cocos2d camera zoom and scroll scene

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MOTO702 Camera parameter settings on the camera issue on

Custom photo Android (HTC, MOTO702) Note: Camera I have been abstracted (factory) /* * Copyright (C) 2010 More Inc. * * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. * Yo

as3.0 change in control of light to create music

This example shows that a sphere, on it by many small triangles, these triangles can be small changes with the music and then change color. Here is the example source code. import flash.display .*; import .*; import; import

flash surround effect

package { //AS3 import flash.display.*; import*; import; import; import flash.utils.Dictionary; import flash.geom.Matrix; import flash.text.TextField; import flash.text.StyleSheet; import*;

PV3D Terrain (PV3D Terrain)

Original code: I modified it a bit code can run on PV3D v2.1, but feelings are not ideal. Please take a look at what was wrong. Renderings Annex code is as follows: package ( import com.adobe.views

CameraObject3D and Camera3D

CameraObject3D and Camera3D Transfer from: CameraOcject3D base class of all cameras, it inherited from DisplayObject3D class Some terms explained: Focus (focus) and perspective (fov) (t

javascript html js lightbox show the effect of imitation, div cover, lock the page

Lightbox effect (also called Windows shutdown some effect), but need not be so complicated, can display a content box on the list. Is a full-screen coverage of the layer, add a layer to display the content. Use position: fixed the new features ps: "l

A dynamic three-dimensional display of pictures of Js code

Share a dynamic three-dimensional display of images Js code. . . Note: This code comes from a powerful friend the transfer js Sharing. . . <script type="text/javascript"> var Library = {}; Library.ease = function () { = 0; this.position

Texture lightmap lighting from maya to unity

Light maps from maya to unity 【Professional iPhone 3d games, mobile game development: Beijing Bei Wu Yi Technologies】 Have any questions please contact me QQ: 363596350 lightmap lighting map, so the scene more realistic. We have two uv set • An Ambient Oc

Lesson: Light and Keyboard

This lesson I'll teach you how to use three different texture filtering methods. Teach you how to use the keyboard to move the object in the scene, and will teach you a simple OpenGL scene illumination applications. This lesson contains a lot of conte

[Reserved] based sandy3d terrain system, there is support from the fog package { import flash.display.Sprite; import flash.display.BitmapData; import flash.display.Bitmap; import; import; import; import;

The TDD practice bit by bit - how to write a TODO

I think TDD start with the most important aspect is the decomposition of the TODO, TODO eventually be able to analyze each can be tested to a certain size, would be difficult to translate into test code. In the TDD of several books, it seems TODO is easy,

Unity3D can override the virtual function sum (event, callback, message processing)

Overloaded virtual function Unity3D all the base class MonoBehaviour control script has some virtual functions for drawing in the event callback, the event can also be understood as a function, for example, we are well aware of the Start, Update and other

js mouse wheel zoom picture screen scroll bar

Mouse wheel to zoom in to make a picture, scroll wheel with the browser's scroll bar to scroll through, after some agonizing, finally resolved, and posted to those who need it refer to the following: <! DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "- / / W3C / /

iphone-cocos2d used in the Scene

Method of the application is started: - (void) applicationDidFinishLaunching:(UIApplication*)application Call [[CCDirector sharedDirector] runWithScene: [HelloWorld scene]]; To load a scene, replacing the scene using: [[CCDirector sharedDirector] rep

Cocos2d game scene change

In the game, we need to click on the appropriate menu option to enter the picture, and our common approach is to: [[CCDirector sharedDirector] replaceScene:***]; Another method is to add in the AppDelegate.m: CCScene *scene = [CCScene node]; CCMultip

Scroll algorithm to achieve Carmack As3 [Maps for mobile]

Act will be used most of the game map scroll, I am currently doing is no exception. Frankly, I still flash the underlying package of trust: it simplifies the complicated underlying operating. For example, scrolling a bitmap, regardless of how much th

RAW format photos from the camera to the generation process

Taiwan's side of the summer program is about to start, before the Taiwan side to mentor me to do a project through to the raw photo format conversion process, this is also a Professor Fu Catalpa good practice lessons into their The laboratory must pas

GEF canvas scroll bar displacement calculation

GEF to do with the flow chart editor, when the flow more complicated, not fully display a single screen will appear when the scroll bar. When a scroll bar when the graph control the location of some of the calculation there will be a corresponding de ...

Flash 8 camera photo

A few days ago to do a thing to help a friend used code, for a long time do not do Flash coding. So also less concerned about Flash 8's new Calss. However, what you say has this feature. The section would like to find online tutorials, or code to ...

How Cocos2d to develop a simple game tutorial IPhone

Access to Cocos2D development this week, in its official website to see Ray Wenderlic write an article on the cocos2d development, very good feeling to write the translation for a moment. Original link address you can see above the author's more The i

Let your camera software can be developed AF

Camera button pressed mCamera.autoFocus(mAutoFocusCallBack); AF callback function mAutoFocusCallBack private AutoFocusCallback mAutoFocusCallBack = new AutoFocusCallback() { @Override public void onAutoFocus(boolean success, Camera camera) { if (success)

Analysis of the SceneTest Cocos2d API

-(void) onPushScene: (id) sender { //Layer2 Define a new scene Scene * scene = [[Scene node] addChild: [Layer2 node] z:0]; //pushScene: Terminates the running scene, put it in the stack of the suspension of scene ( Memory ) In, a new scene will be pe

Analysis of the AtlasSpriteTest Cocos2d API

AtlasSpriteManager: the wizard to define a set of AtlasSprite is an object to achieve CocosNodeFrames and CocosNodeRGBA CocosNode agreement. AtlasSprite can be used as an alternative to Sprite. AtlasSprite has ALL the features from CocosNode with the

camera problems in setZoom

Not all SDk support setZoom as not all milk and call a kind of Deluxe, in fact, hated the ad, get the name of a Bluff. API Level 8 only setZoom started this feature, so not all cameras support the zoom, so need to check isZoomSupported (API Level 8)

Ten game engine core competitiveness (1) Scene Segmentation (alpha preview version of Pure. Continuously updated)

Game engine in one of the most critical, is the scene management techniques; One of the most basic part of that scene segmentation. Scene Segmentation several problems to be solved as follows: Loading game scene is a need for real-time streaming or g

The cocos2d Tips & Tricks

The cocos2d Tips & Tricks is a problem / solution style book of "recipes" that can help the new and experienced cocos2d developer. It is a collection of the best practices, tips and tricks from the cocos2d community presented in an easy

Java3D scene graph structure

Java3D scene graph structure Java3D Java language is actually the expansion of the field in three-dimensional graphics, and, like Java, Java3D a pure object-oriented structure. Java3D data structure is adopted Scene Graphs Structure (scene graph), is the

Carmack scroll algorithm

Here the concept of the concept of using a simplified, precise definition, please refer to observe the process of two-dimensional computer graphics. World coordinate system: for labeling the entire game world coordinate system. Camera: Camera photo t

JS achieve image zoom

In the Internet, they often see picture zoom function, and today his hands also wrote one of the following is the source code: <html> <head> <title> picture automatically zoom </ title> </ Head> <body> <script l

Introduction to JOGL examples (13 )---- 3D scene engine and the texture mapping and roaming characters.

This chapter is for us to make use JOGL2 simple 3D scenes, and the first use of texture mapping for the image service and the characters display FPS. Process a bit complicated, people lazy, do not write PPT shows, direct Figure: Figure 1: Our camera

Picture (rotation / zoom / flip) transformation effect (ccs3 / filter / canvas)

Ago to achieve the picture rotate or flip, ie the filter can only be achieved, although the canvas is also achieved, but ie does not support the standard and not html. css3 out, finally can use the standard transform to achieve transformation, the canvas

Pulley zoom image compatible ie ff

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns="" > <head> <title>测试firefox鼠标滚动</title> </head>

Picture scroll code, images seamlessly rolling code, images automatically scroll and control the rolling direction

Picture scroll code, images seamlessly rolling code, images automatically scroll and scroll direction can be controlled, to see the effect will consequently understand. picture scroll code, picture seamless rolling code <meta http-equiv="Content-T

android camera source code analysis (based on application)

Here are introduced mainly for Ophone, of course, a combination of android's source code (there are android2.2 the following source code.) Ophone is also first in class by android.hardware.Camera to control the camera equipment, to use only by an

cocos2d Summary: two scenes and layers

scenes and layers 1: The first scene shows runWithScene [[CCDirector sharedDirector] runWithScene: [FirstScene scene]]; 2: scene change replaceScene (1) transitions CCSlideInBTransition * transition = [CCSlideInBTransition transitionWithDuration: 3 s

Digital camera - you should check the battery's durability

Digital camera - you should check the battery's durability With digital cameras, CCD is a grid of light sensitive points, capture convert images into digital images. The number of points on the CCD measured in terms of "super pixels." M

How do you plan to buy a digital camera

How do you plan to buy a digital camera You intend to purchase a digital camera? Then you may want to consider a few aspects of shopping. As digital technology changes every other day, the model is a lot to enter the market very frequently, and in fact ma

How to choose a digital camera to protect these special moments

How to choose a digital camera to protect these special moments Get a digital camera panasonic dmc-tz5 battery is a very wise investment because it can so you do not take a lot of photos to develop their many benefits, or use any other film. However, ther

IPhone game development framework using Cocos2d method

Mobile devices are changing the way we work and interactive relationship with others. A new round of revolution is happening to us, people began to consume more mobile devices through the data content. iPhone App Store to become successful and popular mob

How do you intend to buy a digital camera

How do you intend to buy a digital camera You plan to buy a digital camera? Then, you may need to consider several aspects of a purchase. As digital technology changes every other day, the model is to enter the market very frequently the lot, but in

How to choose the right digital camera to protect these special moments

How to choose the right digital camera to protect these special moments Get a digital camera panasonic dmc-tz5 battery is a wise investment because it allows you to take a lot of pictures without the development of their many benefits, or any other m

[Cocos2d development of the three] CCScene switch all effects, and set the screen the screen anyway!

CCScene cocos2d of shoes for use must be very familiar with, then use [[CCDirectorsharedDirector] replaceScene: <# (CCScene *) scene #>]; on the scene to scene (CCLayout) for switching, cocos2d provides special effects for the transition, then

[Cocos2d the five game development] Detailed multi-touch and touch events (a single monitor. The distribution of events)

In recent days have been eating cocos2d, digest a lot of things, which can be hand-written under some grasp of the company's games; then today put out to share some key under the experience, as a reference to the new children's shoes; This ca

[Cocos2d game development of the seven] add / remove system components, and solve the View setting in the View transparency will affect the other components of the problem!

Time seems to have not been updated in the main project more anxious, but now all won cocos2d basically be, was progressing well, so here mainly to introduce the next number of Himi problems; This chapter describes two knowledge points: 1 Adding syst

3D games in Java to create a scene

This article will introduce a Java 3D game to Checkers3D and how to use it to create a scenario that includes dark green and blue tiled surface interval, and its axis is along the x-and z-axis, a blue background and a floating can be illuminated from

[Cocos2d game developed XI] use Box2d physical systems and add Box2d in cocos2d framework approach physical system lib package

On a related question about the particle, of course, not weakness, and today continue to give you a simple physical system description and tell; First, the first introduction, how to add box2d development in cocos2d lib package, because the general u

Scroll js effects

Scroll js effects <div> <div> <img src ="<%= request.getContextPath ()%> / Letousky / jsp / img / loading.gif "> <br/> Loading ...</ div> <! - This type of tolerance has been part of the document wrote kaij

Pictures scroll js implementation

<link rel="stylesheet" href="../css/picscroll2.css" media="screen" type="text/css"> <script src="../js/yahoo.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="../js/event.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src=".

javascript html js seamlessly add scroll up and down about a high set standstill wide effects (compatible with ie / ff)

js language rolling code, rolling news Code: Transfer from: Black hair:

J2ME implementation of the scroll bar ScrollBar

<object classid = "clsid: d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" width = "248" height = "331" codebase = " cab # version = 6,0,40,0 "> <param n
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