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GXT-based introduction of WebOS

This project is based on GXT's WebDesktop, is a simulated Windows system web application. GXT version of the original link in this: http://www.extjs.com/examples/desktop.html I This project is based on GXT's WebDesktop, it is because I regard ...

GXT-based description of WebOS

This project is based on GXT's WebDesktop, is a simulated Windows system web application. GXT version of the original link here: http://www.extjs.com/examples/desktop.html The project is also based on my GXT's WebDesktop, it is because I rega ...

GXT Component Tutorial 1 - Basic Grid

GXT Component Tutorial 1 - Basic Grid Colleagues chatting today and start with EXT-GWT tutorial is relatively small. He would like to talk about writing a book, we laugh, I would like to write a book after potential technical not, then write a blog sharin

Ruby on Rails Routing - Simple Examples

This article contains a list of ruby on rails routing examples. If you find you have any questions please leave a comment. Routes are processed from the top of routes.rb down. If a route is matched it will stop processing the routes.rb file and use that r

jsf + EJB development examples

I wrote it myself a simple example of jsf1.2 + EJB3.0, mainly just for study JSF are brothers, for example, is very simple, one would look. Examples of content that is for a staff increase, deleted, changed, for example, includes two projects, one is ...

Ajax Framework Introduction to the DWR examples

Following the vicinity of the DWR framework for Ajax are examples of entry, welcome to download ...............

Examples of instructions needs analysis

Examples of instructions needs analysis 1.1 The purpose of the preparation At completion of the "file management system" software pre-market survey, at the same time with a number of software users a comprehensive and in-depth study and analysis

Examples of user register ROR (1)

This section is to do user registration example RegisterDemo, Record ROR development of the general flow. DB Prepare ※ ROR family of all instances will use Mysql, installation and testing of environmental reference ROR prepare articles. Icons refer to the

10 kinds of examples of JavaScript effects to make your website more attractive

Today's topic is how to improve their own web interface or web enhance the visual experience, which allows users to remember. We have three main methods (from difficult to easy): Do-It-Yourself Script Writing; use jQuery and mooTools similar to t ...

SSH latest development environment and project examples of structures, recommend blood, told me to do step by step

See the online article has a lot of ssh configuration, but there is a lot of the tune does not make sense, there are versions, not exactly the same configuration, the following is my configuration to do the ssh tutorial development for reference; This art

dwr tutorial examples (including run error modification)

DWR (Direct Web Remoting) is a WEB framework for long-distance calls. Use of the AJAX development framework can become very simple. DWR can use the use of JavaScript on the client side of a direct call service method and returns the value of Java to JavaS

JBoss Seam to learn from scratch 6 --- eclipse foot in, blog examples of the realization of

First of all, create a blog called the "Seam Web Project" 1: blog-ejb project under the following ejbModule, create a package, the name is org.domain.blog.entity 2: the ~ ~ \ examples \ blog \ src \ domain \ under three java files, copied t ...

Examples of user registration ROR (b)

ROR examples of user registration (a) ... Rails plural rules Rails agreement ControllerName (URL) for the plural, TableName plural. Judging from the perceptual knowledge, Table plural that is, before the section of the rules of ruby script / generate scaf

js in the top, left, height, width parameters and examples of analytic

The following analysis of these parameters are directed to the IE browser: Get screen coordinates of the mouse, as opposed to the entire page: x = event.clientX, y = event.clientY Be the width of the current window: w = document.body.clientWidth; h = ...

ssh page (more examples)

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------- First, a page of the bean: package com.leatherstore.other; public class Page { /** If there are previous */ private boolean hasPrePage; /** Is there a next page */ private boolean hasN

[Change] ArrayAdapter and SimpleCursorAdapter examples

Use ArrayAdapter custom To-Do List This example will be extended To-Do List works to a ToDoItem object to store each and every project, including the creation date of each project. You will extend ArrayAdapter class to bind a group of objects to the ...

Extjs Tree + JSON + Struts2 Examples

Core Tip: Recently, we tried to show the tree menu using extjs. Really took some effort. Tree menu, menu items need to dynamically load, while the current version of extjs only supports JSON format. Check some information, the decision to use struts2 the

Ant's build.xml (2 )----- examples

Ant's build.xml (2 )----- examples Build on the progress, then the above recurrence of an example: <? xml version = "1.0"?> <project name="ssh" basedir="." default="usage"> <property name="na

Spring 2.5 jar for all development kits and complete documentation, and examples of project development

Spring 2.5 jar for all development kits and complete documentation, and examples of project development spring jar package Xiangjie spring.jar that contain a complete release of a single jar package, spring.jar includes spring-mock.jar where in addition t

Simple terms cassandra 3 examples of the model behind

/ ** * Author: ahuaxuan (Rong-Hua Zhang) * Date 2010-2-25 * / Simple terms cassandra 3 examples of the model behind In the last article, ahuaxuan with everyone wrote a cassandra the insert and get examples. From this example, we also learned that the ...

JVM parameters tuning examples of analytic

JVM parameters tuning is a very difficult problem, set a poor job, JVM ongoing implementation of Full GC, cause the entire system becomes very slow, the website dead time can be up to 10 seconds or more, which, if not repeat it a few minutes to once, ...

An array of examples of the various methods pop, push, unshift, splice, shift

Js: an array of examples of the various methods pop, push, unshift, splice, shift <script> Array.prototype.pop = function () ( if (this.length! = 0) this.length--; return this; ) / * pop method removes the last element of the array and returns that

Prototype examples of learning

Prototype examples of learning Prototype combat ---- 1. $ $ Java code <html> <head> <title> Test $ $ </ title> <script src="prototype.js"> </ script> <script> function test $$(){ /**//* in case CSS is no

FreeMarker in struts2.0, JAVA, web application examples [change]

FreeMarker Overview FreeMarker is a template engine generates text output based on the template a common tool for the preparation of the use of pure Java Template + data model = output FreeMarker is a very good template engine, the template engine can be

Examples of video playback

Examples of video playback

To achieve the kind of drag effect jquery.easywidgets.js examples of google

Mainly use the jquery.easywidgets.js straightforward plug-ins to achieve this effect Paste attachments, be preserved for future use. Learning can be found online about jquery.easywidgets There is also a more simple drag effect is also relatively simple pl

WSDL paper provides a brief (with examples)

This article describes how to write a simple WSDL file , WSDL document prepared in accordance with the server side and client side code , And to publish Web Service service process . First of all, the point is clear there are two versions of the WSDL

Official examples cas

The demo guide provides detailed instructions for setting up a multi-domain SSO demonstration for a quick start with CAS. If unreadable in IE (no line wrap), try Firefox or just use the PDF utility. Problem Statement You would like to show-off Single Sign

(Reprinted) Maven Getting Started - Concepts and Examples

A key term Project: anything you would like to build things, Maven can be considered that they were engineering. These projects are defined for the project object model (POM, Poject Object Model). A project can rely on other works; a project can also be c

P2P multi-user online chat program, complete source code serial two examples of the preparation of a user class

In this case developed implements a P2P multi-user online chat program, C / S architecture, the client can send messages, and then other users receive the message and displays the interface, the server information on the handling to the appropriate users

Struts2 specific usage examples of a constant

Struts2 specific usage examples of a constant <? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> <! DOCTYPE struts PUBLIC "- / / Apache Software Foundation / / DTD Struts Configuration 2.0 / / EN" "http://struts.apache

Struts2 specific usage examples of two constants

Struts2 specific usage examples of two constants "! - Settings for each request, are to re-load the resource file, the default value is false. -> <cosntant name="struts.i18n.reload" value="false" /> "! - Standar ...

Annotation and packaged using the DAO layer integrates with paging capabilities S2SH examples

From: http://www.blogjava.net/lishunli/archive/2010/03/11/315055.html Annotation and packaged using the DAO layer integrates with paging capabilities S2SH examples Li Shunli January 24, 2010 Directory Key words ... 2 Foreword ... 2 Development environment

SWING drag examples and a brief analysis

As can be seen from the above first class implements DragGestureListener, DragSourceListener, DropTargetListener 3 interface. The second class implements DropTargetListener interface. DragGestureListener is used to monitor the occurrence of drag time ...

Quartz comes with a database to run examples of unusual persistence

Quartz comes with running a database to run examples of unusual persistence ERROR [main] 2010-03-19 15:25:06,312 - org.quartz.SchedulerException: JobStore class 'org.quartz.ompl.jdbcjobstore.JobStoreTX' could not be instantiated. [See nested ...

Struts2 tag of several commonly used key properties and examples (1)

Done before a struts2 project, summarizes commonly used in several struts2 tag usage, and to respond to the sample code, each label summarizes the key attributes about the page code, background code, and the generated html code 1. Checkbox Checkbox tag is

IBM FileNet BPM Process Optimization Product Introduction and application examples

At present, more and more customers are using IBM FileNet BPM products, in particular the process engine (Process Engine), has been widely used. While the other three products, process simulator, process analyzers and business activity monitoring device a

hibernate-annotation examples of simple fool

Because the use of the hibernate-annotation, I found just the liberation of many things, almost completely without worry about the database, and posted examples of note: the code is written by someone else, I just realized only under Ha Use of the bag:

exp using the methods and examples

exp usage and examples of exp / imp as a database backup recovery tool can also transfer data between different databases as a tool for the operating system where the two databases can be different exp database data can be exported as binary files ca ...

GTK study notes [including GtkTreeView are examples]

http://caterpillar.onlyfun.net/Gossip/GTKGossip/GTKGossip.html Some other examples of which GtkTreeView: With the GtkTreeView and GtkListStore basis GtkTreeStore in GtkTreeView with nothing to explain to, and following this example, only the GtkTreeV ...

flex examples of international

Author: wasw100 Website: http://www.wasw100.com/flex/flex_internationalization_example.html Test environment: MyElipse (with Flex Builder3 plug-ins) Can http://www.javaeye.com/wiki/flex/1804-flex-internationalization set, here are more complementary, ...

Some simple examples of using Erlang's XPath implementation

Original Address http://www.lshift.net/blog/2008/01/31/some-simple-examples-of-using-erlangs-xpath-implementation This article describes the xmerl_xpath a good thing in this very convenient, and in official documents, the sum over them, people did no ...

[Flash Getting Started Tutorial] examples to explain and guide the application layer

Guide layer is it? Guide layer is equivalent to an approach to the person, the guidelines related to the idea of dominion over the object to act. Guide layer in the exported SWF file is not visible, so it will not affect the beauty of the screen. Gui ...

Flash 8 shape tween animation Xiangjie and examples

Flash shape tween animation is very important to the performance of practices in one, use it, you can changes all sorts of wonderful magical morphing. This section of the shape tween animation from the basic concept, with a shape tween animation you ...

makefile and some examples of static library (change)

makefile and some examples of static libraries Purpose of simplification from complex work out. Some production Makfile online articles, just stop it in the Makefile. Tools to use autotools to be relatively more simple, some other articles there are many

Extjs API official introduction and examples of Ext JS 3.1 RC

extjs 3.1 API Ext JS 3.1 RC download examples Extjs Introduction (Reprinted) Official Website: http://www.extjs.com/ API: http://www.extjs.com/deploy/dev/docs/ Chinese API: http://www.jshuwei.org.cn/Ext3/docs/ extjs 3.1 API examples download Annex in the

Examples of SQL injection attacks and Comparative Statement and PreparedStatement

SQL injection is a technique that exploits a security vulnerability occurring in the Database Layer of an Application . The vulnerability is present when User input is either incorrectly filtered for String literal Escape characters Embedded in SQL statem

oracle pl / sql examples of practice

Part I: oracle pl / sql instance of practice (1) First, using the scott / tiger emp table under the user and the dept table to complete the following exercises, table structure described below Staff table emp (empno Staff No. / ename employee name / job w

vmware network configuration examples of two windows xp host linux

vmware network configuration examples of two windows host + linux guest Author: tenry (Yunqing (2005-03-24) Note: many of my friends asked to host ping unreasonable situation, please check the host in the firewall settings, most of the windows xp sp2 ...

FLASH in the tutorials and examples of mobile methods of Collection (for beginners)

Welcome to reprint, please indicate the source - Web Hosting Provider and on --- sxl001 --- QQ: 285510591 In this statement only to control of movement with the AS method. FLASH can move objects in the stage of the film is usually an instance (for br ...
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