <action name="searchAction" method="execute"> <result> / pages / MainPage.jsp </ result> </ Action> For

submit / button the form is submitted differences

Js validation in the form of elements, often occur if a is empty, the pop-up .... is empty, and that the current column <input type="text"> activated, the cursor points to the currently active In general, when presented with 2 1. A su

js to submit the form

1.document.forms.from.submit (); document.form.sumbit (); (); this.form.submit (); Js form above to submit several types of browsers in firefox does not work 2. Must follow the w3c standard: 1.) Should be used to obtain for

javascript form

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <html> <head> <title>formUtil.html</title> <meta http-equiv="keywords" content="keyword1,keyword2,keyword3"> <meta http-equiv="description" content="thi

Why is there no way to deal with form

At the recommendation of a lot of code Rails2.3 form form_for deal is not written in the form of action submitted So, obviously, the Rails convention of the other. This agreement are the rules of how to do, and what relationship there is Rest. For example

ActiveRecord objects with the use of jQuery to create jquery.form.js

ActiveRecord objects with the use of jQuery to create jquery.form.js Part of the code, the original look # getting-started // prepare the form when the DOM is ready $(document).ready(function() { var options = { target: '#ou

struts to prevent the duplication of submission of the form

1. What is the repetition of the form submission? Premise: in the controller in the form of the corresponding page, rather than forwarding the page redirects. 1). Refreshing, if the form page, and then submit the form to submit is not repeated. In ad ...

Form validation for the improvement webwork

First, came in. The most recent use webwork are more in use, there are some ideas, such as form validation, action the use of, webwork of URL formats. The meeting to form ideas and practices in this area briefly summarize. I shall first look at the system
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