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Description JQuery, Extjs, YUI, Prototype, Dojo and other JS frameworks and application of the difference between scenarios

With the sturdy web2.0 development, and the browser by increasing the work load (in the not very compromising on performance, the developers have gotten accustomed to the browser can be used to do all the browser to do Shier in order to alleviate the pres

JQuery, Extjs, YUI, Prototype, Dojo, etc. JS frame difference and the scenarios outlined

Source: 173IT Technology Network javascript has become the web development of one of the most basic requirements. Agile development in reality, we usually choose a JS framework to replace the cumbersome preparation of N

java.C # Some data download address many of the very wide

Hotel Management System (absolute classic) [C #] student achievement management system, typing the source code of practice we want to help. . .

How you learn faster extjs, (including 1.0,2.0,3.0.3 version)

Chapter 1 flashing it! Look at those beautiful example extjs 1.1. All release packages start from extjs very fortunate that we can download free of charge to ext release package, inside the source code, api documentation, examples ranging. But i

REST and Web2.0 (a): Ajax and REST Part

Ajax / REST architectural style for immersive Web application advantages Description: Server-side Web applications with rich application model for delivery of personalized content, and with the infusion (immersive) feature of this the more prominent featu
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