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set map table list a summary of this article comes from: Development Institute http://edu.codepub.com Original link: http://edu.code

1.Collection List Set Map distinction between memory Collection List interface was simple to expand, its concrete implementation classes commonly used are ArrayList and LinkedList. You can put anything into a List container, and when needed from out. Arra

Putty tips from this article summary: Original Link Development Institute http://edu.codepub.com: http://edu.codepub.com/200

putty to input Chinese Default, to enter the Chinese will become putty ... can solve the following: Category, select Window => Appearance => change ... the font is set to Fixedsys character set is set to CHINESE_GB2312 then do not forget to save abo

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space and solution of this article comes from: Development Institute http://edu.codepub.com

PermGen space full name is the Permanent Generation space, refers to the memory of the permanent preservation areas OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space memory benefits from the surface is out, the solution also must increase the memory. Why talk about the ben

This article comes from the Apache configuration reference: Development Institute http://edu.codepub.com Original link: http://edu.codepub.com/2009

1. What is Apache? Apache, an open source HTTP server, you can run on most operating systems, because of its multi-platform and security which are widely used, is the most popular Web server software one. Apache was originally developed by the University

Hotmail password from the leakage, described the way the six passwords stolen

5, blocking thousands of Microsoft Hotmail account login, Microsoft did not specify the number of affected accounts, according to hackers have been published on the site in pastebin.com account information is estimated more than 10,000. The incident

Linux user management tools introduced --- passwd to set or modify user passwords

1, passwd briefly; We have learned how to add users, so we have to learn to set or modify a user's password; passwd command has a lot of usage, we only choose a few parameters are illustrated; would like to know more, please refer to man passwd or pas


Word Reversal Time Limit: 1000ms, Special Time Limit: 2500ms, Memory Limit: 32768KB Total submit users: 31, Accepted users: 31 Problem 10040: No special judgement Problem description Given a list of words, print the words reversed on separate lines.

1. Requirements: configuration. Installing Heritrix, Crawl designated website: http://www.ccer.pku.edu.cn

Scut Shuangsha group 1. Requirements: configuration, installation Heritrix, Crawl designated website: http://www.ccer.pku.edu.cn 1.1 Create a new crawling task After the successful operation of WebUI 1.1.1, create a new crawl for service (1) create a page

Kingdee KIS Business Edition destructive decrypt user passwords

Kingdee KIS-commerce version of the password forgotten, it was said to update t_user set fsid = null where fname = 'manager' To clear the password Looked at the passwords in clear text, that is relatively routine and non-destructive write a d

Clear saved passwords SVN

The process of using Subclipse, too enter the username and password each time trouble to point to save the password. Later, another user name to connect to Subversion, found no place to enter a password. Connection with the TortoiseSVN client, too, i



All shortcut keys and computer passwords used cmd

All shortcut keys and computer passwords used cmd F1 Help F2 renamed F3 Search F4 Address F5 to refresh F6 Switch F10 Menu CTRL + A Select All CTRL + C Copy CTRL + X Cut CTRL + V Paste CTRL + Z Undo CTRL + O Open SHIFT + DELETE to permanently delete DELET

Commonly used computer passwords forgotten how to do?

Network manager in the maintenance and use of computers, we often encounter the problem of password is lost, where we prepared for the majority of network administrators some way to recover the password, but that we should not do bad things Oh. A, CMOS cr

Reference to this article from the Apache configuration: Development Institute http://edu.codepub.com original link: http://edu.codepub.com/2009

1. What is Apache? Apache, an open source HTTP server that can run on most operating systems, because of its multi-platform and security so widely used, is the most popular Web server software. Apache first by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaig

java file upload from this article: Developing College http://edu.codepub.com Original link: http://edu.codepub.com/2009/1

Apache Commons fileUpload Upload files Apache The commons -fileupload.jar You can easily implement file upload functionality , This article by instance that describes how to use the commons -fileupload.jar Apache Commons fileUpload to Upload Files Apache

mysq modify user passwords and user rights granted or add a new user

Changes using the mysqladmin command-line user name password. The most correct format is as follows: D: \ mysql \ bin> mysqladmin-u root-p password 123456 Next will be prompted to Enter password: Enter this command, the original need to enter the root

Oracle user passwords do not match the result in the user lock

Busy recently, as "eat grass, squeeze the milk" level. Wrote an article before, you can user $ view user password modification time http://itspace.javaeye.com/blog/421012, also in the user $ table, records the user name password do not matc ...

Search engine optimization SEO What are the steps and links in this article comes from: Development Institute http://edu.codepub.com Original link: http://edu.codepub.c

For SEO, I think we should not be unfamiliar, and recently had a friend to focus on SEO, said that quite interesting and I want to learn from. SEO is not simply a few tips or a few suggestions, but a need to have sufficient patience and careful mental act

oracle change user passwords

Modify the oracle database user password: Example with es_dba alter user es_dba account unlock

Teach you how to lift the computer boot passwords

First, at boot time, press F8 to enter "security with command prompt" mode input "NET USER + user name +123456 / ADD" can put a user's password Forcibly set to "123456" Second, if the user forget the password with th

aix solaris build and modify user passwords

groupadd dba useradd -g dba -d /export/home/oracle -m oracle passwd oracle Where-d is specified when the user logs on the default directory.

mysqldump carry the user names and passwords, export data parameters

Online a lot, but no, his practice a little, groping out a command line interface to enter: in the command line interface access to the mysql installation directory bin directory. Enter the command: mysqldump - default-character-set utf8-u root - pas

proftpd user passwords is to encrypt

Nobody with a long password, registration does not actually enter. Later, an investigation to know the password to encrypted with htpasswd can. nobody default is / was home, best not to use, remove the password on the line.

Mysql User management (passwords and permissions)

【Important】 mysql new user or change the password set to be performed after the flush flush privileges system privileges related MySQL table, or change does not take effect; # Mysql> flush privileges; Delete user】 【Create 1, creating a user Unlimi

How to between two linux servers with RSA keys on the way to SSH / SCP without passwords

Two linux servers A and B Both compile and install the latest version of the openSSH (recommended) openSSH The default setting is to allow direct root login. (PermitRootLogin yes), for the time being to retain this setting, we first consider how Usin

MySQL new users, delete users and change passwords

1. Create a new user . // Login MYSQL @>mysql -u root -p @> Password // Create user mysql> insert into mysql.user(Host,User,Password) values("localhost","phplamp",password("1234")); // Refresh the system permissions on the table mysql>flu

Log in using the Linux environment RSA SSH certificate authentication instead of passwords

When you use the cvs command in Linux, each to pay to submit, query status, updates and other operations have to enter a password, it is inconvenient. There is no way to not enter a password? Of course, SSH support for multiple authentication methods

CentOS modify user passwords

Change Password command passwd When using the useradd command to increase, the need to use the passwd command for each additional user to set a new password; After the user can always use the passwd command to change their password. The general forma

Tomcat Manager login user name. Passwords and user roles configuration

Configuration file location: $ TOMCAT_ROOT \ conf \ tomcat-users.xml Default: <? Xml version = '1 .0 'encoding =' utf-8 '?> <tomcat-users> </ tomcat-users> Modified: <? Xml version = '1 .0 'encoding ='

linux commonly used passwords

Clear screen clear Create a directory mkdir Create a document touch Remove directory rmdir can only delete empty directories rm-r iterative delete (have asked) remove directories and their contents recursively Delete the file rm-f ignore nonexistent files

centos5.5 commonly used passwords

1, view the CPU usage; terminal-"top; 2, jump super administrator; ..... Su; 3, the back catalog; ..... Cd; 4, see the host name; ..... Hostname 5, modify the configuration file, so that the next restart, when the new host name edit file: / etc / sys

Bash script: Disable host access to test passwords

Maintains several VPS, as time goes by, that / var / log / auth.log, there are a large number of test SSH account password information. Internet on some very silly people, do these silly things to do. I wonder how someone will SSH account password is

linux to add users, set passwords

Add Users: useradd -m $username Change Password: passwd $username Details: useradd command Name useradd - Account number Establish Or New new Use Who Information Grammar useradd [-c comment] [-d home_dir] [-e expire_date] [-f inactive_time] [-g initi

oracle problem of lost passwords and permissions management

Rights Management 3 default user sys changge_on_install (9 inside the default password) without password (ORACLE 10 inside) system manager without password scott tiger locked for security reasons (need to unlock) Create user 1, start the listener lsnrctl

New MySQL users, delete users and change passwords

1. New user . // Login MYSQL @>mysql -u root -p @> Password // Create user mysql> insert into mysql.user(Host,User,Password) values("localhost","phplamp",password("1234")); // Flush the system permissions table mysql>flush privileges; Thi

mysql change user passwords

Must first declare that, in most cases, MySQL is the need to modify in the mysql root privileges, so the average user can not change the password, unless the request manager. Method One Use phpmyadmin, this is the easiest, and modify the mysql user t

Using MySQL to generate random passwords _zhuanzhuan

Generate a random password with MySQL collection A friend asked about the evening, simply write a. DELIMITER $$CREATE FUNCTION `t_girl` . `func_rand_string` ( f_num tinyint unsigned , f_type tinyint unsigned ) RETURNS varchar ( 32) BEGIN -- Translate

SVN saved passwords are still required to enter user name password solution

Save some time before a password using SVN, after some operations do not need to enter a user name and password, did not last long, SVN operations on the recent sudden need to enter a user name and password, even to save the password still does not w

The use of CAS in the Tomcat to implement single sign-on

1 CAS is a Yale University launched an open source project, aimed at Web application system to provide a reliable method of single sign-on, CAS in December 2004 became a JA-SIG's a project. CAS has the following characteristics: 1. Open source enterpr

Tomcat Configuration Highlights

Tomcat server, the key parameters to configure server.xml Note: The following words are tomcat5.0.30 as an example. 1, configure tomcat server to access the port, just configure the Connector for port port can be. Tomcat defaults to 8080, modify the port

Tomcat configuration tips Xiangjie Analysis

1. Configuration System Management (Admin Web Application) Most commercial J2EE servers provide a powerful management interface , And the most easy-to-understand Web application interface .Tomcat In his own way, also provides a mature management tool , An

Development of applications based on the jndi

Keywords: Developing applications based on the jndi http://blog.csdn.net/guoyf/archive/2004/09/27/118235.aspx Java Naming and Directory Interface (Java Naming and Directory Interface, JNDI) is used to access the application from the Java Naming and Direct

cas-server-3.3.2 trial example

1. To build java environment; 2. Download cas-server and cas-client-java-2.1.1 http://www.jasig.org/cas/download/cas-server-321 http://www.ja-sig.org/downloads/cas-clients/ 3. Cas-server environment for the deployment of the first step: Extract the c ...

CAS (single sign) --- A Summary

Single sign-on (sso) is based on user / session authentication in a process, users simply provide a one-time certificate (only one log), you can access multiple applications. 1, the most recent system integration company, the company decided to use y ...

The use of CAS in the Tomcat to implement single sign-on (reproduced)

The use of CAS in the Tomcat to implement single sign-on Document Options <script type="text/javascript"> </ script> <noscript> </ noscript> <noscript> </ noscript> Print this page Send as e-mail this page

Recommended free software world (cladding)

This is the best collection of free software tools, we divided into 16 categories, including a variety of free programs, services and web sites, both popular social networks, video sharing sites and services, as well as other popular classification If per

telnet to allow root user login

redhat how to allow root login through telnet 1. redhat linux system in order to activate the remote landing, from the file / etc / pam.d / login in removing the following line: auth required / lib / security / pam_security.so 2. The / etc / securett ...

Tomcat Advanced Configuration Techniques (2)

4. Configure virtual host (Virtual Hosts) On the server.xml in the "Host" this element, only if you set the virtual host only need to modify. Web hosting is a service in a web server, multiple domain name system, for each domain, the all seem to

Win 2003 security checks to the invaders nowhere to hide away (switch)

Publish time :2008-8-30 8:26:37 sources: IT specialist outlets hit: 1632 [IT Ferguson is the server version of Windows Server 2003 system, individual user has to use, but many are used to make the server platform. Attackers are more willing to get their c

ExtMail Solution HOWTO for Linux amendment and installation notes

Recently set up a Linux host. The operating system is CentOS 4.4. Looking for a complete mail solution, so I suffered for a long time. I asked to support POP3, SMTP, SSL, WEBMAIL and multi domain settings. Finally, I found ExtMail Solution, a perfect real
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