HibernateTemplate search out of memory

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The basic principles of a cache (computer memory)

In the computer: CPU-> 1 cache (SRAM) -> 2 cache (DRAM) -> Memory 1: cpu cache (Cache Memory) is located between the CPU and memory, the temporary memory, it is smaller than the memory capacity, but the exchange of (fast). The data in the ca ...

C + +, memory allocation (transfer)

In C, memory is divided into five areas, namely, the heap, stack, free store, global / static storage area and the constant store.   1. Description: 1. Stack, are those by the compiler when needed distribution, without the time automatically clears t

Five memory partition

Five memory partitions in C + +, the memory is divided into five areas, namely, the heap, stack, free store, global / static storage area and the constant store. Stack, are those by the compiler when needed distribution, the time automatically withou

Android memory leak detection and repair

http://hi.baidu.com/donghaozheng/blog/item/2bbac480830fefda9023d96e.html Android on the system recently in search of a memory leak problem, found that using Android ADT with the DDMS of the Heap functions well with the (system default open permissions req

java in the hashmap and hashtable (2)

java in the hashmap and hashtable (2) - Beginner's Guide 2009-02-10 13:37 Hashtables provides a useful way to make optimum application performance. Hashtables (hash table) in the computer field is not a new concept. They are used to speed up the compu

The difference between heap and stack (to)

I can not make http://www.cppblog.com/oosky/archive/2006/01/21/2958.html! for very classic, so the fold, and people read them! author ominous! heap and stack One difference, prior knowledge - a memory allocation procedure c / C + + programs compiled with

Principle of dual array tree TRIE

Principle of dual array tree TRIE Original title: An Efficient Digital Search Algorithm by Using a Double-Array Structure Of: JUN-ICHI AOE President: Double-array structure using an efficient Digital Search Algorithm Abstract: This paper introduces a new

android emulator command Daquan (Reprinted)

1, Android simulator introduced Android provides a simulator to simulate the ARM core of the mobile devices. Android simulator is developed based on QEMU, QEMU is a well-known open source virtual machine project (see http://bellard.org/qemu/), it can prov

Some of the ways to learn English

1, practice listening U.S. National Public Radio NPR: http://www.npr.org/ Features: Standard American English. Recommendation: spend three minutes later, repeated listening to English radio, which is hearing the only way to cross the border. Click th

360 can not be used, and what we use antivirus software? Recommended comodo

Comodo, the U.S. software company, is the world's leading IT security service provider and SSL certificate provider, headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, was founded in 1998. Comodo offers some free products, through its official website. It

How to view the system is how many bits

Digit refers to the CPU GPRs (General-Purpose Registers, general-purpose register) How many bits of data width, the number of bits (in 32-bit example) 32-bit instruction set is to run 32-bit data instructions that the processor time You can run 32bit

Hibernate search strategy

epai item Projects because of the reference to the use of on_sale_list.jsp page $ (goodslist.userinfoBySalerId.UName) expression. The expression shows: According to the object goods entity userinfoBySalerId property of the object found in the userinfo ent

Hibernate's search method

Hibernate provides the following types of object retrieval approach. l navigation object graph search method. (Based on the object is already loaded, navigate to other objects.) l OID retrieval methods. (In accordance with the OID object to retrieve the o

Javascript memory leak on the collation of draft issues

Wrote a long time a small javascript function modules, has never been concerned about the issue of memory leaks. Remember to write C + + procedures, memory leak is a serious issue, I think it is time for a look. Find the articles online, Mark look. Origin

Java memory leak analysis and solution of

July 24, 2009 Friday, 00:17 Java memory leak that every Java programmer will be the problems encountered, the program is running in the local all normal, but there will be deployed to remote memory, unlimited growth, the final system paralyzed, then how f

JAVA virtual machine memory allocation and recovery mechanisms (transfer)

Java to the memory divided into two kinds: One is the stack memory, heap memory, one is. In the function defined in some of the basic types of variables and object references to variables in the function of the stack memory allocation. When a block o ...

java memory, thinking and summary

1. Java heap and the stack in In the Java program is running, there are six places can be used to save the data: (1) register. Save the fastest growing region, located inside the processor number is limited, it is allocated by the compiler as needed. ...

Java memory leak (change)

Java Memory Leak Level: Junior Ou Chen ( yeekee@sina.com ), Zhou Xin ( mailto: zhouxin@sei.pku.edu.cn ), October 21, 2002 An important advantage of Java is through the garbage collector (Garbage Collection, GC) automatically manages the recovery of memory

Lucene: full-text search engine based on Java Introduction

Author: Che Dong Published on :2002-08-06 18:08 Last updated :2009-03-20 23:03 Copyright : You can willfully, reproduced hyperlink when you make sure to indicate the form of the article Original Source And author information and This statement . http://ww

android Memory Optimization

android because of the particularity of the system, install the software by default are installed into memory, so as more and more users to install the software available for running programs using the memory getting smaller and smaller, which requir ...

The basic principle of full-text search

I. General remarks According to http://lucene.apache.org/java/docs/index.html definition: Lucene is an effective, Java-based full-text search library. Therefore, to understand the Lucene fee prior to the full-text search to find out some effort. So what i

Performance Tuning of Java programs to find memory leak culprit

Once I started going to the time line did a small swing program using the java SE, swing, Thread, etc. Dongdong, initially with little experience, has not done rigorous performance testing, with the cloth into the production environment for some time and

Lucene Learning: the basic principle of full-text search

Reprinted: http://blog.csdn.net/forfuture1978/archive/2009/10/22/4711308.aspx I. General remarks According to http://lucene.apache.org/java/docs/index.html definition: Lucene is an effective, Java-based full-text search library. Therefore, to understand t

IKAnalyzerDemo full-text search and sub-word examples

/** * IK Analyzer Demo * @param args */ import java.io.File; import java.io.IOException; import java.io.StringReader; import java.util.List; import org.apache.lucene.document.Document; import org.apache.lucene.document.Field; import org.apache.lucene.inde

JBoss5 JMX - See JBoss thread stacks, CPU, memory, information

JBoss has a JMX management, web management interface called the jmx-console, in the http://localhost:8080/jmx-console/ directory. In JBoss, the principal through the jmx-console to manage, although an increase in the JBoss5.1 Lane admin-console. But when

Bring you in-depth understanding of Web site databases distributed memory

In the Web 2.0 era, the website will always be faced with rapidly increasing traffic, but our application of how to satisfy the user's access needs, but basically we have this situation are the performance bottlenecks are in the database, this wi ...

Fundamentals of Java memory management - Java memory allocation

1. Introduction Now extract a Java5 memory management white paper statement: One strength of the Java ™ 2 Platform , Standard Edition (J2SE ™ ) is that it performs automatic memory management, thereby shielding the developer from the complexity of ex ...

Using the Apache Lucene text search

Introduction Lucene is an open source, highly scalable search engine library, you can get from the Apache Software Foundation. You can use Lucene for commercial and open source applications. Lucene powerful API focuses on text indexing and search. It can

java heap and the stack (memory allocation strategy)

Compiled in accordance with principles of the memory allocation strategy point of view, the program run-time memory allocation There are three strategies, namely, static, stack-style, and heap-based. Static storage allocation is determined at compile time

Eclipse startup parameter is set to solve the problem of insufficient memory

http://www.21jn.net/html/62/n-562.html When the project has just been done, MyEclipse Tip of memory, I have 1G of memory books for ? . Error something like this: MyEclipse has detected that less than 5% of the 64MB of Perm Gen (Non-heap memory) space rema

java callback mechanism and the Hibernate implementation of HibernateTemplate

java callback mechanism and the Hibernate implementation of HibernateTemplate Recent studies have hibernate and spring combined, we found that spring had been applied to achieve hibernate callback mechanism, so google many times, and finally some experien

JVM memory stress test in the skyrocketing real cause analysis

Wrote a work of a small Web applications, similar to the scaffolding of the demo application, with the spring ride, in tomcat to run. Process finished, and want to see how much access can withstand the pressure gradually began stress tests. Did not use a

With ehcache cache to the lucene single cases of pattern search

I used and ehcache cache mode with single cases, in fact, to indexsearcher added a cache to use ehcache set a cache in memory, the time to 10 minutes. When the IndexSearcher object does not exist, create a static object at the same time to write a va ...

java memory allocation mechanisms in

Java the memory is divided into two kinds: One is the stack memory, heap memory, one is. Defined in the function of some basic types of variables and object reference variables in the function of stack memory allocation. When a block of code defines ...

Java Memory Analysis (Reprinted)

In JAVA, there are six different places to store data: 1. Register (register). This is the fastest storage area, because it is different from other storage areas in a place - inside the processor. However, the number of registers is extremely limited, so

myeclipse memory optimization

1, always pop-up Quick update error, close the myeclipse's Quick Update Automatic Update feature Solution to this problem is to turn off automatic updates Windows> Preferences> MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench> Community Essentials, The op ...

[Information retrieval] Lucene (1): the basic principle of Search

The full text: http://blog.csdn.net/forfuture1978/archive/2009/10/22/4711308.aspx Study: forfuture1978 (from CSDN) We all know, Lucene is an open source text search engine tool kit. Search in the end then what? This should start with the data in our lives

About MongoDB in the 64-bit server is still reported mmap failed with out of memory error solution (with Mysql performance comparison test)

In the 32-bit platforms, MongoDB and prone to "mmap failed with out of memory" error, because 32-bit platform MongoDB database files are not allowed (cumulative total) of more than 2G, and 64-bit platforms do not have this restriction. Want ...

Compass --- Search Engine (2)

4 Query Analyzer By default, Compass uses its own query parser based on Lucene. Compass allows configure multiple Query Analyzer (with the registered name of the search), or you can override the default Compass Query Analyzer (registered with the default

[Information retrieval] Introduce to IR (1): Boolean search

The series is "An Introduce to Information Retrieval" the study notes. The concept of IR is very broad, even took out a credit card from the wallet and enter the card number is also a form of information retrieval. In the academic field, we ...

. Net a Best Practice: Monitoring. Net code in high memory consumption function

. Net a Best Practice: Monitoring. Net code in high memory consumption function Introduction and objectives Result. NET code is an important factor in performance degradation is the memory consumption. Many developers is mainly used to determine the ...

[Find structural feature 3] a balanced binary search tree [AVL]

In the previous project, we are talking about the efficiency of binary search tree when. Different structures of binary search tree, look for efficiency are quite different (single-branch tree structure became the order of search to find the efficien ...

[Find structural feature 5] multiple search tree / B ~ Tree / B + Tree

In the previous topic about the BST, AVL, RBT is a typical binary search tree, the search time complexity associated with height. Then reduce the efficiency of tree height naturally find is helpful. There is also a more practical question: is the lar ...

<Programming Pearls> binary search in the use of large amounts of data (not find a file in the data)

"Programming Pearls" problem mentioned in Chapter II A: Given a 32-bit integer that contains the order file, which contains up to four billion such integer, and the sequence is random. Please find this file does not exist a 32-bit integer. Of co

[Find structural feature 6] Comparison of the dynamic search tree

Our presentation of dynamic search tree are: a binary search tree (BST), a balanced binary search tree (AVL), red-black tree (RBT), B ~ / B + tree (B-tree). These four trees are several advantages with the following: (1) are dynamic structures. In th ...

Linux sketchy related to the lower reservoir and the dynamic library search path priority

(This article is aimed at dynamic link library, the content source network, re-order of, highlighted some key concerns, please) 1. <br /> Basic knowledge of the whole, the library can be used in three forms: static, shared and dynamic. Static l ...

My Graduation - Search Engine

Graduate design course, and students partner together with the C language in Linux, wrote a search engine, is now working, C language, and I almost insulating. Today, when collating information, occasionally opened to my complete set to open at the c ...

[String handling 3] Trie Tree Search string collection

Trie tree, also known as a dictionary tree, word search tree. It comes from the retrieval (search) in the middle of the four characters to take form (pronounced with the try). Used to store a large number of strings in order to support fast pattern m ...

UMDH in memory leak analysis

Meeting today is meaningless, think of the software testing process prior to the application of umdh, so wanted to write a summary, due to forgetting some details, he went to find Microsoft's official on the classic article " Umdhtools.exe: How t

ASP + Access queries Japanese interchangeable character of memory overflow problem (80040e14 / memory overflow) solution

This information along with free resources from the network ( http://www.17ftp.com ) collect and organize data, reproduced, please indicate the source! ACCESS has a BUG, it is like a search using the Japanese would be if you encounter a "memory& ...
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