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ruby export excel chart

#!/usr/bin/ruby -w require 'writeexcel' workbook ='chart.xls') worksheet = workbook.add_worksheet chart = workbook.add_chart(:type => 'Chart::Scatter') # Configure the chart. chart.add_series( :categories => '=Sheet1!$A$2:$A$7', :val

JS Export Excel, Word

/ / Export Excel function AllAreaExcel () ( var oXL = new ActiveXObject ( "Excel.Application"); var oWB = oXL.Workbooks.Add (); var oSheet = oWB.ActiveSheet; var sel = document.body.createTextRange (); sel.moveToElementText (export1);

ec label associated with multi-table query results to export excel sheet as a blank solution

When the query data needs two or more tables associated with the table when the query results, you can use a query as follows: getSession (). createQuery ( "select new map ( as name1, as sex1, pmm.oldOrgName as oldOrgName1, as id

web are several ways to export excel file

- Http: / / Is often asked how to export data to excel file. Overall, the two methods: the server-side generation and generation browser. Generated server-side is this: according to user request, to obtain the appropriate data

[Change] import and export excel using POI components

[Change] import and export excel using POI components Often encountered in the project to the list, or export data to excel in the excel document that already exist to import data into the database. Here to record the usage in the struts1.2. 1, from the e

POI Export excel

java export Excel has two components can be used, one is jxl, one is the POI, I have here with the POI Note: excel2007 version before a workbook can only have more than 60,000 of the data later on do not have this problem! / / Export excel method pub ...

JTable Export Excel to use jxl.jar

/* * Citations!! *QQ: 409323911 */ package; import; import; import java.util.logging.Level; import java.util.logging.Logger; import javax.swing.JOptionPane; import javax.swing.JTable; import jxl.Wor

java jxl export excel file

Two days before co-workers to use java jxl wrote some code to export excel, it is worth learning, is providing the code is as follows: (export a list, should be done iterator) First of all export jxl.jar, and then as follows: / ** * @ Param mapping * ...

web page export excel Method (Collection)

Collection of web pages to export excel way wish to himself or to others, <! DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "- / / W3C / / DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional / / EN" ""> <html xmlns=&qu ...

2010.03.12 - large data export excel the traditional flow method io

2010.03.12 - large data export excel the traditional method of io stream, Changping made yesterday to demand a written log no boss today so I have studied the issue of large data export excel first, check a lot of information saying that there will b ...

2010.03.12 (2) - large data export excel the POI

2010.03.12 (2) - large data export excel the POI See the Internet Some say this tool can be achieved with the POI export excel, you use a bit The above example using a sub-sheet approach, however, amounted to 15W when the data will be reported when t ...

2010.03.12 (3) - large data export excel improved version of the POI

2010.03.12 (3) - large data export excel improved version of the POI would like to use that method io stream to solve this memory leak exception, as follows: This is still a problem database, which only a total of 11 data should be generated six tabl ...

2010.03.12 (3) - large data export excel the html

2010.03.12 (3) - large data export excel the html

Java parsing XML documents (2): sax read xml file export excel

1. Concept SAX (Simple API for XML), event-based XML Simple API, parsing XML documents is one of the two API. 2. Sax parsing 1. Use to the package: javax.xml.parsers: parser factory tools org.xml.sax: provides the core SAX API For example: import jav ...

Large amount of data to export Excel program summary

Large amount of data can be used to export Excel POI, JXL open source framework and so on. Currently, the project uses a POI. Export 5w Article customer data, taking into account concurrency, which is a challenge for system memory, the system uses tomcat,

Export Excel

ASP.NET Export EXCEL class Note: You can export the ASP.NET page and DATAGRID (WebControl) data, can be derived form the first

GridView Export Excel

1, first set the aspx page EnableEventValidation = "false" as follows: Second, the page button Third, the key code back 4, note 5, in particular, prompt data, such as: 0011, remain intact in the GridView export the contents of the correspon ...

gridpanle export excel

Project will be a feature in the record export to EXCEL, EXTJS export EXCEL method some examples are given online, do not run of success. Problems in FF, the download name suffix when xls.part, file is damaged. Out for two days, super depressed. . . ...

php Export Export Excel

Class OutOrInService { // Export excel function saveExcel($filename,$sheetname,$data) { // $black = new BlackService(); // $data = (array)$black->select("","","","",1); // $title = Array("id"," Source IP "," purpose ip"," Source port "," access time ")

php import and export Excel

Use of such pages

excel export excel jsp when no border solution

Get a problem for two days Export excel using jsp is not displayed when the border. Internet is a long time did not answer, almost with a POI generated excel from the write mode. When the final cause of the problem was found. . . . Really! ##¥%¥# ... ...

Export Excel poi, the percentage of the unit set:

poi export Excel, the percentage of cells settings: HSSFCell cell = null; HSSFCellStyle cellStyle = workbook.createCellStyle (); HSSFDataFHSSFCelormat dataFormat = workbook.createDataFormat (); cellStyle.setDataFormat (dataFormat.getFormat ("0 % ...

A simple database export Excel gadget.

1. This small program Excel export tool for the database, in theory, support all of the database (for the time being only supports three kinds of databases) 2.lib following export Excel to connect to the database and the jar package, only sqlserver,

JSP page to export Excel file and Chinese garbled solution

Web application to export Excel reports of the simple implementation (HTML) In Web applications, a lot of data often want to export into Excel documents. Generated using a special Excel document real way to more complex, not easy to use. I often use a sim

PHPExcel not the ultimate solution to export EXCEL Chinese

This article Xing original, if reproduced, please indicate the original website Please note that the red part, because excel can not open a utf-8 encoded files <? Php / * * Export EXCEL * Program: Xing * T

PHPEXCEL export excel instance operation

Disclaimer: This article is Xing ( original, please specify the source if reproduced <? Php / * * Export EXCEL * Program: Xing * Time :2010-6 * / ?> <? Php require_once ("connDB.php ");// the introduc

PHPEXCEL instance - Export EXCEL

PHPExcel is a very strong MS Office Excel document generation libraries, when you need more complex format of data output time, PHPExcel is a good choice. Disclaimer: This article is Xing ( original, please specify the

Export excel, common sense, make suggestions. Thank you

1. tools outputExcel only open one way. package com.test.output; import; import; import; import; import java.lang.reflect.Field; import

Java import. Export Excel

Current B / S model has become a mainstream application development, and in the business office systems, often have customers like this requirement: You should report directly with our Excel to open (the telecommunications system, the banking system)

JXL export Excel General template

Recently, with the notes to write a generic export to Excel using JXL template class, where a record on, easy to find later use. First, create an annotation class import java.lang.annotation.Documented; import java.lang.annotation.ElementType; import java

POI Export EXCEL Classical

web development, there is a classic feature is the import and export data. In particular, data export, production management or financial systems using the very common, because these systems often do the work of a number of statements printed. The data ex

ext (add, delete, change, search, export excel)

The following grid for the expansion of the Code /** * @auther qinya * @class Ext.ux.GridExtend * General grid */ Ext.ux.GridExtend=function(config){ Ext.QuickTips.init(); this.config=config; this.filters=this.config.filters||''; /** * @param {String} * S

Import excel in the Rails project analysis excel export excel utility rails

Rails projects in how to deal with excel it? Introduction to save time, if small, simply export the rails excel => small jump and read the posts if the need to export and to deal with format => Rails example, if export excel, import excel data file

Another example of a Rails to export excel

Posts in the last chapter in Lao Zhu said a simple export to excel Rails Model object file import plug-in Rails project to export excel excel excel utility rails Analysis The plug-in ease of use, well, that is the same as to_xml use to_xls. However, the s

Xiang Jie phpexcel export excel (support excel2003, excel2007)

Recently the company to change a php open source projects, the need to achieve export excel functions, Internet search a bit, decided to adopt phpexcel. Online example I modified a bit, then add their own notes, tests can be run over, the code is pos

Xiang Jie phpexcel export excel (support excel2003, excel2007) + number of sheet (according to one press tab to export)

Statistics by time period the work of all employees log, export to excel (support 2003,2007), according to one press tab to export. Complete example, here is the code, if insufficient, the hope that a message exchange. Annex is the complete code and examp

Detailed phpexcel export excel (support excel2003, excel2007) + multiple sheet (derived by man by tab)

Statistics by time period the work of all employees log export to excel (support 2003,2007), according to one press tab to export. Complete example, here is the code, if any deficiencies in the hope that a message exchange. Annex is the complete code

phpexcel export excel, save the local garbage, but not the garbage problem in the server solution

Encountered a strange problem, phpexcel export excel, save the local garbage, but not the garbage problem in the server. this is the path under apache, you can normally save open excel, http://localhost:8080/

Export Excel Universal Module

/ ** * Export Excel file * * @ Param title * String name of the export file * @ Param t_headList * List the table header header name - * Fieldname, field name - field, alignment - align, the value of left, right; * Field type - fieldtype, the value of 2-N

avaScript C # Export Excel Wps ET and print settings

JavaScript C # Export Excel Wps ET and print settings (2010-01-12 10:35:51) reproduced Tags: javascript c export excel wps et Print Setup Page Setup it Category: Foreign released recently developed a procedure to export data to customer requirements Wps E

as3xls export Excel export Chinese garbled and solve problems (original) 2010-11-24 13:37

as3xls export Excel, Excel Export to solve garbage problem in Chinese <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?> <Mx: Module xmlns: fx = "" xmlns: s = "library: / /

(Finishing) gwt-ext and collected using jsni other export excel export excel the js method

(Finishing) Gwt-ext's jsni with excel export example please refer to the following address in the example, this example can be used normally The examples here use only as a summary of the pr

POI Export Excel "Too many different cell formats"

Today, with the poi export excel, excel2003 more when you export data, it always reported "too many different cell formats" error. baidu, found originally HSSFStyle defined in a workbook too many instances, in fact, just take a few examples

About oracle oracle excel import export excel and a summary of experiences

A, oracle export excel Method One: The easiest way --- plsql dev tools Executive File => new Report Window. Written in the sql tag needs sql, click the Execute or shortcut keys F8, will eat the results. In the right side of the toolbar, you can choose

import and export excel

import and export excel

The use of poi, iText to export excel, pdf

Under the first statement, I poi, iText Without thorough research, simply because the teacher had given us before the sample, so According to hoist huapiao , coupled with the further reconstruction of his own, have the following model. Just want to h ...

Export CSV file using Java reflection to export Excel alternative

package com.resoft.prophet.util; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; impo

Front text box data and import and export EXCEL

Main points to achieve two functions: (text box on a piece of the picture simply are no rules, but in the same column or peers, the size of different lengths) 1. The reception of all designated areas to export into a text box the value of the EXCEL t ...

Extjs from the grid to export Excel tables. Back to C # (absolutely easy to use)

1, in the program to increase the annex js files: Second, the definition of an exported Excel file functions: function ExportExcel(gridPanel,config) { if (gridPanel) { var tmpStore = gridPanel.getStore(); var tmpExportContent = ''; // The following handle

javascript export excel

<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE> Specified in the page table data into Excel, </ TITLE> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript"> function AutomateExcel () ( var oExcel = new ActiveXObject ("Excel.Application"); / / Create ...
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