complete friends scripts

How to optimize the performance of JavaScript scripts

How to optimize the performance of JavaScript scripts With the development of network, network speed and machine speed improve, more and more used in a rich web client technologies. Ajax is now the most popular way. JavaScript is an interpreted language,

Ant's most complete build.xml (change)

The concept of Ant Make command is a project management tool, achieved Ant functionality is similar. Like make, gnumake and nmake build tool to have some of these defects, but Ant has to overcome the shortcomings of these tools. Ant developers in the deve

memcached complete analysis of (turn)

memcached complete analysis of -1. memcached based Copyright Notice: You can willfully, but reproduced the original author must be identified charlee, the original link and this statement Day: 2008/7/2 Analys

Oracle Database 10g installation is complete, the necessary databases.

Oracle Database 10g installation is complete, the necessary databases. Database Configuration Assistant (Database Configuration Assistant) to create the database, configure database options, delete the database and management templates. Install Oracl ...

linux systems using shell scripts to create FTP account

Following SHELL script to create a more complete FTP account, including: 1) The new FTP account and directory 2) FTP account password changes 3) FTP account directory, create three subdirectories, different data storage 4) The directory permissions s ...

How to use Rational Performance Tester to record test scripts based on Web2.0 websites

About RPT RPT basic functions Rational ® Performance Tester (hereinafter referred to as RPT) is the IBM performance testing based on the Eclipse platform solution for testing the performance tests provide a complete set of functions, including recorded te

Optimize the performance of JavaScript scripts

With the development, speed and machine speed increase, more and more sites use a rich client technology. Ajax is now the most popular way. javascript is an interpreted language, it can not be achieved and the C / Java like level, it limits the things don

Rsync + ssh - complete server data synchronization between the bulk

Current needs are as follows: number of servers required to do the same environment configuration, and configuration work is complicated, if a manual handling of a relatively time-consuming and error-prone. We can consider the configuration of a server to

Ubuntu10.04 Linux kernel compiled under the complete steps

1, in download the latest kernel source linux-, on / liqiong / Linux kernel directory, liqiong is the first Linux OS user name. 2, enter the directory where the Linux kernel source (cd Linux kernel), unpack the kerne

SSH key authentication by the different systems to achieve automation scripts

About SSH In their daily work, we use more and more SSH (Secure Shell) client software through the network to log on to open the SSH service on the remote system, and perform operations on the remote system. Unlike traditional network access services

Bash shell scripts to use functional testing

Functional testing is a key part of software development - and have loaded Linux, Bash can help you easily complete the functional tests. In this article, Angel Rivera will explain how to use the Bash shell script to run through the Linux command lin

Introduction to WAP Development with WML Script scripts to improve the design of

Transfer from: Part V: WML Script Script Programming As an editing language, WMLScript provides a powerful in function, statements and library functions, and external editing, access control a

Lua scripts in C + + under the dance steps

Transfer from 3D1 Lua scripts in C + + under the steps (a) Now, more and more C + + server and client support into the script, especially in the gaming area, a scripting language has penetr

027 examples of several scripts

This chapter contains a few of my most commonly used scripts. You will find that they are very short and simple. This is the script of an advantage; it is not very long, very complicated, just a short code to complete a lot of features, you can save

linux boot scripts in the order and services

linux boot scripts sequence If you need to manually reboot the server opens a lot of services, work and future maintenance is relatively complicated, specially summarized at startup under linux script under the knowledge and methods involved, as foll

Aqua Data Studio 7.0 released: a complete database development tool IDE

AquaFold has released Aqua Data Studio 7.0, Aqua Data Studio: a complete IDE for database development tools, universal database client, a strong Aqua Data Studio to connect to almost all of the database. The original function has been significantly u

Code Complete, 403,404,500 page errors, etc.

400 can not resolve the request. 401.1 Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials. 401.2 Unauthorized: Access the server is configured to use an alternate authentication method tend to be rejected. 401.3 Unauthorized: Access is as ACL set o

I used the Linux command complete - a strong argument bash-completion

I used the Linux command complete - a strong argument bash-completion This link: (reprint, please indicate the source) Use Description Using the bash command line, at the prompt, enter a command in the f

informatica workflow call shell scripts and return to the state parameter processing

informatica, with a shell script calls the workflow, as long as the next path to be able to use it! Posted out to you the essence of part of the share #!/bin/sh cd /oracle/app/infa/Server/server/bin if [ -f /backup/data/zktest/SES_MAP_IRS_DATA_REVISE

Complete web player code and detailed description of [fine]

1.avi format code snippet is as follows: <object width="400" height="200" border="0" classid="clsid:CFCDAA03-8BE4-11cf-B84B-0020AFBBCCFA"> <param name="ShowDisplay" value="0"> <par

windows python package a complete solution under

Recently wanted to write python code package to install the python environment for colleagues useless use requirements are as follows: No python executable environment File as little as possible, not too messy Procedure volume as small as possible If

Example shell scripts Summary

Jack and tom ------------------- requirements calculated the average of 2 families with a shell implementation. cat 1.txt jack huaxue 90 tom huaxue 70 jack shuxue 99 tom shuxue 80 awk well to achieve awk '{a [$ 1] + = $ 3} END {for (i in a) print

How to complete the culture of your MySQL

Because the system comes with the MySQL default character set is not gbk, Therefore, the promotion of the database application and development of the Chinese program has brought great inconvenience, in the endless GBK And the UTF8 conversion process

JavaScript utility scripts, well, a collection of them [Links]

If you find the javascript things, I suggest you ctrl + F to find directly on this page, because you're looking for here, 80%, but let you look at it next, you're ready to go with reading glasses! ! Event source object event.srcElement.tagName eve

Companies to quickly complete the necessary functional components of the business have?

1, the business logic modeling tools Studio System is composed of objects of mutual cooperation, they all belong to a class, class hierarchy structure. All the features of the system is driven through the management of these objects and mutual cooperation

SVN complete data backup script =% E5% A4% 87% E4% BB% BD SVN complete data backup script backup script in the previous post , we discussed how to use the script to automatic

A comprehensive study of Linux shell scripts

Transfer source: Linux commune Author: Linux 1. Linux-based scripting Introduction 1.1 Basic syntax 1.1.1 at the beginning Program must begin with the following line (be the first line in the file side): #! /

LoadRunner scripts developed using eclipse

Now the project has entered the testing phase, this time a year ago, the next eclipse of developing scripts for record keeping, and now recorded for the reference needs of students ------- LoadRunner script development to provide powerful features li

Bukanhouhui Shell scripts for Linux production servers to share

Bukanhouhui Shell scripts for Linux production server share as a Linux / unix system administrator, I often encounter people ask this question: shell do? PHP so powerful, why not use PHP to complete the work? In fact, relative to the PHP development langu

[Review] works of Dr. Tsinghua applied for withdrawal: complete the work with Linux

Although we have not used to see long-winded, but I still say that this is a worthwhile read you the end of a long article from scratch. September 22, 2005, Tsinghua University doctoral student in the reading community Mizuki BLOG Wang Yin published in th

Of several small scripts useful debian

Predecessors have done a lot of work, use the following command to download and run automation scripts, the operation can be completed under the guidance of the OpenVPN installation. wget chmod +x debian-op

linux nginx php configuration installation complete

connected with nginx fastcgi php, compile the following when installing linux to compile php fastcgi support means, other things, according to the way the original equipment on it. Divided into the following steps: Ready 1, install the fastcgi versio

Detailed an rpm command complete

From the general sense, the package installation is copying files, RPM installation package, but also nothing less than this. But RPM is meant to further, more clever you need to do more work. Smart Install <br /> from the general sense, the package

Complete Guide to Ubuntu software installation method

One using the Synaptic Package Manager Installer. Synaptic has a friendly graphical interface, you can use it to install the Ubuntu software library has most of the program. Navigate to System - Administration - Synaptic Package Manager to start, bas

The most complete oracle notes

Oracle SQL day1 Oracle SQL (Oracle 9i A, DataBase Save data to the table in the form of performance data Second, SQL SQL (structure query language Structured Query Language), is operating in an object relational database DDL (data definition la

Fedora install Oracle and automation scripts with completely remove method (

Under the text interface installation oracle10gR2 fedora14 software one. See the installation environment 1 Memory and SWAP [Root @ xinchang ~] # grep MemTotal / proc / meminfo MemTotal: 1026060 kB [Root @ xinchang ~] # grep SwapTotal / proc / meminf

(Transfer) to expand the database naming hibernate generated

For the Java developer, Hibernate 3 annotations provide a very good way to demonstrate the domain layer. You can easily automatically generated by Hibernate needs a database structure with the complete SQL scripts. But back to the real world, you need to

What is the appfuse

First, Appfuse brief introduction Matt Raible are Appfuse developed a guiding entry-level J2EE framework, how to integrate its popular Spring, Hibernate, ibatis, struts, Xdcolet, junit, etc. give the basic framework of the model, the latest version 1.7 is

jBPM Development Getting Started Guide

Although the workflow is still immature stage of development, not even a recognized standard. But its application has already been launched in the Express, indicating the market's demand for job-flow framework are urgent and enormous. Backgrounds of o

servlet specification 2.2

Introduction: Spring Security watch, when to see more use of the Servlet Listener, filter and so on. Filter done, listener never. Therefore want from the Internet to find a closer look at the servlet specification, go thorough investigation, there is no s

12 The most important J2EE best practices

MVC Framework (as well as the J2EE implementation of the MVC) is one of the advantages of the component elements can (in fact, very easy) on your application for unit testing. Therefore, you can easily entity bean, session bean and the JSP an independent

Web site speed program

Visit the slow pace of the Internet has become the past, but the page can be instantaneous only the future will show what is happening. Christianheilmann some skills, you can now visit the site together smoother. First visit to the page when the delay is

Development of commonly used open source J2EE project

Read other people's records, feel good, on the collection here, Original Source: Persistence Layer 1: 1) Hibernate This need not introduce, and used very frequently, used more are mapped

Java Products and software download

This column provides hundreds of Java products and software download site link and brief introduction developerWorks Web site resources related technologies. Through this column, you can easily find you need Java tools, components and code, but also can v

DWR brief introduction (to)

DWR (Direct Web Remoting) is a Open source The class library that can help developers site contains AJAX technology. It can permit in the browser's code uses WEB server running on the JAVA function, just like it at the same browser. It contains t ...

A classic english Rails AJAX sorting and paging sample

This is a classic (in my opinion ^ _ ^) is used to display, ajax call to sort, search and paging example. This sample is characterized by the process of writing put considerable wordily, designed to kill Mother. So very good understanding, very primary, v

Rails 2.0 step by step [translated statement Translate]

Rails 2.0 step by step Rails core team in the December 7 release of the Ruby on Rails 2.0. At this version includes a lot of changes, including Rails scaffold code generation approach. This change may be under the old version will make use of the curricul

Summary of design

Abstract: This article is a summary of the design at the practice and study some of the experiences with the study notes, I hope to share with you if there is inappropriate please correct me. Keyword: Summary of design, structural, OOD Body: At the demand

A javascript formatting tools

Writing of one strong man, will not know a really good make. <html> <head> <title>JSFormatting tools </title> <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=gb2312" /> <style> * { padding:0px; margin:5px; f

1. DWR overall flow analysis

DWR overall flow analysis (A) of the three basic criteria for understanding the DWR ajax understanding must have the help of 1, the browser: Application rather than the content of (non-display) We at the previous web programming, browser in order to show
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