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freemarker commonly used tags traverse list map if else by Tai Jiang

Variable assignment <# Assign x = "aa" /> <# If x == "aa"> x is aa <# Else> x not aa </ # If> Traverse the list map <# List somelist as item> $ (Item) / / If the bean $ (Item.title) </ # List> T

mongoDB JAVA operation

Use mongoDB need to import the following classes, of course, not all of the needs of the class used to import. import com.mongodb.Mongo; import com.mongodb.DB; import com.mongodb.DBCollection; import com.mongodb.BasicDBObject; import com.mongodb.DBObject;

mongoDB python operation

win driver here: pymongo-1.9.win32-py2.6.exe # -*- coding:UTF-8 ''' Created on 2010-12-23 @author: DOC ''' from pymongo import Connection from Utils import exeTime import re conn = Connection("") # Create a database connection local = conn.local

MongoDB common database operations

function find(query, fields, limit, skip) 1, Multiple where conditions // i.e., select * from things where x=3 and y="foo" db.things.find( { x : 3, y : "foo" } ); db.things.find({j: {$ne: 3}, k: {$gt: 10} }); 2, Query part of the field // select z from th

mongodb common operations

# Query the query name = "bruce" data db.users.find ({name: "bruce"}); Conditional operator $ Gt:> $ Lt: < $ Gte:> = $ Lte: <= $ Ne: !=,<> $ In: in $ Nin: not in $ All: all $ Not: Anti-matching (1.3.3 and above)

mongodb install and use

mongodb written in C + +, and its name comes from the hu mongo us in the middle part of the word, the name can be seen from where their ambition is massive data processing. On one of the most succinct description of it as: scalable, high-performance, open

In the mobile operator to the global output of 9 TD-LTE

Miss 3G, received the 4G. China Mobile is whole-heartedly to the size of the commercial TD-LTE in. China Mobile chairman Wang recently in the Barcelona International Conference on Mobile Communications said China Mobile China 6 City LTE test network will

Huawei's R & D center in Chengdu to build the main TD-LTE nearly ten thousand employees

Yesterday, the Director of Huawei Haoqing Sheng Chengdu Research Institute disclosed to the media, Huawei in the Western area of ​​515 acres of high-tech R & D center under construction, planned for completion in March next year, settled in June.

Does it support HARQ combining for Paging in LTE / E-UTRA?

It requires at the minimum an new data indicator (NDI), a redundancy version (RV) and a HARQ process number to perform a HARQ combining for a transport block. In Sect. of TS36.321, it's stated that "in case of BCCH a dedicated broadcast H

freemarker Grammar Developer's Guide

freemarker Grammar Developer's Guide 0 Recommended Common Syntax EG. An object BOOK 1. Output $...{ Null value judgments :$...{ If_exists), $...{ default ( 'xxx')}// default xxx $...{! "Xxx"


1, FreeMarker template file has four main components 1, text, direct the output part of the 2, notes that the format does not output <#--...--> 3, Interpolation (Interpolation): namely, ${..} or #{..} form part of the data model will be used in a pa

Also came to play MongoDB

Recent NoSQL (or NoRelation) is the fire, I do not want to Out , so also came along for the ride. Concepts, benefits and the like will not repeat here the verbose, and Play a direct hands-on look. MongoDB (including the Java-driven) is not an official doc

CSS style sheet in the difference between Firefox and IE under 2

Summing up some of the CSS in the difference between FF and IE under! May be incomplete, the future will continue to add. FireFox: div to set margin-left, margin-right to auto already centered, IE not work FireFox: body set up text-align when, div need to

freemarker basic grammar (reproduced)

FreeMarker template file is not much more complicated than the HTML page, FreeMarker template file mainly by the following four components: 1, text: Direct output part of the 2, comments :<#-- ... - "format section, not the output 3, interpolation

freemarker commonly used method

1, freemarker empty list approach to determine the following categories: <# list xxList as itme> 1, <# if itme [0]? Exists> 2, <# if itme? Has_content> 3, <# if itme [0]??> Second, intercept length of the string: Sometimes we ...

CSS style sheets in the difference between Firefox and IE under 2

Summarize some of the CSS in FF and IE differences under! May be incomplete, will continue to add later. FireFox: div to set margin-left, margin-right to auto, has been centered, IE not work FireFox: body when setting text-align, div need to set the ...

CSS Hack quick summary of investigation (z)

IE browser screen (that is, do not appear under IE) *: Lang (zh) select (font: 12px! Important;) / * FF, OP Visible, especially on: As the recent escalation of Opera, the current sentence only recognized by FF * / select: empty (font: 12px! important ...

MongoMapper try a small mind

1. Installation mongo db 2. Sudo mkdir-p / data / db # Read the default database directory 3. Start mongo server sudo bin / mongod 4. Gem list mongo (0.19.1) mongo_ext (0.19.1) mongo_mapper (0.7.0) 5. # Config / environment.rb config.gem "mongo_ ...

Document database MongoDB Summary (1)

Recently the company was a log line statistical system, because the data volume of the reasons leading to the current mysql can not meet the performance requirements, so the fire is now NoSQL database, so no exception of a bit MongoDB. Tingzhi MongoD ...

IE6 Ultimate Cheat sheet - on a separate compatible IE6

Original: Ultimate IE6 Cheatsheet: How To Fix Internet Explorer 6 Bugs 25 + Translation: (translation of the original text was added) The first step is to separate compatible IE6 on IE for compatibility, you write the co ...

Smarty php template engine

from: (If), (elseif), (else) (IF) statements in Smarty have much the same flexibility as PHP IF statements, with a few added features for the Template Engine. Every (IF) must be paired with a m ...

FreeMarker expression

FreeMarker template expression is the core function, the expression placed in the interpolation syntax ($ (... ...)) into the time that need the output value of the expression; expression syntax can also be combined with FreeMarker tag, used to control th

According to IE version of the CSS styles of different calls in different files

Zai article does not advocate such an approach, but still there are many CSSer Will used that the information stored here in case about access, please note, not a last resort, do not use this approach. <!--[if lte IE 6]> <LINK rel="styl

Expression of IE in HTML comments

How to make static HTML code for different IE versions show different content. Technique here is to use IE's HTML comment expression. HTML comment format is <! - Comment content ->, IE made some comments on the HTML extensions, so that it can su

(Reprinted) IE6 compatibility summary

IE6 compatibility summary Source Address: 1, the ultimate method: Conditional Comments <!--[ If lte IE 6]> This text only appears in the following versions of IE6 and IE6.

determine if the type of IE browser

In IE CSS hack (more methods) were used to judge if IE browser type, CSS and even JS to solve the compatibility issues, before we may know if IE CSS compatibility issues to resolve, in fact, if IE is not only CSS hack for the use of front-end develop

FreeMarker Design Guide (full order)

FreeMarker Design Guide 1 Getting Started (1) template + data model = output l FreeMarker is based designers and programmers have expertise in different individuals with different ideas l They are division of labor: the designers focus on that - create HT

MongoDB advanced query-shell articles (1)

MongoDB advanced query-shell articles Translated from part. In fact, the content is not difficult to understand, the main English bitter hand to take care of brothers, but also convenience. Here is main

DIV + CSS browser compatibility solution

DIV + CSS page layout This is a trend, and I began to follow this trend, but still in use DIV + CSS website design, it should pay attention to css style compatible with different browsers, in particular, is full use of DIV + CSS design web pages, on

FreeMarker tags used

1, FreeMarker template file has four main components 1, text, part of the direct output 2, note that the format does not output <#--...--> 3, Interpolation (Interpolation): that is part of ${..} or #{..} format, will use the data model part of the a

Difference between web development browser

1, dealing with the problem is that ie6, 7 does not recognize the new tags <br /> use js to solve the problem, introduced and under js, can be identified. <!--[ If lte IE 8]> <script src="

Determine IE version Tag

<!--[if lte IE 6]> <![endif]--> IE6及其以下版本可见 <!--[if lte IE 7]> <![endif]--> IE7及其以下版本可见 <!--[if IE 6]> <![endif]--> 只有IE6版本可见 <![if !IE]> <![endif]> 除了IE以外的版本 <!--[if lt IE 8]> <![endif]-->

FreeMarker expressions basics

FreeMarker expression is the core function, FreeMarker support a variety of expressions in the interpolation. First, the direct value of the specified value can be directly specified string, numeric, Boolean, Collection and Map objects. 1. String str

(Transfer) freemarker common grammar guide

Syntax used EG. An object BOOK 1. Output $ ... ( ) Null value judgments: $ ... ( ? if_exists), $ ... ( ? default ('XXX')}// default xxx $ ... ( ! "XXX") / / default value xxx Date format: $ ..

Cross-browser Projection

.shadow{ /* hack for ie */ background: #fff; /* sane web browsers */ -moz-box-shadow:1px 3px 12px #bbb; -webkit-box-shadow:1px 3px 12px #bbb; box-shadow:1px 3px 12px #bbb; /* gte ie8 */ -ms-filter:"progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Shadow(color=#eeee

The use of Microsoft specific html tags ie version detection

1. <! - [If! IE ]><!-> outside than IE can identify <!-<![ endif] -> 2. <! - [If IE]> IE can identify all of the <! [Endif] -> 3. <! - [If IE 5.0]> can be identified only IE5.0 <! [Endif] -> 4. <! - [If

IE Firefox Css Hack Summary

IE browser screen (that is not displayed under IE) *: Lang (zh) select {font: 12px! Important;} / * FF, OP visible * / select: empty {font: 12px! important;} / * safari visible * / Here is the selectors select, depending on the circumstances change.

freemarker getting started manual

freemarker official document (1) template + = output FreeMarker data model designers and programmers are based on different professional skills of different individuals of the concept of division of labor,

MongoDB commonly used SQL statements on the MySQL implementation of the corresponding

MongoDB commonly used on the MySQL implementation of the corresponding SQL statement -------------- MySQL: SELECT * FROM user Mongo: db.user.find () -------------- MySQl: SELECT * FROM user WHERE name = 'foobar' Mongo: db.user.find ({'nam

[3] MongoDB commonly used on the MySQL SQL statement corresponding implementation

MongoDB commonly used SQL statements on the MySQL implementation of the corresponding -------------- MySQL: SELECT * FROM user Mongo: db.user.find () -------------- MySQl: SELECT * FROM user WHERE name = 'foobar' Mongo: db.user.find ({'na

Dynamic web production skills PHP: Smarty learn more thorough

Smarty is a php template engine, which separate the application logic and content, provides a manageable way. Smarty requires web server running php4.0.6 and above. smarty smarty library files required for installation. Can go to the official website http

smarty common operator

smarty common operator eq equal ne, neq is not equal, gt greater than, lt less than gte, ge greater than or equal lte, le less than or equal not non-, mod modulus is [not] div by whether it can be a number divisible is [not] even if an even number $ A is

Freemarker syntax summary of a comprehensive

Syntax FreeMarker template file is not much more complicated than the HTML page, FreeMarker template file by the following four main components: 1. Text: the part of the direct output 2. Note: <# - ... -> format section, not output 3. Interpolation:

How to determine browser type and version number

1, navigator.appName <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE> Browser Type </TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <div></div> <script type="text/javascript"> function showBrowserName(){ var target = document.getElementById('result

IE8 HACK Introduction

1. '\ 9': eg:. test {color / * \ ** /: blue \ 9} . Header {width: 300px;} / * all browsers * / . Header {width / * \ ** /: 330px \ 9;} / * all browsers IE browser * / . Header {* width: 310px;} / * IE7 and IE6 can identify, IE8 and FF does no

css naming standards of writing for example

Naming and writing CSS Specification CSS naming one. Global style file naming convention: global.css; Framework for the layout: layout.css; Font style: font.css; Links Style: link.css; Print Style: print.css; II. Commonly used class / ID naming header: he

Browser compatibility issues [transfer]

What is a browser-compatible: When we use a different browser (Firefox IE7 IE6) to access the same Web site, or the page, there will be some incompatibility, in which browsers display normal, in another the next into chaos, when we prepare the CSS will be

Solutions / DIV + CSS compatibility issues between the IE7/IE6/Firefox

Reprinted: Solutions / DIV + CSS compatibility issues between the IE7/IE6/Firefox Related Reading: IE8 CSS compatibility records (transfer) DIV + CSS page layout, this is a trend, I began

Jquery plug-ins to implement user registration

Two days to learn this lightweight js jQuery framework. Today saw a net friend (do PHP) to write a plug-in that very practical, where I put it on the use of them in the Java web survey research, doing user registration website is very practical piece of s

Django 1.3 Reference lookup field (field lookup reference)

0. Find What field Django is the so-called field to find SQL statement to achieve, such as> <LIKE IN these words to provide a user interface mode. Can be used to filter, exclude, get other functions. Written by: the field name followed by two t
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