how to find the heapspace in unix machine

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Hourly Statistics unix machine memory and cpu usage

Assign permissions to the script chmod 755 *. sh The background of the script nohup & x=0 totMem=`vmstat | grep 'mem=' | awk -F\= '{ print $3 }' | awk -F\M '{print $1 }'` totMem1=` echo "$totMem * 200 " | bc ` while true do strDate=`date +

Speaking UNIX: On Windows, use Cygwin [turn]

Cygwin on Windows to provide a complete UNIX shell (from awk to zcat) Martin Streicher , software developer, Pixels, Bytes, and Commas Description: Cygwin is a tool for Microsoft ® Windows ® UNIX ® like operating system environment. It contains a real UNI

WINDOWS common port list

According to port number can be divided into three broad categories: (1) recognized the port (Well Known Ports): from 0 to 1023, they are tightly bound (binding) on a number of services. Typically, these ports communication clearly shows a service agreeme

Information seminars to prepare the operating system

Computer industry, hacker culture has been a huge shock. When the software license and copyright to become industry standards, the programmers are no longer free to use as before and change other people's software. FUD, or Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, th

windows command dictionary (collection)

NET use \ \ IP \ IPC $ "" / User: "" the establishment of air links IPC NET use \ \ IP \ IPC $ "password" / user: "User name" non-establishment of air links IPC NET use H: \ \ IP \ c $ "password" / user:

Linux vsftpd installation configuration to use (more)

Linux vsftpd installation configuration to use (more) In this paper, a number of previous articles written on many occasions with their own installation and configuration experience, written in more detail, the article finally ftp command set with all the

ftp command Xiangjie

ftp command under linux FTP commands are Internet users one of the most frequently used commands, both in DOS or UNIX operating system to use FTP, FTP will encounter a large number of internal commands. Familiar and flexible application of the intern ...

[Change] Java serialization, write good

Java's "Object Serialization" lets you interface that implements the Serializable object into a byte, so in the future to use this object, you will be able to come out of these byte data recovery, and accordingly re-build the object. Th ...

3.14 how to update the current database to archive log backup

To modify the log backup (1) Svrmgrl> connect internal (2) Svrmgrl> startup mount (3) Svrmgrl> alter database archivelog; (4) Svrmgrl> alter database open; 3.15 How to modify the ORACLE database SID Concrete steps are as follows: (1) modi ...

DOS command Daquan (Classic Collection)

net use \ \ ip \ ipc $ "" / user: "" the establishment of air links IPC net use \ \ ip \ ipc $ "password" / user: "User name" non-establishment of air links IPC net use h: \ \ ip \ c $ "password" / user:

How to shield 1351394453389-port + network port security skills

By default, Windows has a lot of ports are open, when you access the Internet, network viruses and hackers can connect through these ports to your computer. To make your system into an impregnable fortress, these ports should be closed, mainly: TCP 1

. Net programmer deal with large-scale high-performance websites Thinking

In many large sites would be useful in the ultimate structure of c or c + + to write the module, such as memcached, FastDFS, toyota TT and so on. And what makes the Microsoft programmers are depressed is that these libraries are often in the linux or unix

DOS command Daquan (Reprinted)

# 1 1: net use \ \ ip \ ipc $ "" / user: "" the establishment of air links IPC net use \ \ ip \ ipc $ "password" / user: "User name" non-establishment of air links IPC net use h: \ \ ip \ c $ "password" /

JAVA through JNI call to the local C language method (transfer)

JAVA language through the JNI method call to the local C JAVA for its cross-platform features a much-loved, but precisely because of its cross-platform, it makes it all the internal links of local machine to become small, constrained its function. JAVA on

java jni dll call transfer Currently java and dll interactions are mainly three kinds of technology: jni, jawin and jacob. Jni (Java Native Interface) is the sun java and the system provides the native methods of interactive technology (in w

linux ftp command exercises (turn) smbclient command some type is

1.ftp local workstation and remote file transfer between workstations (solaris): Remote workstation must have account and password, can be transferred to: Format: ftp hostname or ftp ip_address For example: workstations with the remote ftp 12

[Change] Linux operating system named after a different color file type

2007-10-28 Linux operating system named after a different color file type Blue file ---------- directory White papers ---------- general documents, such as text files, configuration files, source files, etc. ---------- Link light blue paper documents, mai

SSH client for SSH Secure Shell connection method

1, SSH client of the SSH Secure Shell connection method 1, operating environment WINDOWS install SSH client name is SSHSecureShellClient-3.2.9.exe, can go to download, of course, in the SERVER side we can also install Openssh, but

Understanding Linux configuration files

Introduction Every Linux program is an executable file that contains the opcode list, CPU will perform these operations to complete a specific operation code. For example, ls command from / bin / ls document, that document contains a list of machine

[Linux server] automatic login using expect

Automatic login using expect First, what is expect? Doing system management, we often need to enter a password, for example: connection ssh, connect ftp, So how can do not enter a password? We need a tool that can replace the interaction that we achieve w

linux weblogic start stop

unix how to start and stop weblogic WebLogic 2009-12-04 12:40:59 read 670 comments 0 Font Size: medium and small Subscriptions unix how to start and stop weblogic Defined in your domain can be found in the following order: / [YouHome] / domains / [yourDom

ftp migration tool [apache net bag]

Introduction: Recently there is a demand request from a server migration 4.5G WINDOWS files to HP-UNIX machine, but unfortunately mget does not support folders. Therefore, the net apache package based on their own wrote a recursive FTP file transfer

weblogic SSH configuration version of the Nodemanager

weblogic SSH configuration version of the Nodemanager AS where the host is hereinafter referred to node1, the host for the remote management needs for short node2 Trust ======================= =================== SSH 1, with

VI command under Linux

Vi editor command under linux Daquan / Folder under the root directory type "/", enter the folder there are many, such as: etc, home, lib, mnt, etc. etc: storing user name and password home: Every user has a folder, stored here lib: operating sy

Windows on a linux boot linux remote terminal server graphical interface program

Server (as root): xhost + Description: Set the xhost + to allow all servers to use the current X Server, by default, other servers can not access the machine's X Server, then if the implementation requires a graphical display of the command, it will l

DOS command Collection

#1 A : net use \\ip\ipc$ " " /user:" " The establishment of air links IPC net use \\ip\ipc$ " Password " /user:" User name "to establish IPC Non-empty link net use h: \\ip\c$ " Password " /user:" User name "Direct mapping of each other after lan

[Linux server] Using expect automatic login

Automatic login using expect First, what is expect? Do system management, we often need to enter a password, for example: connect ssh, connect ftp, So how can do not enter a password? We need a tool that can replace our interaction with the end to achieve

windows and Linux files pass each other in several ways

First look on the basic Linux commands ftp file transfer telnet to the remote computer r - use a variety of remote command view network status netstat nslookup queries the domain name and IP address of the corresponding query a user's finger informati

solutions and common errors mysql error table

18.2.1 MySQL server has gone away error in this section also relate to Lost connection to server during query error. On the MySQL server has gone away error is the most common cause of server timed out and closed the connection. By default, if nothing hap

(R) DOS command / port

DOS command / port (A) MD - creates a subdirectory 1. Function: create a new subdirectory 2. Type: Internal command 3. Format: MD [drive:] [pathname] <directory name> 4. Instructions for use: (1) "letter": Specifies the subdirectory to cre

linux file system configuration files

Blue file ---------- directory White paper ---------- General documents, such as text files, configuration files, source files, etc. ---------- Blue file link file, mainly documents created using the ln command Green ---------- executable files, exec

WebLogic 10.3 installation. Configuration and Management Manual (rpm)

WebLogic 10.3 installation, configuration and management Chapter 4 for WebLogic 10.3 for SUSE linux § 2.1 Installation Preparation  download WebLogic10.3 for x86 linux installation file;  Installing Suse Linux enterprise Server 11.0;  Check the Suse en

How to archive the Tomcat catalina.out log

If catalina.out when the log reaches the size of 2GB, Tomcat cache problem because there is no way to output log. To avoid this, you need to make timely filing of catalina.out. Tomcat itself will actually log the contents of the archive, but archived

TOAD Getting Started

Always wanted to learn under Oracle, frustration is not always a smooth installation. I later found is that the IP address is not fixed NB reasons. Decided on the desktop to install a fixed IP address, use normal. Companies are using TOAD to operate as a

Java virtual machine instructions of several command-line arguments

1, run class file Implementation of the class file with a main method, Java virtual machine command parameter Behavior: java <CLASS File name > NOTE: CLASS file names do not bring the file suffix. class For example: java Test If the class file ...

Java access to the machine ip and host name

Idle today, all right, Internet search a bit how to get Java native ip and host name. Mainly used in the package under the InetAddress class, this class is the abstract of the ip address. Procedures are as follows: import; im

AIX (UNIX) file path, under the question of the System.getProperty () parameter Daquan

When the program is to write more and more, the more was found not to have hard-coded in the program's importance, especially when the development environment and production environment is inconsistent. Involved in system properties can be obtain ...

unix vi editor commands

Daquan vi vi command commonly used command commonly used command unix vi replace command unix vi commands vi vi command mode vi command Daquan 2006-12-25 13:12 For a long time, Windows network administrators use the Edit, Notepad or Wordpad to edit t ...

Common Unix platform command the resources and performance skills

Description This section describes some of the view system information and monitoring system resources and performance tools, performance monitoring tools on the current system has a basic understanding of, and according to the information collected choos

Unix / Linux Systems Management: CPU management articles

In the Unix / Linux systems administration and daily system maintenance process, at any time may need to check the CPU usage status analysis system in accordance with the appropriate status information to determine the system resource usage and system loa

Setting PATH on UNIX or LINUX

PATH is just an Environment variable like any other in a UNIX SHELL. You almost never want to replace the default value of PATH because if you're not careful your shell will forget the location of such useful commands as LS and CP. What you almos ...

Linux and Unix systems and different details of the relationship between

Linux and UNIX differences, and links the biggest difference is that the former is the development of free software source code, which is a source of intellectual property protection of traditional commercial software. This should be their biggest differe

oracle - Linux - Unix under the ODBC installation. Configuration and Programming

Transfer from: Linux / Unix under the ODBC installation, configuration and programming 2004-04-23 15:18 pm From: Linux documents are shown: Www.8s8s.coM Address: unknown Content: ODBC principle Linux / Unix ODBC

18.unix domain agreement

UNIX domain protocol family is not a real agreement, it is the host on the same client-server communication, the ability to use and different host communications API, the same way. So it just use the same host on two inter-process communication, of course

unix / linux Summary

Learning Objectives: 1, log in and out Solaris / Unix Systems 2, operation Solaris / Unix file system 3, create, delete, search files and directories, and change their permissions 4,, skilled use of vi editor 5, such as early identification and modificati

unix / linux command summary

UNIX system operation commands one user login and log out before the system administrator must first register for a user name, regardless of where computer users log on to the ITPNET will access the same file system. 1.1 log when the Login prompt appears

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in the memory settings Xiangjie

In larger-scale applications, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) memory settings is particularly important to achieve good efficiency in the project, GC (garbage collection) set is the first step. PermGen space: full name is PermanentGenerationspace. That is a pe

Machine learning open source tools

Most of these tools are open source, based on GPL, Apache and other open-source protocol, using the tool, please read the license statement I. Information Retrieval 1. Lemur / Indri The Lemur Toolkit for Language Modeling and Information Retrieval http://

Unix Experience Center (Unix-Center.Net)

A good resource, not exclusive, to share. Unix Experience Center (Unix-Center.Net) Unix Experience Center (Unix-Center.Net) goal is to study, learn and use various versions of Unix and Unix-operating system, teachers, stud ...

4.4 ORACLE8 DOWN machine how to deal with

4.4.1 result in a large number of trace files DOWN machine approach as ORACLE8 database trace mechanism to ORACLE system to produce a large number of trace files, and instantly filled with the ORACLE file system, so that ORACLE database SHUTDOWN. Processi
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