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Eclipse plug-ins installed birt report

1. BIRT Overview BIRT is an Eclipse-based open source reporting system. It is mainly used in Java and J2EE-based applications on the Web. BIRT has two main parts: a report designer based on Eclipse and a service can be added to run your application compon

migrate tomcat weblogic

Installation Services InstallWeblogicService.cmd weblogic @ Echo off SETLOCAL set DOMAIN_NAME = dhl_tms set USERDOMAIN_HOME = D: \ Oracle \ Middleware \ user_projects \ domains \ dhl_tms set SERVER_NAME = AdminServer set WLS_USER = weblogic11g set WLS_PW

weblogic-ejb-jar.dtd can not parse without interne

1. Download the dtd from the bea site. I placed this file in c: \ bea 2. Modify the template weblogic-ejb-jar.xml file in c: \ <bpms install dir> \ j2ee \ weblogic \ templates \ engine \ default \ ejb \ META-INF \ weblogic-ejb-jar.xml my own dir set

eclipse birt use a script to achieve Wrap

Use Eclipse Birt for some time, right birt function is still relatively satisfied with the work to meet the basic needs, of course, there are some undesirable areas, such as the birt of data in a long wrap issue, the author found that the process of ...

CAS to do with JBOSS CACHE clusters deployed in the weblogic problems

1, with the following command to verify that the communication jboss cache replication to normal, if not see all the nodes under the cluster. Need to set ClusterConfig the bind_addr property. java-cp .. / jboss-lib / jgroups.jar org.jgroups.tests.Pro ...

The initial contact with open-source reporting birt

Recently doing a small project, need to do reports, but if you take money for a reporting tool does not pay, and therefore ready to use birt report. The initial trial a moment, feeling birt basically should be able to meet the demand it, ready to use ...

weblogic log backup

#! / bin / sh monitorlog = "/ opt / logmonitor / kdlog / kdmonitor.log" orgfile = "/ opt / logmonitor / kdlog / nohup.out" distfile = "/ opt / logmonitor / kdlog / nohup.out" echo "copy nohup ....."` date +% Y% m% d

Access weblogic exception (1)

Question: During his visit weblogic what may be correct. However, access to the site that is a problem. The release of the project can not be correct? Analysis: But the weblogic folder under the server will be abnormal, leading to access the site is ...

Problems encountered in using the birt records

Q: birt connect oracle database report, posted to tomcat, run Baocuo! -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------- A: the oracle's driver test to the \ WEB-INF \ platform \ plugi ...

Weblogic deployment of Spring 2.x solutions for project failure

Weblogic deployment of Spring 2.x project failure solution, please refer to:

Birt dynamically populate a DataSet Data

Api looked a long time only to find ... Khan dead .. Mainly use a combination of procedures to populate the data in general practice is to use ScriptDataSet, and then in the report script which calls the external class to take the data. But always felt ba

apache and weblogic simple integration

Recent testing weblogic service-oriented approach, as well as how to integrate apache server, publish the following. Software Requirements: Apache 2.0.59 Weblogic 8.14 Window xp home edition sp2 (Win NT systems are OK) The installation process: 1, ap ...

Weblogic Cluster Introduction

In introducing the weblogic cluster before you take a look at the traditional dual-plane architecture, as shown below: This structure has the following shortcomings: 1) Use of host machines prepared the way, generally the host to use more frequently, ...

How to remote start the WebLogic Service

<! - StartFragment -> With the telnet server, remote control, remote start WEBLOGIC service, starts off telnet, WebLogic services are to follow to stop, because the use of telnet process will start the process of closure with the closure of telnet.

Ejb interview frequently test the knowledge of knowledge, and Weblogic

Interviews often test the knowledge of the EJB The difference between EJB and JAVA BEAN? Answer: Java Bean is a reusable component of the Java Bean does not strictly regulated, in theory, any Java class can be a Bean. But typically, due to Java Bean is cr

Get method for weblogic and tomcat handling of garbled

TOMCAT approach: 1, open the Tomcat installation directory in the conf directory 2, modify the server.xml in the connector a sub-item in which add URIEncoding = "UTF-8", or other encoding methods into the following: <Connector port="8001" max

Weblogic JSP compile error solution

Error message: java.lang.ClassCastException: antlr.CommonToken address: 1 Remove the pre-load configuration weblogic.xml: (set to flase or delete the following related fields) <weblogic-web-app> <container-descriptor> <prefer-web-inf-c ...

weblogic cluster configuration memory optimization thread-optimized

Each weblogic server is running on a java virtual machine, memory settings for weblogic is on the java virtual machine memory settings. In the management page, the server's 'watch' tab under 'Performance' tab, you can see the memo ...

Hibernate's Antlr generated in Weblogic reason Jar history of the conflict, as well as the solution

Hibernate is used in grammar parser antlr, WebLogic equally. Many users encounter ClassNotFoundException: org.hibernate.hql.ast.HqlToken of the typical problems, this classic problem has been configured to weblogic.xml, give priority to load the requested

In the weblogic configure a new domain

In the weblogic configure the new domain start address: beahome / weblogic / common / bin / quickstart Click on the executable file, you can open the configuration interface.

Birt-based (report statements of simple design)

Birt-based (report statements of simple design) First, download the eclipse of the (making statements eclipse plug-in) 1, create a new java project 2, in this project, create a new report file shown in Figure: 3, cr

Weblogic + Apache configuration load balancing (Load Balancing) to note that the

In the Weblogic + Apache configuration load balancing (using or when, in the Apache configuration file to configure parameters, CookieName parameters should be noted, must be configured with the weblogic.xml in ...

WebLogic installation and clusters. SSL Configuration Guide

WebLogic installation and clustering, SSL Configuration Guide

weblogic to modify the port

weblogic default port is 7001, if you want to change the port, then in the config.xml file to add <listen-port> 80 </ listen-port>. Location is as follows: <server> <name> AdminServer </ name> <listen-port> 80 < ...

Spring in the Datasource configuration weblogic

Jdbc datasource on weblogic configuration please refer to Annex WebLogic + eclipse + oracle framework built using the documentation. In the spring through jndi configure datasource. Note that when the set is not the same jvm as inside, so be sure to ...

birt connect mysql database

birt connect mysql database (1) New Report (2) New Data Source (3) The driver managed to add a new jar file (4) connect to the database fill in the information (5) The test connection is successful <! - EndFragment ->


About weblogic9.1 appears to be a problem to resolve <Error> <HTTP> <BEA-101064> <[WebAppModule (j2ee2: j2ee2.war)] Error parsing descriptor in Web appplication "C: \ bea \ user_projects \ domains \ experiment_domain \. \ Ap ...

jsp include the use of under weblogic

jsp include have jsp: param attribute name must be written on the front of the property value, otherwise, weblogic (8) can not be resolved. As in the following wording be able to resolve: <jsp:include page="index.jsp" flush="true&qu ...

The use of Eclipse Birt 2.2 of the Chart tag library to create web charts

Eclipse Birt 2.2 release is, indeed, I was shocked, because it's Notable Features a bright spot in the text is staggering, such as cross-tables, charts and so on. The make their own, a small software which need to use Birt, anyway, do to his own use,

birt scripted datasource123 this example, the flash is doing very well, but toss in 1 hour, and finally found that copy to the restart eclipse after the recall to work properly report review, otherwise the'll get an error ...

birt preferences to add the calendar control

The default birt report parameter selection is not the calendar selection control, we can add a js calendar control for easy parameter input .. Here to add the calendar control is My97DatePicker. The birt designer in the plugins directory, find org.eclips

Project migration from tomcat to weblogic environment issues continue to add in the aggregate ---- ing ...

1, JDK and Servlet versions of the problem WebLogic 8.1 sp4 ago (including sp4) only supports JDK1.4, JDK1.4 compiled code suggested, sometimes JDK1.5 compiled program can not run, because WebLogic 8.1 does not support J2EE1.4, do not use Servlet2.4 and J

Using pojo object data source for birt

Using pojo object data source for birt * Create a POJO object: package org.zsl.pojo; / ** * Define a simple POJO class * Casually defines several attributes which * / public class User ( private String name; private String phone; private String addre ...

WebLogic on the memory overflow problem

In the run WebLogic often occur java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. Exception is Due to mainly when you start WebLogic, he will by default use the local JVM, because JVM a little problem, so we changed to use WebLogic, he JVM-Jiuhui nothing wrong with me. Sp ...

Ho Shan blog websphere / weblogic / tomcat / applet to set remote debugging

weblogic writes Changes startWeblogic.bat set PRODUCTION_MODE = true / false set DEBUG_OPTS =- Xdebug-Xrunjdwp: transport = dt_socket, address = 1044, server = y, suspend = n Or (set DEBUG_OPTS =- Xdebug-Xnoagent-Xrunjdwp: transport = dt_socket, serv ...

Weblogic access oracle database connection pool configuration (change)

Sql Code Weblogic access oracle database connection pool can be used three kinds of ways to configure JDBC One in the weblogic console in accordance with the following configuration to establish connection pool, and modify the file startWeblogic.cmd ...

weblogic work has been released under the java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com / sun / xml / stream / XMLReaderImpl

Under a tomcat use Haohao Di works published to weblogic10 under the project when you start java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com / sun / xml / stream / XMLReaderImpl error, the first reaction is to package conflicts, then follow the weblogic's classloa

weblogic v10.3 configuration nodemanager prompt hostname error handling certification

weblogic v10.3 configuration nodemanager prompt hostname error handling certification [Size = 2] succeeded in accordance with the original configuration in weblogic server v10.1 nodemanager way, in v10.3 on the appropriate configuration, start nodemanager

weblogic Introduction

U.S. bea WebLogic a application server company produced exactly is a middleware architecture based on Javaee, webserver is used to build the necessary web page publishing software used to resolve functions, it is pure java development. weblogic had not in

AIX install weblogic

AIX version oslevel see Download WebLogic 10.3, install the helpless jdk version is too low to be 1.6 Download a registration number to IBM, a basic version, one is the latest version, I use the latter, should be able to ins ...

See weblogic log shell

See weblogic log shell DATE_PATH = `date +% Y% m% d` tail-f / usr / local / bea / user_projects / domains / mydomain / myserver / dc $ DATE_PATH.log

Weblogic access the oracle database connection pool configuration (change)

Sql Code Weblogic access the oracle database connection pool can be configured in three ways JDBC One in the weblogic console in accordance with the following configuration to establish connection pool, and modify startWeblogic.cmd file 1 weblogic wa ...

How to modify the weblogic console user name and password login

In the XP installed on your system weblogic server 8.1, After successful installation, start the server startwls, the system displays the server starts normally. Enter http://localhost:7001/console in IE6.1 appears after landing interface requirement ...

PS of Weblogic with the problem of high CPU occupancy (AIX platform)

Source: We project the use of AIX5.3 and weblogic10.3, recently there have been Weblogic server process CPU-high. The original is to use gdb or dbx tracking. However, such inconvenience production operations, later found a ...

After the weblogic cluster on oracle data source configuration

There are two db do RAC, the virtual path for the ypdb, weblogic data source to connect to the following URL, When one of the db link, and ensure that the data source to connect properly. jdbc: oracle: thin: @ (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS_LIST = (ADDRESS = (PR

In AIX the WebLogic in a similar "no process to read data written to pipe" error solution

Here are today in AIX above Weblogic error message. <2010-4-7 20:54:46 GMT +08:00> <Error> <HTTP> <BEA-101104> <Servlet execution in servlet context "weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppServletContext @ 765a765a - appName:

Weblogic 9.2 installation (Install Setup) installation configuration steps

1, configure WebLogic 9.2 WebLogic installation easier, no matter how tired out here, and we can see the related document. Now focus on talk about the WebLogic configuration, because the back will be used in the configuration MyEclipse configuration infor

weblogic in staging mode

English documentation is as follows: # wp1029629 The document set staging mode as follows ...

Weblogic cluster configuration

1 , Weblogic10. cluster configuration requirements 1, two in the same segment, and can visit each other's computers. 2, two computers are installed Weblogic10. version of the application server. 3, the installation media Note: the cluste

Weblogic access the oracle database connection pool configuration

Weblogic access the oracle database connection pool configuration in Weblogic access oracle database JDBC connection pool in three ways you can configure one in the weblogic console in accordance with the following configuration to establish connection po
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