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Kissy Suggest automatically prompt example

Developed by a team of Taobao's Kissy Suggest automatically prompts what is easy to use components, the following combination of Kissy Suggest to use (there are introduced on a) write a simple example: 1 shows the page index.html: <!DOCTYPE html

js: data type null and undefined

js: data type null and undefined

CKEditor 3 to open the file upload feature (Servlet implementation)

This paper describes the basis of further study. The CKEditor in to upload a configuration to the open, very simple script that set the paragraph to read as follows: <script type="text/javascript"> CKEDITOR.repla

In the java platform, the use of CKeditor image / file upload feature

It is a problem for a long time, in the CKeditor officials have not found the information online, we have only and php, so here want to help to write an example to everyone. Principle parts: In CKeditor configuration as official online said, not r

CKEditor 3 to install and use

FCKEditor is a good rich text editor, in the Web development as a text editor plug-in, very easy to use, and now has been upgraded to CKEditor3, interface, more cool and more feature-rich. FCK have been used before the file upload feature (common fil ...

[Memo] js determine the type undefined

Method: if (typeof (reValue) == "undefined") ( alert ( "undefined"); ) PS: typeof returns the string, there are six possible: "number", "string", "boolean", "object", "function", & ...

The CKeditor embedded EXTJS the WINDOW control

buildContentWin: function (grid, rowIndex, fieldName, fieldNameT) ( var win = new Ext.Window (( layout: 'form', width: 1024, title: 'content editor', height: 506, autoScroll: true, / / CloseAction: 'hide', border: true, modal: ...

CKEditor all the optional parameters Toolbar

The above is all CKEditor toolbar buttons, according to the order of the corresponding parameter names are as follows (parameters too much, I also Kanhua Yan, if found to be incorrect please contact me, let me correct).

! 0 & &! 0.0 & &! "" & &! False & &! Null & &! Undefined

The result is true, that is, if the a The values are 0,0.1, "", false, null, undefined Well! A is true We can use if (! A) () instead of if (a ==""){}, etc.

To grasp the FCKEditor and CKEditor

First: FCKEditor First of all, on the official website: Download, will be one of the fckeditor folder copied to WebRoot below can be used directly behind the next step (this step is not necessary): Find fckconfig.js f

undefined reference to `WinMain @ 16 '

**** Internal Builder is used for build **** gcc-O0-g3-Wall-c-fmessage-length = 0-oserver.o .. \ server.c gcc-otcpsrv.exe server.o-lws2_32 d: / mingw/bin/../lib/gcc/mingw32/4.4.0/../../../libmingw32.a (main.o): main.c: (. text +0 xd2): undefined refe ...

Rake: undefined method `reenable '

If you execute rake tasks, experience

Javascript and ActionScript and undefined differences in null.NaN

Original Address: AS in: In fact, Null, NaN and undefined variables are the default initial value. Variables of different types, the system given the initial value is different: int, uint - ...


Official Website: Download: Configuration instructions:

ckeditor custom plug-in process

Engage in a morning, and finally found out the reasons for the original to play a less certain path "/", is really unfriendly. This is just to familiarize yourself with the process of writing ckeditor plug, so use the code samples in api_di ...

undefined method `length 'for Enumerable when calling truncate method

With rails 2.0.2 and ruby 1.8.7 you can find this error using rails truncate helper To solve this problem, paste this code in your enviroment.rb (eof). module ActionView module Helpers module TextHelper def truncate(text, length = 30, truncate_string = ".

Rails in the prompt undefined method `scaffold '

Such a reason: The new version of Rails to scaffold for the plug strip, that is a new version of Rails which can not directly use the scaffold, while some materials used in the version with the latest version or do not last, so they need to re-install 1:

Jython error TypeError: too many arguments

Today, when using the jython found such a mistake, may I not familiar with python's sake! python code like this: Looks like no problem, is to realize the interface methods. The results come when you call this error message: TypeError: ...

ckeditor in to add a custom button under struts2

ckeditor insert pictures and flash, and far from my needs, I would like to be a button to call your own insert a picture page. Related js code as follows: function initEditor(theName, theWidth, theHeight){ var editor = CKEDITOR.replace(theName, { language

CKEditor Helper for CodeIgniter

Using CKEditor as a plugin in your CodeIgniter applications CKEditor is a powerfull WYSIWYG text editor licensed under the GPL, LGPL and MPL open source licenses. CKEditor can easilly be added to any web page, you will find below a simple way to inte ...

Online Editor ckeditor

Recently used online editor ckeditor, version 3.2 is the latest Just fine with the previously used TinyMCE, however, feel ckeditor configuration up quite convenient, a bit under its previous version, fckeditor, still feel that the new version of the easy

struts2 file upload in achieving ckeditor

Page is very simple: <%@ page language="java" import="java.util.*" pageEncoding="utf-8"%> <%@ taglib prefix="s" uri="/struts-tags"%> <% String path = request.getContextPath(); String basePath = request.getScheme()+"://"+request.getServerNam

undefined method for enumerable

The Radiant site is installed, properly configured and the database is correctly initialized. But the pages cannot be displayed, instead the following error message appears when you try to access a page in your web browser: de> undefined method `[ ...

ckeditor image upload plugin js modified to approach

In the previous article, describes his writing of an image upload ckeditor js extension, found in editor.destory (); after the time of the generated editor, write the image upload not on call, no identify their own reasons, that may be CKEditor.on (& ...

swfupload upload error note component fileDialogStart undefined

Today thinkphp debug swfupload upload component, life and death appear fileDialogStart undefined reference to examples, can not find where the problems lie. Later inspection of a sentence, violence Khan, Genghis Khan ^ ^ Js is the name of the origina ...

(Transfer) Javascript null undefined, and if the expression

Although only a script language javascript, but it is also a full programming language to learn what we need to, the following articles are reproduced on the javascript in the common programming knowledge. 1.null and undefined * Get an object from a prope

How to judge undefined JS

var test = undefined; if (typeof (test) == "undefined") ( alert ("undefined"); ) typeof returns the string, there are six possible: "number", "string", "boolean", "object", "function&qu ...

selenium in Google chrome browser report "Cannot call method 'indexOf' of undefined" wrong solution

Today, selenium was found in the chrome on the automatic test program to run when this error is sometimes reported: Cannot call method 'indexOf' of undefined Now find the following statement will complain when: selenium.waitForPageToLoad () seleni

CI Integrated ckeditor configuration

Configuration ckeditor 1. Ckeditor upload and download files to the web root directory and ckckfinder js directory. 2.ckeditor/ckeditor_php 5.php renamed ckeditor.php into libraries, ckfinder / ckfinder.php files into libraries. 3.controllers use 4.v ...

selenium in Google chrome browser report "Cannot call method 'indexOf' of undefined" error in the solution

Today, selenium was found in the chrome on the automatic test program to run when this error is sometimes reported: Cannot call method 'indexOf' of undefined Now find the following statement will complain when: selenium.waitForPageToLoad () seleni

Call to undefined function curl_init solution

When using the php error Call to undefined function curl_init solution is: When using the php error Call to undefined function curl_init solution is: Open the php.ini, find "extension = php_curl.dll", then remove the front ";" Not ...

js null and undefined in terms of equal judgments

Today, the debugging js encountered a problem, json object when converting a string, null, was filtered out, track after the discovery null == undefined result is true, and typeof (null) == 'object' of the result is true, very typical of a ph ...

CKEditor in. NET Application

1. Download ckeditor Official Website: Latest version: CKEditor 3.3.1, released on 10 June 2010 2. Streamlining ckeditor Remove _samples and _source folder, respectively, sample files and uncompressed source. Remove the lang fold

Connector undefined reference problem

The problem of a static scene <br /> link library,. A file. There is also a main.c, use the library function void a (). When compiling this: clang -Iinclude -Lbin -lzq main.c Tips can not find symbol error: main.c:(.text+0x1a): undefined refere

springMVC relevant under the ckeditor

Finally grown doubled in the middle of the editor somehow a lot of online search, feel many of the contents of paste + copy First of all, the first clear concept of an all JavaScript framework ckeditor so it can ignore any programming language, just

ckeditor configuration attributes associated

ckeditor the default configuration config.toolbar = 'Full'; config.toolbar_Full = [ ['Source','-','Save','NewPage','Preview','-','Templates'], ['Cut','Copy','Paste','PasteText','PasteFromWord','-','Print', 'SpellChecker', 'Scayt'], ['Undo','Redo','-'

flash through the getDefinition for Class ApplicationDomain there TypeError: Error # 1034: type cast fails

Recently developed a flash game, due to more resources, so in particular the use of a flash in the flash of getDefinition for Class ApplicationDomain way to handle this. Found that different way of writing as loader, loader for the first time getDefinitio

webkit js to the html element used to set filter style attribute, and then obtain the filter when undefined

The following is the code to reproduce the bug, <!DOCTYPE HTML> <HTML> <HEAD> </HEAD> <BODY> <div>HELLO</div> <script> var obj = document.getElementById('a'); = "Alpha(opacity='20')"; alert(

Insert the code for the development of plug-ins CKEditor

CKEditor is a new generation of FCKeditor, is a re-developed version. CKEditor is the world's best online text editor, one of the pages, because of its amazing performance and scalability, and broad to be applied to various sites. From the official we

FLV video player for the development of plug-ins CKEditor

FLV video format has its own share of the low, good video quality, small size and other characteristics, is suitable for network transmission. Video Station almost all domestic use FLV format as a solution. However, in the new version of CKEditor it actua

CKEditor secondary development ---- as CKEditor add watermark features to increase

Add a watermark on the increase in CKEditor function, believe we have not seen. CKEditor's predecessor was FCKEditor, FCKEditor from 3.0 after the change called CKEditor. Man of few words said, we go,, First, the changes introduced in that part of the

ckeditor the java file upload and file browser

fckeditor upgrade to ckeditor for some time, according to understanding ckeditor system more reasonable, so it is intended to replace the original editor fckeditor ckeditor. Originally found in the use of support java fckeditor image upload and browsing f

Understanding of js in: Null.undefined. "" .0. False

1, undefined, null, "", 0, false if the five value statements made in judgments, false branch will be the implementation of 2, undefined and null are special, Although the type is a null object, but null does not have the characteristics of any

jquery in u is undefined

When using jquery when using the remove method always throws u is undefined in error, originally due to json.js reasons, can be directly removed, js default is to support json, so do not need to import, as to why the conflict, require specific analys

ckeditor the java file upload and file browser 2

ckeditor file browsing only need to be a jsp or servlet to receive your request parameters and put pictures in the form of a list can be displayed, When the user when the selected pictures can be submitted to a callback function, callback functions and up

ckeditor does not even support jsp java programmers are injured

Famous Fckditor upgraded, the page opens faster, more elegant interface, a, Leo is very happy and sad: because ckditor does not support jsp, this is undoubtedly a sad news. This is today something happened to me recently in the study google's Chr

ckeditor Source Overview

ckeditor is more consistent between all browsers rich text editor, as opposed to yui2 editor, its more emphasis on compatibility issues and spent a lot of energy to achieve the equivalent w3c range of functions, and not adopted document.execCommand Z

jQuery Validate validation framework + CKEditor solution to the problem can not be verified

Recent projects front-end uses jQuery, forms the front-end authentication using a jQuery Validate, easy to use, convenient, has been very satisfactory. A while ago, based on the demand for the type of form elements in the textarea with the html rich

ckeditor Insert Picture servlet implementation

First, the configuration file config.js in ckeidtor will upload configuration to open: script is as follows: config.filebrowserImageUploadUrl = '../CKEditorImageServlet?Type=Image'; Then there was the configuration of the web.xml file: <?xml version="1

ckeditor core function diagram

Preamble: Undertake above, CKEditor As no execCommand , then editor of the formatting feature can only be added manually through their own label format to achieve the general format includes four steps: 1. Get a choice location, 2. Taken to select a
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