how to open .pack files eclipse

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recover deleted files eclipse [change]

Recent code written dizzy, even accidentally written in java to eclipse inside documents to delete, and suffered a scare, hastened to the Internet search methods, but fortunately, LZ know, specifically to your own blog, to prevent case. General can r ...

Chinese language pack addresses Eclipse

Eclipse from the official website to download the latest version of Eclipse is in English, do not own language pack. Eclipse now has a language pack project, called the Eclipse Babel Project. If you need language packs can be downloaded online from h

Eclipse multi-language pack installation

Eclipse multi-language package, Eclipse is not only the Chinese translation, but also includes several other major languages translation, Eclipse can automatically according to the language of Windows operating system environment to choose to use the ...

Eclipse finished Xiangjie

Original Address: As a development tool, English interface, and there is nothing bad, but we can be finished with a large number of Eclipse Help documentation, can greatly improve the read ...

Eclipse Wireless Developer Configuration Summary

Eclipse development environment to configure the wireless Summary JDK1.6 + Eclipse3.5 + Eclipse1.7.9 + WTK2.5.2/S60sdk (+ mtj) + SVN + proguard4.4 + NLpack-eclipse-SDK-3.0.x-win32 Note: This content search from the Internet, to sum up this easy you c ...

Eclipse + EclipseME + WTK to build J2ME development environment (notes)

0, download unzip Eclipse 3.3 (already installed before) and install the Chinese language pack: 1) Eclipse: 2) Eclipse 3.3 Chinese Language Pack (babel): In the Eclipse plug-in installed to open the menu: Software Updates / Fin ...

optimization is to speed up eclipse eclipse

Eclipse Installation and Configuration Summary Preface Eclipse is the most popular and powerful java IDE, plug-rich, with plug-ins can be used as j2ee, c, c + +,. Net and other development tools. Need to install plug-ins to support Web development and oth

Turn: Eclipse plug-in installed three ways

Eclipse plug-in installed in three ways (The first two multi-language installation packages to install, for example) 1. General installation: The installation of a direct approach to achieve decompression Extract the plug-in to a folder Unzip the dow

Using Eclipse Visual Editor Project to build GUI

A graphical interface for building a graphical tool Level: Junior David Gallardo ( ), Software Consultant May 1, 2004 Similar to many projects, Visual Editor project's goal is to build a tool used to build (in this case

Add the Hibernate tools methods eclipse

1. Plugins and features directly copied to the eclipse in the same directory 2. If you did not find the startup eclipse after hibernate properties, then run: eclipse-clean 3.done Other plugin are the same. Is not necessary as the Internet, said the e ...

eclipse in Chinese and English switch

The first method: On the desktop shortcut with the path parameter: English ->-nl en_US Traditional ->-nl zh_TW Simplified ->-nl zh_CN Concrete steps: The establishment of eclipse on the desktop shortcut, and then right-click and select Prope ...

Eclipse3.2.1 Chinese and Chinese Language Pack download configuration

Eclipse3.2.1 Chinese and Chinese Language Pack download configuration 1. First installed jdk 2. Installation eclisp3.2.1 Download eclipse3.2.1: Click to download The download is complete, simply download the zip file extract ...

jbpm eclipse plugin installation steps and installation of failure analysis

jbpm eclipse plugin installation steps and installation of failure analysis 1. Download the 2. The unzip to a folder, for example: D: \ Program Files 3. To D: \ Program Files \ jbpm-jpdl-3.2.3 \ de ...

Eclipse will not start JVM Terminated. Exit code =- 1

Under today's home had a latest version of Eclipse, extract the error after the start actually. . . . . . . . Very silent, error code as follows: JVM Terminated. Exit code=-1 -Xms40m -Xmx256m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Djava.class.path=C:\Program Files\Ecl

Eclipse is running in a JRE, but a JDK is required

After installation start the eclipse console appears Maven Solution: Under the shortcut in eclipse right click -> properties set the target location: "eclipse_home \ eclipse.exe"-vm "jdk_home \ bin \ javaw.exe" For example:

nutch in eclipse under windows set up under

Reprinted from the wiki: Run Nutch In Eclipse on Linux and Windows nutch version 1.0 This is a work in progress. If you find errors or would like to improve this page, just create an account [UserPreferences] and start editing this page Tested with Nutch

Eclipse plug-ins installed Weblogic

Using the Eclipse Update Manager You use the Eclipse Update Manager for Eclipse 3.5 Galileo SR1 as follows: Select Help> Install New Software. Click Add to add a new update site. In the Add Site dialog, enter

How to create and extract the Linux zip, tar, tar.gz and tar.bz2 files

Data compression for us it is very useful. Whether it is in the message sent pictures with the zip file or compressed data files in Fuwu Qi, we can allow downloads to be more easy or Youxiao the save disk Kong Jian. Sometimes certain compression form

Linux to create and extract tar, tar.gz and tar.bz2 files and compression ratio compared

Linux to create and extract tar, tar.gz and tar.bz2 files and compression ratio compared Published by: at 09:04 on the July 3, 2010 / Category: Reprinted / Views: 176 / 0 comments comments In Linux systems and servers, will be very frequent use extract co

Eclipse + CDT + MinGW + Qt development environment set up

Download MinGW Eclipse CDT (C / C + + Development Tooling) Qt Eclipse Integration for C + + .com / developer / eclipse-integration Qt for Open Source C + + devel

Source Project will introduce eclipse, and compile source code under linux

Start with an eclipse of the Android project the following 3 grid file copy, you can even HelloWorld program. 1,. Classpath 2,. Project 3, Note: The first two files are hidden files, show hidden files first to see. Copied later, change

Eclipse practical Shortcuts

Eclipse practical Shortcuts Alt + left arrow and right arrow to switch between tabs in the edit window Alt + down arrow to select the mouse, the line automatically, and it moved up and down Ctrl + f6 for pop-up menu, you can switch listed above the edit w

[Zhuantie] eclipse odd kinky tips

Code articles: 1. In the source code Quick Jump: eclipse of the jump even higher than VS.Net also convenient method is to hold down the Ctrl key, and then point to the variable names, method names, class names, there will be links, click you can jump to t

[Transfer] is reconstructed using Eclipse

Refactoring and unit testing are the two magic programmers, their role as air and water for people, ordinary, unremarkable, but deep meaning. Pre-good things, we must first tool, this paper describes how refactoring in Eclipse. This article describes the

CakePHP built development environment Eclipse PDT

CakePHP built development environment Eclipse PDT Open source Eclipse IDE is a common tool, by adding plug-ins can be used for PHP development. Below refer to CakePHP's bakery in the article: Setting up Eclipse to work with Cake , build a following fo

Hadoop 0.21.0 Eclipse plugin related

All things right can be run in eclipse 3.6 packages under the normal here to download the latest version of the current Hadoop 0.21.0, refer to documentation for installation and operation, and so no problem, except the need to develop their application o

Toad for oracle eclipse plug-in installation

Start Using Toad Extension for Eclipse To install Toad Extension for Eclipse: Open Eclipse. Select Help | Install New Software. In the Install dialog, Work with box, enter the following website address:

Eclipse3.6 the finished package and localization methods

Speaking of looking and consistent eclipse version of the language pack to where to find and the eclipse version of the same language pack, then install on it. Final Download address:

weblogic memory overflow

Statement: ant, weblogic weblogic are using a built-jdk1.4 1, run-cmd-ant, javac, they reported memory leak F: / eclipse / workspace / cis-ar> ant Buildfile: build.xml init: build.init: build.dbg.init: init: build.init: [Touch] Creating

Eclips Mi Ji (change)

Transfer from: Preface: I had been using JBuilderX as the main IDE, but using the Eclipse and found the original should be so easy to use ... Eclipse ... gradually fell in love with it ...... Ecl

Flex Installation and Configuration (change)

Need to install the software Eclipse3.3 MyEclipse6.0 (optional) Jdk1.5 Flash Plyer ActiveX 10 Windows debugger (IE) FB3_WWEJ_Plugin.exe (flex builder3) Installation Steps Eclipse Installation and Configuration (omitted) MyEclipse Installation and Con ...

RCP development and application of thread Eclipse RCP in the use of multi-threading Job This paper analyzes the Eclipse implementation of multi-threaded program to discuss the program in the Eclipse client multi-threaded applicati ...

freemarker a brief summary of

Preparation: "Installation freemarker the eclipse plug-ins: If you use Eclipse 3.x: (open eclipse) Help -> Software updates -> Find and install .... Choose "Search for new features to install". Click Add Update Site ..., and type ...

wxPython development environment under windows installation and configuration

To prepare the installation files: Python and wxPython Runtime Environment installed Installing python-2.6.2.msi, wxPython2.8-win32-unicode- wxPython2.8-win32-docs-demos- and py2exe-0.6.9.win32-py2.6.exe python installati ...

MyEclipse6.0 decompile plugin installed

jad decompiler is a tool that can operate through the command line Quote Jad simple decompilation tools use the following assumptions jad.exe in c: \ java directory the next, and basic usage Usage: jad [option (s)] <filename(s)> Class file name dire

freemarker brief summary

Preparation: "The eclipse plug-in installed freemarker: If you use Eclipse 3.x: (Open eclipse) Help -> Software updates -> Find and install .... Choose "Search for new features to install". Click Add Update Site ..., and type &qu ...

flex + cairngorm + spring + hibernate integration example of

Preparation: SQL server2005: JDK: jdk- TOMCAT: tomcat-6.0.20 ECLIPSE: eclipse -3.3 MYECLIPSE plug-in: MyEclipse-6.5 Flex: FB3_WWEJ_Plugin.exe BLEAZEDS: BlazeDS, download address: Insta

windowsbuilder installation notes (swt, swing, jface)

I think people are upset with java graphic design, which should have been the strengths of java, it should be a good job in what, but suffer from the online tutorial swt-designer is not particularly full, or is the crack problem So here I share my in ...

Java Classloader class loading articles

Contents 1, ClassLoader class loader introduced two, ClassLoader class loader of the working mechanism of the three, WebAppClassLoader simulation to achieve a simple Web application class loader 1, ClassLoader class loader introduced <br /> code exa

Share an original image rotation effect

A simple JavaScript image rotation effect. First on the chart (theft of QQ's chart). Browser support is that we are more concerned about. The control support includes ie6/7/8, FF, chrome and opera in various browsers. 5 results were supported were: Al

Examples of learning HelloAndroid Android development

After the recent completion of the project, idle boredom, the want to learn C, C + +, on very poor, and too hard, used java development, I recall my colleagues, do not dry, learning Android, then began to study their development of Android . This article

generate debugging information when compiling java options Xiangjie (javac-g)

Introduction First said why write this short essay, recently many of my colleagues are wondering why this one question, why Ant compile code in the log where the error Yichang stack can not see line number information, each time if the positioning, need r

Common Unix commands (rpm)

Common Unix commands Chapter directory and file manipulation commands 1.1 ls [Grammar]: ls [-RadCxmlnogrtucpFbqisf1] [directory or file ......] [Note]: ls command lists the files under the specified directory, the default directory for the current directo

weblogic10.3 deployed in eclipse3.5

Hello: Want to find a weblogic10.3 eclipse plug-in, check for a long time, found in the oracle of the official website of the Chinese more detailed information.

Could not create the java virtual machine

Eclipse the original settings of memory is too small, build big websites JSP or JAVA file, the speed very slow on the modification of configuration files eclipse.ini -Startup plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.1.0.v20100507.jar -Launcher.library

MyEclipse plug-in Keys

Eclipse is an open source, extensible IDE, has attracted a lot of industry attention, and the Eclipse supporters endless. It is one of the important benefits of scalability, well, you can expand the number of plug-ins, open source plug-ins and plug-ins ca

Android compiled, packaged. Signature Course detail

Android compile, package, signature detailed tutorial Author: Jojol Data: 2010.08.04 1.Android compile, package, signature, released in three ways: Way: the command line to manually compile the package way: using ant to automatically compile packaged

MyEclipse installed aptana plugin [Z]

Aptana is a very good development of Ajax ide, and even the company has its own separate Ajax Server and framework. Moreover, at least so far I have used in support JavaScript, ide, aptana is one of the best. And aptana plugin provides eclpse, get started

MyEclipse shortcut Daquan, you know how much?

Save Ctrl + s (know for sure) Note code Ctrl + / Uncomment Ctrl + \ (Eclipse3 have all combined to Ctrl + / a) Code assist Alt + / Quick Fix Ctrl +1 Code format Ctrl + Shift + f Order to import Ctrl + Shift + o Switching window Ctrl + f6 <can be change

Myeclipse6 or 6.5 anti-compilation tools installed

jad is the anti-compile java tools are command-line execution, de-compile the source files out of high readability. Unfortunately, not very convenient to use them. Fortunately, found under the eclipse plug-in, called jadclipse, installed, just double-clic
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