how to export hugeclob sql

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On Oracle's data import and export and Sql Loader (sqlldr) usage

In the Oracle database, we usually between tables in different database records will be used to copy or move the following methods: 1. A record of the table to export to a section of the insert statement, separated by a semicolon, and then insert into tab

DB2 Export / Import SQL file execution, implementation of the Shell command

insert into test1 (LNAME, FNAME, AGE) values ('LL', 'FF', 7); insert into test1 (AGE, LNAME, FNAME) values (8, 'LL', 'FF'); insert into test1 (age, lnameE, fname) values (9, 'LL', 'FF'); select * from t ...

Export oracle sql script

Roughly be divided into three methods: First, by toad, plsql develop third-party tools such as export DLL operation, with the benefits of this approach is simple and convenient, but you need to install, use the following brief statement of these two

Bulk Export Tool SQL database data

Long time no complete encoding, and no code to bring the fun, busy day and bug fixes, parameter changes, boring to the extreme. Busy weekend leisure played a gui program, completed the bulk database export tool supports sql, csv format, support for d

According to the contents of the database table export insert ... sql stored procedure script

In our design a database, they often need to add initial data, if each row of data to write their own are more trouble, this stored procedure is to help you to generate the insert into a stored procedure script - =====================================

The BCP sql server import and export

The BCP sql server import and export bcp command is a SQL Server to provide fast data import and export tools. Do not use it can start any graphical management tool and efficient way to import and export data. SQL Server bcp is responsible for import ...

Method of SQL Server to export import data

First, export the database into a SQL Server in 1. In SQL Server Enterprise Manager in the database to be transferred is selected, press the mouse button, select All Tasks -> Backup Database. 2. Select the database backup - full, Purpose of the backup

powerdesiger export sql

database -> generate database Alive shortcut CTRL + G If the export is always error, you can check model Kari option option option removed, will be able to directly export the sql

pl \ sql tool to export the sequence and trigger export oracle10g method

Not export table data, available Tools - Export User ... data, triggers, functions, like all export, can be used Tools - Export Tables Select the table to be exported (optional more), export ... PL / SQL sequence

Oracle SQL script spool to achieve export

Here Oracle Export SQL script implementation. This method uses spool a. obtain a single construction table and build an index of grammar set heading off; set echo off; Set pages 999; set long 90000; spool DEPT.sql select dbms_metadata.get_ddl('TABLE'

Export recovery oracle table -> test.sql

1 Export: Tables for specific a table, right -> Export Data -> SQL Insert -> Export (2) recovery: open -> SQL Scripts -> test.sql--> F8 execution

single table into sql server. Export

Method One, sql server single table import, export (via CSV file) Export: Open Query Analyzer directly query the information you want to export the table (select * from table), the result Select, Save as xxx.csv file (to get all the information in this ta

pl \ sql export tool to export the sequence and trigger methods oracle10g

Do not export the table data can be used Tools - Export User ... data, triggers, functions, like all export can be used Tools - Export Tables Select the table you want to export (multiple), Export ... PL / SQL sequence

SQL script problem with the order table

[Size = xx-small] [/ size] Note: using Mysql Databases, building tables, export the sql script, the script is based on the order table table name in alphabetical order, and therefore not considered here, between the table association. Using PowerDesi ...

Manual backup and restore - Import Export (practice 15.16.17)

So far introduced backup and recovery activities are physical operations, if only hope that the database data and objects copyed or copy the Oracle database, how to handle it? Oracle Applications Export (export) and Impot (export) can be the logical conte

Use the batch file to execute the sql

REM ********** REM Modify the values below to match your configuration REM ********** set v_mysqlHost=192.168.*.130 set v_mysqlPort=3306 set v_mysqlUser=admin set v_mysqlPassword=111111 set v_mysqlDatabase= testBase REM if the mysql sever deployed on

SQL Server select into use

To a brief article about SQL Server database SELECT INTO statement. SELECT INTO statement is a SELECT statement in a very special type. Role: SELECT INTO statement to select data from a table, then the data into another table. SELECT INTO statement i

Phpmyadmin export import the database to solve garbage problem in Chinese

Today intends to " I love the Internet , "the station to do the next backup, because it is used phpMyAdmin to manage, but always in the export SQL garbled "???" something like this, it is a headache, so After collecting a large nu

How to use PLSQL Developer import and export data from oracle database

How to use PLSQL Developer import and export data from oracle database With pl / sql developer export table data in three ways: Oracle Export, Sql Insert, pl / sql developer Only "Oracle Export" to export and then import the way, the table struc

bat command to the java implementation of import and export MySQL database

Action: public String exportCases () throws Exception {String flag = getRequest (). getParameter ("flag"); if (flag == null | | flag.equals ("")){ return "success";} String caseidBegin = getRequest ( ). getParameter (

Sql script to import Powerdesigner

Open powerdesigner, select File -> Reverse Engineer -> Database ... ... Model name just write, I fill the wpblog, DBMS selection MySQL 5.0 And then determine In the Selection tab selected: Using scripts files: add just export the sql script (wpblog.

Use PLSQL Developer tool to export cvs file is garbled when opened with excel

1, the aim is to export the sql statement to query results. utf8 reasons Use Notepad to open. Then save it as ansi code on the line Most encoding issues, but not necessarily utf8, anyway, should be able to convert the code to solve the problem, it is reco

exp / imp Export Import tool use

exp / imp Export Import tool use I. Export tool exp 1 It is an executable operating system file storage directory / ORACLE_HOME / bin exp export tool to compress the database backup file into a binary system can be migrated between different OS It has thr

Manage mysql database using Navicat 8.0 (export and import data)

Navicat For MySql use the mysql export data, including database table creation scripts and data (1) data export: Right --->" dump sql file " At this point, has completed the data export. (2) Data import: first create your database, then

SQLServer data between heterogeneous database import and export

This article discusses how to Transact-SQL and system functions OPENDATASOURCE and OPENROWSET in homogeneous and heterogeneous databases for data import and export, and gives detailed examples for reference. 1 In the SQL Server database, import and e

Export table structure plsql

Oracle does not own this tool, you can use pl / sql developer to operate this way. 1, to download a on plsql developer, and install. 2, after starting plsql developer, followed by Tools-> Export Tab

Using pl / sql developer guide oracle table data from the three ways

Want to export table from oracle data, open pl / sql developer menu bar tool, below the Export Table ... ... click on each table in the oracle appears, select the need to export the table, Select below to save the output file address, and click Expor

Modify the Notes database garbled (2) - Backup

Bluntly, if your database encoding is in English us7asscii, then you have oracle client code into English, from the registry to find: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ ORACLE NLS_LANG to find three items was revised to: american_america.us7ascii (1), e ...

MySQL slow solution into

MySQL export import SQL statement may be very, very slowly, going through to import only 450,000 records, even took nearly 3 hours. When you export the rational use of several parameters, we can greatly accelerate the rate of import. -E use the VALUE ...

Reprint: MySQL slow solution into

MySQL export import SQL statement may be very, very slowly, going through to import only 450,000 records, even took nearly 3 hours. When you export the rational use of several parameters, we can greatly accelerate the rate of import. -E use the VALUE ...

MySql journey of mysql commands used

First, connect MYSQL. Format: mysql-h host address-u username-p password 1, Example 1: Connect to the machine on MYSQL. First, open the DOS window, then enter the directory mysqlbin, then type the command mysql-uroot-p, a carriage return after the pr ...

Journey to the mysql command used MySql

First, connect MYSQL. Format: mysql-h host address-u username-p password 1, Example 1: Connect to the machine on MYSQL. First, open the DOS window, then enter the directory mysqlbin, then type the command mysql-uroot-p, a carriage return after the pr ...

MyISAM and InnoDB storage engine mysql comparison

MyISAM: This is the default type, which is based on the traditional type ISAM, ISAM is the Indexed Sequential Access Method (with indexed sequential access method) of the abbreviation, it is stored and document standard methods. Compared with other s ...

Oracle highlights Enterprise face questions

Oracle highlights Enterprise face questions 1. Oracle with SQL Server 2005, the difference? Macro: 1. The biggest difference is that platform, oracle can run on different platforms, sql server can only run on windows platform, as windows platform stabilit

PowerDesigner generated from the table into oracle database

PowerDesigner in Table 1 in the building, and linkages between the table, complete, select the menu item in the "DataBase" following "Generate DataBase", find a path to save into sql statements. 2 pl / sql, the tool "" i

Oracle development experience 2

1. Data in the database table information -> such as table names, user names, field names, notes and other information Have access to a view: ALL_COL_COMMENTS SELECT rpad('private String ' || COLUMN_NAME ||';' , 100) , ' --'|| COMMENTS FROM ALL_CO

Hibernate Memorandum

1. Build Table Two methods, one method, in Hibernate.cfg.xml configuration file add the following configuration, the App to run the process as the database table does not exist, or under the relevant conditions to generate a new table, configure the follo

Accelerated method of importing and exporting MySQL

MySQL export import SQL statements may be very, very slow in dealing with one million data, it may take several hours to import. When you export the rational use of several parameters, you can greatly speed up the rate of import. -E use the VALUES li

Solution could not start the service mysql problem

Environment: windows xp, MySQL 5.0 Today, there is some question other people's MySQL, you can view the contents inside, but can not export the sql statement, not to use MySQL front, the mysqldump command line shows access denied. I was estimated

Collection of Oracle common grammatical function

[Oracle initial password] internal: oracle】 【 sys:】 【change_on_install sysman:】 【oem_temp system:】 【manager scott: tiger】 【 - Query "xiaoma" users all of the following table (in addition to the system table) SELECT * FROM ALL_TABLES WHERE TABLE_

An iterative cycle of the project development process

Software development, generally incremental, iterative, (or called evolution, evolution, evolution) of software development models, many of the software development model is mostly based on the classic waterfall model as the basis for improvement, deforma

Recorded using Python + Webpy + Android application process to do a site ---- Chinese encoding five

Should be able to write this article yesterday, lazy, and only now beat the keyboard This is the most important task is to achieve two days of crawling the article, extracting the text, and stored in a database of such a process. Article on the capture, e

The classic use of MySQL (X )---- scheduled backups

mysql supports the command-line import and export data file format is *. sql 1) into: mysql-u username-p password database name <file path \ filename 2) Export: mysqldump-u username-p password database name> file path \ filename 3) I am a real

Build data models with powerdesigner

Sql script to add the primary key table space CTRL + G to export the sql script Reverse engineering, derived from the database table structure.

phpMyAdmin operation illustrated tutorial

In the browser address bar enter your MySQL host address, here is, you can see the dialog box open. 2, according to the user account information in the contents of the documents entered into the database user name and passwo

ORACLE on and off (turn)

[/ Size] startup and shutdown - Administrator's Guide -------------------------------------------------- ------------- Can start when starting a database to a different state: START NOMOUNT: initialization parameters set up according to SGA. STAR

Use at work to software analysis

Programming categories: enterprise architect is mainly used for database table design and creation of some other uml diagrams Description: This software can build all kinds of database tables, and can lead to the view sql statement, you can also expo

mysql-based statement

Add default constraint alter table table_name add column_name int default 'null.jpg'; Delete field alter table table_name drop colum_name; Adjust the field order alter table table_name change colum_name colum_name int not null default 0 after

[Transfer] InnoDB and MyISAM difference

InnoDB and MyISAM is that many people use the two most commonly used MySQL table type, the type of advantages and disadvantages of these two tables, depending on application-specific. The basic difference is: MyISAM type does not support transaction

Database collation conflict (understanding collate Chinese_PRC_CI_AS)

Met before the database collation conflict that Baidu or Google, old topic: "not solve the equal to operation 'sql_latin1_general_cp1_ci_as' and 'chinese_prc_ci_as' collation conflict between." General approach is to create
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