error: constraints/util.h: No such file or directory

Linux system library file About

Linux system library files Introduction libraries in general is compiled binaries for the link stage together with the object code generated executable file, or run the executable file is called when the library of a certain code. It is common with t

File for the keywords "" command grep

sudo grep-irn 'COMPILE'. / / "." current directory keyword 'COMPILE' sudo grep-i 'COMPILE' ltls.c / / find file in ltls.c keyword 'COMPILE' Usage: grep [option] ... pattern [file] ... Find the style of each file o

Reproduced: mysql error code

Transfer: 1 server error codes and messages Server error information comes from the following source file: • Error message information is listed in share / errmsg.txt file. "% D" and "% s" represent

Study notes for AIX Dump file (original)

DUMP file overview In order to enhance failure analysis capabilities, IBM's server to increase the current environment for the preservation of equipment failure function is to save an equipment failure of memory, CPU registers, IO devices such as data

oracle error code Daquan 2

ORA-01200: actual file size is less than the correct size of the block ORA-01201: file header can not be written correctly ORA-01202: wrong prototype for this file - wrong creation time ORA-01203: wrong prototype for this file - wrong creation SCN ORA-012

Solution under redhat as4 mysql error log can not find mysql.sock

Today had a redo operation and maintenance of the virtual machine environment for the deployment of our project test environment, install redhat as4. As the project using the mysql5, the system comes mysql4.1.20 should be removed. # Rpm-qa | grep mysql Fo

My.cnf MySQL configuration file to use to take notes

My.cnf MySQL configuration file, the most detailed example of translation, taking notes can be saved with the. # BEGIN CONFIG INFO # DESCR: 4GB RAM, only use InnoDB, ACID, few connections, large load queue # TYPE: SYSTEM # END CONFIG INFO # # This example

[Transfer] MySQL configuration file my.cnf Chinese version

Original Address: From hi! Admin copied a configuration notes very well. Fine # BEGIN CONFIG INFO # DESCR: 4GB RAM, only use InnoDB, ACID, few connections, large load queue # TYPE: SYSTEM # END CONFIG INFO # # The mysql

Java read file FileOperate import *; public class FileOperate { public FileOperate () { } / ** * New directory * @ Param folderPath String, such as c: / fqf * @ Return boolean * / public void newFolder (String folderPath) { try { String filePath = fol

linux file operation command entry   Linux file copy, delete and move commands       cp command in the command's function is to copy the given file or directory to another file or directory under

Hadoop Distributed File System: Architecture and design elements

Hadoop Distributed File System: Architecture and design elements of the original: First, the premise and design goals 1, hardware errors are the norm, rather than anomalies, HDFS are probably hun

. / Script / generate salted_login .... Error

Error message wrote . / script / generate salted_login User Localization dependency localization create lang create lib / localization.rb create config / environments / localization_environment.rb create test / unit / localization_test.rb create lang ...

JAVA MD5 Authentication large file (change)

MD5 authentication from the web looking for large files can indeed verify the MD5 algorithm for large files, but when the bytes of memory to do the mapping when the number of bytes is greater than 690M if so, would be wrong to see Gao Ren suggested t ...

Between Java strings and file conversion tools

Between Java strings and file conversion tools Often need to do some text and string processing work: 1, according to a specified encoding the file read into memory string, the string operation; 2, will write a string to a file on the disk. Frequency ...

BlackBerry blackberry error code system error Xiangjie

101 Previous startup failed When the jvm to start the process, before the start of a project failed, equipment has been reset. This error indicates that the jvm at startup find the "boot in progress" This flag has been set, the current screen in

file of the getPath getAbsolutePath and getCanonicalPath different

Transfer from: file access path of these methods vary, details below to talk about the difference between Conceptual differences: (content from the jdk, personal feeling that descripti ..., the use of ant.jar make zip compressed files, and the relevant Chinese solution (change)

Zip compressed files with production, if the compressed file produced by the file name in Chinese or Chinese directory, with WinZip, WinRar extract there would be garbled, and similarly, with extracting WinZip, WinRar pack ...

Jetty6 Guide Book Chapter 4 Jetty service configuration file

EDITORIAL: Use the jetty has been a long time, it is a very good web containers and tools to share in this special jetty6 knowledge. Network, there are some information on the jetty, but it used outdated and does not have a systematic, resulting in a lot

ANT-build.xml file Xiangjie

The concept of Ant may be some readers are not connected to what is Ant and entry can use it, but as long as the use by Linux systems from readers should be aware of make this command. When compiling Linux kernel and some software source code, we often us

Struts2 related to struts-default.xml, struts.xml, file Xiangjie

Each study a framework, we will inevitably have to learn some information about the configuration file, struts2 is no exception, here I will talk about several major struts2 configuration file. 1) struts-default.xml This file is the struts2 framework of t

resin configuration file Xiangjie

<! - - Resin 3.1 configuration file. - " <resin xmlns=" "xmlns:resin=" "> "! - Loaded resin / lib, under all the. Jar file -" <class-loader> <t

Solve Invalid white space character (0x - file download can be directly used

Making soa webservice development, you may encounter an error message similar to the following: com.ctc.wstx.sw.BaseStreamWriter.writeCharacters ( 509) Invalid white space character (0x1) in text to output Invalid white space ch ...

New features of Java SE 7 file operations (3) - some of the concepts related to

Transferred from the developer's sky Path class provides many methods to files and directories to read, write and other operations. Look at these methods, we first need to understand some of the other concepts: Varargs Varargs actually stands for Vari

New features of Java SE 7 file operations (4) - delete. Copy and move files

<! - @ Page (size: 8.27in 11.69in; margin: 0.79in) P (margin-top: 0in; margin-bottom: 0.08in) -> Transferred from the developer's sky Deletion Through the Path class, we can remove the files, directories or symbolic links. Note that when we ...

linux file system commands

Linux supports a large number of local file system type (ext2, ext3, JFS, XFS, ReiserFS, vfat, NTFS), look at / proc / filesystems file to find out the contents of the current Linux kernel can provide the support on which the file system. No matter what t

ActionScript common error occurs

Collection of: Ambiguous reference to% s. reference may point to a number. For example, the following example using the rss and xml namespaces, each namespace are to hello () function definition of t

python os module in the Chinese language help file

python os module in the Chinese language help file Translator: butalnd translation in 2010.1.7 - 2010.1.8, personal blog: Note that this module's function on unix are skipped most of the translation primarily for WINDOW

05_ file reading and writing XML

1. Read and write files in the steps A. Create a file stream FileStream fs = new FileStream (path, FileMode.Create); The four common ways: FileMode.Create create the file if it exists a rewriting FileMode.CreateNew presence to create a new error File ...

python2.x study notes (10) - file input and output

1. File object can be used to access not only to ordinary disk files, and can also access any other type of abstract level "document." Once set up the right "hook", you can access the file type interface with other objects, like v ...

During restart, replace the windows system file protection

During restart, replace the windows system file protection Study: ClassyK date :2006-01-25 This is the first to write a 3721 Origin uninstall software, when the system files are deleted, but the search will still be targeted to 3721, for example, whe ...

c language file stream operations (Small Summary)

Today there are small errors, file read error, the following summary, the direct file copy, Oh way: direct copy The second way: Progressive Copy Three ways: by copying characters (though controlled, tabs, etc. does not exist) Changed a bit, get and p ...

Encountered "error while loading shared libraries: cannot ..." problem

Encountered "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" problem Today at noon, in Redhat AS5 resolve a database connection problem, found in the application log the following error

C + + compile time. PCH.stdafx.h

This time focused on solving the problem of a stdafx, a little scattered Summary Precompiled header file (extension. PCH) is a project to the more stable code pre-compiled form on an intermediate file (PCH file), the compiler can be more efficient to use

On the ora-12505 ORACLE error, and connectivity solutions and related information

On the ora-12505 ORACLE error, and connectivity solutions and related information Recently, I use jdbc to connect oracle 9i database, the following error occurred: Error occured while trying to connect to the database Error connecting to database: (using

Troubleshooting the RHCE exam, linux system can not boot or possible error conditions (change)

Troubleshooting the RHCE exam, linux system can not boot or possible error condition ############################################### # # ############################################### # # # # # Of: sheep ( ) # # # Home: http://blueflybir

Oracle startup error handling a

Reflect the business customer problems remotely connect to the database a look, also found a antique database, huh, huh. Gossip does not say, look at the process of resolving. Host version Quote # Oslevel Database version Quote SVRMGR> sel ...

TSPITR error encountered

Error 1: RMAN> run ( 2> recover tablespace DATACNT_TEST, DATACNT_TEST_INDEX until time "to_date ('2010 -3-18 13:57:00 ',' yyyy-mm-dd hh24: mi: ss') "auxiliary destination 'C: \ auxiliary'; 3>) Recover in 18-3 sta

UNIX file security and permissions

Use ls-l command, such as the following: total 74434 -Rwxrwxr-x 2 user dba 39921 1 Month 16 12:50 file1 drwxrwxr-x 2 user dba 4096 1 Month 16 15:29 folder total 74434 that all the files in that directory the amount of space 2 indicates the number of ...

File directory manipulation functions Overview

In Python,, Python recursive file operations mainly from the os module, the main methods are as follows: os.listdir (dirname): dirname listed in the directory and files under os.getcwd (): get the current working directory os.curdir: Returns the curr ...

Hadoop Distributed File System: Architecture and the Design Ⅱ (change)

5, file system metadata persistence Namenode storage HDFS metadata. For any changes to the file metadata generated operation, Namenode use a transaction log called Editlog record. For example, create a file in HDFS, Namenode will insert a record in Editlo

Apache will not start, but not the reasons for error

Recently, configure apache + tomcat, found that after the configuration, apache does not start up, test configuration is fleeting, do not show any errors. 1:00 out where the error is not clear. Notes configuration file can only step by step, until fi ...

Stale NFS file handle solution

Often encounter this problem every time google, forget, or keep a copy in his own blog Shang Hao, and solutions from the network Reprinted from: Stale NFS file handle ...

Oracle's password file

Oracle's password file To the previous script, created and launched the following examples, Oracle began to call eygle.sql script, this script will be introduced separately. The initial part of this script is to require the definition of user password

Non-archive mode, ORA-01190 error to solve cases

1. Non-archive mode, the power to re-start the cause can not lock data file SYS @ huiches> startup ORACLE instance started. Total System Global Area 159383552 bytes Fixed Size 1295608 bytes Variable Size 96471816 bytes Database Buffers 54525952 by ...

Linux's shell environment, the implementation of file

The shell in the Linux environment, implementation of the [user @ hostname filename] #. / Index.php file, often reported this error: -Bash:. / Index.php: / usr/local/php5/bin/php ^ M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory Check the next reason he rea

ANT-build.xml file Xiangjie (collection, transferred from:

The concept of Ant Perhaps some readers are not connected to what is Ant and into the can use it, but as long as the system used by Linux have readers should know make this command. When compiling Linux kernel and some software source code, we often ...

Du Command Function: Statistical directory (or file) the size of disk space occupied

du Contents [hide] 1.linux command 2. data unit 3. ozone concentration units [Edit this paragraph] 1.linux command Du Command Functions: Statistical directory (or file) the size of disk space occupied. Syntax: du [-abcDhHklmsSx] [-L] [-X] [- block-si ...

Sparse file into a normal file

There was a 30G in the sparse file file.img, the actual space occupied 3.5G. However, after extracting compressed into file.img.tar.gz out and found the actual take up 30G of space, a sparse file is not sparse. Why? The original is because the compre ...

Oracle asynchronous io error

Customers continue to report a database alert log the following error Quote LNS: Standby redo logfile selected for thread 1 sequence 4060 for destination LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_2 Thu Apr 22 06:49:04 2010 Errors in file / oracle/admin/archive/udump/archive_ ...

mysql error code (Memo)

mysql error code (Memo) Transfer 1005: create table failed 1006: Create Database Failed 1007: The database already exists, create a database failure 1008: The database does not exist, delete the database failed 1009: Can not delete the database file to de
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