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DAT to achieve pure IP database mdb database transfer methods

Ip databases to Network Database pure ASP script to innocent web site to download ip database, and supplied with the database query program (Showip.exe) with online detection and upgrade IP database, simply run the program, click on the upper right corner

Android automatically packaged. Signature. Optimization. From ANT script

All rights reserved, welcome reproduced, reprinted, please specify: SinFrancis http://mdev.cc This script is for online updates on android SDK, install the package before the android are offline, and later changed to a direct-line installation, the cost o

Android signature produced using keytool and jarsigner apk file

Original Address: http://www.android123.com.cn/androidkaifa/173.html Android and the Symbian Signed program can be self-similar signature (Self-signed), but early in the Android platform certificate also appears to exist in name only, normal development o

Double-click to run Android emulator. Create SDcard.AVD. Install APK file. Upload files to the simulator

Operating Environment: 1, install JDK 2, install Android SDK Recommendation: Add the JDK, SDK environment variables, to add the path to the path environment variable. Configuration steps: 1, enter the cmd command line mode, determine whether the JDK

Generated signature file using the command line and use their signature file on the apk

"A" signature file generated using the command line (1) Create a signature file used to store the folder android_publish (2) In the command window, type the command: (bold part) E: \ android_publish> keytool-genkey-alias alex_android.key

apk break the dexdump decompile Android program

Android in ism (compile, decompile, AXMLPrinter2, smali, baksmali)! 2010-07-22 13:12 I. Introduction: Hello, everybody, to share with you today in ism Android, we often encounter a very nice feel very smart application (apk), so we will try to use WinRAR

View apk information through aapt

aapt l-a 3.apk> 3.txt Description: The aapt.exe, mgwz.dll, *. apk file in the same directory, in the current directory can run the command.

Android Apk signature

1, Android Apk signature Apk signature signature must first have a keystore file used. keystore is a tool that comes with jdk keytool generated. Specific reference has generated: Start -> Run -> cmd-> cd to the directory you installed the jd

How to install android APK file to your phone?

G1 just got a lot of friends, when entered, probably the first is to install the software, installed in the ANDROID platform file suffix ". Apk", like the installation files on the PC suffix ". Exe" Saipan Platform installation file su

APK SDCARD installation and use of

Reprinted statement: learning together for easy access address: http://hi.baidu.com/fox_message/blog/item/0aed4ef98378da06d9f9fd8d.html APK file to install the Android Emulator and the use of Android sdcard 2009-08-01 10:40 APK file to install the Android

APK file to install the Android Emulator <Zhuantie>

First, install the APK file to the Android emulator The implementation of mobile phone use Android APK file format, similar to the Windows platform exe file. Android simulator installed in a variety of ways APK file, if you're a developer, can Eclipse

How to install the Android emulator APK downloaded packages (rpm)

An article on " Android emulator installation tutorial google phone experience the charm of _ "to tell you how to install and run the PC emulator, this time to tell you how to install more software on the simulator, such as downloaded QQ, microb

Android APK decompile

One. Decompile Apk get Java source code Reprinted from: http://hi.baidu.com/% CB% BF% D4% B5% CC% EC% CF% C2/blog/item/2284e2debafc541e495403ec.html Tools Download: required to dex2jar and JD-GUI tools that 2 dex2jar Download: http://laichao.googlecode.co

[Transfer] APK localization / modification tool - <android-apktool>

[Transfer] APK localization / modification tool - "android-apktool" APK, weapon, talking about APK localized into Chinese, at present most of the tutorial is to use Hex Workshop or Android ResEdit to do it. But after practice, you will find: 1,

Derived from the Eclipse executable jar package, and finally to generate an executable file exe

1. Fat Jar plug-in download 2. After the installation, right-choice item, there will be Build Fat Jar, select this method, one can then step by step in accordance with the Export Wizard executable jar file. If there is outside the jar package, for example

EXE4J packaged into exe files

exe4j a java packaging tools can be packaged into a jar file or exe file, very convenient to download ask Google Bar Described here are labeled by NETBEANS after the packaged jar files into exe Next step Step two: Choose jar in exe mode Step Three: T ...

struts2 Local Type Converter

Local type converter, get a quite a long time, the main error is reported null pointer error. Baidu online a lot of articles, the reasons for the error of a few himself summed up as follows: 1. Partial type conversion device configuration files ... proper

15 minutes to learn to export the jar file and then install MyEclipse replace the exe executable file

This article is intended to help new to j2se packaged jar file, or do not know how a person who Zhaobi, but also to make their knowledge in the form of articles saved. First, export the jar file: If your program development has been drawing to a close, an

Jar to exe package tool set

1, exe4j Description: exe4j can be produced Jar file exe file, but need jre support can also be placed outside the Jar file. Software properties: Shareware Download address: http://www.ej-technologies.com/products/exe4j/overview.html 2, JBuilder Desc ...

Android generation APK

, Dalvik virtual machine for the first time into the people's vision. Its efficient use of memory, and in low-speed, high-performance CPU on the show is indeed impressive. Depends on the underlying Posix-compliant operating system, it can simply compl

Sharing a view apk in the xml tools

Open-source projects android4me Its AXMLPrinter2 can easily put apk has been serialized xml reduced to text format The AXMLPrinter2.jar copied to C drive, in the console cd to come out of the apk file to extract the folder, execute the following comm ...

Struts2 type converter

First, an overview of the B / S application, will be converted to the corresponding request parameter string data type is a MVC framework provides the function, while the Struts2 is a good MVC framework for realization of those, of course, provides the ty

Struts2 Notes - 10 custom type converter

http://localhost:8080/Struts2/demo/date?birthday=2009-12-12 Console and jsp pages are printed Sat Dec 12 00:00:00 CST 2009 ■ If the http://localhost:8080/Struts2/demo/date?birthday=20091212 Then the console will complain and the jsp page will print a ...

How to use JDK (keytool.exe) to generate your own digital certificate

How to use JDK (keytool.exe) to generate your own digital certificate Using the JDK comes with keytool.exe can generate the certificate repository. The certificate contains the creator of a number of information and public key. Official documents: (Englis

To decompile an apk file translation

To decompile a apk translated document, we need to do the following steps: 1. Find the installation files apk 2. To find installed software translation files *. dex 3.dump dex file 4. Analysis of dex file to obtain the desired code 1. Locate the file that

Unable to open welcome.exe and poutlook solution

Unable to open the file after Custom welcome.exe and the inability to open the file poutlook Perhaps it is not signed using a trusted certificate, or can not find one of its components, there are two solutions: A. the SQM customization on customer fe ...

GPS, as well as APK

GPS positioning for the general steps, through the system service to obtain a LocationManager, through this method to get a Manager to Location, the equivalent of a two-dimensional value, contains the longitude and latitude, LocationManager there are ...

Read and modify the properties file and start the exe program

Many people want to know how to use java to read and modify the project outside the properties file, to tell you through this process method, even if the jar to exe files you can read and modify the properties to the parameters of the keys and values ...

apache start httpd.exe Baocuo Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified

Preface: apache though can run, but see error.log there httpd.exe: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using 192.168. X. x for ServerName this error, would like to see if there are other occupants of the 80-port ...

HTML page is called exe program

Unsafe, but it is funny

Java through the JNI calling EXE export functions

Resolve this article is to use Eclipse, through the JNI, call the DLL file. And then through the DLL file, use the GetProcAddress call EXE file export functions. Currently only be called a single function. The next step may be extended: 1. A continuo ...

Eclipse3.4 integrated anti-compilation tool jad.exe

Step One: Download net.sf.jadclipse_3.3.0.jar the jar and jad.exe, copy the jar to the Eclipse file plugins paper Step two: Restart the Eclipse in windows -> preferences -> java on the be able to look into the JadClipse a click JadClipse config ...

Converter using converter

1. Write one's own converter: 2. In other parts of the statement converter The first parameter is the description which converter to use the second parameter shows the type you want to convert note [/ size]

java generated exe file

For Java for desktop applications, the more annoying is the installation of the deployment, the client is installed jre, jre version of the problem, jre where to download, how to use jre start your Java application? Do not say people new to computers ...

Exe executable file called JAVA

public class transferExe ( public static void main (String [] args) ( openWinExe (); openExe (); ) / / Use Java's exe file called windows system, such as notepad, calc and the like public static void openWinExe () ( Runtime rn = Runtime.getRuntim ...

HTA version of resource file encoding converter native2ascii | # hta

In doing J2EE i18n, we often use the convert tool for the resource file <JAVA_HOME> \ bin \ native2ascii.exe, however, operated under the command line too much trouble, so I wrote this with the HTA convert resource files encoded small tool nati ...

JSmooth use: JAR package has brought about EXE

When we feel that in DOS window, through the cumbersome command execution jar file, you can consider using this tool to jar package JSmooth inflicted exe, can be run directly by double-clicking. Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jsmooth/files/jsmo

jad.exe decompiler Builder New Home Address

jad.exe New Home Address: http://www.varaneckas.com/jad Direct download link: http://www.varaneckas.com/sites/default/files/jad/jad158g.win.zip

py2exe package python to exe

The first step: to establish. Py file Hello.py Content: print "Hello World!" Step two: build build file setup.py Content: from distutils.core import setup import py2exe setup (console = ['hello.py']) or setup (windows = ['hello. ...

eclipse labeled jar package, bat, and the exe file

eclipse labeled jar package, bat, and the exe file labeled jar package: 1, no other class library jar files and plug-in menu "File "-->" Export" Basically, by default you can, remember the next to last, and then select the main ...

TSVNCache.exe CPU-high problem-solving

Just install the latest version of the svn machine feel very slow reaction, view process CPU-found TSVNCache.exe higher, even 100% occupied, after the Internet search solution, this time because of the problems caused after installing TortoiseSVN, which a

oracle 10 TNSLSNR. EXE take up how to do port 8080

oracle 10 services start TNSLSNR.exe will occupy a 8080 port, when, what needed to change the port: Package provided with the oracle: - The HTTP / WEBDAV port from 8080 to 8081 change SQL> call dbms_xdb.cfg_update (updateXML (dbms_xdb.cfg_get (), ...

iis problem: aspnet_wp.exe (PID: 908) stopped unexpectedly

Running asp.net in IIS when the show can not run the application view event viewer found error: aspnet_wp.exe (PID: 908) stopped unexpectedly by the Internet, said the need to install IIS and then install. Net or IIS group will be as relevant Parts a ...

Apc extension increased after the procedure to call the php "httpd.exe - Application Error" The Cause and Solution

added a php extension APC results in local debug php program, frequently pop-up "httpd. exe - Application Error" dialog box, the original This is php. ini configuration file due to improper parameter settings. Solution: open php inside php. Ini

Science Fiction python split converter | # python

Some time ago wrote a simple TXT2HTML novel converter HTA version, now the python and then to achieve it again, automatically split into multiple sections of HTML files, and create the directory, easy to read. Effect diagram: Script code: To which re ...

VC6.0-Error spawning cl.exe

Probably many people have had after installing VC 6.0 click "Compile" or "Build" appears after "Compiling ..., Error spawning cl.exe" error message to the depressed too. Many people's choice is reload, in fact, in ma ...

To solve the problem, CPU TSVNCache.exe

[Introduction] TortoiseSVN is a very popular open-source community a source code control and management software, open source projects, almost all use the SVN. [Problem] After installing the SVN have a TSVNCache.exe-memory process, this process will perio

How to run exe files ubuntu

exe File is to rely on Windows systems library ,linux The system will definitely not support . However if you are in Linux installation Wine Install the software, you can run generic small Windows Program . Wine Installation ; 1. Install wine ubuntu The C

Consolas as CMD.EXE (Windows Console) Font

1, download the Consolas font, and install; 2, modify the registry; 3, change CMD.exe property Modify the default code page for the "OEM-American" Font tab, set the font; 4, set to complete;

SAPHTTP SAPHTTPA saphttp.exe (content server)

The saphttp.exe is an RFC server program on the frontend. This is normally accessible. Problems can occur if for example a firewall exists between frontend and the application server. A connection test is therefore performed prior to the initial usag ...
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