how to change font size in jsp

jsp upload files to the database and download files from the database

This is collected from the Internet. That seems to only upload a single file. Used the commons-fileupload-1.2.jar and commons-io-1.3.2.jar these two packages. save.jsp <% @ Page language = "java" contentType = "text / html; charset = utf

JSP page where the editor called FCKeditor

FCKeditor is a powerful web editor, it is an open source project on, functions are more and can be customized to provide multi-lingual versions, including (asp, cfm, php, lasso, perl, py, jsp). 1, we can o

JSP built-in objects Xiang Jie - rpm

jsp nine built-in objects: request, reponse, out, session, application, config, pagecontext, page, exception. 1. Request object: This object encapsulates the information submitted by users, by calling the appropriate method of the object can access the in

jsp configured FCKeditor2.3

Has now been upgraded to CKeditor a tutorial, but this is not much time to go and get too much to complain, so look for the previous article to learn a little, first recorded as follows. 1. Download FCKeditor2.3 (FCKeditot for java), including the corresp

HTML editor FCKeditor use Xiangjie (change)

This article describes the FCKeditor in the Java environment to use. I. Introduction Features: WYSIWYG support the images and Flash, the toolbar can be freely configured, easy to use Compatibility: IE 5.5 +, Firefox 1.5 +, Safari 3.0 +, Opera 9.50 +, Nets

The first JSP + Servlet + JavaBean + JDBC sample programs

Operating Environment: Quote JDK1.5 Tomcat5.5 MyEclips5.5.1 GA SqlServer2000 windows2003 1. SqlServer Query Analyzer under the new table: create table dbuser( userId int identity(1,1) primary key not null, userName varchar(50), userPasswd varchar(50)) 2.

Introduction to AJAX examples [change]

1, straight to the point The time, blind person see, AJAX is great strides in coming toward us. Whether we support Ye Hao, against worth mentioning, or turn a blind eye, AJAX, as the trend a while, I turned all of us. The definition of AJAX Ye Hao, lying

xml parsing (change)

JAVA 2009-11-09 10:22:33 Read 10 Comments 0 font size: small medium and large The premise of the environment must be consistent, for example, coding procedures must be consistent, otherwise unexpected exception XML file format is as follows: <? Xml ver

fckeditor 2.6 for jsp configuration

This article describes the FCKeditor in the Java environment to use. A brief features: WYSIWYG support the images and Flash, the toolbar can be freely configured, easy to use Compatibility: IE 5.5 +, Firefox 1.5 +, Safari 3.0 +, Opera 9.50 +, Netscape 7.1

FCKeditor integration in SSH projects, text editor [change]

[Size = small] from: (1) first download and Will extract, open the folder after decompression, in which the fckeditor will b

ajax without page refresh to change the contents of the database

ajax without page refresh to change the contents of the database ajax related 2007-11-19 13:07:32 Read 9 Comments 0 font size: small medium and large User age: Age shown as follows: <td bgcolor="#F2F2F2" align='center'> <Sp

JS iframe cross domain access operations in the dom [change]

Many people have had an idea, if the operation can be arbitrary iframe enough. This is equivalent to the background static pages and will have a dynamic page php, jsp, asp in include, require reunification of the capacity of multi-page layout. Throug

In the jsp to display pdf | | website directly open PDF in IE to display pdf documents and parameter settings

align = center] in jsp to display pdf | | Web directly open the PDF in IE to display pdf documents and parameter settings [/ align] A: In the jsp to display pdf <%@ page language="java" import="java.util.*,*" pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1"%> <

(Switch) Flex and the integration of practice jsp

I. Introduction Nowadays RIA (Rich Internet Applications) is very fashionable, but sector has started many projects to develop flex framework. The other team to catch up the pace of new technology, so I would like to try the project responsible for the in

JSP click on table header sort

table.html <html> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <script type="text/javascript" src="tablesortT.js"> </ script> <link type="text/css" rel=

Jsp / Servlet review notes ----- Chapter 7 JavaBean components and JSP standard action in

About 7.1 JavaBean 7.1.1 the reasons for using the Bean What is 7.1.2 Bean 7.1.3 javaBean application in jsp JavaBean is a Java class, which means, JAVA all the features here can be used to complete her basic business logic is encapsulated JavaBean can us

Eclips Mi Ji (change)

Transfer from: Preface: I had been using JBuilderX as the main IDE, but using the Eclipse and found the original should be so easy to use ... Eclipse ... gradually fell in love with it ...... Ecl

JSP review notes - Chapter 10 The JSP + JDBC connect to the database management program message

JSP + JDBC Message Manager Java code Table 1 .-- Create Table 2 .-- user (login), message table 3. Delete Table 4 .-- 5.DROP TABLE person; 6.DROP TABLE note; 7. 8 .-- deleted sequence 9.DROP SEQUENCE note_sequ; 10. Create a sequence of 11 .-- 12.CREATE SE

JSP review notes - Chapter 10 of the jsp + DAO connect to the database management program to achieve a shout

Case-jsp + DAO management procedures to achieve a shout ---------------- Note. Java ------------------------ Java code 1.package; 2. 3.public class Note { 4. Private int id; 5. Private String title; 6. Private String author; 7. Pr

JSP Report Printing Technology (6) - iReport and JasperReport components

iReport and JasperReport components are completely open source project, is the world's production of the surface of the more popular reporting tools, and their advantage is not only because it is an open source project, also due to high performance, h

JavaScript to modify the registry to change the "Tools - Internet Options" (reprint)

Registry entries related to security settings Description: Registry Path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Internet Settings \ Zones 1. Zones item contains the definition for the computer, said security zone for each i

mysql pagination jsp + servlet + javabean achieve

MYSQL page summary of the software development often many occasions we need to use paging technology, now a lot of paging technology, but I do not know much, such as displaytag paging plugin I feel really very good but a bit You can export the pdf, word,

Tomcat5.5.x configuration order

1. Download:

Supported Chinese jspSmartUpload.jar package (with permission)

The original jspSmartUpload.jar download on the support of Chinese is very little question, in accordance with the Internet is to modify the source code, but may find the source code, looking at online is to find the source code, but with the jar in the c

Ajax without page refresh complete table additions and deletions to Edit name search to verify with the database source

Ajax without page refresh complete table additions and deletions to Edit name search to verify with the database source Attachment can download add-source database, whether they watch download required before Implementation elements: 1. The name of the da

AJAX without refreshing the chat room to achieve (download the attachment to the cabinet)

Before writing a small chat room of DEMO, a blog, in addition, download the attachment provided. However, this example brought about automatically refresh the page to experience a sense of bad, and when the contents reac

Use FCKeditor editor summary

Download FCKeditor2.23 down version of the editor, after decompression can be placed directly under Tomcat's webapps, then start Tomcat, and then the address bar to access http://localhost:8888/fckedit/index.jsp. Can be a normal show . But to use ...

Principle Xiangjie spider Reptile

First, the basic principles of search engine spiders search engine spiders that the Search Engine Spider, is a very image of the name. Likened to a spider's web the Internet, then the Spider is a spider crawling around on the Internet. Search eng ...

CKEditor 3 to install and use

FCKEditor is a good rich text editor, in the Web development as a text editor plug-in, very easy to use, and now has been upgraded to CKEditor3, interface, more cool and more feature-rich. FCK have been used before the file upload feature (common fil ...

javascript methods and techniques Daquan 1 (turn)

javascript methods and techniques Daquan (change) JavaScript that's all one: the basics Create a script block 1: <script language="JavaScript"> 2: JavaScript code goes here 3: </ script> Hide the script code 2 1: <script langu

javascript methods and techniques Daquan 2 (transfer)

166.xml data island bound form <html> <body> <xml src="test.xml"> </ xml> <table border='1' datasrc='#abc'> <thead> <td> receiver </ td> <td> sender </ td> <td> Th

jQuery Ajax-free refresh the user name authentication

Recently seen jQuery's ajax implementation, think of this feature and wrote down. Briefly the code is as follows: 1, reg.jsp <% @ Page language = "java" contentType = "text / html; charset = utf-8"%> <! DOCTYPE HTML P ...

B-Cloud Characteristics

<! - @ Page (margin: 2cm) P (margin-bottom: 0.21cm) H2 (margin-bottom: 0.21cm) H2.western (font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 14pt ; font-style: italic) H2.cjk (font-family: "Arial"; font-size: 14pt; font-style: italic) H2

JQuery first day of the

demo01.jsp basic steps demo02.jsp JQuery elements of the object as well as the method of cascaded to obtain demo03.jsp Dom object and Jquery object transformation demo04.jsp Dom object and event operations Jquery object contrast demo05.jsp JQuery obj ...

The basic principles of Web Spiders

Transfer: Keywords: spiders spider web Web spiders or Web Spider, is a very image of the name. Internet likened to a spider web, then Spider spider is crawling around on the Internet. Web spider is the link through

As long as you dare come in, no school will not drop xml

1 Introduction The vast majority of resources are carried over posted Statement first, so it was said that even Daolian SHOW TIME 2, gold and equipment XML Explorer English the official version of (free) XML.ORG.CN download (recomme

HTTP request header information

First, connect to the Web server <br /> a client application (such as the Web browser) open to the Web server HTTP port of a socket (default is 80). For example In Java, this is equivalent to the code: Soceet soc

Flex usage [Classic] ---- switch

/ / Get screen resolution var x: Number = Capabilities.screenResolutionX; var y: Number = Capabilities.screenResolutionY; ("x =" + x + "y =" + y); The second method (stage.fullScreenWidth +"=="+ stage.fu

FCKeditor Introduction

1. FCKeditor Introduction FCKeditor this HTML text editor, open source can have a web program such as MS Word so powerful editing functions. FCKeditor support popular browsers such as IE 5.5 +, Firefox 1.0 +, Mozilla 1.3 + and Netscape 7 +, etc.. FCKedito

FLEX Questions regarding (1)

Forum has been posting some of the problems was repeated today, free to make a point of conclusion, and we hope to share. Hope to help some new people some basic understanding of the flex. 1: flex it can be embedded in html? May need to use iframe, the if

java achieve excel import and export (2) (transfer)

================= ===================== Summary java how to do Excel (data import and export) (change) jxl.jar, can go to download. 1. To read the contents of Excel files java code / ** Read the

fckeditor2.6.4 configuration

Yesterday suddenly use this, and of course, the Internet search for a long time, all kind of complicated feelings, (to write, Web.xml what) Is certainly correct, I also tested the next, and later saw Tell me what the document is ...

Google App Engine for Java: Part 1: running up!

[Address] Original: Google App Engine is Python developer once the patent. It was a dark years. Google Inc. In April 2009 Java ™ developers to open its cloud computing platform. In this three-part series

FCKeditor using the experience

FCKeditor is an open source project above, mainly to achieve the functions of online web page editor that allows web processes have If MS Word so powerful editing functions. Official website for the , the server-si

Implementation of dynamic ajax tree

1. Design: 1. Layout css + div: good is not to say 2. Using ajax, when clicking the tree when a node generates its child nodes, so the client can avoid the one-time loads the whole tree, the implementation of fast 3. Tree formation control using java inst

Configure FCKeditor to use the java Xiangjie

I. Introduction Features: WYSIWYG support the images and Flash, the toolbar can be freely configured, easy to use Compatibility: IE 5.5 +, Firefox 1.5 +, Safari 3.0 +, Opera 9.50 +, Netscape 7.1 +, Camino 1.0 + Maturity: widely used by Baidu, CSDN and oth

Jpage page + Hibernate + Ajax + jquery + JSON General <2>

6. To make the interface attractive to use JQuery <% @ Page language = "java" pageEncoding = "UTF-8"%> <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "- / / W3C / / DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional / / EN"> <html> <head> <title

div and the two linked tables to use experience

2 linkage table part of the code: First need to hide the contents of the tag write the following <div> written in the label attribute the following format: <div> </ Div> The above code that the code block in the div will be hidden and th

[Translation] JavaFX TV platform some development tips (at)

Original: Tips for Developing on the JavaFX TV Platform Of: Larry Hoffman, Jim Holliday Source: # 50466819_30766 JavaFX TV applications TV platform's features can affect your running on top o

javaEE using jquery to achieve a single page CURD

[Align = center] tools: eclipse 3 Database: mysql 5.0 Write a CURD use jquery plugin jquery-impromptu.2.7.min.js, A page list of additions and deletions to achieve a change investigation, no jumps, access to quickly project structure is as follows: test d
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