grails looping through a list

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Groovy on Grails implementation using Ruby on Rails15 minutes to create the Blog

In advance, I have only a superficial Ruby. And Rails do not come into contact with. After watching the video, or can read, and perhaps what kind of grammar can guess the meaning. Now studying Grails, by Grails so want to see implementation. First analysi

Grails Ajax rich client plug-ins Competition InfoQ

Software to be successful, must have a good support for it down the ecological environment. With its plug-in framework, Grails has its own development has laid a good foundation. Looked at the growing Grails plug-ins list , It is not difficult to imagine

Netbeans development of procedures for the use of Grails

Grails is based on Groovy language, RoR style Web framework. Although Grails is based on Groovy, Hibernate, Spring, and Java, but it is indeed a dynamic framework, as Groovy is a kind of running dynamic languages on the JVM. Some people say that we do not

Java programmers use the Grails Ten Advantages

There is no royal Web development, PHP market is large, but RoR, Python, Java, occupies the side till market. So as a Java programmer, if you do not want to use SSH to do when the site and try Grails bar, where Grails is a Java programmer to use t

Grails migration program to use the Ivy and JavaDB

Before I put the program to upgrade to 1.2 version of Grails, before Jar packages required for the project are on the project in the lib / directory, and I use PostgreSQL as the development database. And now, I have decided to Grails1.2 program the use of

Grails development project from scratch a

Java Java is a language that people both good and difficult points, many people say that Java past their prime rice no? But at least in the "2010 list TIOBE language" Java is still very secure on the first. In innovation on the Internet does req

Grails development project from scratch 2

Download, install, configure Java, Groovy, Grails Meat opera come ~ As of today (February 8, 2010) The latest version is as follows: Java JDK 6 Update 17 Groovy 1.7 Grails

Grails development project from scratch 3

New Project <br /> preparatory work done, and began to create a project, here to say what, Grails scaffolding and general that the traditional development model a bit different, because it is larger than the configured way to follow the statute, so

Grails development project from scratch 4

i18n mechanism Grails provides a sound i18n mechanism, specific documentation to see if / grails-app/i18n directory will understand. The default will be generated in various languages of the properties file. In many parts of Grails and i18n related. These

Shiro to protect applications using the Ajax Grails

Peter Ledbrook recently introduced to his Blog How to use Shiro protect GWT Grails Application . Although this article only deals with GWT, but for the use of other Ajax frameworks for Web applications are not useful. From the Web side of view, regar ...

Proficient in Grails: create custom plug-ins

This includes: About ShortenUrl plug-in Creating TinyUrl class Test TinyUrl class Creating IsGd class Creating ShortenUrl Service Package and deploy plug-ins Conclusion Download References In this " Proficient in Grails "Series, Scott Davis show

Grails to explore the resource file to read

Titled "Grails to explore the resource file to read," but is actually Groovy language resource file to read, any use of Groovy language, anywhere can use this method to read the resource file. Because we use the Groovy language, place, mostly to

Grails project directory structure

Directory name associated description grails-app This directory contains the core of the application of the Grails artifacts (core artifact) + Conf This directory contains configuration files such as DevelopmentDataSource.groovy + Controllers This di ...

Grails - OpenSessionInView does not work with SiteMesh

grails' s bug description: fetchMode Purpose Allows the configuration of an associations fetch strategy ( 'eager' or 'lazy') Examples In this example the static property specifies that the as

Grails Domain Model data binding needs to pay attention to a small problem

Do not know what to write a good title to see the body bar. In Grails, you can submit the form parameters of the conduct of the case with the Domain Model Data Binding If the User has a many attributes, such as: At this point, if the form of multiple Chec

Grails to achieve with the API, a web site ideas

As we know, many sites offer API services, including JavaEye. Call the site's API can provide interfaces to other systems use to facilitate the developers to implement mashup. The API can be a general web service, it can be returned xml, json, in fact

Grails Application Skills

1. The field of model properties to copy import grails.converters.JSON def fl = FeeList.get(280) def flOld = new FeeListOld( //bindData(flOld,, [exclude: 'id']) println flOld as JSON Two areas in which FeeList and FeeListOld mo

grails database operations

I use a database MySQL5, of which there is a named legacy_dev the schema, legacy_dev have a table called user: 1, create a Grails application, I named it legacy: grails create-app legacy 2, create a domain class User: grails create-domain-class User 3, mo

Grails Exploration Template

Grails development platform in View technology, my favorite addition to the introduction of flash technology, other than a variable, that is, Template technology. Java platform in View the most convenient reuse technology is include. Tiles, etc. Although

Grails and EJB 3 Session Beans

Grails and EJB 3 Session Beans A while back I was working on a Grails project that needed to integrate with an EJB2 application via session beans. So, when my current project had a similar need I thought 'piece of cake!'. As it happens it was ...

Intellij9 in Grails built environment

Recently learning Grails, found online on the environment Intellij9 built on Grails article is really very small, there are also some Intellij7 version of the environment on the Grails build, and later refined through me, and finally to integrate out ...

Getting Started with Grails

Ah, work using the previous development had groovy time across a bit too long looked a bit rusty week grails Developer's Guide, recording the video main content includes: Introduction grails A helloworld domain object began to study and consider how t

My first experience Grails

Agile development has been carrying out in full swing up in the industry, she gave the traditional model of software development has brought great impact, especially in the Internet field, agility is no longer a slogan. In order to embrace agile, all ...

Grails Neo4j plug-in 0.2 release

Stefan Armbruster in his Blog posted Grails Neo4j plug-in version 0.2 release. InfoQ Chinese stations some time ago and had reported on Neo4j 1.0 release. Neo4j is a Java-based graphical database NoSQL: Quote Relative to the relational database, the ...

9 tips to help you improve the maintainability of the interface Grails

Abstracts from the Tomas Lin in July last year, written by an inter-Posts, it seems that the technique is still applicable, more unusual is that, post comments on the back also let you eyes bright, suddenly see the light. In the first part: UI planni ...

Grails 1.2 Reference Documentation speed-reading

Always have folks do not want to see the document in English, here for those dear friend introduced Grails 1.2 speed-reading and reference documentation are interested can see, very good learning materials, of course, the Chinese going fine! Grails 1 ...

grails Development Summary

Grails development process in use, a number of summary, essays 1) grails garbled data solution to connect sybase url = "jdbc: sybase: Tds: / jxcbase? CHARSET_CONVERTER_CLASS = com.sybase.jdbc2.utils.Cp850PureConverter" 2) ...

Hot-pluggable extensions in Grails - adding and changing your application behavi Hot-pluggable extensions in Grails - adding and changing your application behaviour on the fly leave a comment » One of th

Deploy grails projects in the glassfishv3

Tested in the glassfishv3 perfectly on the deployment of grails1.1.1 project. 1. Data sources: Since using a glassfish, it would be best to use jndi data source, first with glassfish data sources, connection pooling, such as the name: jdbc / cms. Correspo

(grails) dynamic decode

(grails) dynamic decode - comment resource

Grails's Flash Scope will be transplanted to Struts2

Web applications in a common usage is first processed the request and then redirect the request to another controller, servlet, or other objects. This is no problem in itself, but when the request is redirected when it creates a new request, and save the

ruby cookbook - Looping Through Multiple Iterables in Parallel

Recipe 7.9. Looping Through Multiple Iterables in Parallel Any object that implements the each method can be wrapped in a Generator object. If you've used Java, think of a Generator as being like a Java Iterator object. It keeps track of where yo ...

mac os x port 80 starts under the grails project failure

Os x today to start grails project, would like to start on port 80, but quoted the error: Permission denied. The main reason is: on a Unix system, all ports below 1024 can only be used by root. Solution is to first start the ...

Acegi Grails application for rights management, how to verify the user password input reception

Acegi on Grails framework and the basic use of the installation will not write here, there is a need please contact me. Acegi in loginController automatically generated under the following code in the final else () in the modified accordingly def auth = {

SpringsourceToolsSuite - Grails development tool

Recently started to pay attention Grails development, the benefits will not repeat a word, a lot of advantages. But it is inconvenient to the editor, the best at this stage of the Grails support is said to IntellJ, there netbean also good. But are used to

Grails + Db4o integration issues in the GenericObject

Recent study db4o integration with Grails. Yesterday encountered such a strange phenomenon: The following code in the sentence ObjectSet os = getDb4oTemplate().get(new User(params)) In dev mode has been reported that "... cannot be cast to com.db4o.r

The misunderstanding on Grails

Jason Lai of the translator Geoffrey Wiseman Posted at half past eight p.m. on July 11, 2007 Community Java Theme Ruby on Rails, JRuby Label Grails Share Share | Grails development team member Marc Palmer published a blog post, for Grails developers ...

Grails domain class to explore the compilation series of attributes into

Grails will compile to the domain class in the two properties into the id and version (in the compiled class files can be found in them). How it was accomplished? Search Grails source code, the following was found: 1. To find a class called DefaultGr ...

Grails hack to change the domain class id of the type

The book comes back, Sam successfully used in the compilation of AST to grails doamin class into a custom in the property. Grails injected id as their default for the Long, but I need to String (in order to assign UUID String id). Long String how to ...

httpservice grails write api call encountered a small problem

Api namely the so-called grails write the following style: http://localhost:8080/ZheLe/API/latestZheItem return JSON format http://localhost:8080/ZheLe/API/latestZheItem?type=1 return JSON format http://localhost:8080/ZheLe/API/latestZheItem?type=2 r ...

Grails hack validate method of expansion

Grails of in the main code: if(arguments.length > 0) { if(arguments[0] instanceof Boolean) { evict = ((Boolean)arguments[0]).booleanValue(); } if(arguments[0] instanceof Map) { Map argsMap = (Map)arguments[0]; if(argsMap.c

Grails hack findAll and find ways of rewriting

GORM query methods are easy (to see 20Classes/findAll.html) But since I now use Db4o, do not need ORM, GORM's finders useless. However, the finders and validate injected GORM Domain Classes in the way to our

The default configuration of the interceptor grails

grails 1.2 after the participation of web.xml: def doWithWebDescriptor = (webXml -> def mappingElement = webXml. 'servlet-mapping' def lastMapping = mappingElement [mappingElement.size () -1] lastMapping + ( 'Servlet-mapping' (

[Reprinted] Adventures in Grails - WS-Security Part 2

Original url: Integrating acegi It turned out that initial Integration of Acegi with Xfire + WSS was even easier than hooking up WSS for Xfire in Grails. Though I Can

Groovy and Grails Recipes translation Tour - Object-Oriented Groovy (12)

4.12. What is GPaths? GPath is a method of identifying structured data query expression. GPath on Groovy is relative to the role of XPath on XML, it can help you traverse any simple Java object (POJO) or XML file structure. GPath the power is that it

[Reprinted] Reading i18n messages from the database with Grails

Such as the title of this article is the author of an article Grails, frustration was the wall, but also for themselves to be a backup. Original URL: In a recent consulting

Fix the conflict between grails bundle for Textmate and bash-completion

Yesterday, I upgraded my mac os port from 1.8 to 1.9, and the bash-completion upgraded also. As the result is my grails bundle can not work again, especially execute the commands, and there is nothing to tip From analysing the the grails bundle codes, I f

OCTO: Grails Services Summary

OCTO 's English Blog on the recently released an article on Grails in the affairs of the article , very well in the affairs of the Grails summarized. <! - Break -> Article summarizes the main points are summarized as follows: Key to remembe

Jython + Grails can not import module error occurs solutions

All rights reserved, welcome reproduced, reprinted, please specify: SinFrancis Use Grails to do front and back office need to call the python, was used as a transit jython. Found in WEB server can not find the required modules, such as

Grails 1.3 dependencies management

A project using Grails since been largely independent of the project, but also rarely used CI (continuous integration) to be managed, so Grails package management is also no compelling need to consider the package there is no reuse issues, in fact, s
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