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ADO.NET Entity Framework Study Notes (1) Introduction

LINQ to Entities A LINQ technology to enable developers to use LINQ expressions and the LINQ standard query operators, for the Entity Data Model (EDM) to create a flexible object context strongly typed queries. ESQL Entity SQL A similar and SQL, the

ADO.NET Entity Framework Study Notes (2) modeling

Model structure [Conceptual model] and have [physical key], [entity key] to the table in the [primary key] mapping, that table must have primary key. Table [unique key] will not [conceptual model] to reflect In the [conceptual model] is not allowed to mod

ADO.NET Entity Framework Study Notes (4) ObjectQuery object

Data loading ObjectQuery <T> 1. ObjectQuery <T> provides a management [entity as] a collection of 2. ObjectQuery <T> inherited System.Data.Objects.ObjectQuery, ObjectQuery ObjectContext were on the package, 3. You can ObjectContext.

ADO.NET Entity Framework Study Notes (5) ESQL query

Than LINQ to SQL, EF in addition to providing LINQ query, also provides Entity SQL language ESQL similar to Hibernate's HSQL, ESQL and the SQL language syntax similar manner as a string ObjectQuery esql query result set ObjectQuery <entity> myCo

Comparison of query performance ado.net entity framework

ado.net entity framework to use a different method to query data, different performance Part I: Repeat queries a single entity The first is: Linq To Entitiess Code: static void Main (string [] args) { DateTime time1; DateTime time2; time1 = DateTime.

entity framework code first the context has changed


entity-framework (code-first) instance of the development (a)

The Contoso University Web Application The application you'll be building in these tutorials is a simple university website. Users can view and update student, course, and instructor information. A few of the screens you'll create are shown b

Entity Framework in ASP.NET MVC Application (II)

In the previous tutorial you created an MVC application that stores and displays data using the Entity Framework and SQL Server Compact. In this tutorial you will review and customize the CRUD (create, read, update, delete) code that the MVC scaffolding a

Entity Framework in ASP.NET MVC Application (c)

In the previous tutorial you implemented a set of web pages for basic CRUD operations for Student entities. In this tutorial you'll add sorting, filtering, and paging functionality to the Students Index page. You'll also create a page that does si

ADO.NET Entity Framework Study Notes (3) ObjectContext object

Help ObjectContext provides the function of management data Context operating data Adding entity AddObject Will add to the collection entity, Created entity, the state EntityState.Detached When the call to the entity Context AddObject, the state Enti

Linq to Sql: N-tier applications in the query (above): Back to the custom entity

If the UI layer allows direct access to Linq to Sql's DataContext, can save a lot of problems, such as in dealing with multi-table join, we use var to define L2S query for a specific IDE automatically infer variable types (IQueryable <anonymou

. Net Framework versions

Since June 22, 2000 Microsoft announced to the world their own. NET strategy, and now has more than ten years. As. NET strategy is based, Microsoft. NET Framework has already issued more than one version. Here we look at the years which Microsoft released

Talk about my understanding of the entity: DTO, DMO, DPO

And we talk about today is my understanding for some entities, will inevitably be biased at the beginning, also please point out. We all see the title in three of the English abbreviation of the: DTO, DMO, DPO. DTO we should still be familiar, Data Transf

the. NET Framework 4 New Features

(Annex, there are Chinese and English - this is down from VS2010 on the Copy) What's New in the. NET Framework 4 . NET Framework 4 other versions of Visual Studio 2008 Visual Studio 2005 This topic contains information about key features and improveme

LINQ to Entities: Supported and Unsupported Methods

entity framework linq to entities. net 3.5 Linq to Entities in support and not support the method, the most common way is not supported Contains Here are a list of Microsoft gives hope in the plan to use EntityFramework friends help: LINQ to Entities ...

From [the major software companies issue written finale] Learning SQL statement

See the garden from the blog article, describes a large software company interview often out of two SQL questions (see appendix). I think the benefits are many, before, I always think, SQL2008 seems to offer this support, but lower versions, including 200

ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions CTP Preview Released 2007.12.09

This is a previous article on here, easy to use. Original link: http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2007/12/09/asp-net-3-5-extensions-ctp-preview-released.aspx Earlier today we released the first CTP preview of an "ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions" Rel

vs2010 add a reference page and the CLR side-by-side changes

1, VS 2010 Beta2 version of the "Add Reference" has changed, we pressed to choose one, a little hollow leopard. In vs2010 when you open the dialog box,. NET and COM page is now loaded asynchronously, in filling the list will not block UI thread.

I think Microsoft. NET prospect of the technology

Original link: http://www.cnblogs.com/bitfan/archive/2010/03/03/1677139.html 2002 release. NET 1.0, after 8 years of development,. NET development to a 4.0, has become a large and complex software development and operating platform, the increasing complex

. NET data access technology

EF, the entity framework, including linq2sql. Its data access method, can access SqlServer (made built-in support) directly to complete, or indirectly through linq2sql achieved. It's an additional function is that for entity data model (edm) and ...

VS2010 should be Microsoft. NET platform milestone?

Microsoft changing. NET based technologies in should be more conservative, especially when it's changing the requirements and demands of developers to rework all the work to reinvent the wheel prior to when the pain caused to people or can not be ...

. NET to use Oracle databases. Database Access Technology (B)

In the article describes. NET Oracle data provider to use to access Oracle's methods and the way older database access, ODBC, DAO, RDO, etc.. Overall, the emergence of ODBC allows programmers do not need to concern with the specific database inte ...

. Net4 in Ajax Data strategy: a new Web development model

I have a column in the previous article, "Integrated jQuery, Web Service, Ajax, and ASP.NET" in the once introduced, through the Ajax technology can be realized in the ASPX file, no server-side code, on the contrary, only need to use JavaSc ...

Hibernate dao generic

Hibernate + spring generic dao. First define a SimpleDao interface, which means the following: Java code / * * * @ Author zyong * * @ Date 2009-9-19 11:02:34 PM * * @ Action a simple general-purpose public hibernate dao implementation classes * / pac ...

How to architect an Application

Many of us are developing web application and maintaining them as part of the daily routine. But most of them still struggle to maintain the web application due to lack of flexibility and separation of the concern. In my experience I have seen the bu

Comparison of ASP.NET MVC and RAILS3

After the post-Web era of entry, MVC framework for rapid evolution into the era, Struts, etc. The older generation infirm, MVC framework for development inefficient gradually abandoned, a new generation of agile hold high the banner of MVC is gradual

Silverlight and the SQLite database interoperability (CURD full resolution)

This article will introduce another commonly used in the development of lightweight database SQLite database as Silverlight and CURD operations background. Preparations 1) establish a testing program More details see the powerful DataGrid component [

Silverlight 4 using the Domain Service to do quick access to information

Silverlight 4 to do this before in data access, necessary to write the back-end Web Services, so that Silverlight call, Select, Update, Delete, Insert may write 4 Method, 10 个 Table to access at least 40 must write Method Although Ajax is so written,

Domain Events - Christ

Original http://www.jdon.com/jivejdon/thread/37289/15 In Evans DDD implementation process, often come across entities and service interaction Service and Repository, the realization of this interaction is a difficult process, but also likely to cause bloo

. Net 4.0 new features and improvements of

About. Net 4.0 1. Compatibility has been a cause for a headache problem in the. NET 4.0, in the same process, different runtime (CLR) components that can run on, which we call In process Side by Side. In the Win32 era, we called the general development of

<Based Hotel management system was constructed ASP.NET4.0.ExtJs> Course Schedule

"Based on ASP.NET4. 0, ExtJs technology to build the hotel management system" course schedule Course Description The course involves hotel management system requirements analysis, UML modeling, database design based on needs analysis, system arc

Mono compatibility list (records)

Here is a slightly more detailed view, by. NET framework version: Implemented Partially Implemented Not Implemented . NET 4.0 C # 4.0 ASP.Net 4.0 ASP.Net MVC 1 and MVC 2 System.Numerics Managed Extensibily Framework - Shared with. NET via MS-PL licen

2010 year-end wrap - Technical articles

Towards the end of 2010, according to the rules of the year primary and secondary school teachers, is to do year-end summary of the time. Not done for many years are summarized, and some rusty. . . Fortunately, this is only a technical article In 201

C # and. NET 4 Advanced Programming: 5th Edition

"C # and. NET 4 Advanced Programming: 5th Edition" Basic information Original title: Pro C # 2010 and the. NET Platform 5 edition 4 Original Press: Apress On: (United States) Andrew Troelsen Translator: Zhu Ye Xiao Kui Yao Qilin Zhangda Lei Wang

Spring + Hibernate application in the framework of the GenericHibernateDao

GenericHibernateDao Prepared under the framework of Spring + Hibernate application can not be always prepared from a common generic GenericHibernateDao. Access to the Internet to achieve a lot of GenericHibernateDao, collate and analyze the following real

Use Hibernate3 as JDBC Framework

Posted: 2006.03.10 04:27 Source: CSDN of: There's been a certain amount of noise recently surrounding simple JDBC frameworks like iBATIS. I've liked the idea of iBATIS myself, for use in applications which don't need an object-oriented do

JPA's overall thinking and existing Hibernate.TopLink, JDO and other ORM framework

A few days ago, I was responsible for research of the JPA, persistence, mainly with EJB3.0; The project also used JIDE, TWaver; jpa relatively speaking, the Hibernate project if you've ever done, you will be very easy to understand JPA application. Re

JavaScript is an object-oriented MVC-based framework for the implementation of non-absolute [original] [add precision application]

Author: Topcss QQ: 419074376 E-mail: andpai1.0 @ gmail.com Time :2009-03-08 Just look at JavaEye News Monthly - January 2009 - No. 11 overall, he saw a surprise, there is JS-based implementation of the MVC framework, because should not the Internet ( ...

Notes springSide3 framework

First of all, download from the official website of springSide3 I do not have the necessary jar package, some Liezi and I used to have a great conflict of the preparation. Carefully observe the directory structure found struts2.0 not like, like put Liezi

Web Albums development (2) - Spring, SPA, Hibernate framework

Java code to build the framework The introduction of auxiliary classes and base class PKgen for PK Generator Notes such as described in the PK generator 19 to generate the long value, java in the Flex will be at Long converted to Number. Flex's N ...

Several popular AJAX framework jQuery, Mootools, Dojo, Ext JS Comparative

Several popular AJAX framework jQuery, Mootools, Dojo, Ext JS Comparative I encountered the Internet in many parts of this article, are not clearly marked out the author, find it strange? ? If you are the author of this article, it is very sorry, but if I

REST + CoC-based build framework for Java Web framework for rapid development of ideas

Then they would have to have the following logic: 1 for M: First of all, check whether there is any url in classpath to find the entity (such as blog, we can not say that it is resources, resources are mapped), this entity is created by Developer, and if

JavaBean, Entity Bean, Enterprise Bean, such as Bean, as well as the meaning of POJO

I am finishing with the summary of: First, the java bean, is a java component model, he for the use of java classes provide a standard format, the user program management and visualization tools can be automatically entitled to such a standard format with

extJS + DWR + JPA framework for the use of combination of experience

Access to a recent extJS + DWR + JPA framework for small projects, through the understanding of a few weeks time and the code of the structure have a general understanding, the following is the development of their own portfolio of some of this understand

Java synchronization lock a skill

Synchronized synchronization Java5 started despite the introduction of efficient Concurrent and contracting, but simultaneously in a number of occasions synchroize still need to use. Comparison of typical and our usual practice is to add a class memb ...

SSH framework of the integration

Add in order: Struts Framework, Spring Framework, Hibernate framework First, import the two jar package: commons-dbcp-1.2.2.jar, commons-pool-1.3.jar into the lib folder can be copied Delete the original one jar package commons-dbcp.jar to avoid conf ...

java-fair locks and non-equity lock synchorizned and ReentrantLock

1, ReentrantLock constructor provides two kinds of equity options: 1) Create a fair locks. If the lock has been comrades in other threads there are, a new request thread will be added to the waiting queue, or already have some threads are waiting for ...

Thin, based on key-value of the persistence layer framework for

Now the mainstream JEE system development framework, usually display layers using the MVC framework, intermediate business logic layer using the spring, persistence layer hibernate / JPA. There is no dispute that the composition is almost the typical stru

Reprinted: One of several cases of model formulation (including double-check lock written)

Several references address: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/java/j-dcl.html http://www.javaeye.com/topic/537563 http://www.javaeye.com/topic/260515 http://www.javaeye.com/topic/344876 http://www.javaeye.com/topic/60179 Keywords: singleton pairs ...

The new Eclipse plug-in JSmart can quickly build the framework of the mainstream JavaEE

JSmart2 personal free version is worth trying a variety of functions Framework of the categories: 1, a key to generate the SSH framework 2, a key framework for generating SSH2 3, a key to generate the SSI framework, with iBatis map file generator (ju ...
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