hibernate join extra update statement

(Reprinted) hibernate Services: On a cache, a detailed description of the secondary cache

hibernate mainly from the following aspects to optimize the query performance: 1, reducing the frequency of access to the database, reducing the number of select statements, means of achieving are: left outer join with an urgent or pressing the connection

hibernate-mapping arguments detailed

hibernate-mapping arguments detailed Mapping file parsing: 1, hibernate-mapping 1.default-access (optional - defaults to property): Hibernate to access the property strategy. Can be achieved PropertyAccessor interface customization. 2.default-lazy (option

Hibernate in the 3-2-1

one-to-one, there are three ways to do one-to-many, there are two ways many-to-many there is a way. One-way many-to-one and one-way one-to-one is written is the same. Because one-way one-to-one is in a table set up outside the health. With foreign health

Some summary Hibernate

1, the first hibernate program: 1. New Java Project 2. Create User Library, add the following jar * HIBERNATE_HOME/hibernate3.jar * HIBERNATE_HOME / lib / *. jar * MySql jdbc driver 3. Create a hibernate configuration file hibernate.cfg.xml, in order to f

Hibernate in cascade with the inverse property Xiangjie

Hibernate in cascade with the inverse of the understanding. You buy what this book is it Hibernate? Sun Weiqin mastery of Hibernate, Hibernate, or in layman's language, or that one. . . I have bought two, the whole can, however, some areas of writing

(Change) Hibernate Study Notes 2

Meike inheritance tree map into a table: 1, understanding how to map Because the class inheritance tree is certainly correspond to multiple classes, multiple classes of information should be stored in a table, there must be some mechanism to distinguish w

Hibernate Summary (2)

This summary information Shangxue Tang video "Hibernate" Hibernate Summary (1) 12, many to many association mapping 1, the specific mapping: <set name="roles" table="t_user_role"> <key column="userid"/>

Hibernate Repeated column in mapping for entity exception

Bidirectional one to many association (class Item and class Bid): Item class: public class Item { private int id; private String name; private Set bids = new HashSet(); ••• } Bid type: public class Bid { private int id; private double amount; private Item

Shangxue Tang Hibernate Notes

Quote New Project 1 2 learning to build user-library-hibernate, and add the appropriate jar package a project right-build path-configure build path-add library b select the user-library, in which the new library, lives life to hibernate c in the library n

Hibernate engine to accelerate your

1 Introduction Hibernate is the most popular fixed-line to provide data and query the ORM engine. In your project into Hibernate and it can work is very simple. However, it works very well require a lot of contributions of time and lots of experience. Thr


public transient int counter; / / transient property private String firstname; / / persistent property @ Transient String getLengthInMeter () (...) / / transient property String getName () (...) / / persistent property @ Basic int getLength () (...) / / p

Transfer java written knowledge points

Java written test of knowledge transfer point from http://www.blogjava.net/javawin/archive/2010/03/15/315448.html HashMap & Hashtable: Map interface implementation class will be the only key is mapped to a particular value on: <key,value>. HashM

------ Novice must-read study notes Hiberbate

First hibernate program: 1, the new java project 2, create a User Library, add the following jar * HIBERNATE_HOME/hibernate3.jar * HIBERNATE_HOME / lib / *. jar * MySql jdbc driver 3, create a hibernate configuration file hibernate.cfg.xml, in order to fa

Common abnormalities resolved

ConcurrentHashMap and CopyOnWriteArrayList comparison. Blog categories: Java ConcurrentHashMap ConcurrentHashMap introduced Segment, each Segment is a hashtable, the equivalent of two Hash table, and then lock in the Segment level, and increased concurren

Seam: the JSF application framework tailor-made

JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a Java ™ Web application for the first standardized user interface framework. The Seam is a powerful extension JSF application framework. In this new three-part series in the first article, they found that the complementarity bet

Common exception processing (transfer)

I have an idea, is to the programming process Exception encountered are collected, thus gradually reduced, or not repeat the experience this kind of exception, or in the future Yudao is also generated that can be immediately recalled cause of the exceptio

"Turn Can not find the original address" technical leveling programmer Raiders from: coolshell personally find it very interesting very detailed

Moonlight blog on June 12 issued a " letter addressed to novice programmers ", translated from the" Public Security Open letter to those who want to Start Programming ", my friend (his site's id is Mailper ) told me He hopes to see
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