getting the value of form in zend framework

Zend Framework in the plug-in (Learning Zend Framework Translation 3)

Directory Introduction description using the plugin Conclusion Zend Framework heavy use of plug-in architecture. Plug into account when maintaining your code separation with Zend Framework code easy to extend and customize the framework. Typically, Z

Understand the Zend Framework, Part 1: Basic

We are the lazy programmer is a contradiction. What I mean is that we will spend hours or even days to create a thing, let us complete with 5 minutes 30 seconds to complete the task. Therefore, Zend Framework to create amazing, maybe not a thing. Zend Fra

zend framework technology

"Zend Framework technology Filmography" Video table of contents "Zend Framework technology Filmography" Introduction: Zend Framework is a set of Zend Launches PHP development framework in PHP that the industry has been more and more at

Zend Framework 1.10.4 Manual (ZF Quick Start 4)

Before we begin, let us consider the following questions: These classes will be placed on where, how do we find them? We create an instance of the default project an automatic loader (autoloader). We can put other devices attached to it automatically

Magento Core Class Varien_Data_Collections its application

This section intends to introduce the Magento's Varien_Data_Collections, I Alanstorm translated (part of the translation, the reader can practice my English ability) Varien Data Collections What is this? Haha, you read the following articles, you'

[Transfer] Flex Related Products

Flex related products <! - InstanceEndEditable -> <! - InstanceBeginEditable name = "contentBody" -> At present, an Adobe ® Flash ® Platform-based ecosystems, but also in its very wide range of sustainable growth that can help you su

One million technical preparations for the pre-visit

One million technical preparations for pre-visit (on) Ten years as a technical practitioner, visiting a decade found that some knowledge of the East West, a hammer over a wooden club in the world to see over and over was only sorted out a clue, Nazan poin

One million pre-visit preparation technique

Opened his own domain name blog, first you have to point to a heavy four dollars was worthy of the domain name. Ten years as a technical practitioner, visit a decade found that some knowledge of the East West, a hammer a wooden club was all over the world

Let Ruby On Rails into the enterprise development

ROR developed by B / S has been 3 years, and early exposure to ROR in early 2006, when there are no Chinese data point, but saying "10 times higher than the Java development efficiency" Let me go look for ROR 4 English information A month later

How to develop system using YII

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