hibernate many-to-one element column default

inverse mapping and hibernate collection cascade Detailed

4. Hibernate how to update the database pojo 4.0 in the commit / flush before, hibernate will not be a mysterious object pojo treatment. 4.0.1 in the pojo when a select query, hibernate under the "field - attribute" of the corresponding relation

Study Notes hibernate mapping set 10 ---

1, set As already introduced the use of set, there is only one element brief elements: If the one-to-many multi-table in the small field, you can establish a mapping file do not have a separate, more convenient to use element Such as: Company - Dept Only

Hibernate's understanding of inverse and cascade

4. Hibernate how to update the database pojo 4.0 in the commit / flush before, hibernate will not be a mysterious object pojo treatment. 4.0.1 in the pojo when a select query, hibernate under the "field - attribute" of the corresponding relation

Hibernate mapping a collection of attributes - reproduced

Hibernate mapping collection attributes in the Reprinted http://janwer.javaeye.com/blog/136945 Keywords: hibernate collection mappings Collection properties are basically two kinds: the first one is simply a collection of properties, such as such as ...

Hibernate in the 3-2-1

one-to-one, there are three ways to do one-to-many, there are two ways many-to-many there is a way. One-way many-to-one and one-way one-to-one is written is the same. Because one-way one-to-one is in a table set up outside the health. With foreign health

Hibernate based applications

Hibernate as the persistence of the now popular technique widely applied. Intend to use articles about what Hiberante application. Hibernate's core mechanism is ORM (object-relational mapping), that is, the realization of the object through the operat

Hibernate lazy loading

What is hibernate lazy load? The so-called lazy loading (lazy) is to delay loading, lazy loading. When to use lazy loading it? Can only be answered when to use lazy loading with lazy loading. Why should lazy load it? When we want to access the data too la

HIbernate comment Xiangjie

@ Author liuguangyi @ Content ejb3 annotation of the API defined in the javax.persistence .* package inside. Note Note: @ Entity - a class declared as an entity bean (ie a persistent POJO class) @ Id - Note statement of the identity of the entity bean att

struts2 + hibernate3 + spring2 study notes 11 (Hibernate Query)

Chapter 12, Hibernate query Introduction to database query language in this chapter is the most commonly used database, Hibernate provides a HQL query to the database, also provide the conditions for inquiry (Criteria Queries) SQL queries and join queries

Hibernate common errors

Hibernate common errors Hibernate common errors 1. Error: object references an unsaved transient instance - save the transient instance before flushing: com.xxxx.bean.java.Sysblog; nested exception is org.hibernate.TransientObjectException: object referen

hibernate cascade delete encountered problems and solutions

We know that in dealing with hibernate-many of the problems, we generally in the configuration file Zhong stated below their relations and operations Rules . For example, when doing Web page, the article will list owners and Bo is the one to many relation

Shangxue Tang Hibernate Notes

Quote New Project 1 2 learning to build user-library-hibernate, and add the appropriate jar package a project right-build path-configure build path-add library b select the user-library, in which the new library, lives life to hibernate c in the library n

Hibernate study (5) - a collection of attribute mapping

Hibernate mapping collection attributes referred to a collection of maps Generally, there are two collection properties: The first is simply a collection of properties, such as such as List, Set or array such as a collection of attributes; The other

hibernate reference handwriting

Hibernate Hibernate --- my study notes 2009-06-19 On: wcily123 Source: wcily123's blog Layered software development ideas: Three-tier architecture: Data presentation layer business logic data persistence layer SUN desktop applications Swing AWT Ordina

collection of properties hibernate

For hibernate, the collection property in the Hibernate mapping file is definitely a very important element, understanding and proficiency in common is much more important set of attributes. Here, A Church from the body according to their joint study

Hibernate configuration file description

1, <hibernate-mapping> <Hibernate-mapping [Schema = "schemaName"] [Catalog = "catalogName"] [Default-cascade = "cascade_style"] [Default-access = "field | property | ClassName"] [Default-lazy = "true |

Hibernate code generation tools for the design of the entire Raiders -- Garden blog

Points Writing essay and the latest rankings here for easy access the main Ha ha - Big mouth Tsai - Big mouth Tsai - qianq put my keyboard with a small knife out of Alice, wiping a bit sensitive keyboard you reply! - steward good - students read the list

Some hibernate urinate

This is the third time in the project uses hibernate and hibernate at the beginning of a very good feeling, because a lot of red tape might dispense with the sql statement, but through this several times in the project with hibernate, described on on ...

Hibernate cache management

1. Cache Description: Cache (Cache) is the computer industry the concept is very common. Between its applications and permanent data storage source (such as hard disk file or database), with its direct application is to reduce the permanent data stor ...

The realization of the field of Hibernate objects with custom fields

testing ...... Introduction In the development of enterprise-class business applications (enterprise scale), the customers tend to demand the system without modifying the source code of the application object model to support scalability. Use of extensibl

Hibernate mapping file configuration

Object-relational mapping is an XML document to illustrate the. Document mapping tools can be used to generate, such as XDoclet, Middlegen and so on AndroMDA. The following example from the beginning of a map on the mapping element of the code mapping fil

Hibernate Quick Start

Hibernate Framework Hibernate Framework Hibernate Quick Start Hibernate based on semantic Hibernate configuration basis Hibernate O / R Mapping Hibernate Data Association Hibernate data retrieval HQL practical technology Hibernate advanced features Hibern

Hibernate understanding the inverse! Many-to-many

Inverse two-way relationship is hibernate in the basic concept, of course, for most entities, we do not need two-way link, more likely to choose a one-way link, and we generally use the majority of people one-to-many relationship, and one-to-many two ...

Hibernate understand the inverse! Many-to-many

Inverse two-way relationship is hibernate in the basic concepts of, of course, for most entities, we do not require two-way link, more one-way correlation may choose Moreover, most of us are generally one-to-many relationship between the associated t ...

Hibernate correctly understand the inverse

In hibernate through the inverse of the settings to determine who is the maintenance of tables and table relations between the A friend of mine recently asked me to delete many-to-many hibernate on the middle of table data, the key is the inverse of the s

hibernate inverse cascade Xiangjie _1

Hibernate in the Inverse and the Cascade has been the difference between 2008-05-18 18:11 distinction between the two is not very clear, that since Inverse seem to have certain characteristics of Cascade, such as delete. Today, the practice of what did I

hibernate inverse cascade Xiangjie _2

Inverse and the cascade is the Hibernate mapping the most difficult to master the two properties. Both are associated with operations in the object play a role. 1.inverse attributes: inverse described by an object associated with the relationship bet ...

HIbernate in line with Java custom relational database persistence of XML configuration

Hibernate-mapping <hibernate-mapping schema = "schemaName" (1) catalog = "catalogName" (2) default-cascade = "cascade_style" (3) default-access = "field | property | ClassName" (4) default-lazy = "true | fal

Hibernate inverse cascade ...

inverse: default false, that is, the client is responsible for maintaining the relationship. Can only be used in a two-way-to-many and many to many association on a map. If a certain side dubbed inverse = true, then the relationship will be maintaine ...

hibernate configuration Xiangjie

1, hibernate.cfg.xml configuration Xiangjie Hibernate can be a description of the file properties properties file, it can be a xml file. Here to talk about the Hibernate.cfg.xml configuration. Configure the following format: 1. Configure Data Source Hiber

The usage of Hibernate in the Criteria

Hibernate is designed CriteriaSpecification as a parent Criteria interface is provided below the Criteria and DetachedCriteria. Criteria and DetachedCriteria The main difference is not the same as the form is created, Criteria is online, so it is carried

hibernate mapping file Xiangjie 1

1. Doctype All XML mappings are shown above need to define the doctype. DTD can be obtained from the above URL, it can be hibernate-xxx/src/net/sf / hibernate directory, or hibernate.jar documents found. Hibernate will always be the first in its classptah

hibernate mapping file Xiangjie 2

8. Generator <generator> Optional sub-element is the name of a Java class used for persistent instances of a class to generate unique identifiers. If the generator needs some configuration values or the instance initialization parameters, using <

Hibernate mapping configuration properties to explain the relationship between

1. Attributes and their meaning hibernate-mapping properties auto-import (optional - defaults to true): Specifies whether we can in the query language, use of non-fully qualified class name (only in this mapping file in the class). package (optional): Spe

hibernate mapping file in the id and the id Generator for Xiang Jie

This translation from the hibernate3.3.1 have some reference material (hibernate reference) of 5.1.4 id and Generator. A, id Mapped entity classes must declare a corresponding database table primary key column attribute. Most of the class represen

Hibernate mapping Xiang Jie [change]

1. Doctype All XML mappings are shown above need to define the doctype. DTD can be obtained from the above URL, it can be hibernate-xxx/src/net/sf / hibernate directory, or hibernate.jar documents found. Hibernate will always be the first in its classptah

Hibernate - DetachedCriteria the full use of

Recent projects developed using Spring and Hibernate, feeling Criteria relatively easy to use, in the query method   Design Criteria can be flexible according to the characteristics of easily query assembly. Now the usage of Hibernate's Criteri ...

hibernate-mapping arguments detailed

hibernate-mapping arguments detailed Mapping file parsing: 1, hibernate-mapping 1.default-access (optional - defaults to property): Hibernate to access the property strategy. Can be achieved PropertyAccessor interface customization. 2.default-lazy (option

Hibernate one-way associated with the primary key

Use of: a table primary key, and another table's primary key corresponds to 1:1. 1-1 The association can be based on the primary key association, but based on the primary key associated with the persistent class can not have its own primary key genera

[Change] Hibernate ---- pessimistic locking and optimistic locking. Hibernate locking mechanism

[Change] Hibernate ---- pessimistic locking and optimistic locking, Hibernate from the locking mechanism: http://www.blogjava.net/pengpenglin/archive/2010/03/15/315444.html [1] optimistic locking (Optimistic locking) version of the strategy adopted: ...

Classic hibernate configuration Xiangjie

<meta> element's attributes Property Description class-description specified description of the class javaDoc field-description describes a class attribute specified javaDoc interface if it is true, that generate the interface, not class, defaul

[Change] hibernate ---- Inverse and cascade difference

and the difference between hibernate ---- Inverse cascade Inverse cascade and the difference between fact, they are unrelated concepts: inverse relationship is the control of the direction of the association, while the cascade refers to the linkage b ...

hibernate composite-id

Encounter the following problems: In the browser display getSession (). Save (...) sentence has been reported nullException. First of all, the problem is definitely not getSession reference to the use of the Internet are so used, getSession () and th ...

hibernate annontaion learn more

Hibernate Annotation Description Turn http://relucent.javaeye.com/ @ Entity public class Flight implements Serializable ( Long id; @ Id public Long getId () (return id;) public void setId (Long id) (this.id = id;) ) @ Entity annotation to a class declarat

Hibernate mapping using the UUID and the MAP problem

Look at the code <id name="id"> <generator /> </id> <discriminator column="p_type" type="string"/> <property name="name" length="20"/> <map name="map" table="t_map" cascade="all"> <key column="id"/> <map-key ty

SCA (Tascany) + Spring + Hibernate development and use of examples

1. Overview This document describes and Apache Tascany based Eclipse3.5 based on the use of Spring QuickStart example. Interested friends MSN: huangyungang@hotmail.com exchanges can mail instructions. This article will begin to understand or resolve the f

(Change) Hibernate Study Notes 2

Meike inheritance tree map into a table: 1, understanding how to map Because the class inheritance tree is certainly correspond to multiple classes, multiple classes of information should be stored in a table, there must be some mechanism to distinguish w

See hibernate primary key generated on the article, we share

Transfer from: http://www.talentdigger.cn/home/space.php?uid=2193&do=thread&id=2999 Key Generator Primary key generator option Description: 1) assigned Responsible for the primary key generated by an external program without Hibernate participatio

Hibernate lazy loading FOR Connection

The following to-many map-based way. On the side of the relevant settings set to lazy to test. As follows: Classes.hbm.xml Student.hbm.xml Configure-to-many mapping above. As the next set of three property values in LAZY true / false / extra can set ...

struts2 + hibernate3 + spring2 study notes 10 (Hibernate configuration file)

Hibernate configuration files Chapter 11 1. Configuration hibernate.cfg.xml Hibernate runtime need to get some basic information database, including database URL, database username, database password, database, JDBC driver classes and the database dialect
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