c# persistent socket

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HTML5 is inevitable to replace the Flash

In Google, Mozilla, Apple and other organizations, the efforts of, HTML5 standard has been achieved from the draft into. At present several major browsers are more or less support for the latest version of the new HTML5 features, even an outdated browser

Flash is dead, HTML5 when Li

In Google, Mozilla, Apple efforts of organizations such as, HTML5 standard has been achieved from the draft into. At present several major browsers are more or less support for the latest version of the new HTML5 features, even an outdated browser Javascr

Construction of compatible use Tokyo Tyrant Memcached agreement. Supports failover. Highly concurrent persistent distributed key-value storage system (switch)

Original Address: http://blog.s135.com/post/362/ Tokyo Cabinet is a Japanese Mikio Hirabayashi the development of a DBM database, read and write very fast, hash mode to write one million data only 0.643 seconds, to read one million data only 0.773 seconds

BSD and Linux protocol stack of INET socket layer (a)

Linux, BSD and the INET socket layer correspond to the ISO presentation layer and session layer, which has two of the more important data structures: struct socket { socket_state state; unsigned long flags; struct proto_ops *ops; struct inode *inode;

Flex data exchange methods: httpservice, webservice, RemoteObject, socket

http://hi.baidu.com/zhao_gw/blog/item/3a4a2ac422196ba58226acd9.html Wrote Flex data exchange method - httpservice, webservice, RemoteObject, socket. EDITORIAL: Flex using SOAP Web Service interactions with many benefits, but it is slow, the use of customi

Solve Socket TIME_WAIT inaccessible due to server, Apache's KeepAlive and TCP / IP-TIME

Caused by the server can not resolve TIME_WAIT access, Apache's KeepAlive and TCP / IP-TIME [Reserved] http://hi.baidu.com/stickliu/blog/item/ecef88a30bfe8fa4cbefd009.html Introduction: always check the Apache connections, will also find a lot of usel

linux socket learning

1. Unix sock in, unix_find_socket_byname sock_hold used to connect and send messages to increase the references peer sk, To avoid a sudden out of the side sk 2. Join hlist, intert only sock_hold increase in sock reference. The other is the basic function:

Programming JAVA SOCKET

socket http://baike.baidu.com/view/1589439.htm http://www.cn-java.com/www1/?action-viewnews-itemid-678 http://board.verycd.com/t433727.html Database through the socket on the operation of http://www.matrix.org.cn/thread.shtml?topicId=9a5ed82f-e723-11db-b1

Software caused connection abort: socket write err

I used the project struts2 + hibernate, database is mysql, connection is connection pooling tomcat database JNDI, often running from time to time on the crawl database, need to restart TOMCAT to work properly, the log records are as follows: Serious: ...

FLASH + JAVA development of real-time network game [Programming articles] with Socket API

FLASH + JAVA development of real-time network game [Programming articles] with Socket API (Color fox 【ColorFox , changsir 】 : changsir@163.com QQ: 146646) In this paper, as long as two parts: FLASH programming and Java programming, this article only recor

HIbernate custom relational database in line with Java Persistence of Persistent

Implement a default (that is, without argument) constructor method (constructor) Cat has a no-argument constructor. All persistent Classes must have a default constructor (which can be non-public) so that Hibernate can Instantiate them using Constructor.n

Socket Network Framework MINA

MINA is a network application framework, without sacrificing performance and scalability of the premise used to solve the following questions: 1: The rapid development of their own heroic. 2: High maintainability, high reusability: Network I / O code, the

Simple Socket code, understand the Socket

Server-side Server [color = red] [/ color] [size = large] [/ size] Customer end to end Client [color = red] [/ color] [size = large] [/ size] Client input string to achieve the client, server, Server-side display output

java socket example (

http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_59833db10100gcyr.html java socket

socket client program

The following are socket client program, before I do part of the content is achieved and the server-side program interaction, but did not meet through real-time detection heartbeat packet client and server-side is normal to connect, in a master with ...

Socket communications plan Solr

Server and solr communications are based on the http of TCP. So I think that efficiency is not very high. In the case of high-concurrency is certainly not appropriate. If we will work with solr communication using socket at the same time using NIO, c ...

java Socket dialysis http protocol

WWW is based on Internet as the transmission medium of an application system, WWW-line transmission of the basic unit is the Web page. WWW's work is based on client / server computing model, from the Web browser (client) and Web server (server) c ...

What Is - Different ways to make an HTTP or socket connection

Last Updated: 14 September 2009 Article Number: DB-00396 Summary This article applies to the following: BlackBerry ® smartphones based on Java ® technology Procedure The BlackBerry ® Java ® Development Environment (BlackBerry JDE) application programming

Simple Socket Programming TCP Client

public class Client ( public static void main (String [] args) throws Exception ( Socket socket = new Socket ( "", 8999); Receiver (socket); OutputStream outputStream = socket.getOutputStream (); InputStreamReader inputStreamReader ...

Socket programming simple TCP server-side

import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.InputStream; import java.io.InputStreamReader; import java.io.OutputStream; import java.net.ServerSocket; import java.net.Socket; public class Server ( public static void main (String [] args) throws Exception

J2ME using the Socket access security through HTTPS access points cmwap

The problem is in my J2ME version of XHTML browser upgrade when they were introduced, I have tried many ways, made a lot of posts and asked a lot of people do not find a viable solution. Finally, I connected the PC on a general-purpose use of OTA int ...

[Change] Easy way for Java Socket Programing

Provider.java (TCP Server) Requester.java (TCP Client) ref: http://zerioh.tripod.com/ressources/sockets.html

Java socket exception

Original: http://flypig.javaeye.com/blog/381788 Recent follow-up performance testing, encounter a variety of IOException, everywhere, google, is now the common network anomaly is probably a summary of the next. 1.java.net.SocketTimeoutException. The more

Java socket

socket programming http://daoyongyu.javaeye.com/blog/265677 http://www.bitscn.com/java/networkprogram/200605/21390.html ssl socket programming http://gceclub.sun.com.cn/Java_Docs/html/zh_CN/api/javax/net/ssl/SSLSocket.html

Three-step learn Java Socket Programming

The so-called socket usually referred to as the "socket", used to describe the IP address and port, is a communications chain handle. Application, usually through the "socket" to the network with a request or response network requ ...

Java socket - a good article from IBM,

- This article from IBM website, personal feel that is better written on collection, Hehe. Making use of e-book function javaeye turned into PDF format, please download: http://dl.javaeye.com/blog/download_pdf/4693 Directory: 1. Tutorial Tips 2. Sock ...

Java socket - Tutorial Tips

I should learn from this tutorial do? Socket (socket) for the communication between two computers provide a mechanism to James Gosling noted that Java-before the socket on the already famous. The language is just so that you do not know the details o ...

Java socket - a socket-based

Socket-based 1. Introduction Most programmers, regardless of whether they are encoded using the Java language, do not want to know about a lot of applications on different computers communicate with each other on how low-level details. Programmers wh ...

Java socket - a secret socket

A secret socket 1. Introduction Java platform package provides the socket implementation. In this tutorial, we will work with the following three classes to work together: There are many more classes, but these are you will most often encounter. Let ...

Java socket - a simple example

A simple example 1. Background We will discuss examples in this section will clarify how to use the Java code and . The client to connect to the server with the . Server with the listening on port 3000. The client requests the server C: drive content ...

Java socket - a multi-threaded example

An example of a multi-threaded 1. Introduction The previous example to teach you the basics, but not going to get you more in-depth. If you do this to stop, then you can only handle one client. The reason is is a blocking method. Only when it has com ...

Java socket - an example with a connection pool

An example with a connection pool 1. Introduction We now have the whenever a client to apply for a connection in a new create a new . This means that there may be a bunch of "lying" around us. And to create system overhead is not trivial. I ...

Java socket - the socket in real life

Socket in real life 1. Introduction We have discussed so far have covered an example of Java programming socket mechanism, but in the "reality" are some examples of how to use them? Even with a multi-thread and with a connection pool, so si ...

Java socket - Summary

Summary Java language simplifies the sockets application use. It is based on fact package and classes. Once you understand what happens behind the appearance, you can easily use these classes. In real life, the use of socket is just such a thing, nam ...

Socket examples and database links

Server: package com.test.dp; import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.IOException; import java.io.InputStreamReader; import java.io.PrintWriter; import java.net.ServerSocket; import java.net.Socket; public class MyServer extends Thread ( private ...

java socket programming practice of reference (translation)

Keywords: socket, flush, blocking, timeout, serversocket, flow, shutdown socket / socket Sockets let you send raw streams of bytes back and forth between two computers, giving you fairly low-level access to the TCP / IP protocol. See the File I / O Amanue

flex with the SOCKET Communication JAVA

First, to prepare: Server: JDK1.5 (not described in this bar?) Server-side IDE: eclipse (its home page) Client: FLEX 3 (Adobe ® Flex ® 3 is used to build and maintain in all major browsers , desktops and operating systems consistently deployed Web applica

Service with: atomic nature. Consistency. Separability. Persistent

Atomicity, consistency, separation, persistent (1) Atomic  transaction refers to the atomic nature of the transaction in the program as a database that contains the logical work units, it does the data modification operations are either fully implem ...

java socket programming examples across from point to point and point --

And the socket programming on a few categories: InetAddress Socket: used in the client-side ServerSocket: used in server-side one. Point to point communication server-side: package server; import java.io. *; import java.net .*; public class Server ( priva

A session cookie and persistent cookie mechanism to achieve the session (reproduced)

A session cookie and persistent cookie mechanism to achieve the session When you first visit a site when the web server will be inserted in response to the first Set-Cookie: PHPSESSID = nj1tvkclp3jh83olcn3191sjq3 (php server), or Set-Cookie JSESSIONI ...

socket communications

Server-side: package com.dvte.boss.utils; import java.net .*; import java.io. *; public class Server ( public static void main (String [] args) throws IOException ( ServerSocket server = new ServerSocket (5678); while (true) ( Socket client = server. ...

socket to achieve C-S

First, the establishment of the relationship between the computer java have a lot of API support for network programming, here we mainly explain the Socket. Fact java is quite simplified model of network programming. You do not understand much about ...

Socket in the read method of InputStream blocking characteristics of

Using java, engage in communications will come into contact with Socket, ServerSocket these two categories, the basic use of very simple, but if you want good control, must be careful of the very ah. Because the Socket in the InputStream's read ( ...

java-connectionless packet socket

1, for the socket of the datagramSocket classes and for data packet exchange datagramPacket class 2, each process is bound to the process where the machine to a UDP port. 3, in order to send data packets to other processes, the process required to cr ...

java-connection-oriented packet socket api

Class DatagramSocket Can serve as a connection-oriented packet use, but rarely used, generally the use of flow SOCKET The socket connection to this socket remote address. This socket to connect to the remote socket address (IP address + port number). ...

Java TCP / IP Socket Programming Notes (1) - the basic concept

Some concepts: Communication channel (communication channel): a sequence of bytes transmitted from one host to another host as a means may be wired cable, such as Ethernet (Ethernet), it may be wireless, such as WiFi, or other means connections. Info ...

Java TCP / IP Socket Programming Notes (2)-TCP example

1.InetAddress classes and SocketAddress used to identify network hosts TCP protocol client and server-side socket as Socket and ServerSocket UDP protocol client and server-side socket as a DatagramSocket 2. Class NetworkInterface said a name and assi ...

Java TCP / IP Socket Programming Notes (3)-UDP example

1.UDP sockets and TCP sockets different. UDP sockets do not need to connect before use. TCP protocol and telephone communications, similar to the UDP protocol is similar to communicate with the e-mail: You Do not send packages or letters to "con ...

Java TCP / IP Socket Programming Notes (4) - send and receive data

1.TCP/IP agreement calls for information must be in the block (chunk) to send and receive, while the block length must be a multiple of 8 bits, therefore, we can assume that TCP / IP protocol to transmit the message that byte sequence. How to send an ...

JAVA Network Programming Socket FAQ [long special topic]

1. Network program is running in the common exceptions and handling The first one exception is java.net.BindException: Address already in use: JVM_Bind. The exception occurred on the server for new ServerSocket (port) (port is an integer value of 0,65536)
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