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Description JQuery, Extjs, YUI, Prototype, Dojo and other JS frameworks and application of the difference between scenarios

With the sturdy web2.0 development, and the browser by increasing the work load (in the not very compromising on performance, the developers have gotten accustomed to the browser can be used to do all the browser to do Shier in order to alleviate the pres

JQuery, Extjs, YUI, Prototype, Dojo, etc. JS frame difference and the scenarios outlined

Source: 173IT Technology Network javascript has become the web development of one of the most basic requirements. Agile development in reality, we usually choose a JS framework to replace the cumbersome preparation of N

Student candidates for software recommendations

Financial crisis has come, the project got worse, employees are brothers, should not because there is no project, on vacation or dismissal. However, small businesses, how many did not make money, can only help each other to tide over the difficulties. As

prototype, jQuery, Mootools, ext, dojo speed comparison

Web20 are the cornerstone of AJAX, and now several online popular open source AJAX frameworks, such as: jQuery, Mootools, Dojo, Ext JS and so on, then we in the end of the circumstances under which the use of that framework? Following excerpt is a set of

drails1.0 released at rails easily use dojo!

drails The rails are a plugin, it uses dojo to replace the rails default Prototype and Scriptaculous. Dojo implementation based on the bulk of the JS Helper, but did not fully realize RJS. Author readme file That the more detailed: drails======= drails al

js Study Notes (5) Dojo development of Ajax applications{ timeoutSeconds: 3000, url:'server.jsp',//Define the requested address method:'post',//Get the post handler:helloCallback,//Define the callback function to the server after performing the function accordingly content:{name:dojo.

js Study Notes (5) Dojo to develop Ajax application url: Ajax send address request method: Send the request of the way, get or post handler: callback function specified when the server response upon completion of the automatically activated content: is a javascript object, the object comp ...

Part of the Dojo architecture AJAX

First, the preamble Since last year, AJAX has become a concern about the technology hot spots, all kinds of AJAX development framework for rapidly up, which is divided into AJAX client-side architecture, server-side AJAX architecture and so on, one o ...

Struts2 and Ajax - use Dojo and Div

Struts and Struts2 compared to a major improvement is support for Ajax. In this paper, look at the Div in Struts2 is how Ajax used to output the results, the main use of the Dojo. First of all, we first create a simple use case, in this use case will be d

Several popular AJAX framework jQuery, Mootools, Dojo, Ext JS Comparative

Several popular AJAX framework jQuery, Mootools, Dojo, Ext JS Comparative I encountered the Internet in many parts of this article, are not clearly marked out the author, find it strange? ? If you are the author of this article, it is very sorry, but if I

Dojo build Ajax applications

[Author] James E . Harmon Long ] [translator [translator works with] Press [] Machinery Industry Press ] [ISBN 9787111266648 Publication Date ] [June 2009 [Order] translator Dojo, ExtJS, DWR, YUI, GWT, Prototype, ZK ... ... the face of so many Ajax f ... get back data

The form is submitted using the found not always to obtain the return of response, look for a long time before discovery is for this reason: IMPORTANT: For all values EXCEPT html, The server response should be an HTML file with a ...

Dojo asynchronous upload files

Dojo is a pretty new front-office technology, as a javascript tool set, learning together is not too hard, that is, not a lot of useful information online, there is something to rely on their own slowly elusive ~ ~ ~ dojo's Asynchronous Transfer funct

Guangdong College of Pharmacy Student Assistant

- Blog migration articles And fatkun crazy more than a month's work. May 23, 2009 English full name: Guangdong Pharmaceutical University Student Assistant English Name: Guangdong College of Pharmacy Student Assistant Achieve functional Weather: R ...

Advised not to waste time in the dojo on

Spent a few days, and feel not just the learning curve steep, the main is not suitable for our use, there are other unsuitable, although all packages are good, but step by step a pit. General page layout also somehow, into the details of the deal als ...

dojo use, if the page into the subdirectory css though to load, but it does not work, there is no good solution? (I've address)

I made a small shining example of a demo that displays a dialog box. If the page on the web site root directory, and dojo, I was in the web root directory created a js folder, and the dojo and dijit on the inside. index.jsp I put in the root director ...

Dojo widget's destructor process

Note: This article from Wen-Bing Li's blog , javascript memory leak on my analysis very helpful, Thank you for sharing! Learn dojo widget (or dijit) the destructor process, not only make you a better understanding of the life cycle of the dijit, ...

dojo in this.inherited (arguments);

In the dojo, you will often face such a code this.inherited (arguments); send to the SLC ah? If you are a habit of java programmers, you will feel like a method call, it is not true, this is a dojo in the internal method, used to find the code where ...

dojo in DojoAttachPoint

In the Dojo declaration and the Dojo template, often seen dojoAttachPoint = "xxx" This statement, after investigation documents, finally some rational understanding. Examples are as follows: <thead dojoAttachPoint="head"> <tr

Fundamentals of Dojo (5)

1. Dojo Xiangjie 1.1. General function 1.1.1. Dojo.require In the previous example, the fact that we have seen dojo.require use. It is used to declare the dojo will use the component type. Similar to Java in the import statement. Dojo is the code into the

Introduction Dojo foundation (4)

1. Data 1.1. Learn provides a package of standard data access API, a uniform data access layer exists. All data are item or item of property. ItemFileReadStore provides a basic class to read the JSON format data, and doj ...

Introduction Dojo foundation (1)

Summary This article describes the basic information on Dojo, and through some simple examples so that we can have an initial perceptual Dojo. Introduced after the preparation and development environment in the development process need to have the concept

Introduction Dojo foundation (2)

1. A simple example to understand anything we are starting from perceptual knowledge, so here we are with a classic "Hello world!" Example to show the use of Dojo. 1.1. Page Style Very simple page, a button, click the button, jump out of a ...

Fundamentals of Dojo (3)

1. Development environment ready 1.1. Development Environment Dojo itself is written in Javascript, so the expansion is based on the Dojo Javascript language. Currently, there are some support Javascript syntax highlighting editor, such as UltraEdit, Note

Introduction Dojo foundation (6)

1. Conclusion Dojo as an excellent Ajax toolkit, object-based Javascript to encapsulate object-oriented development can follow the thought pattern of development, but also a lot of expansion on this basis, so based on Dojo developers save a lot of st ...

Learning Dojo - 4. DOM APIs

1. Select Node API a.dojo.byId () b.dojo.query ("div.question p") i.The parameter here should apply to CSS3 Selector ii.This function always returns a NodeList, even if there is only one node selected 2. Attributes Operation dojo.attr (), d ...

Learning Dojo - 5. Remote Scripting (AJAX)

1. Remote Scripting is not just AJAX. There are 3 ways. a.XHR (AJAX) -> Same-Origin Limited b.iframe -> Same-Orignin Limited; It can post a file. c.Loading a script element -> Not limited to Same-Origin Policy 2. XHR with dojo a. Example dojo.xhr

Learning Dojo - 7.

1. It's reading / writing data, of course 2. Members a. Attributes i. data store: get data from data source ii. data source: some url iii. item = row identity = id label = the "name" of an item (eg "companyName = 'IBM'" ...

Javascript is not built-in date formatting function, so JS frame has its own realization, and in the Dojo in that = function (/ * Date * / dateObject, / * * / options)

Then use the dojo - 1

Scenario: iterative one element list, its binding event. JS Method: var nodes = getSomeNodes (); for (var i = 0; i <nodes.length; i + +) ( nodes [i]. onclick = function () ( / * Find the index for (var j = nodes.length; j> = 0; j -) ( if (this

SQL-old subject: the average student achievement and ranking query

Student (S #, Sname, Sage, Ssex) student table Course (C #, Cname, T #) curriculum SC (S #, C #, score) transcript Teacher (T #, Tname) Teacher Table 24, the average student achievement and ranking query Answer: SELECT 1 + (SELECT COUNT (distinct gra

C # student with a written change tneduts

The first method: The result is student change tneduts using System; namespace ConsoleApplication11 { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { string str = "student"; char[] arr = str.ToCharArray(); for (int i = arr.Length-1; i>=0; i--) {

Written with c # I am a student into a student a am I

Result I am a student ---> student am a I using System; namespace ConsoleApplication11 { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { string str = "I am a student"; string[] strs = str.Split(' '); string a = ""; Array.Reverse(strs); for (int

Dojo control performance optimization best practices

What is Dojo? Dojo is an open source language with JavaScript DHTML toolkit is based on CSS and JavaScript implementation of a common class library. Dojo aims to solve the development of those encountered in DHTML applications, long-standing historical is

Speech marks or names most typically associated with some donned student folks

Never a one can easily constantly forget Graduation day. It is the most Special intended for everyone passing out of colleges. One will have it's Air Jordans recollections fresh even after times of passing out. It again is some day when just one

How to create more in the dojo in the header of the data grid

Originally used to develop the ExtJS front-end is, but still feel too complicated, if you want to put to good use JavaScript on the developers or the relatively high level requirements, or can only write some toy code (but even with YUI or dojo or somethi

A student asked the President the computer: Select R & D and non R & D?

A student asked: choose R & D and non-graduate research work? A student in the blog comments, messages, questions are as follows: "Miss Teacher, I am a graduating student, I observed the process in graduate employment, a substantial part cho

Application development using the Dojo for Ajax

This is the internal stresses in the group before a PPT, is on how to develop Ajax applications using the Dojo, but also involves some of the Ajax application development best practices. PPT address is:

dojo, jquery, mootools framework to achieve the ajax effect of three

Micro-BLOG often, or like tudou, ku6 and other video sites, see "View Comments" button, point after the display list, is the AJAX effect, foreigners find an article, about the implementation: Summarized as f

Student Information Database

student information database, create database go use student information database go create table Course Information Sheet ( Course number int not null, Course Name char (20) not null, Credit int not null ) create table Student Information Form ( Stu

Computer graduation. Net student record management system

Two days ago, a college student wrote to WF system. Using Access database This is not wordy, to upload the source got. Computer graduation. Net student record management system

javascript compression tool Dojo compressor

Study: Walnut blog | This URL: All articles in this blog all the original, welcome to reprint, However, the form must indicate the article hyperlink original source and author information and

Unicom V5, student hostels no real right? ~ ~

Online News ----" Tianjin Unicom to see closure sha ADSL sharing broke college students took away equipment " Deeply felt Unicom V5, a profound understanding of the cloth to the door on the livelihood of the people dispose of clothing. Myst

Understanding of the interface controls Dojo: Dijit

It seems the masses do not like to argue JavaEye more inclined to devote themselves to study the technical translation of one, would like to help you understand the Dojo! Content related to the themes are also welcomed. This translation from: http://www.s

Database exercises (student curriculum)

Create table DROP TABLE IF EXISTS student; CREATE TABLE student( sno int auto_increment primary key, sname varchar(8), ssex varchar(3), sage int , sclass varchar(6) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; INSERT INTO student(sname,ssex,sage,sclass) VAL

[Translation] dojo.require mechanism to understand

Although each framework provides the most common Web development features, but have always thought that Dojo is the most powerful, may not look too brilliant, too well documented. But shall not deny that, Dojo, there are too many bright spots of the mecha

A Tsinghua University student studying in Hong Kong thinking about life after. Doc

A Tsinghua University student studying in Hong Kong thinking about life after. Doc

Student management system operating sql server database model

The system only defines a student table with sql server for storage data interface to achieve a swing of the additions and deletions to the student information search. The implementation of the model2 a good example of the development model, code str

Four popular AJAX framework jQuery, Mootools, Dojo, ExtJS contrast

AJAX is the cornerstone of web2.0, and now several popular open source AJAX Web framework, such as: jQuery, Mootools, Dojo, Ext JS and so on, then we in the end under what circumstances the use of that framework? The following is a excerpt of the data: Aj

The hitch dojo very powerful function

Code visual to write code directly function show data(){ var x=this.getData(); dojo.byId("showData").innerHTML="result"+x; } At this time there is this is the domain concept. var domain1 = { value:0, getData:function(){return this.value++;} } var domain2
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