download ojdbc6.jar

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maven series of notes (to install. download the jar. structures, PW)

1, first of all to Maven download the appropriate version, I downloaded the Maven 2.0.9 (zip). 2, extract the files to the directory you want to install, I was F: \ apache-maven-2.0.9. 3, in the environment varia ...

poi file Download poi.jar

jspsmart to Upload Files to download and jspSmartUpload.jar Download

Before use to download jspSmartUpload.jar needs its own bag Find a pro-Chinese jar package, download the following address: Inside the jar to archive copies to the project's lib the followin

maven series of notes (installation Download jar. build a PW)

1, the first to download the appropriate version of Maven, I downloaded the Maven 2.0.9 (zip). 2, extract the files to the directory you want to install, I was F: \ apache-maven-2.0.9. 3, the variables in the environm

Struts framework needed to build the core jar package

Five struts core jar package "From the struts framework download the jar to find the following package> 1. Commons-logging.jar -------------- log processing for general 2. Freemarker.jar -------------- presentation layer framework that define ...

Generate PDF files using java iText.jar

I. Introduction In the enterprise information system, the report processing has been more important role in accounting, this article introduces a Java component generates PDF report - iText. Through the use of server-side JavaBean Jsp or generate PDF repo

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( JDBC Drivers Download

ojdbc6.jar (2,111,220 bytes) - classes for JDK 1.6. It contains the JDBC driver class, but not included in Oracle Object and Collection types support the NLS of the class. ojdbc6_g.jar (3,401,519 bytes) - same as with ojdbc6.jar, except through the

(From the original blog) SQLite database to download and SQLiteJDBC basic use

Far for the use of SQLite MySQL, Oracle and other database loud reputation, especially in the students, I also came to understand through laughter brother but as a single user or a lightweight SQLite database has a significant place, take a look onli

jar package involves the introduction of knowledge

【】 Jar package to learn and share knowledge related to the introduction Development, we often use the jar package, but some of the details we do not commonly used. (1) how to build a jar package? (2) jar is an executable? (3) jar package can be impli

Send email to the use of java mail.jar

1, download activation.jar and mail.jar package, you can download to the sun, but the official slow, I was download, no release notes, but most of the should be able to meet the requirements of the following to

Add the jar package maven project.

Many beginners do not know how to add jar package maven project. Ago when I did not touch the maven downloaded a demo, is a maven project. I actually did as he pom.xml file one by one to write!!! Many people take for granted things very difficult for

(From the original blog) SQLite database to download and use the basic SQLiteJDBC

Far for the use of SQLite MySQL, Oracle and other big-name database, especially in the students, I also came to understand through laughter brother but as a single user or a lightweight SQLite database has a pivotal position, let's take a look on

Hibernate with oracle

Let me talk about the Hibernate configuration in oracle <hibernate-configuration> <session-factory> <property name="hibernate.dialect">org.hibernate.dialect.OracleDialect</property> <property name="hibernate.connection.driver_cl Invalid character''in value par

Recent projects using spring configuration in oracle database connection pool, when the inexplicable occurs start Invalid character''in value part of property in this exception. Internet search o ...

Oracle 11G JDBC connection

Operation and maintenance side because the company will replace the 11.2 version of Oracle, run the JDBC program and has been prompted exception information: ORA-12505, TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor dataSourc

About Oracle's BLOB.CLOB field operation (sub-JDBC and Hibernate two) last update ...

Note: This article uses JDK1.6 and Oracle ojdbc6 driven, based on ORALCE 9I database, ojdbc6 corresponding jdk1.6, some functions if this method is not available elsewhere or in some inexplicable error, it is mostly because the driver reasons. . . This pr

Oracle java.lang.NullPointerException

Throw an exception: Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException at java.lang.String. <init> ( 176) at oracle.sql.CharacterSet.AL32UTF8ToString ( 1517) at oracle.jdbc.driver.DBConversion.CharBytesToString (DBConversio

and analysis of the use of DWR

1. Download dwr.jar, to add it to WEB-INF/lib directory 2. Modify web.xml file, add the mapping DWRServlet <servlet> <servlet-name> dwr-invoker </ servlet-name> <servlet-class> org.directwebremoting.servlet.DwrServlet </ se ...

From the database and display all data

1. From the database and display all data iBatis are like Hibernate, JDO and EJB as data persistence framework, which will target mapping for the SQL statement. It is a lightweight and durable framework Persistence API suitable POJO.iBatis with Hiber ...

Learn Java road: no detours, that is a shortcut

Mentoring counseling at ChinaITLAB, the author found that the questions most frequently asked is "How to Learn Programming? Java how to study?." Similar to many of the questions answered, they will be feeling tired, it sprouted a mind to write t

SF1.2 + Spring2.0 + Hibernate3.2

Hanjing JAVA language JAVA study blog <<Java tutorial spring as the implementation gmail outgoing mail server-java source code | Home | TCP multiplayer chat applet>> Sep 20, 2008 JSF1.2 + Spring2.0 + Hibernate3.2 At the recent preparation of a

jBPM (eight): also said jBPM + Tomcat + MySQL

After several days of combing the Aggregate, now jBPM series in a landmark one of: at jBPM (seven): how to bring their own examples of jBPM to run on the specified database foundation, put jBPM's own example webSale deployed to Tomcat Medium. It shoul

jBPM (eight): Say it jBPM + Tomcat + MySQL

After several days of combing summary, jBPM is now a landmark series in a sense: in jBPM (7): examples of how to run jBPM own based on the specified database, and built-in jBPM examples webSale deployed to Tomcat Medium. It should be noted that since the

Learn java learn so

Introduction of software development is a road full of thorns and challenges on the road, the road is full of hope. Java is also studying the case, there is no short cut. Dream like "Dragon" was not in the same cliff Virtual bamboo sobering and

Struts 2 and AJAX

In today's - Web 2.0 concept of overwhelming Internet environment, easy AJAX integration for a successful WEB framework is indispensable. Therefore, Struts 2 one of the essential functions of a (Feature) is the "First-class AJAX support - Add int

JAVA school so school

The road to software development is full of thorns and challenges of the road, the road is full of hope. The same is true of learning Java, there is no short cut. Dream like "Dragon" in the same Virtual bamboo son Cliff was no easy access to a s

Ant and the YUI Compressor using the compressed js css

Use two jar package Download YUIAnt.jar Download yuicompressor-2.4.2.jar enough to build the ant script Ant running back to the original cover off js and ...

Introduction to DWR learning

dwr is a ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and Xml) to achieve the java, it provides a web browser in the client directly using js call back-end business solution components to download ( ) 1. Download dwr.jar, to work on the web

SSH error integration solutions SSH integration error to be summarized as follows 1. The error appears as follows Error creating bean with name 'sessionFactory' defined in ServletContext resource [/ WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml]: Invocatio

Basic configuration of DWR

1. DWR is very easy to use, the first of its official website ( Download dwr.jar, the latest version of the current is 3.rc1 2. Dwr.jar to download on the project WEB-INF \ lib under. 3. In the WEB-INF directory of the web.x ...

Detailed study DWR

DWR The principle is: the JAVA-type and reached into the JS from JS call in JAVA class method, the realization of the asynchronous call. GWT compared with the advantages of DWR A, DWR can be synchronized with the JS and HTML calls from GWT in and sol ...

Jxl generated using Excel

jxl installation: Jxl package is mainly placed on the WEB-INF of the classes below (if the download is. Jar file, placed lib below). Do not forget to jxl package in the common folder is also on the WEB-INF below. jxl of use: The main function is to read a

Started IText must-read

I. Introduction In enterprise information systems, the report processing has accounted for a relatively important role, this article introduces a Java component generates PDF report - iText. Through the server side using the Jsp or JavaBean generate PDF r

JDK command Xiangjie

JDK command Xiang Jie 1 Function Description: rmic generates stub for the remote object and the skeleton. Syntax: rmic [options] package-qualified-class-name (s) Additional information: rmic compiler, according to compiled Java classes (with the remote ob

Generating pdf using itext description Java Components

iText is able to quickly generate PDF documents java class library. iText of java classes created for those who want to include text, tables, graphics, read-only document is very useful. Its class library especially with java Servlet good to co. Use iText

Open source software source code SVN Address _

Spring3.0 https: / / / svn / spring-framework / Spring2.5 and the following version of https: / / / svn / spring-maintenance / Spring Security https: / / / svn / spring-security / ser

Using the Java generated pdf

iText is able to quickly generate PDF documents java class library. iText of java classes created for those who want to include text, tables, graphics, read-only document is very useful. Its class library especially with java Servlet good to co. Use ...

spring-security environment to build

spirng2.5 spring-security2.0 tomcat6.0 myeclispe6.5 To start the installation a document with maven2. Configuration, always download the jar packet-error, it is estimated pom.xml inside Dongdong I do not write, write it without a detailed description ...

Tomcat7 early adopters

1. To build a new directory: E: \ Tomcat7 \ svn \ tomcat_2010-03-09 2. Switch to this directory: cd E: \ Tomcat7 \ svn \ tomcat_2010-03-09 3. To use svn to download the source files: svn checkout tomcat 4. ...

HttpService unsatisfied dependencies [[& httpService]]

OsgiBundleXmlApplicationContext (bundle = Bootstrap, config = osgibundle: / META-INF/spring / *. xml) is waiting for unsatisfied dependencies [[& httpService]] Error solution The lack of HttpService implementation jar package. Download this jar o ...

java to play flash (flashpanel)

( try ( flashFilePath = "**. swf"; flashPanel = new FlashPanel (new File (flashFilePath)); ) Catch (FileNotFoundException e1) ( e1.printStackTrace (); ) Catch (JFlashLibraryLoadFailedException e1) ( e1.printStackTrace (); ) Catch (JFlashInv ...

[2] GAE + Sping in the JDO configuration

To GAE using Spring to configure JDO, first of all want to download several jar package: aopalliance.jar and aspectjweaver.jar, I have put accessories! Well, look at the configuration file: Must not forget the beans of these attributes (I forgot the ...

Can not find org.springframework.test.AbstractTransactionalDataSourceSpringContextTests;

import org.springframework.test.AbstractTransactionalDataSourceSpringContextTests <script type="text/javascript"> document.body.oncopy = function () (if (window.clipboardData) (setTimeout (function () (var text = clipboardData.getData ...

The most simple and practical framework for Ajax Mody, DWR

DWR, stands for Direct Web Remoting, direct web remote? My understanding is that JavaScript can directly call the java method in, of course, JavaScript has no direct access java methods of transfer, in the middle has also been a number of processes, ...

TWaver Java telecom industry

TWaver is a set of Java technology-based interface software development kit package, mainly used in the telecommunications industry, but also can be applied to electric power, finance, manufacturing, transportation and other sectors of software devel ...

The use of several problems encountered in Maven 2

Reprinted 1, the question: eclipse the maven plug-in installed, restart eclipse, prompt box, and content is the need for a maven installed jdk. If this problem occurs, maven will use s ...

struts2 + spring + hibernate integration steps

color = red] step: [/ color] Quote struts2, hibernate, spring required jar package struts-core-2.xxjar ---- struts-core package xwork-core-2.xxjar ----- body ruts too difficult to build in its spreading ognl-2.6.x.jar ---- object navigation language freem

Running headless Java Server

<! - 29DH90889090AD9D -> For a Java servers often have to deal with some graphic elements, such as maps or graphs and charts to create. The API is basically always need to run an X-server in order to be able to use the AWT (Abstract Window Tool ...

Java Listings of error

[Change] --- Carriage return 0, need to identifier a) is not within the function 1, illegal expression began to b) may: missing parentheses. 2. No data found a) may be: setInt (1,100), there is no 100 this value 3. Can not find symbol a) may be: No Import

Build Struts2 environment

1, first download the jar package Struts2 core package: common-loggin-1.0.4.jar, freemarker-2.3.8.jar, ognl-2.6.11.jar, struts2-core-2.0.14.jar, xwork -2.0.7.jar (version may vary), these packages copied to WEB-INF/lib folder. 2, edit web.xml, config ...
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