cara install linux debian 5 (lenny)

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install linux compile zlib

install linux compile zlib Keywords: linux zlib zlib official website: Download the source code to install the zlib package. The latest version of zlib is zlib1.2.3, installation begins; $ Wget ...

SATA hard drive to install Linux AS4

WDC WD5000AAKS-00V1A0 SATA hard drive Install Linux For Oracle Enterprise-R4-U6-x86_64 found out the hard disk is not always recognized Address: Enter the BIOS set to IDE compatible storage mode

How to install Linux boot multiple Tomcat

Quote How to install Linux boot multiple Tomcat 1. Environment: 1.1. Red Hat Linux 9 1.2. Tomcat 5.5.17 2. Need to address several issues about 2.1. Different tomcat startup and shutdown monitor a different port 2.2. Different tomcat in the sta

windows environment system from the hard drive to install linux notes

For most computer users, the use of an operating system has been sufficient, but for those restless people, always want a machine with multiple operating systems to be used to learn or play. Here is the operating system already installed on the basis

LINUX (DEBIAN) Log Management

LINUX (DEBIAN) of the log files are stored in the / var / log directory System-level log file is syslog, system operation procedures will record his brother wrote syslog. In fact, syslog contents also were a different side in the file: kern.log This

Deployment Guide for DB2 install Linux platform

Deployment Guide for DB2 install Linux platform

win7 environment hard drive to install Linux on Redhat5.4

Installed win7, iso file to the hard disk on the basis of installing a dual system. Preparing for installation: 1. Redhat5.4 mirror; rhel-server-5.4-x86_64-dvd.iso 2. Grldr, used to boot the system, I downloaded the grub4dos-0.4.4 software, and there are

linux (debian) install svn

apt-get install subversion After installation is complete: The svn checkout svn: / / / boss Download the required directory. Will prompt you for the first linux system password, and then prompts you to enter the svn password. Sys

linux debian commonly used commands

Debian (Ubuntu) commonly used commands Daquan [records] Submitted by pirate on 2007, August 19, 8:57 AM. Linux learning This article describes the version from ubuntu 5.10 after the system on behalf of the command parameters, dapper, edgy, and 7.04 versio

ISO to install linux

1. Preparation knowledge 1. ISO files We generally use the ISO file is included with the CD-ROM (ISO-9660 file system) content Mapping of the entire disk sectors from 0 to the last sector of the complete copy, often used in network transmission The I ...

The new server configuration javaEE Mysql install Linux platform

1. Manually install jdk6 First, download jdk-6u20-linux-i586.bin, said that this operation is up and relatively simple, does not require conversion. Then it can be placed in any folder you like, if it is kind of a rookie like me, ...

rar unzip and install linux software download

/ Lib/ version `GLIBC_2.7 'not found (required by rar) 2010-04-14 12:40 RAR Linux, installation and related commands to download the installation package: Or Installation

Ftp install Linux, configure Xiangjie

FTP, file transfer protocol, which is file transfer protocol, is the most commonly used way to transfer files. When using the RedHat9 readers may feel the ftp server there are some changes: First, the ftp server only vsftp, so no original wuftp place

Install Linux kernel source code [change]

1. First to see the kernel version number: 】 【Root @ localhost ~ # uname-r / / See the kernel version or uname-a If this is RHEL5, then the kernel should be 2.6.18-8.el5xen 2. Already know your kernel is "2.6.18-8.el5xen", can go to this si

Install Linux GCC compiler process

This article comes from ChinaUnix blog, if you look at the original point, please: Currently, GCC can be used to compile C / C + +, FORTRAN, JAVA, OBJC, ADA and other language programs can be sel

Qt-how to install Linux in Linux install Qt

Linux install Qt Some time ago to learn a bit simple graphics programming under Linux Qt programming software, the installation method is what I am, I will remember to install Qt compilation time of up to two hours long. Here is what I have to instal

Silent install Linux on the success of my installation process websphere7

(This article reproduced from ) author: pchming Reproduced after their own needs in order to come, you can easily view. Ready operating system oracle Enterprise linux 5.5 (Kernel 2.6.18-194.el5) and

Compiled in ubuntu10.10 install linux- kernel

enter the root mode terminal $sudo -s Deb to install the required kernel apt-get install build-essential kernel-package libncurses5-dev libqt3-headers Download the kernel source llinux- To the kernel the official website for download. Extr

Under the Window XP system from the hard drive to install Linux

★ 1. Preparation before installation: From the hard drive to install Fedora 8, where you store Feora 8 to ensure that the disk image file format to FAT32, because no matter Linux or DOS, do not recognize NTFS. Also you have to empty out as part of Li

install linux environment

. First find the apache php mysql source package download URL address . Install apache 1) Extract the source package # Tar-zxf httpd-2.2.9.tar.gz # Cd httpd-2.2.9 2) modify worker.c (worker is

Record source compile and install linux mysql5.5.8

Reference: System: ubuntu10.10 mysql source files: mysql-5.5.8.tar.gz Install the required tools: cmake, GNU make, gcc, Perl, libncurses5-dev, bison (optional), chkconfig -----------------

How to Install Linux CentOs 5.6 on Oracle VBox

Installing Linux Centos VBOX CentOS is RedHat, CentOS installed inside the Vbox, only caveat is that version is RedHat, another big point of the hard disk is preferable to the other, and we install other operating systems. Here we step by step. 1, th

MYSQL install Linux environment

First, check whether the installed mysql rpm-qa | grep-i mysql / * rpm-qa mysql rpm-qa | grep mysql * / Second, uninstall mysql rpm-e - nodeps mysql-5.0.45-7.el5 (force unload) Mysql Installation 1 Download MySql for linux installation file: mysql-5.1.51.

detailed steps to install linux mantis

Required Software 1.1 MySQL MySQL-server-4.1.10-0.i386.rpm MySQL-client-4.1.10-0.i386.rpm MySQL-devel-4.1.10-0.i386.rpm MySQL-shared-4.1.10-0.i386.rpm MySQL-shared-compat-4.1.10-0.i386.rpm 1.2 Apache httpd-2.0.54.tar.gz 1.3 PHP php-5.0.4.tar.gz 1.4 mantis

VMware install Linux, the error - not found in which to create a new file system and effective equipment

Problem: VMware to install RedHat Linux when: error - not found in which to create a new file system and effective equipment. Please check your hardware to find the cause of the problem. Reasons: VM is the default SCSI hard drive (when installing the

linux debian 2.6.36 kernel compile

If you plan to use X-Window interface to configure xconfig in the kernel, so you need to install qt3, run the command # Apt-cache search qt3 Then a few starts qt3 package installed. # Apt-get install qt3-dev-tools qt3-qtconfig qt3-doc qt3-designer qt

Virtual machine install linux vmware tools

windows installed Linux redhat5, do not need to press Ctrl + Alt to switch back and forth a mouse, install vmware tools Reference With their own situation to be a record A. Restart the virtu

Hard drive to install Linux (dual system)

First, prepare tool 1.linux installation of the system image file (. Iso) 2.grub4dos bootstrap Second, start the installation 1 First install grub4dos, download the latest version, compressed package ./grub4dos/grldr and ./grub4dos/menu.lst two files

install linux jdk bin

1, jdk-1_5_0_06-linux-i586.bin downloaded to / usr / soft, given executable permissions: chmod 755 jdk-1_5_0_06-linux-i586.bin 2, the Executive: ./jdk-1_5_0_06-linux-i586.bin spacebar next page, enter yes to the last 3, configure the environment vari ...

Under the apache install linux

1: system installation, can not say here, is available online, is simple. By the way, I use redhat 9; 2: Graphical interface to download apache installation package, I was under the httpd-2.2.9.tar.gz source package, the address is http://httpd.apach ...

Install linux, do not choose to install GHome.KDE images like interface, there is a similar to the KDE login login window

Enter root and password, actually prompted Root logins are not allowed This time press Ctrl + Alt + F1, you can switch to text mode, this is then you can log in the / etc / inittab which the id: 5: initdefault: to id: 3: initdefault:. After the log n ...

Linux (debian) start the service under the Add Boot

nano / root / start #! / Bin / sh cd / root / workspace / start . / With permission chmod 777 / root / start Create the file nano / root / workspace / start / As follows #! / Bin / sh ant start Edit this file nano / etc / rc.local J ...

Linux (debian) fixed IP

Originally in the / etc / rc.local by adding ifconfig eth0 netmask route add default gw Can be a fixed IP But found that the old fixed IP after reinstalling the system could not bear was later discovered that th ...

Tomcat6.0.29 steps to install Linux

Part I: linux under the account creation Example: Create Account username: lw Password: Lw1234 Note: The password is not displayed when [Root @ IDD ~] # useradd lw [Root @ IDD ~] # passwd lw Changing password for user lw. New UNIX password: BAD PASSW

django mod_python and install linux notes

Install mod_python 1, to Download the source package, extract by catalog, enter the directory, run: ./configure --with-apxs=/opt/apache/bin/apxs --with-python=/usr/bin/python2.7 make make install Has finished, mod_python in / opt /

Install Subversion - Debian

1: Install the "apache2" and "subversion" apt-get install libapache2-svn apache2 subversion 2: Create a subversion repository and project mkdir / home / svn mkdir / home / svn / my_project svnadmin create / home / svn / my_project

linux (debian) to view and add a user or user group

1, Linux in the View All Users linux, and do not like the windows of the net user, net localgroup these handy commands to manage users. Xwindows interface, not to say. (1) in the terminal. Really only need to check the / etc / passwd file on the line. (2)

five-stroke input method to install linux

Pure in fedora12 Wubi graphical interface is not very easy to add, at least I google a bit, and no one says it, or through the command line. Applications - System Tools - Terminal Because fedora 12 now use the input method ibus, ibus using yum look a

Under the flash_player linux install, Linux install under Firefox flash_player

By default, Firefox does not take flash_player, and therefore open the page will flash Prompted to install flash_player plug here for everyone to explain how to install install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz this format flash_player. According to the f

Hard to install linux

1, download and install WinGrub 2, start WinGub, in the tools menu, choose Base Setup will install the grub boot loader to the appropriate disk partition. In the Base Setup dialog box, double-click the partition you want to install grub, when the dis

Compile and install Linux, MySQL 5.5.11 Notes (rpm)

The latest version of MySQL 5.5.11 need to install cmake compile the estimated future versions will be used this way, found some installation method is wrong in some places, their own record of finishing the installation of a specially so steps and p

linux (debian) to view and add users or groups

1, Linux users in all linux, and do not like the windows of the net user, net localgroup these handy commands to manage users. Xwindows interface will not say. (1) terminal in fact only need to check the / etc / passwd file on the line. (2) to see the thi

vmware install linux there an error has occurred.

In the VMware-server download linux partition when prompted in the establishment of: an error has occurred. - no valid devices were found on which to create new file systems please check your hardware for the cause of this problem. Solution: When creating

VirtualBox for Windows to install linux network settings

For example: Host (windows) based network bridge IP: Virtual machine (ubuntu) eth0 IP:; eth1 set dynamically obtain IP. 1.Windows 2.VirtualBox 3.Ubuntu Vdi file to migrate the virtual machine network card set to refresh wh

hp printer driver install linux

sudo apt-get install hplip

Detailed install linux on mysql5.5.8

MySQL5.5 source installation are different and the previous 5.x, 5.x use autotool compile, compile using CMake version 5.5 1.1. Cmake install Download the source package, install cmake and installati

Virtual machine to install linux

Vmware install linux to eliminate the error alarm sounds after Didi

To root, run: echo "rmmod pcspkr">> / etc / rc.d / rc.local

Hard drive to install linux

First mount the iso file, mount-o loop *. iso / mnt / cdrom Then copy the initrd and vmlinux file to / boot to modify / boot / grub / grub.conf file, such as title Red Flag Desktop (2.6.31-4_1) root (hd0, 5) # iso files of the district where the kern

(Transfer) vmware esxi 4.1 install linux boot stops at Starting udev

Specific solutions: Make life difficult when starting udev when stopped for a long time (1) to the virtual machine's power off, (2) and then edit the configuration to a single vCPU (3) start the system (4) edit / etc / grub.conf kernel line in th
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