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(Transfer) to expand the database naming hibernate generated

For the Java developer, Hibernate 3 annotations provide a very good way to demonstrate the domain layer. You can easily automatically generated by Hibernate needs a database structure with the complete SQL scripts. But back to the real world, you need to

How to optimize the performance of JavaScript scripts

How to optimize the performance of JavaScript scripts With the development of network, network speed and machine speed improve, more and more used in a rich web client technologies. Ajax is now the most popular way. JavaScript is an interpreted language,

Ant's most complete build.xml (change)

The concept of Ant Make command is a project management tool, achieved Ant functionality is similar. Like make, gnumake and nmake build tool to have some of these defects, but Ant has to overcome the shortcomings of these tools. Ant developers in the deve

memcached complete analysis of (turn)

memcached complete analysis of -1. memcached based Copyright Notice: You can willfully, but reproduced the original author must be identified charlee, the original link and this statement Day: 2008/7/2 Analys

Oracle Database 10g installation is complete, the necessary databases.

Oracle Database 10g installation is complete, the necessary databases. Database Configuration Assistant (Database Configuration Assistant) to create the database, configure database options, delete the database and management templates. Install Oracl ...

How to use Rational Performance Tester to record test scripts based on Web2.0 websites

About RPT RPT basic functions Rational ® Performance Tester (hereinafter referred to as RPT) is the IBM performance testing based on the Eclipse platform solution for testing the performance tests provide a complete set of functions, including recorded te

<Switch> Rsync + ssh - complete server data synchronization between the bulk

Current needs are as follows: number of servers required to do the same environment configuration, and configuration work is complicated, if a manual handling of a relatively time-consuming and error-prone. We can consider the configuration of a server to

Ubuntu10.04 Linux kernel compiled under the complete steps

1, in download the latest kernel source linux-, on / liqiong / Linux kernel directory, liqiong is the first Linux OS user name. 2, enter the directory where the Linux kernel source (cd Linux kernel), unpack the kerne

SSH key authentication by the different systems to achieve automation scripts

About SSH In their daily work, we use more and more SSH (Secure Shell) client software through the network to log on to open the SSH service on the remote system, and perform operations on the remote system. Unlike traditional network access services

Bash shell scripts to use functional testing

Functional testing is a key part of software development - and have loaded Linux, Bash can help you easily complete the functional tests. In this article, Angel Rivera will explain how to use the Bash shell script to run through the Linux command lin

Lua scripts in C + + under the dance steps

Transfer from 3D1 Lua scripts in C + + under the steps (a) Now, more and more C + + server and client support into the script, especially in the gaming area, a scripting language has penetr

027 examples of several scripts

This chapter contains a few of my most commonly used scripts. You will find that they are very short and simple. This is the script of an advantage; it is not very long, very complicated, just a short code to complete a lot of features, you can save

linux boot scripts in the order and services

linux boot scripts sequence If you need to manually reboot the server opens a lot of services, work and future maintenance is relatively complicated, specially summarized at startup under linux script under the knowledge and methods involved, as foll

Aqua Data Studio 7.0 released: a complete database development tool IDE

AquaFold has released Aqua Data Studio 7.0, Aqua Data Studio: a complete IDE for database development tools, universal database client, a strong Aqua Data Studio to connect to almost all of the database. The original function has been significantly u

I used the Linux command complete - a strong argument bash-completion

I used the Linux command complete - a strong argument bash-completion This link: (reprint, please indicate the source) Use Description Using the bash command line, at the prompt, enter a command in the f

Companies to quickly complete the necessary functional components of the business have?

1, the business logic modeling tools Studio System is composed of objects of mutual cooperation, they all belong to a class, class hierarchy structure. All the features of the system is driven through the management of these objects and mutual cooperation

SVN complete data backup script =% E5% A4% 87% E4% BB% BD SVN complete data backup script backup script in the previous post , we discussed how to use the script to automatic

A comprehensive study of Linux shell scripts

Transfer source: Linux commune Author: Linux 1. Linux-based scripting Introduction 1.1 Basic syntax 1.1.1 at the beginning Program must begin with the following line (be the first line in the file side): #! /

LoadRunner scripts developed using eclipse

Now the project has entered the testing phase, this time a year ago, the next eclipse of developing scripts for record keeping, and now recorded for the reference needs of students ------- LoadRunner script development to provide powerful features li

Bukanhouhui Shell scripts for Linux production servers to share

Bukanhouhui Shell scripts for Linux production server share as a Linux / unix system administrator, I often encounter people ask this question: shell do? PHP so powerful, why not use PHP to complete the work? In fact, relative to the PHP development langu

[Review] works of Dr. Tsinghua applied for withdrawal: complete the work with Linux

Although we have not used to see long-winded, but I still say that this is a worthwhile read you the end of a long article from scratch. September 22, 2005, Tsinghua University doctoral student in the reading community Mizuki BLOG Wang Yin published in th

Of several small scripts useful debian

Predecessors have done a lot of work, use the following command to download and run automation scripts, the operation can be completed under the guidance of the OpenVPN installation. wget chmod +x debian-op

Complete Guide to Ubuntu software installation method

One using the Synaptic Package Manager Installer. Synaptic has a friendly graphical interface, you can use it to install the Ubuntu software library has most of the program. Navigate to System - Administration - Synaptic Package Manager to start, bas

Fedora install Oracle and automation scripts with completely remove method (

Under the text interface installation oracle10gR2 fedora14 software one. See the installation environment 1 Memory and SWAP [Root @ xinchang ~] # grep MemTotal / proc / meminfo MemTotal: 1026060 kB [Root @ xinchang ~] # grep SwapTotal / proc / meminf

Ruby script to prepare bulk download "Friends" The Complete Works (mp3 files)

"Friends" are the United States and play a classic, one of the dialogue also has long been a fan of the book in English, one of my fans of course also ah. A few days ago at Puteh English Net 10 have all found on the white quarter of Friends mp3

Ajax without page refresh complete table additions and deletions to Edit name search to verify with the database source

Ajax without page refresh complete table additions and deletions to Edit name search to verify with the database source Attachment can download add-source database, whether they watch download required before Implementation elements: 1. The name of the da

Using Vim as a Complete Ruby on Rails IDE

The following records for a variety of Vim tips and related operations Using Vim as a Complete Ruby on Rails IDE MySQL's user settings and licensing multi-line vim Notes / Remove Notes wrote Key steps: Notes: ctrl + v to enter the column in edit ...

Ajax_ to provide auto-complete

JSP part: <% @ Page language = "java" import = "java.util .*" pageEncoding = "gbk"%> <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "- / / W3C / / DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional / / EN"> <html> <head> <title> ...

Auto-complete js

Kwame browser support is not very good, to be improved. .

ajax auto-complete example of

We encountered one of the most popular auto-complete function. Google launched its home page in Google Suggest, the presentation of the auto-complete the perfect present. Google Suggest is amazed people. It is not only well placed drop-down area, will be

iBATIS3.0 learning (2) the use iBATIS3.0 annotations to complete a simple database operations

Check the completion of additions and deletions to change the use of iBATIS3.0 iBATIS3.0 has also increased some simple annotations, iBATIS3 annotations can only complete a few simple operations, to conduct more complex operations, preferably in the ...

netbeans is expected to complete by 2010, the visual designer

With regard to the characteristics of netbeans6.9 official has given a detailed explanation, I netbeans6.9 a more detailed plan has been released A paper has been given most of the instructions. To participate in link:

Spring 2.5 jar for all development kits and complete documentation, and examples of project development

Spring 2.5 jar for all development kits and complete documentation, and examples of project development spring jar package Xiangjie spring.jar that contain a complete release of a single jar package, spring.jar includes spring-mock.jar where in addition t

Turn: javascript pop-up window code complete

How to use various forms of Web pop-up window, I think we mostly know more, but that a wide range of pop-up window out how the practice, we today learn about: 1. Shells Kai a full-screen window <html> <body onload="'http://ww

JS form input validation scripts

JS form input validation scripts * The following is a library function directory and use: * * Common * 1, Trim = remove the spaces before and after the string Usage: String.trim () * 2, ctrim = remove the spaces between the string to use: String.ctri ...

To determine whether the iframe loads the perfect way to complete

Rpm Generally speaking, we determine whether the iframe is loaded in fact, JavaScript file is loaded to determine the completion of the approach is very similar: Recently, Nicholas C. Zakas article "Iframes, onload, and document.domain" com ...

ajax auto-complete autocomplete simple entry-completion

jsp page <% @ page contentType = "text / html" pageEncoding = "UTF-8"%> <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "- / / W3C / / DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional / / EN" ""> <html> ...

The most complete set of HTML special characters

The most complete set of HTML special characters The most complete set of HTML special characters (continued) and the ASCII character set ...

Flex Setting progress bar (ProgressBar) complete results

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="vertical" verticalAlign="middle" backgroundColor="white"> <mx:Script> <![CDATA[ private var timer:Timer; private function init():

Practical and does not fancy the js code complete

Event source object event.srcElement.tagName event.srcElement.type Capture Release event.srcElement.setCapture (); event.srcElement.releaseCapture (); Events button event.keyCode event.shiftKey event.altKey event.ctrlKey Event return values event.returnVa

Print Page Print Preview Page Setup good Dongdong - WebBrowser. ExecWB complete description of

Print Page Print Preview Page Setup good Dongdong - WebBrowser. ExecWB complete description of switched: <OBJECT classid = CLSID: 8856F961-340A-11D0-A96B-00C04FD705A2 height = 0 <inp

BPEL integration services, a complete case WEBService

Much nonsense that lets you understand more specific examples of BPEL and WebService technology. Example Objective: Using BPEL calls through the CXF project was announced the addition of a service and subtraction services, to form a new service ----- ...

P2P multi-user online chat program, complete source code serialized six communication process (an instance of P2P principles of analysis diagram) and the running results

In this case developed implements a P2P multi-user online chat program, C / S architecture, the client can send messages, and then other users receive the message and displays the interface, the server information on the handling to the appropriate users

The use of Spring's JdbcTemplate and BeanPropertyRowMapper complete JDBC

First Road to add two packages: Spring2.5 the following: spring.jar and commons-logging.jar I use a DBCP data source, Connection Tools I have not written a description of specific examples: public class StuDaoImple implements StuDaointer ( private JdbcTem

Groovy scripts in Java, integration of a trap

The recent years in the project in Java, integration of Groovy scripts to glue the various components / services, so this two-day testing several integration methods. JSR 223 was originally want to use the Department of API, but our side of the ClassLoade

Eclipse Development struts Complete Guide

1, ready to install program 1, JDK 5.0 installation program downloads 2, tomcat 5.5.9 Download Download Address: The latest version is 5.5.11alpha version, because it is beta, so there may be

code complete (Code Complete 2): the baptism of the soul programmer

I believe a lot of programming just for a few years for people who encounter this problem: Code expansion after the chaos, complexity, disorder, no start, no overall control, dynamic one hair and slight body, like a chaotic city . Faced with this com ...

Scheme interpreter written no life is not complete

As title! Used the following scheme to explain my new office a parser generator: rsec. How to install rsec: gem install rsec -s System Requirements Ruby 1.9 Which use a lot of new features such as pattern matching, can not compatible w

Grease Monkey scripts nine outstanding recommendations

Original Source: and , please bring your own ladder. GreaseMonkey is a Firefox 3 extensions introduced recommended in a very good extension, which implements the "exten ...

Flash.Flex large collection of resources (Complete)

Intermittent collection of Flash, Flex-related resources, it has a lot of deposit with no view, coupled with his order not too good, but can not find the time to looking. This to be a "Shiquandabu" to a Beat Festival, the one convenience, and se
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