Htclinkify dispatcher app

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jhotdraw docs:

<! - ========= END OF TOP NAVBAR ========= -> <! - ======== START OF CLASS DATA ======== -> Interface Application @NotNull public interface Application View Application used to control the life cycle of the class and prov

Many versions of rails development environment to generate the rails app

updated version rails fast inevitably required at many versions of the following development environment, then how to use the specified version of the rails to the initial generation of an app? Very simple, such as you have a project called multiapp, ...

[GAE development of the use of] Google App Engine

This chapter provides a number of Google App Engine concept. We will look at the development of Google App Engine, as well as how the Google App Engine and run through the development of services to achieve the concept of cloud computing. What is Goo ...

app engine in ClassNotPersistenceCapableException

Has recently studied the app engine for java encountered the following error is not persistable. This means that it either hasnt been enhanced, or that the enhanced version of the file is not in the CLASSPATH (or is hidden by an unenhanced version), ...

Practice TDD in iphone app development

We are used to the test driven develop way.When i move to develop objective-c, i need write testcase too. Finally I found some useful article ( 1: Set up a Cocoa project follow the

How to publish iPhone app to the app store (change)

How to publish your own iphone app to app store (turn): The first chapter: Second: Title III: ...

Use NSOperation for your app acceleration

Original Address: Use NSOperation for your app acceleration Many of the app store application is very heavy, they have a good interface, but the maneuverability is poor, for example, when the program data from the Internet or local load when the inte ...

14 open source iphone app store apps 1. ABC 123 - Sequence memorization game. Utilizes Cocos2D. ( itunes link ) ( source code ) 2. Diceshaker - Dice rolling simulator designed for role-playing game enthusiasts. ( itu ...

10 in the app store in the need to avoid the error (1)

Original # 1 Creating an Overly Complex App The first app we created at Pinger was called Pinger Phone. Although this app did get into the top 100 for a short while, its main flaw was that it was way too complex. It had both a social media feed and an IM

Use Google app made a file upload site

Use google app engine has developed a file-sharing Web site, temporarily set up within only support 10M file uploads. Because Google for each Blob size is limited, I used method is to split the file into multiple Blob stored inside. Interested can ac ...

Iphone app development with html5

Today saw a google developer HTML5 lectures and found that this standard may be the next generation of a standard WEB, online search of what He does have a lot of reports, as early as 1:00, then 2012 will come, for WEB developers is a pieces of a ver ...

Google App Engine application of Java is not yet mature

For a long time application development, one of the most common language, Java has already begun to gain the support of cloud computing platform. However, because of new and distributed architecture platforms, such as Google App Engine, developers wo ...

(SAE) skylark app engine preview (1) - guestbook

Thanks dc design for the skylark interesting logo. He is a cute little lark, he summed up the pursuit of the simple - "design in GAE, fly everywhere". Here we have a simple demo to understand the skylark. We select the GAE's own guestbo ...

Google today launched a new App Store Google Apps Marketplace

Today (March 10) Google Inc. headquarters in Mountain View, California at the "Campfire One" conference announced the launch of the new App Store, the name Google Apps Marketplace, and developers into 2:8. Last week there are reports that G ...

First Rails App Walkthrough

Want to get a taste of what it's like to develop with Rails? Follow this tutorial to get started! Part 1 - Installation Install Ruby / Rails for your particular Platform, and make sure you have SQLite installed (this comes with a Mac IF you have a Mac

[Reprinted] Google App Engine Complete Guide

Original Source: GAE What is this? GAE (Google App Engine): is part of Google cloud computing is an Internet application service engine, developers can use GAE's API development of Internet applications, and bandw

Visor for Max OS X

Visor, Max OS X's Terminal, under a very nice plug-ins. Install Visor need to install SIMBL, you can go here to download ~ To the following for your OS version. Unzip to do the following configuration: 1. Visor.bundle ...

Analysis: Mobile telecom operators open the door to the App Store

Barcelona to participate in the GSM Association Global Mobile Communications Conference (Mobile World Congress) of telecom operators, the users are willing to open shop in different applications, but they use their own networks for the software, stil ...

10 in the app store in the need to avoid mistakes (1)

Original # 1 Creating an Overly Complex App The first app we created at Pinger was called Pinger Phone. Although this app did get into the top 100 for a short while, its main flaw was that it was way too complex. It had both a social media feed and an IM

Symbian in

1, EXE program development When our application does not require the user interface, only need to use a separate process, we can create. EXE programs. . EXE program contains a main entrance E32main (), when the system via E32main () start time, the system

gen-erl-app framework to quickly generate erlang app

Often need to create a variety of erlang app, once the master of this process, very cumbersome, so wrote this little tool to generate OTP-based framework for erlang app. Which contains the application, supervisor, gen_server, gen_fsm, makefile There ...

Google App Engine use the experience

Google App Engine yesterday set up an own application. Mainly by reference to the following Getting Started Guide (it has a Chinese version, I think in English, because Chinese do not know it, cry). I chose the JAVA ...

Configure google app configuration spring. Configuration jdo

The very beginning that the program does not need a app get's too complicated. mvc above to add a struts2. wanted to direct so developed. But recently, want to study the function under the flex. Start of BlazeDS. Using spring configuration is ver ...

Integration java + BlazeDS + spring + JDO deployed app on.

First to see an app deployed to the above article. Thanks for this brother of. Said yesterday, the first to write an article. Talked about if you create a java and BlazeDS ...

Seriously do flex + spring + blazeDS + google app JDO paging. The total number for each inquiry.

Seriously do flex + spring + blazeDS + google app JDO paging. The total number for each inquiry. BlazeDS frustrating to die recently .. A little bit to replace e4x xml format as to the relatively simple. But finally did not give up. Harvest is good. First

404 test struts2.0 framework there!

Error message: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: [B] Solution: struts.xml [/ B]

how to keep dragged TitleWindow within Flex app boundary

I am using PopupManager in FB4 to display a custom dialog. popwin = new TitleWindow(); popwin.addElement(myCustomDialog); PopUpManager.addPopUp(popwin,this,false); PopUpManager.centerPopUp(popwin); It's possible to drag the popped up TitleWindow and l

struts2 redirect and dispatcher result type of difference

struts2 in the result type of result is frequently used redirect and dispatcher, default result result type dispatcher. The difference is the type of results that will redirect to redirect requests to other resources, user requests for information wi ...

How the android system as a separate app to modify the debug app

Did not know before tossing the thing did not. In fact, I want to change the subject: a compilation, family run! But when the app changes the system, if the need to compile the whole project, it is indeed very slow. Although the powerful features make it

flex + spring + BlazeDS + google App JDO implement a CRUD.

flex + spring + BlazeDS + google App JDO implement a CRUD. Page in the last blog talked about How to make a page. Now doing in the page above a CURUD. List pages form page. form. Delete page, you can delete single or multiple. Query page. Support paging q

Google App Engine Registration Guide

1, open the Google App Engine page. Harmony Tip: If you are in China, may be unable to access the home page of Google App Engine, in the hosts file to add: 2, fill in your cell phone number. Friendly reminder: a pho ...

Use google app engine to do a blog program

Using the google app engine program python interface to do a blog, Welcome to visit to see results:

android market on the APP that the problem is!

I posted in the android market several APP, one of which is free, others are charging! I can see the hero of the market on all of the APP, but the G1, nexus one (temporary measure only this two) can only be seen free of charge but can not see the sof ...

Google App Engine issue of enhancing the use of JDO

Start learning Google App Engine, and in the learning process found a problem, is to use JDO in the POJO is not automatically increased. This in Google's documentation is very clear description of clear, if you use Google to provide the Eclipse p ...

Deployment Vaadin to Google App Engine

Vaadin RIA is a very good framework, similar to ZK, sites have a wealth of tutorials, documentation, it is easy to start. Vaadin latest version is 6.3.1, netbeans and easy to eclipse plugin has a corresponding rapid development. In the Google App Eng ...

Google App Engine for Java: Part 1: running up!

[Address] Original: Google App Engine is Python developer once the patent. It was a dark years. Google Inc. In April 2009 Java ™ developers to open its cloud computing platform. In this three-part series

Google App Engine for Java: Part 2: Building a killer application

[Address] Original: # Main Such as the Google App Engine for Java ™ platform such cloud is the key to design, build and deploy professional applications - can be very easy to stretch. In this three-part G

Google App Engine for Java, Part 3: Persistence and relationships

【Address】 Original: In the enterprise environment, data persistence is a scalable application delivery basis. Rick Hightower in his writing of the Google App Engine for Java ™ series of articles in th

Google launches commercial version of Google App Engine

According to leading technology blog TechCrunch reported that Google today in Google I / O conference that the network application platform for cloud Google App Engine will add a commercial version to meet the needs of business users. According to Go ...

Google launched Google App Engine Business Edition

According to leading technology blog TechCrunch reported that Google today in Google I / O conference that the network application platform for cloud Google App Engine will add a commercial version to meet the needs of business users. According to Go ...

Add to MyEclipse 8.5 plug-Google App Engine

Google App Engine (GAE) provides a good platform for Python and Java language support that allows programmers to easily cluster of servers in the deployment of Google developed its own variety of network applications. Recently downloaded the latest M ...

Android Developer's Guide - widgets (App Widgets)

Application widget App Widgets Application widget (Widget) is a small application that view, can be embedded in other applications (eg desktop) and receive periodic updates. You can be an App Widget provider to publish a Widget. App Widget can accommodate

ecmall create

First of all, we have a clear meaning of a few folders: / App reception class folder / / do not know what class it does not matter / Themes / mall / default foreground template / Languages / sc-gbk language file / / when you change the time to see some of

Google App Engine to support the situation on the Java List

Language Support All are based on the JVM and the Java language, as in App Engine get the same level of support. JRuby From svn trunk to support the development of JRuby. Groovy Support the 1.6.1 version of the future Groovy. Scala ◆ support. ◆ does not s

Google App Engine: a firm stand in the center of Java

Google Translation】 【51CTO soon should finally look forward to many developers, on April 7 on the evening of the Campfire One announced Google App Engine to support Java, a few new features. This is Kevin Gibbs and Andrew Bowers announced. Details Go

FLEX's RIA application configuration file (*- app.xml) description

<? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> <application xmlns=""> <! - The application identifier string, unique to this application. Required. -> <id> AIRTest1 Introduction

The information found in the present Android is not much, but rarely for the Activity of the description, so the introduction of official documents translated about adding some of their own understanding. If you feel that I understand

APP Store fire behind the

App Store today, you had it? Motion contradicts the above software applications iphone and after store fire, App Store will be overwhelming from the beginning, swept through the "mobile phone" industry, it is not like a sitting gold mine, t

org.apache.struts2.dispatcher.FilterDispatcher Is the main Struts2 Filter, responsible for four functions: (1) The Executive Actions (2) Clear ActionContext (3) to maintain static content (4) clear the request life cycle of the interceptors XWork

iPad app development overview - iPad development of two series of articles

With the completion of the first version of iNotes, my recent work has developed from xcode transferred to the stage of product promotion. Here you can sum up two months of development experience. iNotes development of this app than I imagined minutes del
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