eclipse indigo context root cannot be empty

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two or more web modules defined in the configuration have the same context root

eclipse error: two or more web modules defined in the configuration have the same context root (/ project name). to start this server you will need to remove the duplicate (s) Solution: The reason is because you are in tomcat's server.xml, due to

After the report was revised context root Failed to load webapp: Context root / * is already bound. Error

Today, what was modified in the application context root, changed the root path "/" to start the Times Failed to load webapp: Context root / * is already bound. Error. Then look for a moment, the installation was originally installed by default

MyEclipse Context root URL

Context root URL? See the name of consensus views, the root URL path name of the content, Comin say it is this kind of situation: MyEclipse new Web project time, there is a "Context root URL" the input box, when you enter the "Project ...

webapps deployment project to eclipse, how to access without the contextPath

Since we go back to the eclipse, from the last night thinking about such a thing, you see ah, we have projects such as application named app, deployed to the external network to use, basically if you want to access non-project name (that is, contextPath n

Eclipse delete an empty folder, start Baocuo configuration solution

Eclipse delete an empty folder, start Baocuo configuration solution Solution: Downloading codecs configuration more than the previous version of a config.ini file. The Eclipse installation directory under the configuration under the config.ini file c ...

On the eclipse and tomcat is not synchronization problems encountered in context.xml

Using context.xml, I was directly in tomcat's conf Canada context.xml inside the resource code, then run, and later modified by the context.xml in the user name password and the like, the results of running the result is not right, and Debugging ...

flex and java IDE (based on eclipse)

A development environment: eclipse3.3 + myeclipse6 + FB3_WWEJ_Plugin (eclipse plugin flex the) + lcds (LiveCycle Data Service) + tomcat6 Second, the project process: 1, a new project FlexLCDS a, pop-up window Create a Flex Project. Project name: Enter the

Eclipse WEB project web apps libraries can not find the jar package

Recent doing Web project, created a new WEB projects, such as webdemo, eclipse build path for the default build, WEB-INF WebContent deposited in the following, this changed the name of a WebContent build path and found that the project can not be use

How to migrate to eclipse project myeclipse

Many web projects are built using myeclipse. Why should we transplant? myeclipse too slow. Reference: Basically not be converted into a problem. O ...

Getting Started with Eclipse WTP

(Transfer) WTP (Web Tools Platform) is a J2EE Web application development tool set used for too long MyEclipse will inevitably want a change of taste, these days down and a bunch of plug-in, wait until time to use the experience to write out one by o ...

Eclipse copy J2EE projects, publish the name of the tomcat in the same solution

Modify the Eclipse workspace, under the item under the new copy. Settings folder org.eclipse.wst.common.component the two property values. For the new project name: <? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> <project-mod ...

JAVA project name changes need to change root oh

Problem Description: The original project name is neiwang, deployed to tomcat and directly enter the address of the port project name added http://localhost:8080/neiwang can browse home page, and then I change the project name net, re-deployed to the ...

Let mycelipse identify eclipse web project created

1: Create a web project to find eclips under. Project file In <natures> </ natures> tag with <nature> com.genuitec.eclipse.j2eedt.core.webnature </ nature> 1 2:. Project file with the directory with a. Mymetadata file Paste the fol

Eclipse and MyEclipse project descriptor Xiangjie

Sometimes in a Java project where we need to add third-party jar package, when you join the best relative path, not the absolute path. Otherwise, get your project elsewhere on the No running. Means is that your best work to the relevant jar into the ...

Myeclipse project into Eclipse

One. Please first make sure you are javaee versions of eclipse, or see wtp plugin installed 2. And then modify the project under eclipse. Project file: 3. <natures> </ Natures> to add <nature>org.eclipse.wst.common.project.facet.cor

Java Project using eclipse facete will be converted to Dynamic Web Project

Ago wrote a story about how Java Project Dynamic Web Project into the article (, but has been in eclipse 3.6 does not work, and must be converted to the following methods: 1. Open the project propertise window 2

tomcat configuration under the domain name, ROOT.xml role

tomcat configuration under the domain name, ROOT.xml role The following summary of Use tomcat5.0.28 tested, tomcat installation path is C: \ Tomcat In the default installation, tomcat's home directory is webapps / root directory, if we want to ch

apache running redmine reported Cannot create FIFO file / tmp/passenger.5455/.guard: Permission

Use Phusion Passenger runs redmine apache apache log error is: [Mon Sep 20 22:18:36 2010] [notice] SELinux policy enabled; httpd running as context root: system_r: httpd_t: s0 [Mon Sep 20 22:18:36 2010] [notice] suEXEC mechanism enabled (wrapper: / u

Interpretation of tomcat in preparing the fault when the location is empty.

<? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> <Project-module type = "WEB" name = "test" context-root = "/ test" j2ee-spec = "1.4" archive = "test.war"> <attributes

Export projects running eclipse myeclipse

As with previous projects are the development of myeclipse, now replaced by the eclipse to develop. But the project into eclipse project was not found in the web project, we can not deploy to tomcat to go inside. Now to solve this problem. One, pleas

eclipse internal start tomcat, eclipse external start tomcat, remove the access port 8080

1: eclipse web project, the external start tomcat configuration: 1) Eclipse Review: Just to web project java Build Path output path set to / src / main / webapp / WEB-INF / classes 2) Tomcat modify: Modify tomcat / conf / server.xml file by adding

JUNIT Cannot find the class file for org.junit.internal.runners.JUnit4ClassRunne

About Cannot find the class file for org.junit.internal.runners.JUnit4ClassRunner of Baocuo solution Reasons: eclipse 3.4 ganymede-SR1, the junit4.3 version, but I use maven in the library to import junit4.4 version; Implementation: Of course, execut ...

Eclipse project to rename the problem (how to completely modify the project name) (change)

Steps: 1. Rename the project (select Project, right-Refactor-> Rename) 2. Modify the Web path (choice works, right Properties-> MyEclipse-> web, modify the Web Context-root of the value) 3. Modify the project code (modify source program invo ...

ubuntu default root password problem

ubuntu default root password is empty Using sudo - i enter # prompt, then enter passwd root enter new password on OK!

War under JBoss package will be configured as server root

By default, WEB application package in the war when labeled only as a branch of directory site visit, to configure your war package into the root directory of websites on the WEB application must be configured accordingly. Otherwise, you can only use

FCKEditor, the editor determine whether the content is empty

<script type="text/javascript" src="${path}/fckeditor/fckeditor.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> var oFCKeditor; window.onload = function(){ oFCKeditor = new FCKeditor("content") ; oFCKeditor.BasePath = "${path}/fckedit

Servlet: Tomcat deployment, we found different context, need to modify two places:

1. Modify the project name 2. Right-click project -> Properties -> MyEclipse -> Web -> Web Context-root ok

weblogic root directory as an application in the default directory (zz)

Use the root directory as the default directory, need to create a new project can be called index, and then the WEB-INF directory below to create a new weblogic.xml, content <! - <br /> <br /> Code highlighting produced by Actipro Code

Red_Hat_Linux forget the root password solution

Interface in the event of system options, the options in the Red Hat Linux, press "e" key, Then there are three options, "kernel/boot/vmlinuz-2.4.18-14 ro root = LABEL = /" press "e" key to edit, In the "ro" or

Change the context on the MyEclipse

Because of work requirements, a project to copy and change the project name and code after the function changes Then when the prompt deployment has been deployed in tomcat, If you solve this problem, in fact, change the project as long as the context

Eclipse to modify the configuration after decompression

Eclipse re-solved every time a compressed packet will encounter memory overflow problems. Modify config.ini to find information on each file. Or their own records about the simplest way to modify, even after the province to find information. Extract

Mysql root password change

Mysql today made a experiment on the console when I use mysql-u root-p command when an error such ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root' @ 'localhost' (using password: YES) Means that the initial root password is empty appr

svn lead to the solution automatically shut down Eclipse

This morning open eclipse, svn updates, or refreshes the original project will lead to the next eclipse automatically shut down and restart the eclipse was such a problem, thinking to want to go two days without any settings to turn over. Think there is a

Android SDK to get the source code and associated view in Eclipse, the method (for sdk2.3)

The following is the Java source code for Android and Eclipse, the latest operating methods and associated steps: 1. First, download the Android's SDK installation file: Then extract to: E: \ Ja

The Java source code for Android and Eclipse View the latest methods of Association

Of: lizongbo Posted: 01:59. Saturday, January 1st, 2011 Copyright : free to reprint, reprint, sure to articles marked hyperlink original source and author information and this copyright notice. In the Google

The use of mercurial eclipse integration

Recently launched a project, because members can not be in place to work, decided to use distributed version control system management code, and the most critically acclaimed is mercurial (HG) has. So, it took two days to study the use. Distributed v

Change the context of MyEclipse

Because of work requirements, a project to copy and change the project name and code after changes Then when the prompt deployment has been deployed in tomcat, If you solve this problem, they can simply change the project's context (Context) on i

ubuntu system with the password to the root mysql

MySQL installation, root password is empty. To improve security it is necessary to root with the password. mysql-u root-p password: mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR 'root' @ 'localhost' = PASSWORD ('passwd');

Configuration under Linux Eclipse.jdk.svn.tomcat

Linux, Eclipse, jdk, svn, tomcat configuration First, download the installation package 1, download jdk-6u20-linux-i586.bin, jre-6u20-linux-i586.bin Address: 2, download eclipse Address: http://www.eclipse.or

Change the MYSQL root password

First, select the mysql database as the default, then use the update command to update the password: mysql>use mysql; Database changed mysql>update user set password=PASSWORD('123456') where user='root'; Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec) Row

Mainstream web container (jetty, tomcat, jboss) the classloader mechanism of contrast and related issues

Background Application has been made some time ago the migration of the container, the container company's application from the jboss, tomcat unified move to jetty. Encountered in the entire migration process up to potential problems or classloader me

0 MyEclipse using the lessons learned. Shortcut keys

================================================== ============================== Editor: Ctrl + Shift + L Show all keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + K with reference to the selected word (Word) to quickly navigate to the next Ctrl + Shift + K with reference to t

MyEclipse using the lessons learned

0 shortcuts ================================================== ============================== Editor: Ctrl + Shift + L Show all shortcuts Ctrl + K with reference to the selected word (Word) to quickly navigate to the next Ctrl + Shift + K with reference t

Java programmers to learn Flex and BlazeDS of 13 reasons

Author Ryan Knight Sha Xiaolan translator Published in at 2:55 on May 18, 2009 This paper sets out 13 Java programmers should learn Flex and BlazeDS reasons why the Flex discussed BlazeDS combined with the development of one of the best combination of RIA

Flex compiler parameters (2)

Before thinking about using Adobe Flex Builder for Linux software for Flash development, but you will find that after using this software based on eclipse 3.3 to run in Linux following a bad effect, some did not respond after clicking the button. And even

Create a virtual directory under Tomcat 6

Method 1: Find% tomcat% \ conf \ server.xml, in the </ Host> before: Xml Code <Context Path="/richfaces" reloadable="true" docBase="d:\javastudio\oob" /> <Context path="/richfaces" reloadable="true" docBas

FLEX with the existing development languages (C #, PHP, JAVA) method of communication between

Here are some the most common and practical FLEX development language to communicate with existing methods: 1.C # 2.PHP 3.JAVA 1.Flex communicate with C # (. Net development in common) Flex-side code: public static function SendMessage (objXML: XML, objRe

struts2 in MyEclipse Manual

Introduction If you have an ideal life, then it must be pursued, whether you are good at what other people seem ridiculous, you do not care, life may waste a few years, regardless if a young man afraid of the wolf before gains and losses scared not to cha

Java programmers to learn Flex and BlazeDS thirteen reasons

This paper sets out 13 Java programmers to learn Flex and BlazeDS should be reason to discuss why the combination of BlazeDS Flex is one of the best combination of RIA development. Whether it is a highly interactive Web site or in Java for the back-end en

Add startup command 2

/ Usr / local / php / lib / php.ini [PHP] ;;;;;;;;;;; ; WARNING ; ;;;;;;;;;;; ; This is the default settings file for new PHP installations. ; By default, PHP installs itself with a configuration suitable for ; development purposes, and *NOT* for producti
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