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The Sound AS3 classes [Syntax Reference]

Today the official translation of what the syntax help, help yourself to learn Class Sound Sound class Package package flash.media Class of Global Sound class (do not know ye translated) Inheritance Sound -> EventDispatcher -> Object Subclass S

Play wav sound As3 [open source library to use popforge]

package { import de.popforge.audio.output.Audio; import de.popforge.audio.output.AudioBuffer; import de.popforge.audio.output.Sample; import de.popforge.audio.processor.effects.Distort; import de.popforge.format.wav.WavFormat; import de.popforge.interpola

I as3 sound framework for understanding

Has been the voice of the architecture as3 confused, as3 why should it play and stop methods of separation? Why not replace the load with a voice of Sound? Specialized specializes in these days a bit empty. The original design of the sound as3 is con ...

Android prepared using ToneGenerator voice function button

private ToneGenerator mToneGenerator; private Object mToneGeneratorLock = new Object();// Monitor object lock private boolean mDTMFToneEnabled; // Button operation tone private static final int TONE_LENGTH_MS = 150;// Delay time void playTone(int tone) {

(Swf file format spec v10) swf file format brochures in English v10, compression strategy section, note 11

File compression strategy Since SWF files are frequently delivered over a network connection, they should be as compact as possible. Several techniques are used to accomplish this, including the following items: SWF file compression strategy document

SWF file format description

swf file format specification (Chinese + English) SWF header field identifies the type of Notes ID 8 bytes F behalf of uncompressed C representatives have been compressed (SWF6 later only) Identifies eight representatives of W Identifies eight representat

as3 using the sound class (translation) - Pause and continue to play a sound

[1b] issue 10 [/ 1b] How to pause the sound, how to pause to play a sound place. [1b] solution [/ 1b] Sound by recording the current property value SoundChannel of position, continue to broadcast the value of recovery time by just clicking. [1b] spec ...

as3 volume control, Flash ActionScript Sound

http://bbs.9ria.com/viewthread.php?tid=84152&extra=page% 3D1% 26amp% 3Borderby% 3Ddateline% 26amp% 3Bfilter% 3D2592000 News Type: Translation Source page: http://www.flashperfection.com/tutorials/Actionscript-knob-volume-control-as3-38351.html Informa

as3 using the sound class (translation) - Play the progress (Article)

[1b] Nine [/ 1b] We want to know the current song has been played by a few (free translation) [1b] solution [/ 1b] Access to sound files with Sound.length length for the currently playing with SoundChannel.position number. [1b] specific discussion [/ ...

as3 using the sound class (translation) - sound playback end of the message

[1b] issue eight [/ 1b] When we play music then, would like to know when to play the end of the sound. (Shing Yip Note: When we finished playing a song to play automatically after the switch to the next, then the need to end music news) [1b] solution ...

as3 using the sound class (translation) - read the audio information

[1b] problem 7 [/ 1b] We now want to get the MP3 file is playing some of the relevant information, such as: artist, album, style, and so on. [1b] solution [/ 1b] Sound object's id3 property to read [1b] specific discussion [/ 1b] Original and rep ...

as3 using the sound class (translation) - Get file size

[1b] issue 6 [/ 1b] We want to create a sound file loaded situation in the progress bar, which requires us to obtain the file size, and how many have downloaded a. [1b] solution [/ 1b] Access to sound objects bytesTotal and bytesLoaded property. [1b] spec

as3 newbie tutorial to achieve if-else statement to control play and pause button

In this case, like me, rookie-level study in the Flash AS3.0 tutorial we will use to implement if-else statement to control play and pause buttons, hoping to give us some help! 1, then a new MainTimeline.as New controlbal.fla (document class for the MainT

AS3 turn off the sound when the volume until the disappearance of the effect of decreasing

We open the QQ space, take note that when closed QQ space in the music player is not suddenly disappear, but the music gradually becomes smaller, I feel this is very human. So it was a code. In fact, to achieve this effect there are many ways, here a ...

[Transfer] as3 classes CustomerContextMenu right mouse button menu

http://hi.baidu.com/xinhua0228/blog/item/094e363b3bb147e215cecb86.html package { import flash.events.ContextMenuEvent; import flash.ui.ContextMenu; import flash.ui.ContextMenuBuiltInItems; import flash.ui.ContextMenuItem; /** * ... * @author liuxh */ publ

AS3 modular application development and ApplicationDomain

When the program growing, we need to split it into multiple swf, dynamically loaded when needed. Should be split into different classes as the only compiled into the swf, swf file to avoid more and make the entire process of the file size increases.

Detailed Flash AS3 garbage collection

Part1: Currently I do the research ActionScript3.0, its ability to make me very excited. It brought a lot of native execution speed possible (the original sentence The raw execution speed by itself provides so many possibilities. Raw meant raw, original,

AS3 code commonly used

Some commonly used code snippets, taken from the AS3 Game Programming University (ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University), if reproduced, please indicate the source - Arthur. 1, the collision detection addEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, check

AS3 Mouse Events in the mouse coordinates and summary

flex technology (www.flexjs.cn) Tips: The following code do not forget to use the above import flash.geom.Point; A mouse event into MOUSE_OVER, MOUSE_MOVE, MOUSE_DOWN, MOUSE_UP, MOUSE_OUT, MOUSE_WHEEL and MOUSE_LEAVE. The first six events of which are fro

actionscript3 control flv sound

Control button monitor the event code: (omit the defined variables)

as3 flex mxml calls. as an example file

And there is sentiment Liezi beginner instructions: Click the button to print a word mxml file: <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?> <S: Application xmlns: fx = "http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009" xmlns: s =

XML in AS3 to remove a node

If we declare a AS3 XML fragment, and want to run to delete one or more nodes, the how? The answer is, use the Delete keywords. For example have the following XML fragment: If I want to delete one of the nodeToDelete this node, then I can be written: ...

FLASH solve the problem sound and vector

Flash MTV produced the first priority is to make full preparations, most people make a decision after MTV did not make the necessary preparations for the eager hands, often at the beginning of work fast, but soon was unable to start, I do not know wh ...

Selected examples of flash sound effects

Implementation of the instance is a sound effect switch button, the sound can be achieved with the click of a mouse switch control, the final results shown in Figure 1, to achieve this effect, concrete steps are as follows: Figure 1 Sound button 1. Build

as3.0 change in control of light to create music

This example shows that a sphere, on it by many small triangles, these triangles can be small changes with the music and then change color. Here is the example source code. import flash.display .*; import flash.events .*; import flash.media.Sound; import

AS3 difficult to check the strength of the error source of reference at work

In the January 24, 2010 held in Shanghai exchange in the Flash developer, I spoke at the venue Tween, URLLoader, and the like, will use weak references as a result of the error listener, why go wrong? The following is wrong about the root causes can be co

Framework for AS3 using the aperture and C + + communication, implementation of the local code

We all know, AIR is a very good effect, and this is the reason we like her, but her ability to control the local code is very weak, we have done a lot of effort trying to localize the final AIR forced to fail in the end, the bitter beyond words. Now, ...

as3 Development of doom

Friends abroad with a flex (as3) (author is complete open source development environment) the development of doom: http://blog.brokenfunction.com/2007/07/20/flash-plays-doom/ Efficiency is very good, although not to the extent of actual use, but obvi ...

as3 game play developed balloon Series (2)

HI, after the bombing yesterday, crazy theories, his head still fresh not? In fact, the content of yesterday is very important, as long as two to understand it thoroughly yesterday, making the game later that some algorithmic problems, in fact, the g ...

As3 component of the internal structure

Component of the internal structure As3 component only in the Adobe Flash Player version and later versions to support, these components only in flash cs3 or higher-level platform to use. As3 Component appearance (UI) based on the FLA files ...

How to install sound card driver red linux6.0

baidu search and read some people's success, that: Red 6, using the alsa sound drivers 1.0.14rc3, because the version of alsa driver can not be many of the latest sound card chip and CHIPSET, need to upgrade to the latest version. A large cattle in al

Configured + to run under Windows source code + AS3 connection red5 red5 simple example

Configured + to run under Windows source code + AS3 connection red5 red5 simple example Posted on 18 April 2010 Windows environment + configuration + run red5 source Red5 developed rapidly, the latest version is 0.9.1, and the previous version (0.8. +, 0.

Flex embedded sound effects called examples of the three methods

How to use the Flex mx.effects SoundEffect ProgressBar class completeEffect class and style in the progress bar (ProgressBar) finalized to play a sound effect when the examples we know how to use mx.effects SoundEffect class to call the sound effects ...

The sound resounded through

The sound resounded through the house like thunder. Every room above, and every cask in the wine-merchant's cellars below, appeared to have a separate peal of echoes of its own. Scrooge was not a man to be frightened by echoes. He fastened the do

Interactive animation button

Interactive animation button Flash button component is one of the basic components, it has a variety of state and will respond to mouse events, the specified action, interactive animation effects to achieve the key targets. From the exterior, the "bu

Summary FLASH AS3 buttons plus + scripts written hyperlink

Today a friend asked why the group realized there can not add a hyperlink button, including some of my friends mentioned solutions, ordered to do sum up the problem AS3 add hyperlinks. AS3 will open a page with navigateToURL way to achieve unity of a

Flex AS3 and Java's Socket Communications

New flash file: SocketExample.fla Add button: btnSend Modify the document type as: SocketExample New AS3 file: SocketExample.as package { import flash.display.Sprite; import flash.events.*; import flash.net.Socket; public class SocketExample extends Sprit

Flex AS3 with Java's Socket Communications

New flash file: SocketExample.fla Add button: btnSend Modify the document type as: SocketExample New AS3 file: SocketExample.as package { import flash.display.Sprite; import flash.events.*; import flash.net.Socket; public class SocketExample extends

In AS3 and MXML format the date

In the project, we use the current format the system date, specify the date format. Are achieved using DateFormatter This example demonstrates how were using AS3 and MXML DateFormatter the prescribed format, date display format <?xml version="1.0"

[As3 manual small note] Rectangle class object panning and scrolling display

Small note】 【as3 manual pan and scroll Rectangle object class import flash.events.MouseEvent; import flash.geom.Rectangle; // 定义 TextField 实例的最初可查看区域: // 左:0,上:0,宽度:TextField 的宽度,高度:350 个像素。 bigText.scrollRect = new Rectangle(0, 0, bigText.width, 350

Response UIWebView click event (play sound), remove the sound from the database stored in local.

Often in the iPhone development experience required UIWebView the click of a button and the corresponding operations, such as click a button to play a sound, etc. Here is the code and remove the sound data from the database to the file is stored locally.

[Original] AS3.0 to do their own open-source UI component library - sPart v1.0.3 Meihuaban

A AS3.0 own open source component library designed to allow users the first time, with the fastest speed to build a flash game, application front-end interfaces required. Perhaps it is not as other similar UI components as powerful, but its small siz

AS3, ReferenceError: Error # 1056:

AS3, ReferenceError: Error # 1056: Unable to create properties × × × × × . When the display objects associated with the script class, and then turn the display object in the display object in the Properties panel, set the name, there will be "Re

Play background music in the iPhone and the entry into force of the code button

Of lhp7424521, the original post http://www.cocoachina.com/bbs/read.php?tid-19166.html 1, the background music player supports mp3 format music loop length This way of playing music into the framework # import <AVFoundation/AVFoundation.h>; NSS

Adobe flash platform based Photo Editor [as3 works part] of a

Written as3 works, there are several areas need attention 1: Synchronous security policy document crossdomain.xml, after the completion of security documentation before downloading the content of the download: implementation: loader.load(new URLReque

flex as3 the socket communication with java

Today whim, web flash games are how to do, so I looked at flash and java for socket communication, the results really easy to use. . . Too evil New flash file: SocketExample.fla Add button: btnSend Modify the document class: SocketExample New AS3 file: So

Flex as3 based event handling

Transfer from: http://marshal.easymorse.com/archives/1334 Flex as3 event handling based on the description in the as3 event handler, each event is represented as the event object, that is, the Event class or subclass instance. An event object not onl

HMAC algorithm (AS3)

Software programming cattle Remember the term information system security engineering classes Yang said that in 2004, Professor Alexander's cracked MD5, HAVAL-128, MD4, and RIPEMD algorithms proud look, it seems that thing is broken, like his own

Flash AS3 Mouse Events using the Detailed

Mouse events (MouseEvent) and the mouse position (AS3 mouse coordinates summary) is the most important RIA interactive way. Recently shown to be a dynamic system ProdutShow product when it found itself on the knowledge of how mouse events superficial. Pro

Example AS3 Tutorial: Drag an instance of source collection.

1.Drag and Drop in ActionScript 3.0 Creating drag and drop functionality in Flash CS3 is quite different than in older versions if you're using the new ActionScript 3.0. While still relatively straightforward, the code can be a little more intimidatin
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