HibernateTemplate search out of memory

Hibernate search strategy

epai item Projects because of the reference to the use of on_sale_list.jsp page $ (goodslist.userinfoBySalerId.UName) expression. The expression shows: According to the object goods entity userinfoBySalerId property of the object found in the userinfo ent

web developed by a number of issues (java directions)

Internship soon, and the company give me a number of questions, let me seriously think about. I encountered some problems, some not, I check the information from the Internet, and finally put together some answers to questions, I hope that users be able t

Spring + Hibernate in (the owning Session was closed error)

Spring control of Hibernate as a result of the life cycle of only data layer and service layer, while the performance of management layers, so there will be the owning Session was closed phenomenon. Needle This point, I passed the hibernate filter to solv

Hibernate's lazy on the mechanism

Mechanism on the lazy, reprint Address: http://lz726.javaeye.com/blog/116616 Delay the use of Hibernate initialization errors are the most common development mistakes. If a class or configuration of the delay in collection of search strategy, it must be w

hibernate lazy

Could not initialize proxy - the owning Session was closed Hibernate session is closed because, as a result of lazy = true, action call session.load () has been the target is free and can not be changed, the method should be placed in the dao Hibernate is

spring question set 2

Spring in the ApplicationContext What is the role? beanFactory Internationalization (getMesage) Resource Management: You can directly read the contents of a file (getResource) Add web framework (by adding a servlet or listener) Event handling spring in th

Hibernate's lazy-loading mechanism (lazy mechanism)

Transfer from http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_5719dd050100b66f.html HIBERNATE the persistent object loading strategy. Delay load, that is, when it is used to load. This can increase the number of properties. Hibernate's lazy loading a HibernateSession

spring interview Daquan (3)

Reprinted: http://www.mianwww.com/html/category/it-interview/spring/page/2 1, Spring how to achieve resource management? Use applicationContext.getResource ("classpath: file name"): In the src root directory, in the class path applicationContext

Hibernate optimization

1 Mysql databases, mainly for the physical hardware disk optimization Seeker capacity (disk IO) Mysql Optimization own (Mysql.cnf) file optimization 2, for Oracle databases run, Fetch Size is set to JDBC's Statement read data when removed from the dat

could not initialize proxy - no Session

Original Address: http://www.wozaishuo.com.cn/article.asp?id=367 In <many-to-on> of this error is common, literally just can not be initialized because the session was closed. Easy to understand because, you use the lazy = true, In this way hibernat

Discussion hibernate lazy loading

Hibernate lazy initialization error is the use of development projects in the most common mistakes. If the configuration of a class or collection of search strategy of delay, it must be when the agent or agent class instance is a collection of persistent

Summary SSH interview questions

Summary SSH interview questions MVC 1. Talk about your understanding of mvc MVC is the Model-View-Controler for short. The Model - View - Controller. MVC is a design pattern that the mandatory application of the input, processing and output separately. MV
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