how to call servlet class from flex

Flex development Introduction to Flex development Document options Print this page Send as an e-mail this page Level: Junior Liu ( ), A software engineer, IBM Software Development Center January 7, 2

Select Flex to connect J2EE technology

Flex can be used to connect the javaEE technical background: 1) HTTPService (xml mode) 2) Webservice (soap) 3) Blazeds 4) LiveCycle Data Services 5) Graniteds 6) Flamingo 7) Fiji 8) Fxstruts 9) other open source projects , Respectively, explain: HTTPServi

Java programmers to learn Flex and BlazeDS of 13 reasons

Author Ryan Knight Sha Xiaolan translator Published in at 2:55 on May 18, 2009 This paper sets out 13 Java programmers should learn Flex and BlazeDS reasons why the Flex discussed BlazeDS combined with the development of one of the best combination of RIA

Flex connection Java EE technology choices

Flex can be used to connect the background JavaEE technologies: ◆ HTTPService (xml mode) ◆ Webservice (soap) ◆ Blazeds ◆ LiveCycle Data Services ◆ Graniteds ◆ Flamingo ◆ Fiji ◆ Fxstruts ◆ other open source projects Describe, respectively: HTTPService: In

flex integration of a simple example of struts (using Httpservice)

Under the flex on the Eclipse integration java configuration please refer to: Here is a flex integration of a basic example of struts 1. TestFlex10.mxml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <mx:Applic

Flex + Java Servlet file upload instances of

Resources are from the Internet. This example will demonstrate the use of Flex and java servlet upload files. Advance preparation is to go download common-fileupload-1.1.1.jar and common-io-1.2.jar two packages. Front Flex Code:

flex image upload (package)

Recent projects in many places used a picture upload, in order to avoid writing a lot of duplication of code, all the packages himself a moment, where records of what, flex-side panel <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <mx:Application xmlns:m

OSGI integration of FLEX I have not verified the content of this article, just turn around, spare a target 1, can be generated by flex compile *. swf, *. as, *. css, images and other resource files in modules packaged separatel

Flex version of Mp3 player ---- most of the functional version of one, front

Use as a holiday to learn the next flex, personal feeling to do something in order to balance the upper Diansha skilled, to coincide with studio to write songs in a program trying to write one himself, rookie work, lot of criticism. The first to preview K

Flex version of Mp3 player ---- most of the features version 2, background

3, java background 1. File upload servlet approach used here 2. Other types of See annex, the project and database upload! Tomcat version of If you need to contact me, due to the shortage of time was too late at the end of doubt please co ...

Spring-Flex framework for analysis

Spring and Spring-Flex is the Adobe co-developed an open source project, and she combines the outstanding features and Spring BlaseDS working mechanisms, the use of Spring can be a very good applications in RIA application development. (A) Recalling ...

flex + lcds communicate with the Java examples

1, web.xml configured lcds 2, / WEB-INF/flex/services-config.xml 3, login.mxml 3, Java classes,

Flex performance optimization of the cpu occupancy rate

First pull a few, team in an ongoing pilot project, recently hit back by customers, the problem is flex performance problems. Symptoms are as follows, when the service layer as the background java servlet to call when, ui will pop up again to play a loadi

flex blazeds achieve server to use (specific identification) client pushing data (on consumer models)

Introduction: There are many similar stocks, foreign exchange, futures and other real-time quotes for this application, the client needs to display information such as price premiums. The current approach is: the client requests to the server time, regard

Flex blazeds hibernate3 spring2

Flex and Java server in communication, select the SH combined. Also searched the Web. There are two ways, one is to add a Factory, and then in the Server-config.xml inside and Remote-config.xml in configuration. which directly point to the Spring Des ...

Flex Integration of J2EE development in mind + source code to download small

Flex development on the language and structure, introduced a well-known hierarchical structure, highlighting the view layer (flex to achieve), the service control layer and the domain model layer, and in accordance with the strict hierarchical, high decou

Flex File Upload issue # 2038 I / O error

Before you can upload, and do not know what changed, this error has been, and This rather disgusting mistake searched there is no answer, some say that maybe it really is it Flash-Bug. Not found in the ADOBE website. Mind to continue to test today, I ...

Flex IP address to obtain the current service

var uri: URI = new URI (Application.application.url); trace (uri.authority); / / IP address of the server which hosts this flex application trace (uri.port); trace (uri.path); var uri: URI = new URI (Application.application.url); userService.url = &q ...

Servlet receives and returns XML to FLEX

package com.test.servlet; import; import; import java.util.Date; import javax.servlet.ServletException; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest; import javax.servlet.http.

FLEX file upload with progress indicator

Reprinted: Source: package; import; import; import; import java.util.Iterator; import java.util.List; import javax.servlet

flex + cairngorm + spring + hibernate integration example of

Preparation: SQL server2005: JDK: jdk- TOMCAT: tomcat-6.0.20 ECLIPSE: eclipse -3.3 MYECLIPSE plug-in: MyEclipse-6.5 Flex: FB3_WWEJ_Plugin.exe BLEAZEDS: BlazeDS, download address: Insta

Simple flex file upload - java client

Use of third-party package: commons-fileupload-1.2.jar apache official website can be package fileupload; import; import; import; import java.util.List; import java.util.ListIterator; import javax. ...

Integration of Flex + Java configuration Posts

In sharing these types of configuration before a brief look at some of the resources used need. 1, MyEclipse + Flex plug-in (the official download) 2, Tomcat6.0 as a server (the official download) 3, with BlazeDS (free) instead of LCDS (charges): no money

flex and java communication through HTTPService Examples

1, testflex.mxml <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?> <S: Application xmlns: fx = "" xmlns: s = "library: / / / flex / spark" xmlns: mx = "library: ...

flex to achieve the client to export the report data to excel

Transfer: Using flex to achieve the client to excel export report data, and implementation steps are as follows: jxls Download 1. Flex-side code Java code <mx:Script> <! [CDATA [ imp

spring, when I use the annotation with automatic scanning and automatic registration of bean, now flex or ext how to lead service reference?

In spring, when I use the annotation with automatic scanning and automatic registration bean time, applicationContext.xml does not show marked bean the id, I want to lead in flex or ext how reference service? Then it should not be able to write notes? Wha

Flex submitted Servlet handling of returned xml garbled

1): We all know FLex its default encoding is UTF-8 format. (2): your database connection: I am here to use the mysql. jdbc: mysql: / / characterEncoding = utf-8 (3): Find your html encoding is not UTF-8 encoding. If it is the same jsp. (4)

flex remote object invocations, flex and spring integration page

Explain the four examples here 1, using flex remote call method (java in BlazeDS way) a query table of the 2, using a combination of flex and spring, using the remote object to make a table query 3, using a combination of flex and spring, to do a paging q

Learning Flex and WebORB

Flex and WebORB Learning (2) Keywords: flex flash weborb amf java In the integration of existing web app WebORB and flex applications. Use WebORB for Java 3.0 Beta

FLEX permission - to use RemoteObject interactive control program combined with spring AOP permission tutorial

Reprinted: FLEX permission - to use RemoteObject interactive control program combined with spring AOP permission tutorial FLEX using the combination of spring AOP remoteobject interactive authori

Flex4 of Servlet-based file upload

Flex upload functionality on the realization depends on the FileReference class. Create an instance of an object class in two ways: using var myFileReference = new FileReference (); FileReferenceList.browse (). Using the browse () or FileReference.browse

Java object using POST to Servlet Communication

In order to achieve real-time push features BlazeDS, and found one with the Servlet implementation example. But the second example uses a thread push, so some waste of resources. Search a long time and did not find the Java Servlet class in the example ca

Flex control session method

Using filter monitoring MessageBrokerServlet into ThreadLocal in the context Then you can program any of the methods from java using ThreadLocal get the current session This time combined with the aop aop I used the spring session in the authenticati

Using the flex of the session

1. To write session mxml file add <mx:RemoteObject source="servlet" /> as files with the following statement calling sessionObject.session ("set", "foo", 30200); 2. Reading session mxml file add <mx:RemoteObject

flex j2ee integration

This article is taken from # listing1 The Flex application integrated into Java EE best practices The traditional Java EE applications typically use a MVC framework (eg, Struts) as the front-end user

Docking j2ee flex program

This article is taken from Flex technology available to connect javaEE background: 1) HTTPService (xml mode) 2) Webservice (soap) 3) Blazeds 4) LiveCycle Data Services 5) Graniteds 6) Flamingo 7) Fiji 8) Fxstrut

flex and server-side communication means (a)

Flex development in one of the most important elements is the communication with the server and database. And this method of communication I know of about seven, which Blazeds with LCDS can be summarized into one. If you want to flex with the client

flex means of communication with the server-side (1)

Flex development in one of the most important elements is the communication with the server and database. And this method of communication I know of about seven, which Blazeds with LCDS can be summarized into one. If you want to flex with the client

Multi file upload Flex II: Back part of the (java)

Here is how to deal with the point of upload background documents, using a java. Apache upload feature uses a common jar package, you can download here . java code is as follows, briefly below: 1. To set upload directory, this directory is the web server

Flex performance issues

Performance for Flex I think a lot of people who really intend to use it the most concern, is also used for so long I understand the issue more deeply, The current performance I have ever done is a big problem, where I summarized some of the technical per

python language web tour (python, mod_python, pyamf, flex, apache)

This article introduces how like python for web applications. (Windows environment) 1. Using the mod_python module for apache web server, python, and the communication between 1. Download and install apache2.2.11, python2.5 version download from the offic

JAVA integration through MyEclpise to communicate with the FLEX (Flex project added by Java web project)

1. Create a new JAVA the WEB project, named JavaAddFlex 2. Download blazed into our package for all LIB 3. In the web-inf directory FLEX next create a new folder will be blazed package flex folder under test to the directory 4. Modify the web.xml file und

flex httpService Usage

Pass the request to the Java back their summed up in three ways, The first one: By httpService the servlet sends a request to the java, and then returns a result: The first step of a new httpService.mxml file: <? Xml version = "1.0" enco

Complete multi-file upload instances of Flex

The following example shows the complete upload files with Flex code. 1. Realizing the functions: * A select multiple file upload * Upload displayed during the progress of each file * If an image, you can preview it before uploading * Can choose to upload

FLEX with the existing development languages (C #, PHP, JAVA) method of communication between

Here are some the most common and practical FLEX development language to communicate with existing methods: 1.C # 2.PHP 3.JAVA 1.Flex communicate with C # (. Net development in common) Flex-side code: public static function SendMessage (objXML: XML, objRe

Flex + WebService Development Example

Main code Webservices.mxml code: Mxml code 1. <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?> 2. <mx:Application Xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute"> 3. <mx:WebService Wsdl="h

Flex HttpService in garbled solution

Flex and Strust2 interaction, the garbage problem is a headache, on-line solution is not the system, took a long time to solve ~ ~ ~ Flex-> Action Reception will be transmitted in flex string encoding: UserRegisterDetailSave.request.address = enco

CHM: flex4 technology based on flex development blog system from scratch

Disclaimer: I did not write the article, taken from the Internet, Source: thank the great write such a good article, salute! Bu know the original source of this article, whether it is here, but I tak

Flex integration with java summarized in two ways

flex technology itself, I do not do shows, let me say I'm not able to go around, who told ye it is a rookie. The information in this regard are still many, Baidu or Google can find the to the. flex and java is the interactive communication or I have a

Flex + Java Servlet file upload instances

Resources are from the Internet. The examples will demonstrate use of Flex and java servlet upload files. Advance preparation is to download common-fileupload-1.1.1.jar and common-io-1.2.jar two packages. Front Flex code: Java co
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