grails confirm popup on link

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IE7 under, Rails link_to questions generated failure Confirm

link_to property has a method often used with: confirm delete property to do the confirmation link. In fact, in the onclick link to create a temporary form, submit a request, and finally return false, so the link itself will not be triggered. However ...

Js popup (supports drag and drop, multiple pop automatically switch level)

Js popup Usage: 1, first import the css and js <script type="text/javascript" src="js/PopUpManager-compressed.js" ></script> <link href="css/PopUpLayer.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"/> 2.,modal,dragTitle); Alert.clos

Groovy on Grails implementation using Ruby on Rails15 minutes to create the Blog

In advance, I have only a superficial Ruby. And Rails do not come into contact with. After watching the video, or can read, and perhaps what kind of grammar can guess the meaning. Now studying Grails, by Grails so want to see implementation. First analysi

popup in the javascript pop-up windows to achieve

popup is used to create javascript popup windows. popup used to create javascript pop-up window. (* Popup_init must be called once at the top of the page *) (popup_init src = "/ javascripts / overlib.js") (* Create a link with a popup windo ...

Grails development project from scratch 4

i18n mechanism Grails provides a sound i18n mechanism, specific documentation to see if / grails-app/i18n directory will understand. The default will be generated in various languages of the properties file. In many parts of Grails and i18n related. These

Proficient in Grails: create custom plug-ins

This includes: About ShortenUrl plug-in Creating TinyUrl class Test TinyUrl class Creating IsGd class Creating ShortenUrl Service Package and deploy plug-ins Conclusion Download References In this " Proficient in Grails "Series, Scott Davis show

grails database operations

I use a database MySQL5, of which there is a named legacy_dev the schema, legacy_dev have a table called user: 1, create a Grails application, I named it legacy: grails create-app legacy 2, create a domain class User: grails create-domain-class User 3, mo

Popup.js is a very good pop-up window js library javaScript.

Can be modified to include a good ductility. Must have a good tool for Web programming ah. / / Test file <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "- / / W3C / / DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional / / EN"> <HTML> <HEAD> <script language='javascript

3K universal library JQuery popup

Code: Download attachments:

Calendar Popup - CalendarPopup.js

/ / The following files are also required and must be included in your HTML page: AnchorPosition.js date.js PopupWindow.js / / ================================================ =================== / / Author: Matt Kruse <> / / WWW:

MC Dialog cool js popup perfectly compatible with all browsers render super features gorgeous

MC.Dialog by Xiao Yi (YesSky) developed a simple and easy to use interface, gorgeous appearance of a js popup MC.Dialog is rigorously tested for compatibility and other non-current ie7 + core browser ie a high degree of simulation browser feature tha ...

Chapter V of the link

1, the dynamic link: executable files contain only the file name, so that run-time loader program needed to look for libraries. Program at run time to find them, rather than the binary code of these functions as part of its executable file. Static li ...

Popup window ActionScript3 VS ActionScript2

A common feature that you can see on many Flash sites is the pop-up window. While this site features several tutorials on creating variations of the pop-up window, this one is a little bit different; it is centered. You click a button and the new win

This article comes from the Apache configuration reference: Development Institute Original link:

1. What is Apache? Apache, an open source HTTP server, you can run on most operating systems, because of its multi-platform and security which are widely used, is the most popular Web server software one. Apache was originally developed by the University

Ext.MessageBox.confirm () Xiangjie

/ / Link Ext.MessageBox.confirm () Xiang Jie [/ size] [size = medium] A confirmation dialog box, used in place of the standard JavaScript confirm () method, with two buttons "yes" and "no"

Simplified Spring Security with Grails (change)

Spring Security is a powerful library for securing your applications with that comes a bewildering number of Options. Based on Spring, it can be readily integrated into a Grails Application. But why not Save the hassle and use the new improved Grails plug

Grails, MySQL: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory

Ok, You read this post I assume you face the same problem I faced. Quick Solution: If this is your MySQL Connection URL: "Jdbc: mysql: / / localhost / DN_NAME" Change it to "Jdbc: mysql: / /" Understanding the solutio

100% ism - and Grails applications on EasyUI "framework"?!

National Day walking around with half of the applications, because it is the first WEB development of individuals, so take a lot of detours :-) nonsense did not say, on the map: Development Environment: Grails 1.3.4 Acegi 0.5.3 class-diagram 0.5.2 Fu

Grails 1.3.5 release notes

Grails is built on Java and Groovy's dynamic Web application framework. Her to include Spring, Hibernate and the leading J2EE SiteMesh other mature framework, the development of the Statute of the fun will be based on Java and Groovy developers t

Grails upload files with a simple code uploadify

Reference to this the script is not working for any mvc framework in the uri of the response, with the current Uploadify the v2.1.4 version, netbean 6.9.1 prepared debugging. ● new grails project, called the test, and extract the

grails integration ckeditor

After creating the project, install-plugin ckeditor integrated ckeditor Configuration: Config.groovy add the following configuration: ckeditor { / / Config = "/ js / ckconfig.js" upload { / / Basedir = "/ tmp / storagearea /" / / Baseu

Grails Eclipse development environment to build under the Detailed [Reserved]

Reprinted 【 】 1. Grails environment installation Whether using NetBeans or Eclipse, this step need that first Grails download and install it. Grails is the official website: http://g

Generated images will be imported quantities of the components adjusted to the corresponding non-destructive quality bitmap, set the link item to export, distribute, and generate the configuration file, jsfl small command script

(Original address) In the flash file in a new fljs Paste the following code to save, well, now called the design of the material design of the library to do the task / * by wxsr @ 2008 1. The volume generated ima

Reference to this article from the Apache configuration: Development Institute original link:

1. What is Apache? Apache, an open source HTTP server that can run on most operating systems, because of its multi-platform and security so widely used, is the most popular Web server software. Apache first by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaig

Grails uses kindeditor, support for attachments

1, with the attachment grails-kindeditor.rar directory to extract the web-app directory 2, gsp file code: <head> <script charset="utf-8" src="${resource(dir: 'kindeditor', file: 'kindeditor.js')}"></script> <script>{ id :

Grails Eclipse development environment set up under the Detailed [Reserved]

Reproduced [ ] 1. Grails environment installation Whether using NetBeans or Eclipse, this step is required, that first Grails download and install. Grails is the official website: ht

The use of link or @ import introduce the difference between css file

Taobao recent study at the website and found that the introduction of css page one of many ways to use the @ import way: <style type="text/css" media="screen"> @import url("");

inline set of questions hover: Another link href Die Set

Did not find how to use css at <a> defined inline inside hover, had no choice but to use js. <a Href="#"> are another went to the top of the page, rather than quit Anything ; use href = "javascript: void (0)".

JavaScript js pop-up box to determine whether to confirm delete message, delete it prompts the user before the delete, is deleted, any points back

This is a major, onclick = "return confirm ( 'delete records to determine this?')" Black hair:

JavaScript's Double Link List

Two-way linked list:

SSH + AJAX project link "Internet Explorer can not open the site, has ceased to operate" to solve the problem

Government has recently done a project, SSH + AJAX, pre is going smoothly and when the final integration test found there some link "Internet Explorer can not open the site, the operation has been terminated", that is not optimized, so re-o ...

Grails Ajax rich client plug-ins Competition InfoQ

Software to be successful, must have a good support for it down the ecological environment. With its plug-in framework, Grails has its own development has laid a good foundation. Looked at the growing Grails plug-ins list , It is not difficult to imagine

Netbeans development of procedures for the use of Grails

Grails is based on Groovy language, RoR style Web framework. Although Grails is based on Groovy, Hibernate, Spring, and Java, but it is indeed a dynamic framework, as Groovy is a kind of running dynamic languages on the JVM. Some people say that we do not

Java programmers use the Grails Ten Advantages

There is no royal Web development, PHP market is large, but RoR, Python, Java, occupies the side till market. So as a Java programmer, if you do not want to use SSH to do when the site and try Grails bar, where Grails is a Java programmer to use t

Grails migration program to use the Ivy and JavaDB

Before I put the program to upgrade to 1.2 version of Grails, before Jar packages required for the project are on the project in the lib / directory, and I use PostgreSQL as the development database. And now, I have decided to Grails1.2 program the use of

Grails development project from scratch a

Java Java is a language that people both good and difficult points, many people say that Java past their prime rice no? But at least in the "2010 list TIOBE language" Java is still very secure on the first. In innovation on the Internet does req

Grails development project from scratch 2

Download, install, configure Java, Groovy, Grails Meat opera come ~ As of today (February 8, 2010) The latest version is as follows: Java JDK 6 Update 17 Groovy 1.7 Grails

Grails development project from scratch 3

New Project <br /> preparatory work done, and began to create a project, here to say what, Grails scaffolding and general that the traditional development model a bit different, because it is larger than the configured way to follow the statute, so

Hibernate dynamic link multi-database to improve articles

Hibernate dynamic link multi-database to improve articles I once wrote a Hibernate Dialect dialect according to dynamic linking multiple database of articles and found that efficiency is not high, each visit other databases, we must dynamically generate a

Shiro to protect applications using the Ajax Grails

Peter Ledbrook recently introduced to his Blog How to use Shiro protect GWT Grails Application . Although this article only deals with GWT, but for the use of other Ajax frameworks for Web applications are not useful. From the Web side of view, regar ...

Grails to explore the resource file to read

Titled "Grails to explore the resource file to read," but is actually Groovy language resource file to read, any use of Groovy language, anywhere can use this method to read the resource file. Because we use the Groovy language, place, mostly to

Grails project directory structure

Directory name associated description grails-app This directory contains the core of the application of the Grails artifacts (core artifact) + Conf This directory contains configuration files such as DevelopmentDataSource.groovy + Controllers This di ...

Grails - OpenSessionInView does not work with SiteMesh

grails' s bug description: fetchMode Purpose Allows the configuration of an associations fetch strategy ( 'eager' or 'lazy') Examples In this example the static property specifies that the as

[Implementation Opinions] set JSP (jdbc) and ODBC (ACCESS 2007) link

[Implementation Opinions] set the JSP and the ODBC link: Add a file named "db1.accdb" database file, And assuming that the file on the "d: / database". Control Panel> System and Security> Administrative Tools -> Data Sour ...

Grails Domain Model data binding needs to pay attention to a small problem

Do not know what to write a good title to see the body bar. In Grails, you can submit the form parameters of the conduct of the case with the Domain Model Data Binding If the User has a many attributes, such as: At this point, if the form of multiple Chec

Use JPCAP implementation of Java Data Link Layer control

1. JPCAP Introduction As we all know, JAVA language although the TCP / UDP Transport give a good definition, but for the control of the network layer below, but it is powerless. JPCAP expansion pack made up for this. JPCAP not actually a real data link la

Grails to achieve with the API, a web site ideas

As we know, many sites offer API services, including JavaEye. Call the site's API can provide interfaces to other systems use to facilitate the developers to implement mashup. The API can be a general web service, it can be returned xml, json, in fact

Grails Application Skills

1. The field of model properties to copy import grails.converters.JSON def fl = FeeList.get(280) def flOld = new FeeListOld( //bindData(flOld,, [exclude: 'id']) println flOld as JSON Two areas in which FeeList and FeeListOld mo

Link on the mysql using MyEclipse

Mysql tutorial using MyEclipse web link to a search a lot, here I am on the record of a process of learning it, Configuration is a direct reference to a part of my cattle were inside the tutorial blog ~ here issued addresses bar http://kenrome.javaey ...

When you click on the link to remove dotted lines around the outline properties

Method 1: Next is to use html in IE properties: hideFoucs, in the HTML tag to add hidefocus = "true" attribute can be, but this attribute is IE proprietary, Firefox is not identified. <a href="#" hidefocus="true" titl ...
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